Best RV Propane Fridge: Keeping Your Food Fresh

Best RV Propane Fridge: Keeping Your Food Fresh-feature

The joys of travel are always better realized with good food and drinks, as we feed our eyes with the scenery and our tummies with fresh and healthy food. To achieve this, we need a reliable cooling appliance in the form of a propane fridge that runs on an LP gas. Using these fridges compared to the electrical ones, you will not be worried about going far places with no electricity as the propane fridge keeps your food safe and fresh all day long. 

Now, what is the best propane fridge? The best small propane fridge for limited spaces are the SMETA Propane Fridge, SMAD 3-Way Refrigerator, Techomey Propane Refrigerator, Danby Designer, and Midea Compact Refrigerator. We have DOMETIC DM2682 / DM2652, Norcold NXA641, 2118 PolarMax, and Superior Propane Fridge for bigger fridges. 

This article will discuss the best RV propane fridges, from the small capacity to the bigger ones. I will also talk about the specifications of each propane fridge, its special features, and its price. I also included some best fridges that operate with propane and work with AC or DC power supply. 

Top 10 Quality Propane Fridge for Your RV

Most appliances run on electricity, and this power source is indeed efficient. However, when you want to go places where electricity is scarce, you need another reliable and safe power source, especially when keeping your food and drinks fresh at all times. Well, propane fridges got you covered on this. Here are the top 10 best propane fridges for all your cooling needs. 

Dometic DM2682 Americana Plus with Versatile Interior Storage

Dometic DM2682 has versatile interior storage for all your convenience. The fridge has user-friendly eye-level controls and offers a climate control system that saves up energy and helps prevent condensation. The solid steel frame is indeed a well-thought design that suits your RV and enhances your fridge’s cooling performance. Plus, it also comes with many different panel options.

The versatile fridge has many special features that make it easy for RVers to operate. For one, it has a flexible shelf system and adjustable door bins. The doors feature an ergonomic click lock’ handle to ensure that doors are closed securely and would not open with any bumpy roads. Also, part of being ergonomic is its ease in pulling. 

Talking about versatility, the refrigerator from Dometic has a two-way power selection where you can use an AC or propane gas as its power source. You can choose to plug it into your RV or just use propane gas to save electricity. 

Dometic’s LED lighting allows for superior illumination of the fresh food compartment, 30% brighter than other light sources. LED is energy efficient; therefore, it uses less energy and burns cooler than other incandescent bulbs. 

Spacious shelves for abundant space for food are available inside the fridge. You can store as much food as you want, which is why it is perfect for a long RV trip with family or friends. Another great point of this fridge is its flexible door shelves which are highly stylish and add food storage capacity. 

Automatic LP electronic ignition is responsible for temperature control to bring out the fridge’s best cooling performance. No need for frost limiters as the fridge possesses superior grade seals and magnets minimizing frost. Lastly, the thermostat is accessible from behind the freezer door, making it easy for the user to operate and control the fridge. 

SMETA Propane Fridge: Attractive and Compact Style for Travellers

SMETA has a 3-way power source, a triple threat power of 110 volts AC, 12 volts DC, and propane (LPG). The all-rounded refrigerator can be run on RV, off-grid cabin, or anywhere you need refrigeration and can certainly be used even if there is no electricity. Aside from the mentioned power sources, it can also be directly wired into a small solar panel or hooked on an inverter. 

The no-noise fridge uses an absorptive cooling model, making it silent whether it’s running on propane, AC, or DC power. It has a 3.5 cubic feet storage space with a four cubic feet freezer section, big enough to hold supplies for a couple of days. 

SMETA is an attractive and compact-style fridge for travelers. This fridge is inexpensive to operate and is easy to maintain. It is a smart choice and best suited for secondary homes with small spaces and RVers looking for the best budget fridge. 

You will be consuming 0.15 gallons of propane if you will run this fridge for a whole day. The fridge temperature ranges from 32 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and the freezer temperature is set from 0 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The SMETA fridge door has two adjustable shelves that hold bottles and cans, and the fridge interior has two adjustable shelves. These shelves can easily hold a one-gallon container and still have plenty of room for other goods.

Other outstanding features of the SMETA fridge are its full-width vegetable and fruit crisper and glass shelves which are easy to clean. It stabilizes the containers keeping the food inside them safe from spilling while the RV is running. Lastly, the easy access control panel containing the igniter, safety valve, thermostat, and flame indicator makes it easier for you to adjust the fridge.

Norcold NXA641/ NX641 Features Door Ajar Alarm

Are you worried about doors left open? This Norcold model fridge displays superior quality inside and out, ensuring reliable performance and long life and service. Not to mention its revolutionary door ajar alarm, making sure that your fridge is not left open without notice. This feature safeties your fridge as you are using propane gas to run the fridge, and leaving the fridge door open may cause some danger. 

The largest fridge in its class is durable and can stand long drives while keeping food safe. Its enhanced exteriors exhibit dual MAGNAstrips that hold magnets for photos, shopping lists, and more. Another exterior upgrade is its improved handle and robust metal hinges that carry the fridge door perfectly and allows doors to quickly unlatch for easy opening. 

Another premium feature of the Norcold fridge is its updated and streamlined eye-level LCD control panel with built-in diagnostics that provides important information about the fridge. The effortless access and operations help in speedy servicing wherever there are problems encountered in the operations of the fridge.

The fridge’s embedded steel frame protects it from rust and any sign of deterioration, as well as bending and scratching of the fridge surface. In addition to that, the white powder-coated shelves allow for easy cleaning and are not prone to discoloration and stains when cleaned regularly. 

Automatic frost limiting is responsible, so you won’t need to defrost to reduce excess ice inside the fridge. Furthermore, an adjustable thermostat that adapts to temperature changes and a thermostat backup system that allows safe operation while waiting for service to be done are also available to make the most of your best cooling experience.

And the list goes on for Norcold’s remarkable features. The fridge also has storage latches on doors that provide air circulation when not in use, and the interior light turns off after two minutes of the door being open. This saves you a lot of energy and works hand in hand with the door ajar alarm to prevent wasting power. Lastly, Norcold offers convenient storage with twin transparent plastic crispers, one-gallon shelf storage, and 2-liter and ½ gallon storage space indoor bins. 

SMAD 3-Way Refrigerator: With Levelling Legs for Balance

We can’t get enough of these awesome propane fridges as this one from SMAD also comes with a three-way power source of AC, DC, and of course, propane gas. The very compact design is highly suitable for small spaces like RV trucks, cars, and campers. It is also lightweight and can be placed on countertops, floors, or top of a cabinet. 

The stylish black mini fridge surely will never get you out of style with its no-noise absorption cooling system that won’t disturb you while on the road or resting on your RV. Since it runs on gas, it can conveniently be used for indoor and outdoor activities.

This small but terrible fridge does wonders. It has removable flat slide-out racks and door shelves that aid in organizing food products inside the fridge. It also introduces their reversible doors opening from both the left and right sides for easy access inside the fridge. The easy-to-use controls run on either 110 volts AC, 12 volts DC, or propane gas. You can also store taller containers with removable shelves to not need extra storage for tall bottles. Great, right?

Adjustable feet with leveling legs cater to uneven surface placement. This is greatly needed when you want to place this mini-fridge in a space that is not flat. The fridge temperature range is from 0-10 degrees Celsius and comes with a reading manual for users to maximize its efficient use. It also comes with a free pressure regulator!

2118 PolarMax: Largest Made-for-RV Refrigerator

2118 PolarMax is the largest made-for-RV refrigerator that runs on either 120 volts AC, 12 volts DC, and propane gas. It delivers value, ease of use, abundant storage space, and exceptional styling. The fridge is designed for difficult roads and works with its no-noise operation so you can stay concentrated on the road or during sleep. 

PolarMax is energy efficient with its automatic switch to LP operations that works when power is cut or unavailable. It reduces battery demands so that you can save it for longer use. It also presents eye-level control panels with external LCD control, ergonomically designed for easy access, and is easy to operate. 

You won’t be purchasing an 18 cubic feet fridge for nothing because PolarMax offers you a maximum storage capacity. The full-width shelves are easily adjustable for maximum flexibility of shelf storage. Another full-width food and freezer compartment can store a week or more worth of food and is perfect for traveling with family members. You can ensure that there is no spoilage and waste of food during the trip. Plus, it is the only RV fridge with humidity-controlled vegetable bins, preserving your fresh fruits and vegetables until they are all down to your stomach. 

Other remarkable features of PolarMax are its positive-locking and recessed door handles which open with ease. It also comes with a built-in travel latch, with no worries about fridge door opening during a long trip. 

Upgrades can be made for you to enjoy the fridge’s excellent performance fully. Available upgrades are a built-in ice maker, your partner during late-night drinks, or the usual meal with your refreshing drinks. And stainless steel doors to have a more stylish door version. 

Superior Propane Gas Refrigerator: Offers Five-Year Warranty Fridge

The Superior LP gas refrigerator is indeed superior in producing high-quality cooling performance and value for money. The eight cubic foot fridge features a 6.3 cubic foot refrigerator and 1.7 cubic foot freezer that purely runs on propane. It only needs an additional power source of four AA batteries for the interior LED light. The uncomplicated operation of this fridge is already a plus point when it comes to ease of use. The igniter, safety valve, thermostat, and flame indicator are located at one place in the control panel to let you know if the flame is lit and the fridge is running smoothly.

Superior fridge lets you enjoy its minimalist yet elegant design of an all-white interior with adjustable and removable shelves, one vegetable crisper, and door shelves that can hold two-liter bottles firmly without spillage. 

The fuel-efficient fridge consumes 0.285 gallons of LP per day and can be opened either on the left or right side, reversible door it is! For easy moving of the refrigerator from one place to another, the manufacturer thoughtfully placed rear rollers on each fridge. A set of front leveling legs also allows the fridge to be placed on uneven surfaces without moving and secures the fridge to a level position. 

The superior fridge uses the absorption-diffusion refrigeration system with ammonia refrigerants which is environmentally friendly and is 100% factory tested. Before shipment of the product, all fridges are test fired and checked for proper cooling temperature and thermostat operation. It also undergoes interior and exterior evaluation for any cosmetic blemishes. 

Dometic DM2652: Best Built RV Fridge for the Road

The two-way powered Dometic DM2652 runs on 110 volts AC as well as on propane gas. This fridge belongs to the Dometic Americana double door refrigerators with automatic cooling unit controls which adjust depending on the surrounding ambient temperature.

Dometic DM2652 is the best-built RV refrigerator on the road because of its solid steel frame construction, which surely withstands prolonged movements when the RV is running. Its improved electronic controls also made it the best with its electronic control at comfortable eye level.

Brace yourselves as we are now listing down the amazing features of this fridge. First off, its versatile shelf system has a three-position freezer shelf, adjustable and removable door bins, and abundant storage for bottles and containers, which caters to the user’s changing needs. Furthermore, the locking door handles keep food safely intact inside the fridge, two crispers with a 2-way operation, and a shelf and juice rack for added convenient storage. An automatic ice maker is also available!

Another available feature of the Dometic fridge is its 2-way double door which opens at full 180 degrees and swings left or right depending on the user’s preference and availability of space. In addition, it uses absorption cooling, which is a reliable and silent cooling with no electricity needed for its operations. The heating from a gas flame, like propane, surely works and is indeed the perfect choice for RVers who are always on travel adventures. To complement any decor on your RV, door insert panels are also available for upgrade.

Techomey Propane Refrigerator: Environmentally Friendly Fridge

Techomey Propane Refrigerator brings you technology and comfort of home all inside your RV. The three-way powered refrigerator can be run on 110 volts AC power, 12 volts DC power, and propane gas. This fridge is a highly recommended gift for campers because it’s lightweight, easy to move, space-saving, and holds food securely even during bumpy travel.

Techomey incorporated a transparent protective cover for its exterior, which is rainproof and dustproof, designed for outdoor activities. It protects food and beverages when you are camping outside the RV. 

The environmentally-friendly fridge is for nature lovers and green advocates with no freon and pollution produced in its usage. It also has a manual electric thermostat and runs silently with no noise because of its advanced absorption cooling system. An added automatic defrost prevents excessive ice build-up inside the freezer. 

Techomey fridge is energy saving. The low energy consumption fridge, which consumes 0.8 lbs of gas daily, is indeed money-saving but guaranteed high cooling efficiency and a certified long time of service. Furthermore, the versatile fridge can be placed on countertops, installed as a built-in fridge, or a freestanding one. 

Get this fridge now for your RV, which can also be a good option for an off-grid cabin, boats, apartment, or small kitchen at home.

Danby Designer Compact Refrigerator with Integrated Door Handle

Small but terrible it is! Danby Designer Refrigerator is a dual-door compact refrigerator that is Energy-Star compliant, meaning electricity costs for this fridge are kept as low as possible. Apart from that, its high-tech mechanical thermostat ensures an appropriate temperature for food inside the fridge. This thermostat is for easy temperature control and also features a handy manual defrosting system. 

Danby fridges are also supporters of intelligent reversible doors, which allow for opening on either the left or right side with ease. In addition, the spotless steel finish allows for easy cleaning with minimum effort and best results. And the illuminating interior light keeps food properly radiated inside the fridge.

A touch of class is introduced with Danby’s integrated door handle. This technology secures the goods inside your fridge so you won’t be worried even if traveling through difficult and uneven roads. Other special features are one full-width tempered glass shelf, one full-width adjustable wire freezer shelf, a CanStor beverage dispensing system, and an environmentally friendly R600a refrigerant. Aside from these amazing features, the fridge also has a see-through vegetable crisper with a glass cover, which has plenty of room for tall bottles like wine and other drinks. These attributes support the fridge’s maximum storage capacity that can cover days of travel. 

Midea Compact Refrigerator Operates with Energy Star Efficiency

Midea Compact Refrigerator is equipped with an advanced compressor which makes the fridge run quietly but efficiently. It operates with Energy Star efficiency and offers separate fridge and freezer sections with plenty of space for drinks and frozen goods.

Adjustable legs stabilize your fridge at uneven surfaces or different heights. This makes your fridge suitable for countertops or even stand alone in the corner of your RV. The reversible door opens to the left or right and can easily be fitted in any space available in your RV.

Organizing goods is not a problem as the fridge features two durable and removable glass shelves, a spacious crisper drawer, and storage racks for soda cans. Moreover, Midea also introduces mechanical temperature control for the easy setting of the temperature that your fridge needs. The temperature control is a big help to fully preserve your goods and prevents spoilage and wastage. 

The adjustable thermostat measures 1-10 degrees celsius in the fridge part and -24 to -12 degrees celsius in the freezer part. It also has a manual defrost setting, and bright interior LED lights which are energy efficient and power saving. The LED light illuminates food brightly while using a small amount of energy. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Propane Fridge

Here are some frequently asked questions about the best propane fridge for your RV. I have them covered here with the answers that you are looking for.

How long will an RV fridge run on propane?

An RV fridge can last for 280 hours or just over 11 days with a 20 lb. propane tank. This is the standard measurement a typical propane tank holds. Moreover, the calculations still depend on the size of the propane tank you are using.

What size of the refrigerator is fit for my RV?

A regular RV refrigerator measures between 4 to 12 cubic feet, highly indifferent in size with the refrigerators we use at home. Aside from the fridge’s capacity, you also need to measure the space in your RV to put the fridge on to ensure that the appliance will fit well. Take several measurements to come up with accurate data; that is the basis of purchasing your RV fridge.

Are propane fridges safe to use?

Propane fridges are safe, considering the fact that they have no moving parts. However, good ventilation scores you the most to ensure safety. Also, always look out for leaks and don’t run the tank to empty as it will also increase leak chances. Quickly extinguish open flames once you smell gas inside or outside your RV.

Does an RV propane fridge need electricity to work?

The majority of the propane fridges in the market still need a small DC battery power to operate. The electricity may help light the pilot, power the control panel, and control the gas valve. But aside from these, propane fridges can pretty much operate on their LP supply.


From planning your dishes to keeping your food fresh at all times during an RV trip, a refrigerator is indeed not just an appliance for display. The role it takes makes a huge impact on whether your whole family enjoys the travel and the food served. That is why choosing the perfect fridge that fits the available space on your RV and the right one for your preference is so important in ensuring that fresh goods land on your table.

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