Best RV With Bunk Beds: Great for Families

Best RV With Bunk Beds: Great for Families 1 feature

Everyone knows how limited the space in RVs are compared to the normal houses, which makes it a big deal to maximize every single inch of space you got in it. Collapsible storage solutions, overhead storage ideas, and amazing gadgets and gizmos meant to give you more space are in demand. That also applies to living spaces inside the RV. As much as possible, everyone wants to have a space that is good enough for them to sleep and rest comfortably during the nighttime. Bunk beds are the best space saving solution that provides maximizing space to RV residents, especially families with children.

Here are the ten best RVs with bunk beds that you will love. Each RV will be described and the features will be highlighted. Lastly, I will explain why this RV is better than the others in terms of having bunk beds and maximizing space, so that you can have the best options possible.

RV ModelProsCons
Winnebago Forza 38W* wide living space for four to five people
* three slide-outs for more space
* big bunk beds that can be converted to wardrobe space
* sleeping amenities: sofa bed, StudioLoft Bed, queen bed in the main bathroom, sofa sleeper
* wooden cabinets, luxury plank flooring
* Netflix-ready TVs on master bedroom, living room, and outside
* can be a bit expensive for those on a budget
* quality issues on appliances included in the floor plan
* premature deterioration of the upholstery in the drivers’ seats and other leather seating provisions
* replacements can be an issue for some
Holiday Rambler Admiral 32H* big bunk beds for small families and visitors
* swinging dinette with bunk
* sleeping amenities: bunk beds, 2 queen beds, 2 sofa beds
* can fit up to 10 people
* vinyl flooring in master bedroom
* mirror doors and full-bedroom closet
* vinyl tiles
* some appliances do not work
* premature vinyl discoloration
* poor craftsmanship on some units
* bathroom doors keep on falling apart
Forest River FR3 30DS* king sized bed and four-door fridge
* perfect for bigger families
* has more sleeping amenities
* open floorplan
* cheaper compared to other brands
* poor craftsmanship on some units
* very limited storage
* poor manufacturing quality
Winnebago Intent 30R* great slide-out
* provisions for pets such as the Pet Palace
* more space to sleep
* designed for smaller families
* mattresses are a bit tough
* space issues especially for people with bigger builds
* poor craftsmanship and assembly
* AC can be very noisy
Coachmen Mirada 35BH* more sleeping spaces for bigger families
* high quality mattresses
* two LED TVs
* modern appliances
* more living space for families
* water pump issues
* faulty water heaters
* flimsy walls
Thor Motor Coach Challenger 37DS* can tow your vehicle along
* more sleeping amenities for the family
* modern appliances
* exterior TV for outdoor entertainment
* water pump problems for some models
* poor manufacturing
* shower drain pan leaking
* beds unstable
Thor Vegas 25.6* can operate off the grid
* effective and easy to use RV app
* compact yet spacious inside
* one of the most affordable RVs for families
* battery issues
* some appliances not working
Tiffin Motorhomes Allegro RED 38KA* has bigger engine capacity
* enough space for seven people
* ceramic tiles in the bathroom
* luxurious yet spacious feel
* one of the most expensive RVs for families
Coachmen Apex Nano 193BHS* comfortable to move even with bigger families
* roomy interiors with slide outs
* big beds for master bedroom and bunk beds
* perfect for traveling families
* couch can be a bit uncomfortable to sit on
Forest River Sunseeker LE3250DSLE Class C motorhome* affordable yet generous in space and comfort
* spacious interiors fit for small families
* has decent sized beds and bunk beds
* modern appliances included
* poor craftsmanship
* some appliances are faulty

Winnebago Forza 38W

This class A motorhome is known to be one of the best choices for families who want to pursue living in an RV complete with their children. It has a wide living space perfect for families of four and five, or even eight people in it. Three slide-outs extend this RV to make way for a lot of space.

It features several functional amenities including a BenchMark Dinette, a TrueComfort+ Sofa Sleeper, Versa cab seats, and even a RestEasy sofa, that can be exchanged for an optional theater seating. There is, of course, a set of bunk beds available for those who want to maximize their bedroom space. The upper bunk measures 26″ x 73″, and the lower bunk measures 28″ x 73″. You can convert these bunk beds into wardrobe space if you are not planning to use them anytime soon.

Aside from the bunk beds, there is also a main bedroom with a private bathroom and shower. It also comes complete with a queen-size bed, spacious enough for you and your partner to spend quality time with each other. A flip-down TV is also installed in the main bedroom, and it offers privacy from the rest of the residents with a sliding door. Truly, this can make you feel like you are not living in an RV but you are living at home.

As mentioned earlier, it can accommodate up to eight people without squishing each other. There is an optional StudioLoft bed measuring 48″ x 80″, situated above the driver’s cab area and the Sofa Sleeper which can also serve as another sleeping space for visiting friends and family.

Still talking about the interiors, the Winnebago Forza 38W also has wood cabinets, luxury plank flooring, and Primera furnishings. All of these have earth tones in it to create a soothing visual for your RV. These collaborate to provide your RV a traditional style that will never be wrong to any RV family.

Some of its other features worth mentioning include an outdoor entertainment area complete with a 32″ HDTV, perfect for those Netflix binge nights with friends and family under the stars, enjoying the cool night breeze. Inside, they also have a 50″ HDTV for those cold and chilly nights but the Netflix binge goes on. All in all, you get three TVs in this RV. It also has soft vinyl ceiling, bedroom nightstands fitted with removal shelves and USB charging outlets, and NeWay front air suspension and V-Ride rear air suspension guaranteeing a smooth ride for you and your family.

Lastly, its Freightliner XCS chassis offers up to 228 cubic feet of available storage below your RV’s living area, thus offering more storage space for you and your family.

Priced at $242,059, this class A RV offers luxury and convenience to you and your family without scrimping on the living spaces.

Holiday Rambler Admiral 32H

This another Class A RV is also a great option for families looking for RVs with bunk beds in it. It has more than one bunk bed on its floor plan, and the bunk beds are spacious and large enough to accommodate your small children’s playmates to come and spend the night with your family.

The two bunk beds measure 33″ x 73″, large enough for you and your family, also for visiting relatives. There is also another option to have a swing down dinette with bunk to add more bunk beds in this floorplan. Aside from the bunk beds, the RV also has two queen-sized beds and two convertible sofa beds, which provides more sleeping space for everyone. The RV can fit up to ten people in it without any worries.

The master bedroom offers all the convenience a bedroom in the house bedroom without you realizing it. It has a full sliding door, and it is also complete with vinyl flooring. It also has mirror doors and a full bedroom closet offering adequate space for your clothes and other items. To top it off, it has a 19″ TV for a good night spent with your loved ones.

Other features of this RV include a Pex plumbing system, vinyl tiles laid throughout the RV’s interior, dual-pane windows (which is an optional feature), and ceiling lights in the living area and LED lights placed above the queen bed in the master bedroom.

Priced between $75,999 to $125,999 depending on the floor plan, this Class A RV is another option for bigger families needing more space for their children to grow.

Forest River FR3 30DS

This RV model is smaller compared to the previous two models, but it does not scrimp on the living spaces inside. It maximizes its space with the addition of bunk beds for you and your family’s satisfaction.

This RV features a king-sized bed, a washer/dryer, and a huge 4-door fridge. When they say they do not scrimp, they really mean it. Aside from the king bed, it also has two slide-outs, one with the couch and banquette combo. It also adds the inclusion of a power-fold bunk beds and a hide-a-bed couch at the front of the RV.

This RV manages to retain an open floorplan, adding to the feeling of a spacious living area to families. Costing around $100,000, this is already a great choice for starting families since you already have everything you need in here.

Winnebago Intent 30R

Creating luxury RVs is what Winnebago is known for, and when they say luxury, they really mean luxury from its dictionary meaning. This RV might be a bit smaller, but its compact design makes it more appealing for families since it provides an adequate amount of space for you to comfortably move around.

It has an great slide-out that runs almost the entire length of the RV on the driver’s side, which compensates to the fact that the RV is just over 30″ in length. This design feature allows for a really open floorplan as it opens up a lot of space.

If you are a pet owner or a fur parent, this RV is perfect just for you. It has the Pet Palace, which provides an under-bed sleeping area complete with a doggie door for your furry baby. It also comes complete with a PetPal leash tie-down which is not only nifty but also ingenious at the same time.

Other features include a kitchen, LED lighting, and an entertainment center perfect for those fun Friday nights with your family and friends. There is enough sleeping space for everyone, from the king-sized bed in the master bedroom to the StudioLoft bed that can be accessed by a ladder.

This particular model costs around $110,000.

Coachmen Mirada 35BH

This spacious 35BH floor plan space provides ample sleeping space to you and your family. Complete with two bunk beds measuring 70″ x 28″, it also has provisions for a third drop-down bunk bed that measures 47″ x 81″. On top of that, the master bedroom boasts of a 60″ x 74″ queen-sized bed, complete with a nightstand on both sides, a 32″ HDTV, and two wardrobes for more space to fit in your clothes and other things.

All the beds in this RV are equipped with a very comfortable Serta mattress, known for its quality among its users. The sofa even converts into a 68″ bed, and the U-shaped dinette can also become a bed if the need arises.

Aside from its wonderful sleeping spaces, it also has two bathrooms, complete with toilet and linen closets. The main bedroom also features a 48″ x 35″ shower, which is large enough for you to clean your body without leaving any nook and cranny behind.

Other features include two LED TVs and an option for a third galley 32″ TV. It also has exterior TV if you want to watch the latest shows online while sitting outside. An electric fireplace, a lighted trunk storage, a dedicated CPAP station, a large stainless steel residential fridge, a large dinette measuring 42″ x 72″, and its Ford chassis and 350 HP makes this a standout among the others.

A single unit can be bought from $100,000 to $115,000, depending on the floor plan and other additions.

Thor Motor Coach Challenger 37DS

A Ford F-53 chassis, a Triton V-8 engine, and a Torqshift 6-speed automated transmission power the Thor Motor Coach Challenger. It also comes with an 8,000-pound trailer hitch, allowing you to tow your vehicle along.

The 37DS floorplan offers a sumptuous sleeping environment with the Tilt-A-View inclining a king-size bed and a complete bath with a shower and toilet. There is a 32-inch LED television and lots of closet space. Across a set of 27′′ x 74′′ bunk beds is another bathroom with a tub/shower, sink, and toilet. In these big bunk beds, teenagers will have plenty of room to sleep soundly.

If more beds are needed for the entire family, a 54′′ x 74′′ Cotton Cloud mattress is available in a drop-down overhead bunk area, and the 68′′ sofa also converts to a bed. Three slide-outs expand the living area inside this RV, and the 84-inch high ceilings give you plenty of room to move around.

Some of the additional features include a large stainless steel residential fridge, a 2-burner cooktop, a power adjustable driver’s seat, a Pet-Link multipurpose tie-down for your pet, a 100-Watt solar charging system, and an exterior TV for outdoor entertainment, topping it off with the power patio awning complete with LED lighting.

Each model costs $245,850, which can go even higher depending on the additions.

Thor Vegas 25.6

The Thor Vegas is the shortest Class A RV on our list, at 27′ in length. This RV stands out from the crowd since it is built to operate off the grid, making it ideal for families that wish to venture beyond the next RV park.

The Vegas is built to last, with a strong, utility-focused design and connection in mind. It’s solar-ready and equipped with a Winegard ConnecT 2.0 WiFi/4G/TV antenna and an Onan RV QG 4000 gas generator.

RapidCamp+, which allows the user to access all of the RV’s features from your phone, is another excellent feature. You’ll be able to use the app to monitor levels, set the generator to auto-start, turn on lighting, and much more while you are off the grid. Although the Vegas is built to outperform its competitors, it nonetheless has a luxurious feel to it. The interior is sleek and modern, and it accommodates up to 6 people comfortably.

Thor Vegas 25.6 offers the sleek feel of modern RV living without sacrificing any features for your family’s comfort and satisfaction. Priced at $110,000, it is also one of the most affordable RVs for people looking for bunk beds to accommodate their families.

Tiffin Motorhomes Allegro RED 38KA

To bring a unique touch to the Tiffin model line, the Allegro Red Class A motorhome 38KA floorplan has been created. Bunk beds, a master bath, and a half bath are included with the 38KA.

From front to back, the Allegro RED is luxurious and capacious. The rear Cummins diesel engine, which produces 360 horsepower and is turbocharged, has not been compromised in terms of power. The master bedroom now features a queen-size bed; however, if this bed is replaced with a king-size bed, the main bedroom will still have enough space for a TV and lots of storage.

The master bathroom is in the back of the RV and acts as an extension of the master suite, with space for a stackable washing machine and dryer, as well as a linen closet. The bunk bedrooms for the kids or extra relatives are located in the Allegro Red 38KA’s full-wall slide-out, which is separated from the rest of the RV by a door.

The three slide-outs in this RV provide enough space for up to 7 people to stay, as well as a second, smaller bathroom to avoid morning toilet lines.

Additional counter space is provided in the kitchen by a three-burner cooktop, convection microwave, domestic fridge, and an expand-an-island. Once the meal is ready, the family will enjoy eating it at the Ultraleather air coil sofa seating that surrounds the booth dinette.

Other features include ceramic tiles in the bathroom and living area, Ultraleather furniture, an electric fireplace, high-gloss hardwood cabinet doors to add a sophisticated finish inside the living area, and an eight-step full body exterior paint system that are scratch and UV-resistant to cover your RV’s front.

This model costs $310,000 and this is one of the more expensive ones on the list, but it sure is worth it because you can live comfortably in this RV.

Coachmen Apex Nano 193BHS

Overall, the Coachmen Apex Nano travel trailer line is one of the most luxury sub-5000lb travel trailer lines available. A handful of the models in this series include bunk beds. One of these is 193BHS, which has a quite spacious floorplan.

Despite the fact that this travel trailer is not particularly huge, it offers sufficient comfort for its size. The major reason we like this trailer is because of this. Overall, the Apex Nano series has a lot to offer as a whole.

As previously noted, the Apex Nano trailers are all under 5000 pounds. The trailer’s dry weight is only 3495 pounds with the 193BHS design. As a result, owners of less powerful towing vehicles would be able to use it. Despite its light weight, this trailer has a respectable load carrying capacity of 1205 pounds. As a result, there is plenty of room to add new content to this film.

For its size, this camper boasts a lot of sleeping space. Two persons can sleep comfortably in the 60 x 80-inch bed. In the trailer’s back left corner, there are also two bunk beds, each measuring 30″ x 74″.

This camper, of course, has the necessities, such as a dinette and a bathroom. Coachmen also include a 2-burner cooktop, a double-door refrigerator, a solar prep, an outside shower, security systems like as smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, and more in their base packages.

Forest River Sunseeker LE3250DSLE Class C motorhome

Class C RVs can be outstanding when it comes to balancing price and convenience. Although they are not as expensive as Class A motorhomes, they give comparable levels of comfort.

For this criterion, the Forest River Sunseeker LE3250DSLE is a good fit. Although it lacks the space and comfort of a more expensive Class A motorhome, it is still a decent RV.

It does, after all, have the necessities, such as a 42 x 68-inch dinette, a 60 x 74-inch queen bed, and a bathroom. At fact, unlike some RV layouts where the bathroom is in the back, the bathroom in this unit isn’t as cramped. This RV includes a number of other features in addition to these. For example, it contains a set of sofas with footrests and a kid’s sofa sleeper. We now value the fact that this RV has a 60 x 80-inch bunk area over the driver’s seat, as well as a smaller 20 x 72-inch flip-down bunk.

Surprisingly, an LED TV is mounted above the driver in the bed space. However, for those who aren’t sleeping on the bunk bed, this arrangement appears weird. A 30,000 BTU furnace, a 4KW Onan Microquiet generator, CO, LP, and smoke detectors, a 13,500 BTU ceiling ducted roof air, and many other conveniences are included in this Class C motorhome. Among the intriguing options available are a larger 15,000BTU AC unit and an automatic leveling device.

RVs With Bunk Beds Are Great For Families and Large Groups

RVs nowadays have many different designs and floor plans that can accommodate families of larger numbers. These ten recommendations are known for their amazing designs, features, and spacious sleeping provisions perfect for larger groups. The bunk beds are also made from the best materials, and it maximizes space for children and other family members.

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