How Often Do Airstream Leak? Prevention is the Key

How Often Do Airstream Leak? Prevention is the Key 1

An airstream is a type of recreational vehicle that belongs in a luxurious class. An airstream trailer has an aluminum exterior and has a round appearance. Leaks are often seen on floors, usually because of sealants.

An airstream trailer can leak up to 10 times a year. Since it is made from aluminum, it tends to expand and contract based on weather conditions. Over time this weakens the seals around windows, doors, and vents. To prevent this from happening, learn the essential things to avoid airstream leakage.

The aluminum appearance and round design of an airstream made it trending and recognizable all across America. An airstream being beautiful and uncomplicated, has plenty of maintenance and a couple of things to learn in keeping it the way it was.

Know The Reason Why Your Airstream Leaks

When you take your loved ones out of the town, you worry about adverse circumstances that could come along the way, especially when the season gets a little cooler. You can stare at an airstream and think that it’s too sealed, but the reason why it leaks is because of the sealant.

The sealant keeps essential parts of the vehicle intact, but one factor that has to be considered in driving an airstream is the weather. When you go in late summer and end up with rainfall, it cracks the sealant and wears it down. When the sealant is eroded, your airstream is more vulnerable to leakage. It can leak ten times, more or less, in a year. Being ignorant of leakages in your airstream can make the problem worse.

Usual Areas in Your Airstream To Get Leaked

If you’re wondering why the door of your airstream is spitting tiny drops of water, the reason is the door gasket fits poorly. It is also possible that the cause can be a lack of proper caulking. Inspect the doors and forcibly close them when entering or exiting your airstream. In that way, too, you’re avoiding improper locking of your airstream door.

Don’t Get Wet With Leaked Roof Vents

All airstream vents are made of metallic square cut, and the direct support of vents is riveted to the roof. It can cause a leak when it is not checked for a long time. It is recommended not to wait for a long time for caulking to be redone. It is suggested to work things on your roof vents when it stops getting pliable.

Check Leaks on Vent Pipes and Small Fittings

Usually, the smaller ones can cause big trouble. These areas are typically prone to leaking and can’t be discovered real quick because it ensures air for the vehicle. It most likely catches water, and if the sealant is not brittle and wilted out, it causes leaks.

Closing Only Your Windows Will Not Save You From Leaks

Yes, you close your windows tightly but still get leaks. Similar to your airstream door, you must ensure that the gasket fits properly. Sealing it must be maintained because the window is one of the most used parts of your airstream. Sealing the upper seams will save you from window leaks.

Your Cool Air From Air-Conditioner Might Have Droplets

It cannot be delightful when you see droplets in your air-conditioner. This area is prone to leaking since the air condition generates water and air. The main reason for having an air conditioner leak is because the inside is dirty. Cleaning the AC will surely improve the power it brings out and will give you a more incredible feeling in the summer. You should also remove the AC and check everything, including the cover-up. When you reach the attachment holes, reseal all the possible areas of leaking.

Ways to Avoid Leaks in Your Airstream

Inspect Your Airstream Once Every Two Weeks

Checking your airstream is the best solution in keeping it from leaks. You can be comfortable driving farther than your usual travel because when you keep inspecting possible areas of leaks, you are fully aware that those specific areas are in good condition. Also, checking your airstream does not only mean that it is for travel only. In inspecting your airstream, you are taking care of your airstream in the best possible way.

Start Exploring Hardware and Find The Best Sealants

There are several types of sealants, and you must find the best sealants for your airstream. Knowing which one is best is advantageous if you had experience buying or applying sealants in your vehicle or anything applicable to bonds. In that way, you’d be able to identify the pros and cons, and you’ll also be able to find the gaps of that type of sealant.

The following are the best sealants that you can use for leaks in your RV.

Trempro 635

Aside from the primary use of Trempro 635 as used in a juncture and unions in architectural kind of stuff and pre-engineered buildings, it is also designed as a powerful sealant that can seal leaks in your vehicle.

Sika Construction Sealant

Sikaflex Construction Sealant is also a robust and durable sealant. It is high in elasticity that consistently provides an exceptional cut and tear resistance. If it prevents joint wall separation, it can surely seal your small leaks in your airstream.


Parabond Transparent Sealant is a crystal clear, high-quality adhesive sealant based on MS-polymer. It can be used to bond and seal almost all materials on nearly all surfaces, whether they be porous or non-porous. This type of sealant is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It has permanent elasticity and excellent adhesive properties that can surely defeat your airstream leak.

Varathane Bar And Table Finish

Bar & Table Finish is an ultra-thick, unique gloss, crystal clear epoxy that mainly provides durability. Varathane bar and table finish is a product that is ideal as waterproof that can be a good advantage if you use this to seal leaks, especially on roof areas.

Brush on Seam Sealer

Brush on Seam Sealer is designed for collision repair jobs. This type of sealant is easily applied to areas where you wish to get sealed. This sealer emphasizes a consistency that can replicate the original factory seal’s appearance quickly. 

Be Conscious Because Being Ignorant Will Bring Inconvenience

We can all agree that you either like it a lot, that you’re buying an airstream and learning what an airstream is, or knowing what airstream is before starting to like it. When you get to pick and buy an airstream, you probably have even a little knowledge about it, and it is one thing to keep and a thing to grow. 

Exploring more about your airstream and knowing what should be and what should not be will be a significant advantage in your future travels. You will not worry about leaks and dents because you already learned and you know what to do about it. But then, if you choose to be ignorant because you get tired of checking your airstream, going on nearby hardware, and thrifty enough to budget its maintenance, then don’t travel because it will only bring nuisance value.

Explore More and Worry Less: Be Knowledgeable

It is essential to be knowledgeable about why your airstream leaks. You don’t want to get inconvenienced while traveling. Take time to understand why and how your airstream gets bothered. In that way, you will prepare yourself and prepare the best for your airstream trailer. With proper care, your airstream can last longer.

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