How Much Does It Actually Cost To Rebuild A Travel Trailer?

The cost to rebuild a travel trailer can be high for some. Owning a travel trailer can be both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing in the sense that you get to travel wherever you want without worrying about where to stay for the night because you are bringing your lodging with you, quite literally. However, it becomes a curse when you own a travel trailer that needs major repairs and replacements, which can eventually lead to rebuilding the entire travel trailer from the bottom. It might lead to unexpected expenses, especially if you dig deeper into the insides of the travel trailer. Thus, people want to know how much it costs to rebuild a travel trailer from scratch.

How much does it cost to rebuild a travel trailer? It usually costs $5,570 to $12,500 and even higher to rebuild a travel trailer from the bottom up. However, it depends on several factors, such as the age, the condition, and the size of the travel trailer you are going to rebuild.

This article will guide you on how you plan to rebuild your travel trailer from scratch. First, we will discuss the different factors you have to consider when rebuilding a travel trailer. We will also discuss the different repairs you must do on your travel trailer and the accompanying costs. We will also discuss the different rebuilding ideas for travel trailers based on some RVers and camper owners. Lastly, we will also share different tips and tricks you can use in rebuilding your travel trailer.

Factors to Consider When Rebuilding A Travel Trailer

When rebuilding a travel trailer, several factors are considered because these factors might affect how much the cost will be in rebuilding a travel trailer. Here are some of those factors.

Consider How Old The Travel Trailer Is

One of the things you must consider is the age of the travel trailer you are planning to renovate or rebuild in the future. If the travel trailer is relatively new, then it is okay to rebuild it because there will not be any major repairs you will have due to its old age.

However, if the travel trailer is too old, it might be a problem since it might show more problems related to its age. If the travel trailer is too old, you might also find it hard to look for the replacement parts compatible with the travel trailer you are rebuilding. It is still best to rebuild a relatively new travel trailer compared to the older models.

Think About How Huge Your Travel Trailer Is

As for the size of your travel trailer, this also comes into play because the bigger the travel trailer is, the more money you will spend when it comes to rebuilding and repairing it to be as good as new.

Also, the bigger the travel trailer is, the harder it would be to be rebuilt by yourself, so you must hire professionals who can help you rebuild the travel trailer. Thus, you might have to pay for the professionals’ labor costs if the travel trailer requires more than one person to rebuild.

The size of your travel trailer is also essential in planning to rebuild your travel trailer so that you will not have to rebuild it if it is too big to do. Sometimes, buying a brand new travel trailer is the most logical decision in these cases.

Consider The Condition Of Your Travel Trailer

Lastly, it would be best if you also considered the current condition of your travel trailer. If your travel trailer requires more than repainting and some major repairs, it is best to buy a brand new one because the expenses you will spend in repairing and rebuilding your trailer would be the same price or closer to the price of a brand new travel trailer.

If your travel only requires simple repainting and a couple of major repairs, it would be worth it since you do not have to spend a lot of money giving your travel trailer a facelift. The condition of your travel trailer plays a role in deciding how much you are going to spend in giving your travel trailer a major overhaul or if it is the best option to sell it in a junkyard and buy a new one.

Costs Of Rebuilding Your Travel Trailer

With all the factors taken into consideration, here is our estimate of how much you will spend on rebuilding your travel trailer. Remember that these are not the actual costs because you might pay for the other fees not listed here.

The Total Cost of Rebuilding Your Travel Trailer

The total cost of rebuilding your travel trailer depends on several factors, as mentioned above. It also depends on your travel trailer’s model and if the parts to be replaced are available in the country, or you need to buy them on Amazon or any international e-commerce platform.

A typical rebuilding of a travel trailer, including repairs and replacements, costs around $5,570 to $12,500. This amount is just a rough estimate, and it depends on several factors, as mentioned above, but this is the amount of money you must have in your bank account so that it would go on seamlessly.

Major Repairs To Be Done

We can classify the repairs to be done in our travel trailer into two — major and minor repairs. Major repairs usually mean high prices because these changes require buying major equipment to be replaced in the travel trailer.

Some parts of the travel trailer requiring major replacement and repairs include the engine, water damage, frame damage, windows, appliances, tires, electrical fixtures and wirings, and many others. Your cushions, mattresses, and couches can also count as major repairs because these constitute a big chunk of your trailer’s interior.

These parts usually cost from $500 to $2000, depending on the model of the travel trailer, the condition of the travel trailer, the age of the travel trailer, and many others.

Minor Repairs To Be Done

Aside from the major repairs, minor repairs are also needed to be done in a travel trailer. These minor repairs do not cost as much as major repairs, but these also depend on the situation of the trailer and the overall condition of the vehicle.

Some of the minor repairs include replacing the outdated decor, repainting, replacing wallpaper inside the trailer, replacing the old fixtures in the toilet and bathroom, ripping out the flooring and replacing with older ones, replacing bulbs and other lighting fixtures, updating the smoke detectors and fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, gas tanks, sewage hoses, and pipes and tanks.

These minor repairs usually cost $10 to $500, with the pipes and tanks constituting the biggest expenses so far. However, if you plan to do things yourself, especially in repainting and remodeling your travel trailer, that would cost less.

Travel Trailer Rebuilding Ideas

Rebuilding a travel trailer is not the first time it is going to be made. Here are some examples of RVers who rebuilt their travel trailers with their stories on how they did it, how much they spent doing it, and how long they did it.

Unexpectedly Rebuilding a Travel Trailer From Scratch

This RV owner did not intend for him to rebuild his travel trailer from scratch. The original plan only includes buying a standard RV trailer, installing solar equipment on it, and maybe repaint the interiors and exteriors to cover up the original décor. 

However, they discovered that their travel trailer needs a lot of repair and replacement that they just decided to start building from scratch. Upon repainting the interior, they realized they needed a new roof, and while changing the roof, they discovered water leaks in all four corners of the trailer.

They also discovered that many minor repairs had to be done, so they did not just repair it but rebuilt the entire travel trailer and changed the electrical wirings from electrical to solar, as they continued installing their solar panels to run their appliances.

It took them almost a year to finish rebuilding the travel trailer since they replaced everything with brand new materials and equipment. They could hit the road a year after since they needed to finish and polish some issues and repairs in the travel trailer.

They spent a total of $31,102 from start to finish and almost a year and a half to finish the entire repair process. According to them, it was worth it since they could customize the entire trailer to their liking. They could also save up on money since some of the furniture was just repurposed instead of being bought.

Rebuilding a 1999 Country Coach Makeover

Marc and Julie from RV Love completely remodeled their 1999 Country Coach. It’s an understatement to say the before and after photographs are breathtaking.

They did an amazing job upgrading the inside of their bus. It’s not only fashionable but also functional. The remodel expanded their area, and the inside color palette, which is white, makes it appear larger.

They did a lot of the work themselves, so this is not a cheap remodel but a major rebuilding project. They removed the three-sectioned flooring, and they installed premium vinyl planking in its place. They also replaced almost every single internal light, and they replaced them with LED lights.

The interior was initially white, but it was repainted using Benjamin Moore paint to give it a fresh coat of white. They added black and blue accents in various parts to enhance contrast. In the kitchen, they accomplished something quite interesting.

The interior of the cabinet doors has been turned so that the interior now faces out. The inside of the doors is more modern, clean, and contemporary shaker-style than the original front, which has a more traditional cabinet style.

They also finished some work on the cabin’s front. In the main area, there is only one seat available. A few chopped floorboards that snap together were placed over the steering wheel to create a second workplace. This process creates a second workspace in the driver’s cockpit.

Their renovation cost a total of $12,000. It was well-spent money because they enhanced an older travel trailer model and turned it into something suitable for modern-day living.

Giving A 2004 Monaco Windsor More Than A Breath of Fresh Air

Kevin and Leanne of Exploring gave their 2004 Monaco Windsor a facelift. The upgrade took seven weeks to complete, which was a significant amount of time. This RV’s renovation cost $27,021. They spent a lot of time and money on their RV.

They upgraded the area with a Touchstone Fireplace, TV lift, Engine Code Reader, and a TV projection, among other technological additions. The projector is designed to be smaller than a standard LED television. They fitted Corian worktops instead of the RV’s original kitchen counters, and They also upgraded certain plumbing fixtures.

They did, however, hire a professional RV plumber to take care of the plumbing. So, if you are working on a project, do not be afraid to hire someone to assist you with the renovations you cannot do alone. 

In the long run, it will save you time, money, and the amount of stress you are going to have when you realize you have done something wrong in rebuilding your travel trailer.

The painting was a big part of their remodel, especially on the walls and cabinets. They did hire someone to spray paint the cabinet, but Kevin and Leanne were disappointed with the outcome.

They were able to finish the assignment on their own in the end. The makeover included new flooring, lighting, and décor to lighten things up and electrical work.

Useful Tips When Rebuilding A Travel Trailer

Here are some useful tips you can try for your rebuilding project once you decided you are ready to rebuild your travel trailer.

Know Where To Conduct Major and Minor Repairs

The first thing to look for when planning trailer rebuilding is corrosion, as this will decide the scope of the reconstruction of the entire travel trailer.

Examine the trailer’s interior, particularly the floor and the bottoms of the sidewalls, where moisture from rain or grass cuttings may have accumulated over time. Then inspect beneath the vehicle, especially along the axle and chassis.

In an aging trailer, some rust is unavoidable. If you discover any, chip it with a screwdriver to see how deep it goes to get a sense of how terrible it is. This discovery can help you decide whether you need to replace the section entirely or just repair and refinish it.

Next, look over each component of the trailer to see what needs to be replaced and what does not. Examine the chassis, axle, brakes, hubs, bearings, tires, mudguards, lights, wiring, coupling, and jockey wheel with a magnifying glass.

Use This Opportunity To Introduce Upgrades To Living Spaces

You can also use this opportunity to take away the old parts of your travel trailer and replace them with something new, modern, and contemporary to make your life inside the trailer much easier than ever before.

Some places on where to start include kitchen and bathroom renovations. Old sinks and taps may cause additional complications due to their age. You may also consider updating the fiberglass in the bathroom and the countertops in the kitchen to give the interior a more modern aspect, in addition to improving them.

If you are short on storage space, refurbishing or even replacing the cupboards, desks, and bunk beds may be well worth the effort. Murphy beds, for example, are an excellent storage option for people trying to maximize their living space.

Awnings controlled by power is another interesting replacement point. Nowadays, the majority of awning systems are powered rather than manual. You may also connect them to your phone, allowing you to operate them from afar. An electric awning system is an excellent enhancement for a tech-friendly renovation project.

You may improve the condition of your camper, motorhome, or any other vehicle you own in a variety of ways. Of course, some of these upgrades will be more expensive, but as long as you determine your project’s objectives, you’ll be able to budget appropriately.

Always Save Up Extra Money For Rebuilding Your Travel Trailer

The cost of renovating an RV varies greatly. The type of RV you’re redesigning will have an impact on the pricing, as well as the amount of the modification. A modest antique trailer will cost substantially less to refurbish than a motorcoach in most circumstances.

There are occasions when a refurbishment may turn an ordinary RV into a luxurious travel trailer at a reasonable price. Doing part or all of the work yourself on your RV remodeling can save you a lot of money.

However, if the work is above your skillset or you want specialized equipment, you should hire a trained contractor. This step will avoid the stress and the time and money you will waste if you decide to do things yourself to save up on money.

The Cost to Rebuild Travel Trailers is Not Expensive

Rebuilding a travel trailer does not end with a simple lick of paint and a couple of major and minor repairs on the side. It takes time, money, and effort to rebuild a travel trailer based on several other factors, too. It might be hard at the beginning, but in the end, it is all worth it. Rebuilding your travel trailer can cost much more affordable than having to buy a new one, especially if you can do the repairs on your own or with the help of a professional. Rebuilding a travel trailer is a rewarding experience once you finish it because it is like building your own home.


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