Best RV Dishes: Only the Best For Your RV Kitchen

Best RV Dishes: Only the Best For Your RV Kitchen feature

Traveling in an RV is like bringing your home wherever you go. And by home, it means good food and enjoyable company. To enjoy both, we need to have reliable and sturdy dishes to lay all our food and eat them heartily. Now we know that an RV can be really shaky through difficult roads, and therefore we need dishes that can stand constant motion without them breaking. 

What are the best RV dishes? The best melamine RV dishes are Camp Casual, Hware, Craft and Kin, and Yinshine. For enamel wares, we have dishes from Coleman and Stansport. But if you want environment-friendly RV dishes, products from Choary and Kakolee might be the best choice for you. 

This article talks about the best RV dishes you can purchase for your next trip. We will also discuss the important features of each dish to help you realize what truly fits your RV kitchen under your preference. Lastly, I have also mentioned some great eco-friendly dishes, which are good alternatives for traditional melamine and enamelware.

The Best Material for Your RV Dishes

The two most common materials used in RV dishes are melamine and enamel. Melamine and enamelware are known to stand prolonged motion from the long RV drive without damaging the dishes. This is because of their sturdy quality and unbreakable trait, which is a perfect fit for an RV, especially when traveling with kids or adults.

Melamine Dishes

One established material manufacturers use in RV dishes is melamine. This material is highly resistant to temperature changes and will not conduct temperature even when handling hot or cold food. This dish is good for kids and adults alike as it remains at its original temperature while also preserving the newly served food’s temperature. 

Melamine dishes are safe to be put in the dishwasher. It saves you extra effort in cleaning the dishes. Also, melamine dishes are more durable and do not easily break or scratch even when dropped. Therefore, you can do other things while the dishes clean themselves in the dishwasher.

 The stylish dishes made from melamine hold a beautiful food presentation that comes in various colors and designs. In a way, it adds appetite to your food and feeds the user’s eyes before the food reaches their mouth. They, too, are easy to maintain!

Enamel Dishes

Another trusted material used for RV dishes is enamel. Let me tell you why. First, it is super safe for children, and when it’s safe for children, you know you can never go wrong with it. Cliche as it may sound, but it is also safe for your food as the dinnerware is protected by porcelain, and there is no metal (steel) contact with your food. The material won’t contaminate your food in any possible way. 

Enamel RV dishes are available in many colors and designs. The material is exceptionally hard-wearing and can stand being heated and frozen on many occasions. In addition, enamel dishes are durable and smooth and may last you years of use as the material is from porcelain fused with steel. 

The easy to clean and dishwasher-safe dishes are also shatterproof. They can have a small chip when dropped, but it won’t shatter. This dish is highly suitable for RVers that may accidentally drop their dinnerware during travel. Moreover, enamel dishes retain heat, keeping food hot after minutes of being served. 

Heavy-duty Yet Lightweight Melamine RV Dishes

Here are some of the top picks for the best melamine dishes, which are very popular with most RVers and campers alike. They are not only a useful addition to your kitchen, but they are aesthetically pleasing to look at. Indeed a wonderful material to entice your RV companions. 

Camp Casual Melamine 12-Piece Dish Set

Let us start the list with this eye candy, 100% heavy-duty melamine dish from Camp Casual, an indeed aesthetic dish that does its job really well. You may find this dish on Amazon for $31.29. 

Camp Casual’s 12-piece dish set is a perfect companion for camping picnics, barbecues, tailgating, and any special outdoor activities. Each dish piece features a complementary design of scenes from RV travel and nature. The set comprises four large 4×11’’ dinner plates with unique vintage trailer scenes like airstreams, beaches, drop trailers, and even the woods. In addition, another four 4×6’’ salad bowls contain a beautiful pattern in its surface of retro theme and colors. These bowls are large enough to hold soups and salads. The set also has four small 8.5’’ salad plates with Camp Casual’s unique and vintage-inspired pattern. The overall unit weight of this dish set is 5.50 pounds.

With its beautiful design, you would be thinking if it is safe with your dishwasher. Yes, they are! Camp Casual’s dishes are top-shelf dishwasher safe, easy to clean, and do not have food stick strongly onto them. It is also an FDA-approved and BPA-free melamine dish set. 

Dishes are tucked in a reusable box with handles that can be used for storage. The good quality dishes are not too big or too small for their size, with an amazing design of multiple colored edges that fits your RV. However, they are not suitable to be microwaved. Repeated exposure to heat will surely melt the melamine material and may cause cracks in its finish. It may also damage if they are too close to the fire or stove. 

The sturdy yet lightweight dish set is indeed one to look out for. However, melamine material does break when abused, so do be careful at handling them. They also come with a limited 90-day manufacturer warranty only.

Hware 12-Piece Melamine RV Dishware Set

Hware’s 12-Piece dishware set features its trademark beautiful geometric pattern designs that don’t fade with years of use. The dishware costs $35.99 and can be found at Amazon.

These RV dishes with excellent anti-shatter, anti-chip, and anti-scratch properties meet customer needs for guaranteed durability and are 100% BPA-free. Hware is light to hold and does not easily break even when they fall, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use

like picnics, RVing, camping, barbeque, and more. 

The dinnerware set for 4 includes four 11-inch dinner plates, four 8-inch salad plates, and four 6-inch (20oz) bowls which are very deep and carry a generous portion of food. The versatile plates and bowls set present big dishes used for dinner, steak, pasta, and more. The smaller dishes are for salad and bread, and the bowls are for soup, noodles, and fruits. Its unique texture is comparable to ceramics and is suitable for any occasion.

Not only are they lightweight, but they are also safe and suitable for daily use. Hware dishes still work even when dropped a few times due to improper handling or if you have kids with you who cannot hold well with their dishes. Plus, they stack well in the dishwasher and are easily cleaned. 

If you have many guests to serve food, Hware dishes can easily be mixed with other dishes because of the versatility of its design. However, the dishes are not microwave-safe. Some customer reviews also mention subtle bump imperfections, which are a very common thing with handmade plates. For this circumstance, they have an after-sale guarantee. Upon receipt, you can contact the seller for any problems with the product, like missing or broken parts.

Craft and Kin 12-Piece Melamine Dinnerware Set

Craft your artistic food presentation with Craft and Kin’s 12-piece melamine set costing $49.99. The dinnerware set for four comes with a complete 12-piece melamine dish of four large 10.5’’ dinner plates, four 8.5’’ salad or dessert plates, and four 6×3 high bowls. Furthermore, they are polished hand-forged flatware that adds beautiful decoration to your kitchen and dining area with its forest life-inspired theme.

Dishes from Craft and Kin are made of pure melamine, sturdy material for RV dishes. They are versatile, thick, unbreakable, and are even top-rack dishwasher safe. But it can also be washed at the bottom rack on some occasions. Furthermore, it is labeled food grade and BPA-free. The lightweight dinnerware set comes with a wonderful wood grain pattern which adds a complete rustic look to your kitchenware. 

The California design is made with convenience and farmhouse beauty in mind. The set is for both indoor and outdoor use, and the dinnerware provides you convenience, whether it be intimate indoor meals or outdoor camping and barbecue. Pieces are carefully designed for your motorized home and family to enjoy every meal with your loved ones. Indeed a perfect addition to your camper.

These appealing dishes are equally aesthetic and useful for every RVer, looking high-end and expensive. Plates are not perfect circles and have a slight waxy or irregular appearance. It stands out to guests and users with its casual, comfortable, and subtle matte finish feel when used. Most of all, it is kid-friendly. Indeed perfect dishes for summer travels and camping!

Yinshine 12-Piece Rustic Melamine Dinnerware Set

Shining its way as a heavy-duty melamine dish is the 12-piece rustic dinnerware set from Yinshine, costing $39.97. It is green in color with the pattern called camp. The melamine dinnerware includes four pieces of 7’’ (20 ounces) bowls, four pieces of 8’’ dessert plates, and another four pieces of 10’’ dinner plates. 

Now, let us look into all its good qualities. This dinnerware set is top-shelf dishwasher safe, so you’ll have time to do other tasks while it is cleaning in the dishwasher. Yinshine dishes clean pretty well with no grease left and dries very quickly. It stacks perfectly, takes up less space in the kitchen, and is BPA-free but not microwave-safe. Furthermore, the dishes are lightweight and feel like glass to the touch but much heavier than other melamine dishes. 

The premium melamine material used in Yinshine’s dishes exhibits no breakage when the RV is traveling, even on difficult and bumpy roads. It will surely not break if taken care of properly. Also, the size and design are perfect for family meals like picnics and campings, making your wilderness site as comfortable as your dining room at home. The dishes are indeed better than disposable dinnerware both inside and outside dining. 

Of course, there are also some minor flaws when it comes to these dishes. One is that it scratches easily and does not hold up well with steaks. So a friendly reminder you could use is to not cut steaks or anything with a sharp knife on these plates. And if you ever find the need to reach out to the manufacturer, they have a ready to assist customer service. They can deal with items with missing parts, chipped or broken items, and other concerns. Just give them a call, and they are willing to help. 

Our Top Pick for the Best Melamine Dishes

Camp Casual Melamine 12-Piece Dish Set is an eye-catcher for RVers who are looking for great quality dishes. From its sturdy yet light characteristics to its value for the price, no doubt Camp Casual secures the top position. Plus, these dishes truly bring out the camping vibe as each dish is carefully and artistically designed with scenes from camping and RV travel. The well-thought design is indeed one of a kind.

Durable and Compact Enamel RV Dishes

Below are some enamel dishes with the high qualities that RVers love. These dishes are sturdy and made to last a long time. 

Coleman 24-Piece Enamelware Dinnerware Set

Coleman’s red 24-piece enamel dinnerware is a classy way to present your food with its oozing elegant color and feels. You can never go wrong with red, as they say. This classic outdoor dinnerware set is ideal for campings and picnics and sells at $49.99

Coleman introduces its double-fired enamelware with its timeless red speckled design and durable finish. The set includes four dinner plates, four coffee mugs, and four bowls. It also comes with a silverware kit that includes four plastic handled-forks, spoons, and knives all 

secured in a roll-up pouch to organize the utensils. 

Its numerous outstanding qualities are added to its aesthetic design that made it a good choice for your RV kitchen and dining. Expect a one-step clean-up because Coleman dishes are dishwasher safe, durable, and highly crack-resistant, so you won’t even be worried about long travel and bumpy roads. The pieces are also stackable, which saves you space in your kitchen.

Upon delivery, you would notice no imperfections or damage on the enamelware. They are produced with high quality, sturdiness, and toughness that looks good even after years of service. Moreover, the cutlery set is useful with knife edges slightly serrated and sharp enough to cut on any food—a guaranteed handy dish for your RV trips.

Some minor suggestions say that it would be better to include a small cloth or polyester bag for storage as some travelers have small spaces in their RVs. Mugs also don’t seem to be not insulated well, hot drinks that turn cold quickly after several minutes of being served. 

Stansport Blue Enamelware Camp Dishes

Let us head over to yet another exceptional RV dish by Stansport. The 24-piece steel tableware set is a high-quality and durable dish with a blue enamel finish. It is double coated with blue glazed enamel for unparalleled durability and added a classic look to your dishes. The sturdy metal construction topped with a food-safe enamel finish is lightweight and compact, partnered with its brilliant stainless steel edges. Stansport’s dishes are highly ideal for camping, RVing, and even home use.

The dinnerware set contains four 10.5’’ plates and four 6’’ bowls of great size for cereals and snacks for kids. There are also four 12 ounces coffee mugs that are normal size for camping and four flatware sets of spoons, forks, and knives. If we consider the numbers, these dishes are ready for a full table setting for four persons. With its metal construction, beautiful enamel finish, and stainless steel edges, Stansport RV dishes are indeed ready for any meal. Plus, they are also dishwasher safe and can be easily hand-washed. 

Upon delivery, if you consider buying, the box comes with a note that says these dishes can expose you to lead and other chemicals that are not indicated on the website when you ordered. It is now your discretion if you would want to try the product or not. 

Our Top Pick for the Best Enamel Dishes

Coleman 24-Piece Enamelware Dinnerware Set made it to the top as the best enamel dish. The durable double-fired enamel paired with its crack-resistant feature speaks words of its quality. Plus, they are also dishwasher safe and stacks easily, which helps you save space in your kitchen.

Eco-Friendly RV Dishes

If you are an advocate of environmentally friendly products, then this one’s for you. The following are eco-friendly RV dishes that are 100% biodegradable yet reusable and can also last a long time using the way melamine and enamel wares do.

Choary Lightweight & Unbreakable Wheat Straw Plates

Topping our list for the eco-friendly RV dishes is Choary Lightweight & Unbreakable Wheat Straw Plates, which comes at $17.99. They are beige and include four 9’’ plates, all being BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe, a unique quality that sets it apart from other melamine and enamel dishes. 

The incredible dishes are healthy and are made of eco-friendly natural wheat straw, starch, and food-safe PP material. They are the perfect choice for replacing plastic plates and promote anti-pollution as they are degradable dishes. Furthermore, they are non-toxic and contain no plastic or wax lining, and are easy to clean. Its temperature resistance reaches up to 120 degrees Celsius making them microwave safe and freezer safe at the same time.

Choary dishes are reusable plates that stay firmly on the table and feature a unique design. It is designed with space-saving style and smooth and round edges, so food is secured inside the plate and prevents falling. Moreover, it is light to hold, safe to use, sturdy, and durable. The cut-resistant construction of these dishes guarantees no breakage when it hits the floor. Also, who wouldn’t love its attractive and minimalist style and color?

Just always be careful when you use it in the microwave. Although it is 100% microwave safe, chances are you’d be giving the dish some hard-to-remove food stains if you microwave food with sauce or colors. 

Kakolee Bamboo Fiber Camping Set

Kakolee Bamboo Fiber Camping Set is our strong yet lightweight green dishes which are  100% biodegradable and are perfect for campings, hiking, RVing, and backpacking. The best camping mess kit is proudly made entirely from plants and manufactured using bamboo fibers harvested from fast-growing bamboo forests.

Enjoy a planet-friendly RV trip with these BPA-free dishes from Kakolee. The set includes

a substantially sized camping dish, 10 inches camping plate, and a 6 inches camping bowl that handles soups and salads to three-course dinners. Also included are 8-inch sized utensils, finely made for all your meals, and has a carabiner clip to store the utensils together and drip drying. Plus, a dunk bag, a lightweight mesh bag complete with a name tag, allows easy identification. Each of the family members can have separate utensils they can use and clean each time. Easy storage if you have limited RV space. 

Plastic is not fantastic, so a more sustainable outdoor camping mess kit and dining set designed to last would be the perfect choice for you. This sustainable yet versatile set of dishes may be made from plants, but the quality of service is not compromised. They are heat-resistant and dishwasher safe like other dishes but half the price. So not settle for plastics when you can choose sustainable options that won’t harm the environment. 

Our Top Pick for the Best Eco-Friendly RV Dishes

Choary Lightweight & Unbreakable Wheat Straw Plates got us loving its minimalist beige color paired with its low price. This RV dish is also microwave safe which you cannot find in most melamine and enamel wares. Plus, they are 100% eco-friendly and are a good replacement for plastic plates when you go camping. 


RV dishes may not be your priority when it comes to an RV trip, but they are as important as the food you are serving them with. Durability is the top quality you’ll need to look out for, followed by your preference in design which also plays a big part in enjoying your meal. Enamel, melamine, or eco-friendly wares are all good choices to make your dining experience not just delicious but a worthy one.


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