How to Keep your RV Cabinets Closed: Tips and Tricks

These kinds of cabinets are not just like ordinary ones. These need special latches and covering to keep it closed tightly, especially when driving. If you plan to have a trip using these recreational vehicles, you must know the essential tips on keeping these cabinets close. Learning these tips and techniques will help you keep yourself safe away from possible falling objects. Also, this is the right time for yourself to practice more of your skills for cabinet installations while killing the boredom that the COVID-19 has given you.

How to keep an RV cabinet closed? You can use latches and magnets to make it firmer as it is attached to the vehicle well, prefer locks and keys for better results. These attachments are keeping cabinets closed to keep you safe from any inconvenience that might cause you.

The article gives you an idea of what you have to consider to keep your RV cabinets close, especially when driving. I will also talk about the different tips and techniques that will help lessen your time. Once you’re done reading this article, you are now ready to tighten your RV cabinets to keep them close, especially when driving.

Advantages Of Keeping RV Cabinet Closed

The advantage of keeping an RV cabinet closed is that it will keep you and your family away from any possible falling objects. It will also give you a very convenient and relaxing space. And since it is good at handling, it will keep your things organized, and no need for refurbishing time. 

To ensure that you have no regrets in keeping your RV cabinet closed, you have to look for suitable materials to install the cabinets. To lessen your time spent on such a task, better look for the magnets and latches that lock automatically. These products are strong enough to keep your cabinets closed without being a hassle to you.

Disadvantages Of Keeping RV Cabinet Closed

Despite those advantages, you also have some disadvantages.Keeping your cabinet closed, especially when driving, requires ample time for installation.You must have good measurement skills to fit it perfectly.It is a little expensive where you are not only struggling for attention but also for financial responsibility.

These factors can cause headaches together with the rustling noise that comes from latches and magnets. While keeping these cabinets closed, you must organize your things to fit with the compartments that will take most of your time. Although it locks automatically, you still have to consider looking into it to assure your safety.

Ways To Attach RV Cabinets To The Wall

To attach RV cabinets to the wall, you must have the materials needed like wood glue, screws, etc. It will make your cabinet stick to the wall with full support without worrying if your belongings may fall. 

Then, when you’re having some difficulties doing the said activities, make sure that someone accompanies you. Always remember to ask for their assistance every time you need it. Lastly, if you think you are done with the activity, check the cabinet to assure safety and assure that the steps are well followed. It is to make sure that your RV cabinets are well organized and look very enthusiastic for everyone’s eye.

Step 1. The Starting Point

To have the RV cabinet you want, you must deal first with your imagination. Imagine the model of cabinet you want for you to see if it is good with your RV. Second, look for suggestions that will help you to have a good wardrobe. Third, if you think that everything is fine, get a pencil and paper and draw your RV cabinet design. Ensure that every piece of stuff inside the RVs is taken out to make it easy for you to move.

Step 2. Creating Your Own Blueprint

If you are done with the first step, it is now your time to draw your preferred cabinet. To create your blueprint, you must think about how much cabinet storage you want to have inside your RV. Make sure that there’s spaces for every storage or compartment to avoid difficulties while attaching it. You should have enough space and make sure that your measurements are all correct. Do not only focus on its size but also pay attention to its weight that every compartment can carry.

Step 3. Look For Materials Needed

Now you are done with the first two steps, it is now time to start attaching your RV cabinets to the wall. If you already have the materials and tools needed, prepare the plywood for measurements and continue measuring the others. Align the cabinet size to the RV and see how much it can occupy. If you don’t see any problems, continue aligning the other cabinets inside the RV. You can use wood glue to ensure that the cabinet is well connected.

Step 4. Embrace The Last Seconds

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The last step in attaching your cabinet to your RV wall is to screw the cabinet tightly. Once everything is done, check the cabinet strength. As you study the cabinet’s power, make sure that you are putting the lits and trash into the bin for you to have a well and neat RV. It will assure you that you and your company are safe from any possible falling objects. You may now enjoy your RV’s new ambiance and atmosphere with its new cabinet that will help you to unwind yourself from stressful work.

Latch Vs. Magnets In Keeping Your RV Cabinets Closed

If we are going to differentiate latches and magnets both have their strengths and weaknesses. These two are somehow interconnected to each other yet far from descriptions and usage. Here, we will see how much they became useful in keeping cabinets closed and how these two interfere on the said task. I could not say that the other one is better and the other is worse. If you haven’t tried both, better have a look at these two items in order for you to choose what is best for your RV cabinet.

Latch Feature

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Here I will talk about the different latches features that will help you choose what type you may use. You need to consider the weight and cabinet’s content in choosing the right latch feature. . You also have an option to choose automatic latches depending on the cabinets that you’ll be installing in your RV. Make sure to check their features first before purchasing them to avoid wasting money.

Magnets Description

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Aside from latches, you also have a choice of using magnets to keep your cabinets closed. These magnets contain a powerful magnetic force that lasts for years to assure the strength of their attachment. Since it is magnetic, it is easy to install with good positioning, and you don’t need to spend too much time doing the task since it comes with high-quality screws, too. These magnets are very convenient so that you do not have to worry about your cabinet. 

Best Latches In Keeping Your RV Cabinets Closed

Now, you know the difference between latches and magnets. In the following, I will talk about the different latches that you can buy in the market.

Camp’N RV Cabinet Latch

Our first item is Camp’N RV Cabinet Latch. It is easy to install and you don’t need much time for its installation. I can fit any type of cabinet that you may have in your RV.  

The camp’N RV Cabinet Latch is very durable too and has high quality due to its modern design, and because of that, its value is appraised. This latch can last long for years where most of it can be found in most RVs and travel trailers due to its stylish design. If you plan to buy this product, you must prepare yourself by choosing how many packs you want since the minimum purchase is four packs to eight packs. And the price is a little costly also that is ranging for at least $10.97.

Camco 44323 Thumb Operated Offset Cam Lock

Next on the list is the Camco 44323 Thumb Operated Offset Cam Lock that is simple and easy to use since it is thumb-operated.  It is too easy to use and too easy to install because it fits any cabinet or compartments. Although it is as easy as pie to use and install, there is still an issue with its noise that might feel you irritable every time you open the closed cabinet. 

The locks are also more complex and versatile to use that come with a one-year limited warranty. And despite those good features, this one is way more expensive than the usual cabinet because its price ranges from at least $7.79.

Hardware House 64-4567 Contractor Pack Roller Catch

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This latch is proudly made from the United States; therefore, this product is very trustworthy to use. If you buy this product, it will come with screws that might help you for easy installing. And with the help of these screws, it is easy to install, allowing the cabinet to use conveniently. Besides, this product contains a steel roller with good durability that secures the lock that lasts for a year and more. This product is made in the United States, and you must expect that the price is about $8.09.

CRANACH Cabinet Door Latch

This one is made from high Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) materials, so it has excellent durability. It’s easy to install with a perfect design. This one is also weather resistant that is why it lasts for years. Due to its durability, this product is suitable for general uses, and you can purchase at least four to eight packs of items as a minimum number of orders.

This product is also budget-friendly where you do not think much about the payment. It also comes with a limited warranty for at least one year. Despite being “oh-so-almost-perfect,” this one also comes with imperfections and flaws. The complaints in every screw are seen in customers’ reviews as you purchase the product. The price also is ranging $11.98.

Link Solar RV Cabinet Push Button Latch is versatile and designed from metal nickel-plated to assure good quality and durability. It has a thickness of 18mm to 25mm. Therefore, it is suitable for any furniture to apply. Although the model is simple, the lock is very convenient to use. This one is somehow costly like other brands, but no does not even fall with so many flaws, too. The price is also currently unavailable to the market because it is already out of stock.

RV Designer H219 Bulldog Cabinet Catch

This product is suitable for all-in-one installation, and everything comes with one pack, so nothing to worry about. If you are looking forward to an RV cabinet replacement, you must look for it because it suits the qualifications. This type is just bargained for $9.05. 

However, it does not deal with any flaws, unlike other brands. Since it has a 90-day warranty, you can now have your one-time installment for this because it can keep your RV cabinet closed even when driving. Everything is secured at only a low price.

JQK Magnetic Cabinet Door Catch

You do not deal with difficulties in installing this latch because this one is straightforward to attach. Its stainless steel shell and iron catch plate give satisfaction to the customer because of their excellent qualities, and the screws needed also come with the product. It also has a one-year warranty given even though that item has lasted for years, too. A variety of features are present because of many options as well. The price is overwhelming because it only falls to the range of at least $5.99.

Camco 44203 Cabinet Catches

This Camco 44201 Cabinet Catches made differently from the first Camco 44323 Thumb Operated Offset Cam Lock mentioned above. If you purchase this type, it will come with six catches together with its screws needed. Aside from its durability to keep your cabinets closed, this one is made from high-density polyethylene. 

Despite being equipped and easy installation, this one also comes with a beneficial warranty for budgeting the money. However, the price is budget-friendly for about $10.05 only, yet there is a shipping problem.

Alise CA250-4P Ball Tension Catch Latch

We might choose the best latches. It is one of the most durable because it is made from all-metal construction, where it is made from top-tier brass to be rustproof. This one is already available in three size options that deal with two installation methods. Amongst others, the price of this is more than fair because it meets the customer’s standard where all of them are satisfied despite being too tricky when it comes to installations. 

This one comes with a warranty 30-day policy with full coverage in all. The price is about $7.99.

JQK HBC200-P4 Cabinet Door Latch

This product is made from solid brass and comes with stainless steel screws that are very good within the installation process. It is not even too costly even though you bought it with the price tag. This one is also provided with a one-year limited warranty for $9.99.

Best Magnets That You May Use In Keeping Your Cabinets Closed

The following are the best magnets that you can use to keep your cabinets closed. These can assure you that everything is tightly sealed to avoid any possible falling objects. It is very durable and easy to use since it locks automatically. And when it comes to the installation, it is easy as one, two, three.

CalPalmy Magnetic Baggage

Let us have this one first, and its suitability is very legitimate because of its easy installation that comes with a weather-resistant mechanism. It is perfect for RVs and hassle-free since it provides a stronghold. You may also use it as an alternative for plastic spring clips with the amount of $15.99, and this one is a little costly.

Magnetic Baggage Door Catch

Our second in line, this one, is automatic because it stays whenever you use it, like closed or open. Because of its easy installations, it is very durable due to its one-handed operations. This one is attached with a strong power magnet. Therefore, it is embedded with ones, too. The price of this item is somehow high because it reaches about $17.47.

Hamilton Bowes #1

The very own Hamilton Bowes #1 keeps the cabinet closed since it is a single-handed operation where it replaces plastic arm door holders. Although it has the smallest footprint in the market, it has a strong magnet that will never put you in shame. This one is suited for travel trailers and RVs, yet if you’re going to buy this product, you must also look for its screws because it does not come with it. The price of this item is $17.47, too.

Cabinet Magnetic Catch Jiayi 4

Our final last in the spot is made from high-quality stainless steel with powerful adhesive weather resistance. It is also designed to avoid corrosion. The shutter has a strong force that holds it and very versatile and durable to use, evenly that lasts longer. If you are going to buy this product, you do not have to worry because the screw with high quality is already included in the payment, where you can assure that your cabinet is closed tightly.  Yet, despite being currently unavailable, the price is ranging from at least $12.99.


In this time where we are facing a pandemic, no one has shown courage of doing such activities. Choosing the right and effective things for us does not mean we are being choosy, sometimes we are just being practical and careful as we choose latches and magnets for our RV cabinets to keep it closed. No matter what latches or magnet you use to keep your RV cabinets closed, you should have to ensure that you are all safe and away from any unforeseen emergencies.

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