Best RV Trips for Couples: Spend Time with Your Soulmate

If you’ve been together for years and want to spice up your usual date nights, an RV trip would be a fantastic idea. Of course, we wanted to spend time with our loved one, but doing the same things over and over would be boring for the both of you. Doing fun activities would indeed be a great way to discover more about your partner and enjoy each other’s company in the most romantic and adventurous ways possible. 

What are the best RV trips for couples? The best trip for adventurous couples is the Joshua Tree National Park and Yellowstone National Park for nature lovers. If you want a summer trip, Clearwater Beach, Florida, offers excellent activities, and Hocking Hills State Park would be a perfect choice for a winter trip with your loved one. 

Say no to boring date nights with these fun-tastic RV destinations for couples. In this article, we will talk about the best trips you can plan. We will also discuss the top tourist attractions and romantic activities to do in each destination. Lastly, you will learn about the best trips for adventure at any season, at any time of the year. 

Boost Your Adrenaline: Adventure RV Trips for You

If you are looking for an adventure trip with numerous activities to choose from, consider the following destination I listed below. Feel the adrenaline rush and be ready for a jam-packed lineup of thrilling activities offered in these wonderful RV destinations. 

Joshua Tree National Park

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Joshua Tree National Park is a famous park in South California covering two deserts, namely Mojave and the Sonoran Desert. There are three ways to enter the park through the Yucca Valley in the west, the Twentynine Palms in the north, and the Cottonwood Springs in the south. 

There are specific fees that this park is collecting for the maintenance of its surroundings, like entrance fees of $30 for vehicles and $15 per individual visiting the place. You don’t need to worry because your money won’t be wasted as Joshua Tree National Park introduces you to delighting tourist spots like Joshua Tree, Oasis, Cottonwood, and Black Rock. 

The super clear desert night sky is a great companion during your stargazing, together with the wildflowers that bloom beautifully during the spring. 

For a couple of adventure-seekers, this park will surely satisfy your hunger for thrilling activities. Glamping is a perfect way to enjoy your time away from the city with romantic moments under the stars. You can also go hiking, birdwatching, and sightseeing the beautiful nature and falls in Cottonwood Spring.

Hiking trails would also be nice to know more about the interesting plants you would pass by on your path and feed your eyes with the beautiful wildflowers of the Panorama Loop Trails. Other famous hiking trails in Joshua Tree are the Ryan Mountain, Arch Rock Nature Trail, and Cap Rock Nature Trail. If you are in for another level of fun, you can enroll at Joshua Tree Rock Climbing School, which holds sports camps and sports clinics to teach you the ways to the top of your desired rock formation.

You may also want to explore the Peculiar Pioneertown, a site for many movies and TV shows like The Cisco Kid and Judge Roy Bean. Experience the old western Disneyland feels and vintage vibe of this place with your lover. 

Dance the night with Pappy & Harriet’s Pioneer Palace, the home to Desert Star festival, an annual music event during September. They also hold live music sessions offering delicious meals and tasty drinks to tourists. 

Ouray, CO

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Some people call Ouray in Colorado the Switzerland of America. There are plenty of places to visit in Ouray and a lot of adventures waiting for you. Ouray Town pool, for once, is home to natural hot springs to soak in for some therapeutic waters. The Box Canyon Falls measure 285 feet from top to basin, the San Juan Mountain peaks, the San Juan Skyway Scenic & Historic Byway, and the old mining routes are also ideally located at Ouray. The ancient mining routes are popular destinations for off-roaders, Jeep tours, and other road trips in the area. 

The escapade welcomes you with lots of adventures like an ATV trail and mountain climbing in Mount Sneffels, a 14,150-foot tall mountain peak. Even ice climbing is available at Ouray Ice Park, or you can join the Ouray Ice Festival every January, where you can participate in many ice sports. 

Mining experience is what a tour in the Bachelor-Syracuse Mine offers. Take part in a historical tour in their museum by walking or by carriage. And if you get tired, you can just stroll around the park surrounded by different unique trees like quaking aspen and evergreens scrub oaks.

Other extreme activities you might want to try are rappelling down the waterfalls (just be careful of slipping) and trail race with your partner. Run the Hardrock 100, a 100-mile trail race with over 66,000 feet of elevation change. And mind you, this trail is considered one of the most challenging trails in the world of ultrarunners. 

White Mountains, New Hampshire

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The White Mountains is the range of mountains covering about a quarter of New Hampshire and a small portion of western Maine in the United States. You can pay a great visit here during the spring or any time of the year to experience an incredible trip. 

Visit Jackson Falls for a spring waterfalls tour and drive through the honeymoon-covered bridge. You can also stroll in the beautiful New England village or do sightseeing at the Cathedral Ledge. This place offers a beautiful view of the whole valley and the Presidential range. It is also a popular spot for rock climbing schools and a picture-taking area where you can take a snap at the breathtaking views.

The train ride at Conway Scenic Railroad offers vintage passenger cars to explore the mountain views. If you are not a scaredy-cat, you can also join the Murder Mystery Dinner Train, an event in the spring and fall which offers a four-course dinner and entertainment while you’re on the train. 

Try the Kayak or Canoe trip on the Saco River, where you can spend half or full day on the calm waters. Just rent a kayak or a canoe to experience the tranquil waters of the Saco River. 

Another tour to look forward to is the Bretton Woods Canopy Tour, where you can experience a two-hour zip line trip above the trees and a fantastic mountain view. For sure, your eyes will be so full after the two-hour zipline ride.  

Your Best Couple Adventure Experience in One Place

I’d say Joshua Tree National Park won my heart when it comes to the various activities they offer. It also covers numerous tourist attractions that are not only for the wild wanderers but also for travelers.

Be One with Nature: RV Parks and Campgrounds

A sweet escape from the blinding city lights and the buzzing sound of the city is RV trips to national parks and campgrounds. The refreshing feel of nature’s wonder would truly relieve your tiredness and would ultimately bring you closer to your loved one. 

Cumberland Gap National History Park

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A must-visit place in Tennessee is the Cumberland Gap National Park, also known as the first gateway to the west. Modern-day travelers are in awe of this beautiful park with lots of exciting and refreshing activities to do. 

Camping will always be the best way to enjoy an RV trip. Park and enjoy nature’s feel with the variety of camping sites available in and out of the park. Or you can go on tours to visit historical attractions and monuments and understand their relevance and contribution to the history of the place. 

Hiking and backpacking is another turn-on for tourists visiting the Cumberland Gap. Hiking with your partner is the best way to explore the park as it features mark outs to make it easier for the visitors to follow the trail. The trails are categorized into three levels where you can choose depending on your hiking skill level. 

Feed your eyes with the sightseeing activities offered in Cumberland Gap. Visitors are taken inside the natural habitat of birds in Raptor Rhapsody while giving essential information about these birds, their origin, and how to preserve and care for them. You can even watch the birds perform aerial moves! An outdoor exhibit of birds is also accessible to get up close and personal with the birds. 

Yosemite National Park

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Yosemite National Park is a famous park in California. It is a place of inspiration for artists, climbers, and nature lovers because of its majestic view and the calmness and good feeling it brings to the tourists visiting it. 

Coming in as the top attraction in this park is Yosemite Falls, together with the remarkable, striking feature of the valley. The sight of the falls and the whole view is indeed worth the trip. 

Yosemite is a famous rock climbing destination. The attraction that will indeed wow you is the fantastic Half Dome, a dome-shaped rock formation known as one of the first ‘big climbs.’ It’s one for the books.

El Capitan is another great rock formation that is worth the climb. It is a 3000-foot sheer rock

that gained popularity when a solo climber reached its peak without any ropes and equipment. 

Tioga Road is wonderful for summer hiking and camping. Wildflowers bloom in the open meadows on this place, and the clean lakes reflect the mountain peaks. This is the sight you’d be having when you park on its excellent campgrounds; there are many of them, by the way! You can also rent tents and park your RV while enjoying nature. 

Yellowstone National Park

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“Land of Wonder; Preserve for All.” This is the slogan they use for Yellowstone National Park. On March 1, 1872, Yellowstone became the first national park to introduce unique hydrothermal and geologic wonders. The unique attraction of this park readily brought thousands of people to visit and experience the land of wonder.

Under the hydrothermal attraction are the thermal basins. Walk along the boardwalks and trails and witness hot springs, mud pots, fumaroles, and geysers. You can also bathe in the plenty of hot springs available in the park. One is the Fairmont Hot Spring Resort, known for its modern facilities and water slide. The Boiling River is another hot spring with a more natural setting. It is a hectic place with lots of people flocking at any time of the day.

So be sure to get there early to enjoy your private time. 

Enjoy the view of the Grand Canyon, a perfect place for couples to have alone time while enjoying the view and taking photographs of this beautiful trip. And while you’re at it, take the time to go on a scenic hike on either Uncle Tom’s trail, Lava Creek trail, or Grizzly Lake, which blooms beautiful wildflowers during the spring. 

Sleep under the stars with primitive camping to modern glamping experience, or visit the Travertine Terraces for stargazing while having your favorite drink at night. In addition, you can have a sleigh ride around the park in the morning or early at night to witness the wildlife and the forest. It is an old-fashioned but romantic experience to have with your couple. 

And who would not love the sight of the sunset? You’ll get a better view when you hike up the North Rim trail or Lake Butte Overlook. Take pictures and enjoy saying goodbye to the day and welcoming the nighttime. 

Best Park to Get Intimate with Nature

When it comes to nature’s touch, I’d highly recommend Yellowstone National Park. As the ‘Land of Wonder,’ they truly did a great job preserving this place and incorporating exciting activities for travelers. 

Beat the Heat: RV Summer Getaways for Couples

Ready yourself to receive tan during these summer trips that are indeed for every couple who wants to do things together under the sun. 

Bar Harbor, Maine

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Bar Harbor is a popular tourist destination in the Down East Region of Maine. Bar Harbor is abundant with places to visit and activities to do. One is the Oli’s Trolley, an Acadia National Park tour. Another is the Acadia Air Tours, where you can explore the majestic view of the place from above.

Discover various hiking trails and sceneries in Cadillac Mountain. This mountain is one of the tallest in the United States eastern seaboard, with a towering height of 470 meters (1,528 feet) high. 

Walk hand in hand in a 1.6-kilometer stroll in the scenic shore path with views of the harbor and Porcupine Islands and the ocean views while taking photographs of the landscape and the two of you together. 

Another excellent strolling activity is a walk from the Land Bridge to the Bar Island. You can either walk on the barred sand or go biking. However, the sand bar is only exposed during low tides, so you’re lucky if you traveled there at the right timing. Can’t get enough of the ocean? Stop by the Frenchmen Bay located in Hancock County, Maine, to enjoy the fresh view of the bay and the boats and ships passing over the ocean. Take photographs, if you must, of the sunrise and sunset on this alluring bay. 

Visit Schoodic Peninsula, a peninsula down East Maine. It features a rocky granite shoreline containing volcanic dikes, former home to the US Navy Base. 

Hear stories of innovation, design, and history of early times automobiles in The Seal Cove Auto Museum. The museum features fifty automobiles, bicycles, and motorcycles from the Brass Era. You can also have a glimpse of the great antique vehicles, vintage cars, and period clothing and accessories used during the olden times. 

Dana Point

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Dana Point is a city located in south Orange County, California. This place is known for The Ocean institute. The institute offers hands-on marine and nature experiences and has a unique natural attraction. You can also participate in state-of-the-art learning labs and explore the institute’s two historic ships.

Glide your way through the city with Dana Point Parasail. Be on cloud nine on 800 feet above the coastline parasailing experience. This activity received the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for high-quality performance, which offers a safe, fun, and enjoyable parasailing experience.

Clearwater Beach, Florida

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Clearwater Beach was named as the nation’s #1 beach in 2018 by Tripadvisor. USA Today readers also voted this as the best beach town in Florida in 2013. With these recognitions, you would want to visit this place. All I can say is, See for yourself!

A cruise is an extremely popular activity in Clearwater Beach. Here, you’ll be treated as a royal on a dinner cruise with delicious food and live entertainment. Go aboard and enjoy a romantic time while the sun sets down with the sunset cruise. There is also a bar with awesome drinks and music to get you dancing. This is a perfect opportunity to wear your favorite dress and have a taste of the drinks and dinner on the cruise. 

Appreciate the beauty of the picturesque town with yet another cruise activity. The sightseeing cruise enables you to have some dolphin interactions. If you are not lucky enough to find the dolphins, you can try fishing to catch your dinner. Fishing is the area’s most significant pastime that offers a range of fishing options for beginners to experienced hobby fishers. 

Have a short drive to Zampa and visit ZooTampa to bond with animals and enjoy the wildlife. There are also activities such as feeding giraffes and touching animals with guides to be safe.

You do not want to miss visiting the locally owned boutiques leaving the beach. You’ll be surprised with the variety of excellent products they have where you can buy souvenir items for your friends and family when you go back home.

The Hottest RV Trip that Would Win your Partner’s Heart

Clearwater Beach, Florida, really did take romance to another level with their numerous cruise trips. I also like the idea that aside from spending time with your partner, you also get to know animals and have a close encounter with them.

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway! Winter Trips for Couples

Cuddle under a thick blanket or enjoy snow activities on these trips during the winter. Let your love warm you while doing exciting activities, be it outdoor or indoor, in the snowy path of these travel destinations. 

Pagosa Springs, Colorado

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Pagosa Springs is a favorite destination in southwest Colorado, especially during wintertime. You can ease your cold feeling with the Pagosa hot springs, which are rich in minerals. Another place that offers impressive hot spring services is the Healing Waters Resort & Spa. This resort offers a large outdoor pool, a hot tub, and an indoor European-style bath facility. Other spas you may look into are the Overlook Mineral Springs Spa and The Springs Resort and Spa. 

Bond with your fur friends with the dog sledding activities. These dogs are trained to meet people. Plus, you can also have a photoshoot session with them! You should also visit the Pagosa Nordic Club, a 50 kilometer groomed trail with the sparkling sight of snow for cross country skiing and snowshoeing.

Join a sightseeing trip through the San Juan National Forest through snowmobiling. It is a quick and exciting way to roam around the forest with groomed trails for mobile convenience. And if you prefer the lake over the woods, you can go ice fishing to get your food. Lakes may frost on tops, but fishes can still swim under. Ice fishing is indeed a unique way of fishing. 

Hocking Hills State Park, Logan Ohio

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Hocking Hills State Park is known as Southeastern Ohio’s scenic wonderland. The stunning natural landscapes are more peaceful and enjoyed during winter. 

Take part in a Winter Hocking Hills hike, the most visited state park in Ohio. Here you can explore caves, gorges, waterfalls, and natural rock formations. Other famous hiking trails are Ash Cove, Old Man’s Cave, Cedar Falls, and the Rock Hose.

Hocking hills has the darkest night sky in Ohio, and stargazing is the perfect activity for that. The wide-open spaces are the best to enjoy the celestial view of the night sky. Don’t forget to visit the John Glenn Astronomy Park, where you can have a picture of the sky through a large telescope. 

We also wouldn’t forget to start a bonfire to keep us warm while enjoying your favorite hot drink. Talk about life while embracing the bonfire’s warmth or embracing your partner; either way sounds good, though. 

Visit a cabin in the region and soak in a hot tub while sipping a glass of wine. Then, you can come to the Pencil Sharpener Museum, an interesting attraction located at the Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center. The museum has more than 3,400 pencil sharpeners, the largest recorded collection in the United States.

Lastly, make your partner a study buddy and enroll in different classes and workshops. Be a student and increase your skill set through the Hocking College leisure learning program. Here you can earn varied skills from creating a new recipe, doing art projects, and even

learning pottery where you can pose like characters from the movie Ghost. 

Elsa’s Pick for the Best Winter Trip for Couples

It’s a tight match between these travel destinations as they all have their unique and exciting recreations to offer. But Hocking Hills State Park would be the best pick as aside from traveling, you can learn new skill sets with their leisure classes and workshop.


A trip well planned is a vacation well spent. Being on an RV trip would be fantastic if you could share it with someone you love. No matter where you are and what destination you choose, it is always a happy place if you are together. So pack your bags, ready things in your RV, and get on a trip that would be one of the most memorable ones for you and your loved ones. 

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