Best Tire Covers For RV: When It’s Time to Winterize

One thing that RVers add to their winterization list is a tire cover. Tire covers are a necessary expenditure to ensure your tire’s condition will be preserved as the wintertime comes. Tires for RV’s aren’t as durable or as strong as the typical car tires, and getting the best tire cover will be the right thing you can do. Of course, there will be many options in the market, to begin with, and making the right choice will be a difficult one.

You might hesitate at first to purchase an RV tire cover, not just for winterizing but also for other seasons. If this is so, with whatever reasons you may have, this article is a must-read. Here I have collated the best tire covers you can check within your budget means, which certainly you will not regret buying.

Perfect Quality Covers For RV Tires At An Affordable Price

You want to protect your tire, yet your budget is tight. If this is your case, then here are the best affordable options for you that do the job. These options come at the cost of around $20 to $50 for a four-tire cover set. Take note, though, that it may also pay off if you spend a little more for extended use. 

Ideal For Common RV: DEDC Waterproof Tire Covers

One of the cheapest tire covers available in the market starts at around $41 on Amazon. It is ideal not just for RVs but other vehicles like trailers, campers, and trucks. It can fit around 27 to 29 inches wheel size. Its materials are waterproof aluminum with cotton wool lining that efficiently protects the tires from dirt, rust, and corrosion during winter and any weather.  

The Pros of using this product are a good fit since it is only specific to 27 up to 29 inches wheel diameter. It is easy to install with no tools required. It can be easily removed and can fold compactly for storage. It is designed with fast and easy slip-on hooks that ensure a more secure fit. 

The downside you might find in using this is since it comes with a relatively lower price, it can easily rip during installation if you are not careful. It does not come with cords or ropes for a more secure fit. Since it is quite made of thinner vinyl, it is ideal for use in sunny and arid areas than during winters.

Best For Wide Tires: TCP Global Canvas Wheel Cover

These specific types of RV tire covers have great reviews and are considered bestsellers. The product provides excellent quality material. What makes them a good option is that they have two sizes, one that fits small and the other that fits large, which will be good choices for the consumer. 

This wheel and tire covers are made of waterproof oxford canvas that helps provide all-weather protection. You will surely have peace of mind on this one because you know that your wheel and tires are well protected and safe enough while on high-speed roads or just sitting and parked in storage. 

Its key features are that it can fit up to 11 deep, wide tires with thick, breathable, and durable Oxford waterproof canvas material and has an elastic upper seam for form-fitting on your tire, making the covers more secure. Importantly, it is weatherproof and has good quality for its price, which only costs around $29 on Amazon, although it is first to be sold out.

However, the downside of this product is it does not have weights or straps to hold the covers in place at the bottom so that the wind can’t easily blow them off, and you can’t tighten them up and can be easily removed if the seam starts to loosen over time.

EcoNour Tire Cover For All Weather Types

This product is ideal for all-weather types from the winter frost and sun damage used in most motorhomes, including RVs. It is suitable for different vehicle models with wheel diameters between 25 to 33 inches.

The EcoNour Tire Cover is composed of heavy-duty vinyl and weather-resistant cloth with soft inside cotton fabric. This Wheel Covers for RV Tires is excellent for sun and rain protection, as well as wear and scratch resistance.

You can easily put it on the trailer by stretching the elastic portion over your tire and using the hooks to secure it in the steel grommet for a better fit. The hooks and elastic backs ensure the tire cover from being blown away by heavy winds. 

The Pros that come with this product are it has a storage bag that you can use if you are going to keep them as a part of de-winterizing. The Cons you might be dealing with is that it is not built to last you long.

If you are looking for a product that is an easy solution to your tire cover problem, this might be your answer. It comes at $32 for XS size that can fit 25 inches wheels up to $40 for wheels with 33 inches diameter. The package comes in four, which means you can save a good amount of money, but not for a long investment. You can buy this on Amazon.

Flexibility Winner: Kohree RV Tire Covers

Another high-rating and best-selling product on the market is Kohree tire covers. They come in Silver and Khaki colors, but only four sizes are available to fit the tires from 26 to 32. They are efficient in protecting your RV tires because they are made of heavy-duty 600D Oxford fabric with a PVC coating.

It makes the product more flexible and extremely durable, and of course, 100% waterproof. They are very easy to put on your tires. Their seams are sewn carefully, and this assures you that they won’t get easily blown away by the wind.

They also provide your tires with UV rays protection, these types of covers can withstand any weather, and they help maintain and protect your tires from getting damaged by other outdoor elements, dirt, and of course, dust. It is very easy to install with secure, reinforced hems and grommets and, of course, very lightweight yet durable.

Though it has straps, some of these hooks and straps are made of cheap materials that are usually first to be damaged and are only placed to last only for a short period. If you want to keep it after use, it does not have a storage bag along with it. A four-set of these tire covers cost around $30 on Amazon for a set of four. 

Multi-Layered Option: Kayme Four Layers Tire Covers

They are guaranteed to be bestsellers and highly recommended. They come in different sizes, which can accommodate sizes 19 up to 42 inches wheel diameter.  These types of tire covers are made up of four different layers, which are made up of different materials ( Aluminum film, PEVA, HPDE, and Cotton).

PEVA is a 100% waterproof material. Its key features are that it has aluminum film good for sun protection, elastic, and has a more secure fit. Their hooks keep the covers in place. HPDE makes this product 100% waterproof, and the Aluminum film helps in the reflection of the sun’s rays; PEVA makes it UV resistant.

The four-layer materials are thick. It has an HPDE which makes this material an all-time season tire cover. Lastly, cotton makes the product soft (used for the inner lining). It comes in silver aside from black and beige color, which is good in reflecting heat. 

The Pros of using this product include being weatherproof. It has a storage bag and is multi-layered and offers added security and better protection. It is one of the most portable choices paired with its storage bag that can allow you to store or bring them anywhere. 

If you have pros, there are also cons, some of which are the product’s sizing; however, there are not many cons that come with this product, but some who already used ones said it only lasted one season. Then again, you may have a different experience if you choose this, though. You can buy this product on Amazon for around $30. That is already a set of four tire covers.

Affordability Check: AmFor Tire Covers

AmFor Tire Covers has great reviews and is recognized as Amazon’s Choice because of its availability, quality, and affordability. They have it in different sizes ranging from sizes 19 to 42. These tire covers are made up of aluminum material which makes them dustproof and waterproof. It gives a sufficient amount of sun protection.

They also are made up of thick cotton wool lining that’s soft for your tires. You can be sure that they really can protect your RV on a higher level which prolongs the lifespan of your RV and protects it from more environmental elements around you.

The main issue of this product is the sizing since it might not come as a perfect fit as it is described. It does not have a storage bag and is not as durable as the other tire covers. 

Top Choices Worthy of High Prices: Durability Winners

In most products in the market, high-priced products usually have the best quality. Although this might not always be the case, consumers often believe that high-priced items are more durable than affordable ones. Here are some tire covers priced at $50 and above, which will be up to you to judge.

Leader Accessories RV Tire/Wheel Covers Camper Car Trailer Truck

It is one product with the most durable material in the market. It has a water-resistant coating that is treated to be UV stabilized. It has tough covers backed with soft and non-scratch undersides. It is a multi-purpose wheel cover because it can be used in many motorhomes like SUVs, trailers, campers, and RVs as long as it can accommodate the tire size.

It is made with leather which is undoubtedly durable. It is also designed to withstand stronger winds than typical covers and is typically longer than others, usually reaching the ground. What is more surprising about this product is it is sold in a set of four covers that can fit a tire diameter up to 39 inches making it almost a universal fit.

It comes in three colors which are white, grey and black, giving you decent choices.  It is also easy to clean; wipe the surface with clean water. The only downside you might encounter is that it might be hard to install since you will need to get on the ground to secure them. One thing you can do is add bungee cords or rope to make it easy to install. 

It comes at a starting price of $45 and can reach as high as $75 on Amazon. You have to check its availability, though, since it is one of the products that quickly sold out. 

Best Choice: Classic Accessories Overdrive Dual Axle Wheel Cover

These tire covers are one of the top-selling products on Amazon. It is a customer favorite that can accommodate up to 33 inches wheel diameter and eight inches width. The covers look nice with their classic fabric made up of vinyl. They also come in grey and white color so they won’t let in too much heat.

Importantly, it effectively protects from UV rays and is waterproof, and does not scratch the tire with its canvas non-scratch backing material. You do not have to worry about cleaning them because it’s so easy as they are made up of easy to wipe clean vinyl material.

The Pros of using this product are it is available in multiple sizes from 27 inches to 33 inches in diameter, with a three-year warranty. The materials come in with an elasticized back panel so that it can hug your tires tightly. Some eyelets will help you secure your tires. It also has a storage bag for safekeeping.

It is a product with an easy and fast slip-on elasticized back panel and eyelets to produce a snug fit. It is also easy to store and clean and can be easily uninstalled when desired.  One problem you may find disappointing is that it is quite difficult to install the covers, and you will need assistance to install one.

If a one-person person installed it, It would take minutes or an hour to install. Also, make sure to order them in pairs because they are sold separately. If you like it to be even more fitting to your tire, you can tie a bungee or rope through the eyelets in the covers.

Lastly, it is one of the cheapest finds among the mid-range options you can get in-store, starting at $27 to $36 per piece. Just make sure you buy them in pairs since they are sold individually, which will cost you another buck. A set of four will therefore cost you around $80 or more.

On The Top: Classic Accessories OverDrive Deluxe RV Wheel Cover

Another product of Classic Accessories is included in the list of the best RV tire cover you can check. This Overdrive Deluxe RV wheel cover is a product at $56 and only comes in one size. It can fit wheels measuring 24 to 27 inches wheel diameter, is made of vinyl material, and has a very specific fit. 

Four-wheel covers already come in one package with an elastic back panel each. It has eyelets and rope included that can secure the bottom of the tire. It also comes with a storage bag for safekeeping. Once installed, this product will give a snug fit and a neat finished look.

Heads up, though, because this might be hard to install that needs practice. You can buy this product on Amazon that can price as high as $67 for the largest size.

A Tested Choice: Camco 45322 Vinyl RV Wheel and Tire Protector

This brand has always been trusted, especially in the RV community, for providing excellent products for a fair price. The Camco 45322 Vinyl RV Wheel and Tire protector is the most popular choice amongst RV owners because it does an amazing and effective job protecting the tires from UV rays and certain weather conditions. 

It shields the tires from getting damaged by corrosion and dirt. Most RV owners love the thought that its color is white because it won’t absorb too much heat as it will just reflect the heat, and remember it’s made from heavy-duty vinyl, which makes it sturdier and more durable.

Its best features include a strap and buckle design for easy removal and installation and weatherproof material. What makes it best is that it has a snug fit with a compact design and durable materials. The undesirable feature is that Its clasps are a little difficult to handle or install.

It would require you to lay down on the ground to fasten the clasp behind the underside of your tires. It would take a few minutes or even an hour to install, and you would need assistance in installing this type of cover on your RV tire. You can buy it for $37 for a pack of two. Therefore, you have to buy two packs of a pair tire cover which will cost $74 on Amazon.

Premium Quality Choice: ADCO 3962 Designer Series Tan

This particular product is one of the most trusted and leading RV tire cover brands. They have been in the sewing industry for years and pride themselves in providing premium quality in the RV community. The tire covers protect your tires from the scorching heat of the sun, hazards, water, and your outdoor environment.

These tire covers have heavy flannel backing and are made up of heavy-duty vinyl. Their flannel backings allow them to glide smoothly over the tires when you’re putting them on, making them faster and easier to install. They also prevent your tires from dry rotting or degrading under dry conditions. 

The key feature of this product is that it is a patented tire guard with a three-year warranty. It is a good product made up of heavy-duty flannel-backed vinyl. Using this product will be easy to install with a nice fit and relatively flexible yet durable material.

The downside of this product is that it’s quite expensive and some size recommendation from the manufacturer is usually incorrect so choose your sizes carefully. Availability may vary and is not weatherproof, only resistant, and without a storage bag.

It is made up of Vinyl and costs around $66 up to $189 depending on the wheel size for a set of four on Amazon.

Best-Selling Option: Explore Land Tire Covers

These tire covers are a big hit for RV owners because this is the number one bestselling tire cover and has received more than 80% five-star rating from satisfied customers. These tire covers come in different sizes from small, medium, large even up to extra large, and they have five color options for you to choose from, which makes it for all seasons. 

Explore Land Tire Covers are made from heavy-duty material, which is dustproof and waterproof. They have non-scratch backing anti UV rays. They have elastic cords, which makes them windproof; its design makes a better and simpler installation process. 

The seams are already double stitched, so rest assured they don’t get damaged easily; cleaning these covers is super easy. You can wipe the surface with clean water and a sponge. It comes for $65 for a set of four for 40 to 42 inches wheel diameter on Amazon. If you purchase smaller sizes, then you can also get this at a lower price. 

Its key feature is that it has an auto-lock design and is super easy to install and clean. The cons you might find limiting is the slight difference in size than usually expected, so be careful. It is only water-resistant, not waterproof, and with no free storage bag.

If you decide to buy this product, you should be mindful, though, since if not secured properly in areas with heavy winds, it will be easily blown since it does not come with bungee cords or ropes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the FAQs you might have regarding RV tire covers.

Is RV Tire cover necessary for winterizing an RV?

RV tire covers serve their purpose simply by shielding your tires from possible damage caused by prolonged exposure to the sun and other harsh elements. It can reduce the amount of heat that can penetrate your RV tires or wheels. They are sometimes elastic, which helps give you a perfect fit for your RV tires.

They are also waterproof, which means this will more likely protect your tires from water, snow, puddles, and other water-based problems or issues. You can find these features on RV tire covers which are available on the market.

How To Cover RV Tires Properly? 

Covering your RV tire is just way easier to do when you have the right size for it. This is why you must check and make sure that the covers you bought perfectly fit your tires; otherwise, you’ll waste your money if they don’t.

Once your tires or wheels are fitted, tighten your covers using its strap or cord until you get the right fit. It will take minutes to cover also if the fitting does not match. If you’re using the hardcover one, then use the locking system.

How To Clean RV Tires?

Cleaning the RV covers of your tires is an easy task like I said. Even when your covers are waterproof, it is still essential to keep them clean. Remember that this is not only for its looks but also to ensure that the product would last longer. It would be easy to clean the exteriors with hot or lukewarm water.

Just use lukewarm water together with a sponge to help you remove unwanted dirt on it. Rinse them well. Ensure no dirt is left behind because it can cause damage and long-term effect on your covers. It is not recommended to use soap because soap might have chemical components that can react and greatly affect your tire covers. They may have harsh chemicals that can damage your RV tire covers and greatly affect their protective purpose.

Final Thoughts: RV Tire Covers Are Worth It!

You can surely find the one perfect for your RV winterizing need with all the wheel cover options. Any of these will keep your tires protected from rain, snow, and sun that will make your money spent worth it. Remember that any tire covers that fit properly will likely protect the tires all winter, but it might be wise to spend extra to get a more worthy product you can use for many winter times. 

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