Fifth Wheel Towing Services: All the Help you Need on the Road

Family trips and camping are the type of vacations everyone looks forward to. Seeking an adventure on the road will be more fun if you could bring all the things you’ll need, and that is what a fifth wheel can offer. Having your home near you during on-the-road travel is what fifth wheels do. However, emergencies are inevitable. That’s when you’ll need towing services for your fifth wheel.

What are some companies that offer fifth wheel towing services? Good Sam, The RV Advisor, Coach-Net, American Automobile Association, and Better World Club are some of the well-known companies that provide fifth wheel towing services. These are established companies specializing in the towing field.

Owning a fifth wheel doesn’t end in knowing how to drive and tow it. Often, we would encounter problems or emergencies on the road which only an expert in fifth wheel servicing can resolve. Instead of calling for towing service every time there is a problem, these companies are offering roadside assistance plans to ensure your safety while you are on the drive. This article will also talk about each company’s detailed plan to help you choose which one works best for you.

Roadside Assistance for Fifth Wheels: Single Service vs. Plan

You are traveling on the road, and suddenly your car broke down. The first thing you’ll do is to contact someone to fix the problem. Whether it be a flat tire or a need for emergency fuel, you’ll still need roadside assistance. 

The first option is to pay every single service done to your fifth wheel. Considering a fifth wheel journey where you’ll travel miles and spend days on the road, it is not convenient to always look for towing services near you once you have an emergency. Chances are they will take time to locate your vehicle and additional time fixing it. Plus, it could cost you a minimum of $50 for a 5 to 10 miles towing range per service and $75 for long-distance towing. This cost is only for towing service. Additional charges will incur depending on the service or services needed by your vehicle.

Should you decide to avail of a roadside assistance plan, there will be an assurance that you are covered anywhere you are and whatever problem your fifth wheel has. Listed below are five well-known companies for towing services and their detailed inclusions in each roadside assistance plan. These plans ensure safe and sound travel, knowing that professional help is always ready when there is an emergency on the road. 

Good Sam Roadside Assistance: Your Budget-friendly Towing Services

Good Sam is an enterprise that provides memberships and roadside assistance plans for recreational vans, commonly known as RV, like a fifth wheel. Countless RV owners highly recommend it. They had over 1,500,000 successful roadside rescues and are serving throughout the United States and Canada. However, there is limited coverage when traveling to Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

An emergency is one of the reasons why you may need roadside assistance. Good Sam offers a toll-free hotline number open 24/7, which caters to multiple RVs such as motorized RV, fifth wheel, and travel trailers. Their services include your fifth wheel and the towing vehicle you are using. Reasonable prices are offered for each plan starting from $64.95 for the first year that provides coverage for you, your partner, and your dependent children.

The Premium Plan

The premium roadside assistance plan costs $119.95 per year. Fifth wheel, cars, vans, pickups, and SUVs are covered in this plan. They have a caller locator technology which makes it easy to find your location and takes 45-60 minutes for the service provider to arrive. If damage to your fifth wheel cannot be done on-site, they have a network of 40,000 service and repair facilities. Your fifth wheel will be taken to the service center closest to your location.

These are additional services at Good Sam’s that may help you in an emergency: Unlimited towing distance means you can be covered wherever you are, flat tire service, and minor roadside mechanical repairs. Free battery jump starts, emergency fuel delivery, lost key, and lock-out services are also available. A cost of $1200 Trip interruption Assistance covers food, hotel, and other expenses while you are waiting for your fifth wheel to be repaired. 

Road Hazard + Medical Assistance

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Benefits don’t end there as the roadside assistance plan incorporates medical assistance and road hazard. Inclusions are emergency medical referral service, evacuation, and repatriation of remains. Incidental damage to vehicles because of road hazards is covered in the road hazard tire replacement and wheel repair.

Towing Services amid, Covid-19

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The pandemic caused by Covid-19 engages Good Sam in precautious ways of serving the people. During towing operations, safety is a top priority. Service providers are practicing the Centers for Disease Control Guidelines. Shaking of hands is not allowed. Service providers are also prohibited from offering a ride in their car. There may be delays in areas under “shelter-in-place” restrictions, but if you’re in an unsafe location, dial 911 immediately.

The RV Advisor: ATM and Business Locator for You

One of America’s leading RV membership clubs is The RV Advisor. It caters to the United States and Canada. What sets them apart from other towing companies is their ATM and business locator services. You can access ATM and other business services wherever you are by the use of the locator service. This would be a great help if you didn’t bring enough cash or need access to other business services that you might need while traveling.

Plan Coverage

The RV Advisor offers a fixed fee on all their plans. Vehicles covered are multiple RVs, autos, motorcycles, horse trailers, bike trailers, and boat trailers of up to 20 years of age. A non-member is charged $129 per year. The membership fee is $29. Members avail $30 discount and are charged $99 per year with the same plan. They are flexible to cover multiple RVs such as a fifth wheel, motorhome, horse trailer, and campers.

Emergency phone call support is open 24/7, which provides both operational and technical assistance for fifth owners. They also offer unlimited towing and on-site mechanical support anywhere in the United States and Canada. Standard roadside assistance services such as winching, flat tire services, and automotive locksmith services are also present. There are also road hazard benefits such as battery jumpstart, emergency fuel delivery, and trip interruption services.

Coach-Net and Their Certified RV Experts

Expertise is what Coach-Net offers to fifth wheel owners. Workers are certified RV experts, so your fifth wheel is assured in good hands. They are service providers who completed extensive technical training through RVA, RVDA, and ASE and are willing to provide technical assistance in troubleshooting fifth wheel problems. Coach-Net serves through the United States and Canada. Expensive compared to other roadside assistance plans, they are providers of expert solutions to your emergency problems on the road. 

Plan Coverage

The assistance plan costs $249 for motorized RV and $179 for towable RV per year. Caller locator technology is one innovation that they use to locate someone who needs assistance in case of emergency quickly. They also provide a technical assistance hotline for directions to do while waiting for the service provider. Travel assistance services through Airmed provide travel assistance if you are hospitalized more than 150 miles away from home within the United States. 

Coach-Net is worth the price for all their complete services such as unlimited towing, tire assistance, battery boosts, lockouts, mobile mechanic, and their US-based call center. Tire deliveries are a nationwide service, and provision for emergency fuel is also covered. Should you find your fifth wheel stuck in the mud, they will also cover winching in the roadside plan. Lastly, there is an emergency trip interruption of up to $2,000 reimbursement for disabled RV due to collision more than 100 miles from your home.

American Automobile Association: Covers You in any Vehicle

AAA is the oldest and best-known federation of motor clubs in the United States. What is good about their roadside plan is it covers the person and not the vehicle. So if you avail a plan, and an emergency arises, they will service the car you are using with the same benefits, whether it be your car, rental, or borrowed.

AAA is based in the United States and Canada. Since AAA is an automobile association that primarily caters to cars and motorcycles, towing services for fifth wheels may incur additional fees. 

Plan Coverage

Plans are ranging from $50 up to $100 per year for automobiles. A Plus RV plan costs $143 for a 32 foot RV for fifth wheels, and a Premier RV plan costs $210 per year for a bigger RV. Towing services included are jumpstart and battery replacement if you are having battery problems. They also offer free delivery of emergency fuel and tire replacements. There is a limited distance of 100 miles for its towing distance and a $350 per person trip interruption protection.

Covid-19 Precautions during Towing Operations

Technicians take precautions interacting with people and following social distancing guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They are provided with health-safety gear such as nitrile gloves, hand sanitizers, and disinfectant wipes. Callers also undergo pre-screening to help technicians be aware of the situation on the road.

Better World Club for Eco-friendly Towing Services

If you are looking for a roadside assistance plan that promotes eco-friendly services even in emergencies, Better World Club has the right plan for you. Most of their services are designed to work as quickly as possible without harming the environment, such as carbon regulation on automobiles and bio-diesel. This is a good choice for eco-conscious drivers.

Plan Coverage

It covers automobiles, bicycles, motorcycles, and RVs. The Premium auto plan is $97 per year and charges an additional  $45 for RV coverage. BWC offers 100 miles towing range and delivery of two free gallons of fuel. Should you encounter a trip interruption, the plan will cover a maximum price of $1500. Other towing services in emergencies are battery jumpstart, flat tire change, lockout service, and winching.


Leisure time is fun and ensuring safety during travel is a must. Most especially with fifth wheels where you are traveling with your friends or loved ones, you must have your backup ready to rescue during emergencies. These companies may differ when it comes to their plan inclusions and specialty, but what they have in common is that they are here to offer a quick response anytime you need it. 


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