Getting The Perfect Airstream Deal At The Best Time

Airstream trailer is a renowned mobile home because of its design, perfect for adventures, camping, and long rides. It is a type of trailer that contains almost everything found in homes like toilets, kitchen, bedroom, etc. Also, it is incredibly durable because its body is made in metal which will not rot like other trailers. With its best features, airstream may cost a considerable amount of money that not all people can afford. Knowing the best time to buy an airstream is indeed helpful in getting the best deal. 

What is the best time to get an airstream? The fall and winter season is the best time to buy an airstream. During this period, it is low in demand due to the end of the camping period. You can also buy any time, but that will mean higher prices at most.

Airstream trailers are a home you can take with you. You can also use this trailer as your permanent place, for this will last a lifetime. In this COVID-19 pandemic, it is even an asset because you can travel anywhere without the worry of using public transportations, increasing the possibility of exposure. In this article, I will share the perks of having one and the possible best time to get an airstream of your own—also, insights into owning one in this pandemic situation. 

All About Airstream: A Brief History

Image Source: “Airstream trailer” by La Chachalaca Fotografía is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 

Airstream has long been running successfully on the roads. Its name created history not only for the road but for other important old days events. Yet, what exactly is an airstream, and how do we define it.  

The Starting Fame of Airstream: When and How It Started

Airstream was invented by Wally Byam, a lawyer who created trailers as a hobby in 1929. In 1931, the airstream company started. Its name came from the idea of Wally’s dream to build a trailer that would move like a stream of air and be light enough to be towed by a car.

Since then, Airstream has been the most extensively tested trailer brand in history, with engineering based on over 80 years of experience and millions of miles on roads around the world. According to the inventor, they are supposed to be a lifetime investment in happiness. It’s the only travel trailer that made it through the Great Depression, which lasted from 1929 to 1933.

In 1952, airstream was moved from Los Angeles to Jackson Center, Ohio, as its manufacturing site. The Air Force used airstreams as their cargo planes in transporting officials in a civilized manner because of their reliable built. It was also used as a quarantine facility for the Apollo 11 astronauts after returning from the moon. Today, 70% of airstreams are still running on the roads.

The Greatness Associated With Airstream: Its Top Features

Image Source: dave_7, CC BY 2.0

Airstreams are made from treated aluminum giving it a shiny look, silver finish, a lightweight feel, and durability. What is good about this built is each sheet of metal is resistant to Ultraviolet rays, mold, discoloration, pulverization, cracking, and flaking. 

Moreover, its roof has a white enamel which helps the trailer prevent it from heating up too quickly and cool inside.  Airstreams keep on upgrading, like its recent fiberglass’s recent addition, which retains the aluminum’s similar quality for being durable and lightweight. 

Several models of airstream were designed for different styles like camping and long ride travels.  Each model comes with the inside comfort of homes and other luxurious features one could ask for. It is created to last about 40 years, but airstreams will last longer when appropriately taken care of. 

Buying An Airstream: The “Worthy” Measure

Image Source: “Cliff’s Airstream” by rbglasson is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 

If you wonder how much will buying an airstream cost you, Well, it is undeniable that an airstream is quite costly. With its best features that will make you want to buy it for the most comfortable van life, you sure have that price tag to prepare.

The Best Body Build of An Airstream

Image Source: “Airstream.” by What has become of M and K? is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 

Airstream has a costly aluminum body. The price costs so much money, which has a minimum of $39,400. Its shell is made from a high-quality “aircraft grade” aluminum alloy attached to the steel frame via rivets.

One can say that the materials used in creating airstream are high-dollar worth. The airstream making takes a lot of labor to put together because each rivet is mounted by hand to ensure a perfect seal. This is also done to avoid damages to the frame and secure the trailer’s appliances from dropping. When more labor is involved, the higher the costs of construction. 

An Airstream is constructed by metal which ensures durability for decades, and its body design is the same as the World War II-era aircraft, which is a legend of toughness. The aluminum of the airstream is streamline-shaped so that it will be lighter when towed. Over the past years, the airstream is known for easy towing because it is made where the center of gravity is kept very low.

The Perks of Owning An Airstream 

Image Source: “Christmas lights on our Airstream + Lt Metzler” by foqus is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

Owning an airstream will take you to different places for camping, unwinding, and the likes with the comfort of being in a home. You can choose to live in the airstream at any site you may be. There are a lot of airstreams where modern appliances are available for a smart life. This trailer is built with bedrooms, bathroom, leather seats, TVs, USB ports, WiFi, and kitchens to improve modern appliances. 

Airstreams are durable that will last an average of 40 years. In fact, 60% of the airstream on the road today are from the ’50s and ’60s. Other accessories inside like the mattresses, heater, microwave, cabinets, and other staff, its interior is made with high-quality material to last longer. 

Owning an airstream means an indirect saving of the environment. This is because materials like aluminum and wood can still be recycled. Hence even dubbed as “Silver is Green.” Airstreams are also manufactured with class, durability, and longevity, which will not make you regret getting one. 

You can also restore a used airstream or upgrade and reimagine a new airstream structure. Customize it for your needs and wants. There are also more minor upgrades in terms of airstream changes throughout time, preserving that classic look. 

The Shortcomings of Airstream: What You Should Know

Image Source: “2007 Airstream” by GraceFamily is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

Stocks airstreams do not have enough battery power. Also, Airstreams do not have solar power; hence you need a generator. Having a generator will be handy but produces loud noise, which will defeat the purpose of being in nature if you go camping.

Some models do not come with an inverter that takes and converts your battery power. This will be a hassle if you plan to use appliances in your airstream. To address this, you can upgrade your airstream, which will, of course, cost money.

Your Airstream Options: Knowing What’s Perfect For Your

Image Source: “Airstream-Flying-Cloud-Travel-Trailer-01-800×533” by Susanne Freeborn is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 

If you have plans to get your Airstream, you might check some travel trailers’ available options fit for your budget. Despite it being costly, you can still have decent options out there at a fair price.  

Cheapest Vs. Expensive Airstream

Just a head’s up that the cheapest airstream does not mean that they are very affordable rather economical than the other airstreams. The cheapest airstream is the basecamp travel trailer, which has two people’s capacity and is 16 feet long. The cheapest airstream you can find for a family of four is the Bambi that is 16 to 22 feet long. This travel trailer costs $51,400. 

While the land yacht is the most expensive airstream ever created that is built with elegance and luxury.  This extravagant airstream was designed with the idea of bringing together the best of the land and sea. This includes the Globetrotter and the Classic Airstream travel trailer. A Globetrotter costs $99 300, while the Classic trailer costs $161,900. 

Short Vs. Long Bodied Airstream

Airstreams with a longer body are the Flying Cloud, International, Globetrotter, and Classic. These airstreams are 23 to 33 feet long and can sleep up to five to eight persons. They have beds, kitchens, modern appliances, restrooms, sofas, tables, and convertible dinettes.

The Bambi, Basecamp, and the Caravel are considered the shorter Airstream travel, which can sleep up to four people and a length of 16 to 22 feet. These airstreams have standard inside features such as kitchens with necessary appliances, beds, onboard restrooms, benches, and tables. 

Brand New VS Used Airstream

Buying a brand new Airstream might be a good choice if you have the money, especially with the warranty that comes with it. It will be delightful that you are the first owner of the travel trailer and the first one to live and travel with it. 

Being a first owner, you do not need to worry about the previous owner’s issues if maintenance is not provided on the airstream trailer. You will undoubtedly enjoy the fresh from the factory airstream because repairs and replacements issues take some time to occur. 

Getting an airstream first-hand means accessing the latest models with several luxurious features. It also has the best aesthetic value where it is free from scratches, dents, faded paint, and many other issues that mostly happen to the old airstream.

The downside of a new one is that there might be a gray area since you will be the one to test the trailer, which may accompany the airstream, especially if buying a new model that many users have not tried. 

One thing also is that most brand new trailers’ value depreciates quite quickly in the first few years. You also have to do more upgrades if you want or just purchase all the things that you need that come at a high price.

If you choose to buy a used airstream, it will be tricky to trace the history of use and care the airstream has from its previous owners. It might also be a good thing to consider the age of the airstream you are buying. Used trailers are worthwhile or can be a disaster if not appropriately chosen. 

A used airstream has standard-essential features with the new one because you can get similar benefits from both of them. It could be for camping purposes or living the trailer as a permanent home. 

You should be knowledgeable enough to scan for evidence of abuse in the used unit you are planning to buy. Some of these abuses can be water leaks, such as stained upholstery and squeaking floors under windows, doors, and inside bathrooms. It could also be insufficient storage, such as heavy dirt/dust inside air conditioner covers and hail damage on rooftops, indicating neglect. 

Choosing a used airstream will also mean regular maintenance over the years, as simple from a tire replacement to getting insurance. Not to mention the sales tax registration that may come with it. Nevertheless, if appropriately chosen, it can be delightful. You just have to get the best deal as possible in terms of airstream status both in physical build and previous care history. 

Generally, the new and used airstreams differ on the amount of money and the additional inside features if you buy a vintage used trailer. As no doubt, airstreams are very expensive hence some people choose to buy used travel trailers to save a small amount of money.

Just remember that if you get a brand new or used airstream, it will still boil down to your care and use, which will dictate how long it can last.

Airstream Models: Getting the One For Your Pocket. 

Airstream basecamp travel trailers cost a minimum of $39,100, but the prices may increase for different models. Some examples are the following; basecamp 16X cost $41,800 or basecamp 20 cost $45,900 ,basecamp 20X cost $48,900. Airstream Bambi has a minimum price of $51, 400 which is considered the most economical option.

An airstream caravel is worth the minimum price of  $64,000. The airstream flying cloud has a minimum market price of $81,200. Airstream international travel trailer is worth a minimum of $94,600. Globetrotter airstream costs at a minimum fee of $99,300. Lastly, the airstream classic travel trailer costs the minimum price of $161,900.

The Time to Buy: The Most Awaited Moment

Any model of an airstream costs so much money; therefore, learning the best time of the year to buy a travel trailer helps you save a few bucks. 

The Best Time To Get An Airstream

IFor brand new airstreams, getting one is indeed expensive, but if you are smart, you can get one during the fall season, which is every September, December of fall seasons, and January of the year. Fall and winter are slower selling airstream because these months are not the camping period due to its chilly and snowy weather. This is the reason why dealing with airstream in this period can help you save money. It is the same as January, which is not a camping period; hence, there would be a decline in airstream sales, making it the best time to buy airstream at a fair price.

For a used one, any season may be good as long as sellers want to sell their airstream for various reasons.

Buying Airstream During Pandemic: Is It Ideal?

During the pandemic of 2020, due to the COVID-19 still active today, many people have lost their jobs, leading to economic decline in some countries. Yet, it is surprising that the company of airstream has increased sales since the lockdown or staying home protocol. 

Through this pandemic, the popularity of airstream travel trailers boom once again that it will take a year to fulfill its orders. Still, a lot of customers are willing to wait three months for their airstream travel trailer. 

For these reasons, there is a higher demand and low supply, which results in higher prices.  If you are one of those individuals who lost their jobs during a pandemic, then you may reconsider or disregard the idea of getting an airstream as of the moment. You can wait for another time to buy and get your desired airstream. 

Pros of Buying Airstream Today (Pandemic Time)

In this pandemic, several families are having an extended holiday, and owning an airstream promotes the idea of spending camping as a perfect COVID vacation. One of the safety health protocols, like social distancing, can still be carried out. Some new airstream users bought the trailer for work purposes.  These people do not want to rent and stay in hotels; hence buying an airstream is their choice. 

One floor plan intended for office work is added to the new airstream model so you can work from home or work from a trailer because WiFi is also available. 

Downsides of Buying Airstream Today (Pandemic Time)

The new airstream price increases from $39,000 to $177,000; hence saving money from buying this is impossible in a short period. If you are eager to own one and have the budget, good for you. If you are hesitating to buy because of the higher prices, you can wait a little more to get yours. 

Getting Ready to Own Your Airstream: Where to Get One

You can choose to buy a new airstream or a used one.  In any way, an old and new airstream are both durable and functional for living an extraordinary life anywhere. Some people want to upgrade their airstream trailer from two periods of sleep to four nig as many periods of rest they want for many other reasons; hence, used airstreams are still an excellent way of getting a travel trailer.

In buying a new airstream, you can purchase from a dealer. These dealers are not part of the airstream company but a separate business related to the airstream to buy and sell trailers.  To find a dealer, you can search on the internet or simply go to the Airstream’s dealers finder page and select one close to your location. When you choose a dealer, consider their reputation, or you may read some reviews from the site. 

Meeting with the selected dealer or salesperson is the next step. During the dealing process, keep in mind that a salesperson will do their best to seal the deal at a higher price; hence jot down notes on the airstream models and its prices he/she is trying to sell.  Do not just buy anything or directly right after the salesperson recommended or discussed it. You may ask for special promotions or a coming-up sale of the airstream products.

If you like the salesperson, you may get his card and know his name to build a sales relationship. However, suppose you find the salesperson intimidating or anything that you do not like about that person. In that case, it is time to find a new dealer because it is a significant investment you will decide through that dealer. Proceed to another step: to do some research at homes about the models you want to buy, or you may go directly to the airstream website to know its manufacturer’s suggested retail price. This is also the time to decide the type of airstream model you are going to buy and how you will pay for it. 

Negotiation may be the final step to buy an airstream or not. However, if you are not planning to buy one, you might as well not proceed to this step because you will be just wasting both your time with the dealer. Negotiations involve the raising of prices between you and the dealer until you can both agree on one. 

In buying a used airstream travel trailer, you can buy from an individual seller. Buying used airstream can be found online, and you just have to find the perfect travel trailer you are looking for.  If you have already seen the airstream you like, never let the seller wait for long because somebody out there may also buy it. 

Get ready with the cash so that you can easily purchase the used airstream. If you are dealing with the used airstream, it is essential to learn the MSRP (or the manufacturer’s suggested retail price) through checking on the airstream website. Negotiate with the seller and get the best price where you both agreed. 

Heads Up! Additional Information in Buying An Airstream

Getting the best deal at the best time of the year to buy an airstream is not enough. Indeed it costs a large amount of money, and you should do your research. Here are some tips to help you get a travel trailer that is worth the price.

Things to Consider Before Buying 

Consider the weight of the airstream trailer your vehicle can haul because it will not be at ease when towing it uphill. 80% of your car’s limit capacity is recommended so that when you add some stuff like bikes, camping tables, water, propane tanks, etc., it will increase to 10% to 20% of the trailer’s weight.

Think about renting an Airstream before buying one so that you can confidently decide on the trailer models you can live. Either small space or bigger space airstream will do. 

Give thought to the following years ahead when deciding airstream models. Maybe three to five years, you will have a kid or add two more kids that require bigger space and bedrooms. 

Consider the kitchen space you need, especially if you are the type of person who loves cooking because storing foods in a bit of a fridge is not enough. 

Also, think about the money you are going to invest in airstream because they are super expensive. However, you can sell airstream if you need cash but do not forget that trailers are quick to depreciate their value. It will probably lose to 30% to 40% for the first four years used. 

If you badly need an airstream at the moment with no extra cash on hand, consider buying a used one instead of the brand new one so that you can save a bit of your money. 

Remember that airstream trailers require maintenance which means another allocated budget for that to last for 40 years or more.

Know that the two-year warranty of the brand new airstream does not include the tires, batteries, refrigerator, microwave, stove, generator, and many more. Within that 24 months, some of this stuff would start to break down where it needs another budget. 

Before buying an airstream, try to visit a camping trade fair so you can see the different models and get a good feel for it.

Tips on Buying Airstream

Do some research before showing up to look for an Airstream. For instance, you plan to buy a vintage trailer then study the year and model because, before 1973, the water in the airstream would just go down to drain on the ground since it has no water tanks. Today, RV park, national park, etc., strictly prohibited water dumping on the floor. If you happen to buy this classic airstream, it will surely be a huge hassle.

Never be afraid to ask the sales agent or the owner questions if it is a used trailer. If you encounter an unknowledgeable owner trying to sell for their grandfathers, you can ask them to show the significant systems.

For buying a used airstream, remember to check the exterior features such as the shell, windows, doors, and interior features.

Then learn to negotiate a fair price. If the sales agent or owner will not agree to the offered reasonable price on the trailer, do not be afraid to walk away. Yet, if both of you have decided, seal the deal immediately. 


Airstream is one of the best travel trailers for camping and traveling to beautiful places. With its aluminum body, it will last you a long time, depending on use. For these reasons, buying airstreams costs so much money, yet you can get one at the best price if you buy wisely. However, in this pandemic, buying airstream should be thought of many times. Yes, it is the most outstanding comfort you can have for a mobile home but undeniably costly. 

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