How to Protect Airstream From Hail? Know What to Do!

Airstreams can be very expensive, and the least things you want to see on it are dents and scratches it can get from anything you might encounter on the road, like severe hail! The damage it can cause to your Airstream can be very frustrating because it will take away your Airstream’s shine and beauty. That is the reason why I am here!  I will show you the things and products you must have to protect your baby Airstream from hail. 

How to protect the Airstream from hail? Protect Airstream from hail by finding a covered area to park before the bad weather hits. You can also purchase King Bird Extra Thick RV covers and always listen and check weather forecasts so you’re aware about the directions and strength of the weather. 

So you got your favorite snacks, movies, games, and gadgets to keep the travel fun, but are you ready for hail storms? Hail can leave dents and marks onto your Airstream,  and that will be such a sore in the eye! Repairing these marks can also cost you more than a hundred bucks, so you should know all the things you must do to keep your Airstream’s beauty. Keep reading because I still have more to share! 

Things You Must Do To Keep Your Airstream Dimple Free

Keep Track Of The Weather Forecasts

The simplest way to protect your Airstream from hail is to check the weather forecasts from time to time.  Before taking the road and while on the road, make sure you know the weather forecast to prepare yourself more if hail or storm is approaching.

Go To A Safe And Covered Place

If hail is approaching, try finding a safe place to park before the situation gets worse. Look for a parking garage, parks, camping site, or campground.  You can also purchase a covered garage that you can bring anywhere if you don’t find covered places to park your Airstream.

Always Bring RV Covers

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Aside from having a covered garage, it is also good that you own an RV cover that is thick enough to protect your Airstream’s roof. Two of the most popular RV covers in the market are King Bird and Hail Protector. King Bird brand offers a thick RV cover made of Polyurethane material, while Hail protector, on the other hand, is an inflatable RV cover designed to make the hail bounce off from your Airstream.

Consider Going To Alternative Routes 

After learning that hail or storm is coming, consider finding or going to alternate routes that your maps suggest. In that way, you can avoid going to the location where the storm will happen.

Other Things You Can Do

Use Pool Noodles

One of the clever ways to protect your Airstream from hail is by using many pool noodles. It may sound funny, but it works! Having lots of pool noodles at home will save you from spending hundreds of dollars purchasing portable garage or RV covers. What you’re going to do is layer the pool noodles on top of your vehicle, from hood to trunk. Don’t also forget to cover its bumper.

If you run out of pool noodles, you can also use some of your floaters as another tool to protect your Airstream from getting dimples.

Cover With Tarps, Foam, Thick Mattresses

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If you don’t have pool noodles, floaters, or RV covers with you, do not worry too much! Indeed, you can use things that can be easily found inside your homes, such as thick mattresses, used tarpaulins, and foams.

Apply for insurance

Although the tips above can surely save your Airstream from hail, it is still best to carry RV insurance if you get extensive damages on your Airstream.

Protect Not Just Your Airstream But Also Yourself

Yes, your Airstream costs thousands of money but don’t forget that you also need to protect yourself from any harm. If you ever get caught while on the road, slow down a little bit and carefully pull over close to a building that will serve as your shield from the hail storm. Park opposite to where the storm’s direction is and stay there until the hail stops.

It is also best to stay inside your Airstream, even if it takes too long until the hail storm stops. Listen to the weather forecast from time to time so you will know what to do next. 

Hail Protector In The Market: RV Context’s Best Hail Cover 2021 Review

Leader Accessories Windproof Upgraded 27′-30′ Travel Trailer RV Cover Camper Cover 4 Layers Top with Adhesive Repair Patches

Image source: Grey Leader Accessories Trailer-

First on RV Context’s best RV cover for 2021 is the one from Leader Accessories available on amazonOpens in a new tab.. This RV cover has two gray and beige colors, and it can fit vehicles from 27′-30′. It also has anti UV protection and is also water-resistant. In addition, with its adjustable front and rear tension panels, it will provide you a custom fit. But unfortunately, this item is currently unavailable in the market, so I can’t tell you how much it costs. But you can check it out at amazonOpens in a new tab. and see what the other users say about it.

KING BIRD Extra-Thick 4-Ply Travel Trailer Cover

The following RV Cover with the best reviews is from KINGBIRDOpens in a new tab., one of the famous RV covers. And its name says it all! This Rv cover is a budget-friendly offer for everyone, and this has a 2-year warranty. With its thick 4-ply and top fabric and 3-ply side non-woven, they claim that they can give your Airstream protection from extreme weather, dirt, harmful UV, rain snow, and of course, hail! Its 2pcs reinforced straps are designed to protect your AIrstream cover against strong winds. So what are you waiting for? Go and check this item out on Amazon.Opens in a new tab.

Classic 73163 PolyPRO3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover

Image source: Classic Accessories RV cover-

Travel trailers cover by Classic Accessories can fit travel trailers and toy haulers, including a 3- year warranty. Its thick 3-ply can save your RV from rain, hail, snow, and scratches. If you want an RV cover that you can use in all seasons, this RV cover from Classic Accessories is perfect for you! It has adjustable tension panels and elastic hem covers, zippered panels that allow you to access RV doors and engine parts. If you want to know more about classic accessories’ classic RV covers, you can visit them on Amazon and see what it can offer you more.

KING BIRD Upgraded Class C RV Cover

Image source:

Another entry from KINGBIRD RV Covers is their Upgraded Class C RV Cover. Its extra-thick fabric also has extra strength that can prevent your RV from being ripped. And just like their 4-ply extra-thick RV cover, this can also protect your RVs or Airstream from any dirt, rain, snow, and  hail. They also claim that their product is windproof and has two extra pieces of straps to tie onto the body of your RV to protect it from strong wind.

Aside from these features, KINGBIRD also offers a 2-year warranty for their upgraded Class C RV cover, so be sure to purchase this one.

ADCO 52244 Aqua Shed Travel Trailer RV Cover

Image source: Aqua Shed Travel Trailer RV Cover-

Second to the last on the list and first from ADCO is their Aqua Shed Travel Trailer RV Cover. There are many sizes you can choose from, so be sure to check their page on Amazon. They designed this RV cover for moderate climates, so it is not ideal to use all year round, and basically, you will need a spare cover if you opt to travel the whole year. This is made from polypropylene material with a triple layer SFS AquaShed top panel and is said to maintain your RV’s resale value by reducing its premature aging.

KINGBIRD Upgraded Travel Trailer RV Cover

Image source: KING BIRD Upgraded Travel Trailer RV Cover-

Last on the list is another RV cover from KINGBIRD. We had an Upgraded Class C Rv Cover, Extra-Thick 4-Ply Travel Trailer Cover, and now this Upgraded Travel Trailer RV Cover. This one is a 5-ply heavy-duty RV cover that can prevent damaging your RV from UV, rain, snow, hail, and even scratches. Attached to this RV cover are two pieces of reinforced straps to protect it from strong winds, four straps of durable wheel cover, and elasticized back hem with a quick to connect clips so you can adjust them easily. It also comes with a storage bag for easy storing and one piece of the adhesive patch. 

KINGBIRD offers a two-year warranty, so be sure to purchase it because KINGBIRD wants what is best for their lovely customers!

Protecting Airstream 101

Keeping your Airstream’s beauty will never be easy, for it needs tender loving care from its owner. To summarize it all, some of the ways you have to do is to purchase either a portable garage or a hail protector. But if you are on a tight budget, you can use the mattresses, floaters, foams, and pool noodles that may be readily available in your Airstream. 

 When you start hitting the road and hail is approaching, pull over safely near a building or go to a campsite near you for more protection.

When protecting our Airstream, the ways available to do so are minimal, but with your clever minds, you can nail Protecting Airstream From hail 101.

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