Let There Be Light: Battery Powered Lights For A Well-Lit Van

Battery powered-lights are such a life-saver. It lights up the van without taking too much of the battery’s power. Campers out there or any people living in a van or other recreational vehicles know how important electricity is in the car. This is true not just for any mobile home but especially in your typical home. Some install a skylight on their roof to have access to natural light for a well-lit van. However, natural light inside the van through the skylight is only beneficial during daylight. Here is when battery-powered lights come in.

Light adds the cozy feeling and ambiance inside your van aside from the primary purpose of letting you see in the dark. Many loads like kitchen appliances and bulbs in a truck are powered by electricity from the battery, which will drain the battery faster. So, campers manage their electricity consumption properly, especially when they are out for boondocking or dry camping. Suppose you are worried about your RV battery’s life because of these. In that case, battery-powered lights are an essential addition to your RV life. In this article, I will talk about battery-powered lights and the best options out there in the market, which will help your search for the most suited ones for you. 

Oxy LED Light: A Light Perfect For Any Location In Your Van

One of the best battery-powered lights you can use in your van or recreational vehicle is the Oxy LED Light. Undoubtedly, this will stick to your van’s door and many other surfaces. An Oxy LED light is available in different units in terms of shape, size, and unique features. 

Best Features of the Oxy LED Light

It is a wall light battery operated. You can stick in your van’s door, above your bed, and anywhere on your recreational vehicles. One of its best features is automatic sensing which means it is equipped with advanced sensor detection technology of motion sensor wall lights. 

Its motion sensor works by automatically recognizing the ambiance of the light, then illuminates in three meters and will turn off after 15 seconds if no motion is detected. The automatic turning on of its light occurs only in dark conditions when it has sense movements. This also prevents over-consumption of your batteries.

The intelligent motion detects human heat and other forms of movement within three meters or ten feet. This battery-powered light is created in high quality. It is made of durable aluminum material and has a brushed steel finish. 

It is a bright LED suitable both in the indoor and outdoor areas of your vans, recreational vehicles, and even at home. It has a beautiful design built with a sturdy feel. The battery-powered wall light supplies enough light in the dark area of your vans. This type of battery-powered light is low consumption and, therefore, an energy-saving light. It is easily installed by sticking it to the wall, door, etc., in your vans or recreational vehicles.

Of course, it is a battery-powered light that is operated by four AA batteries. It is not only for recreational vehicles because it is also perfect for garages, corridors, basements, workshops, indoors, stairwells, doorways, closets, etc. 

This Oxy LED light T-03 lasted for about two weeks before you had to change its batteries. It has enough light you can use in boondocking. It is recommended to place these lights four meters apart because if the light is mounted close to each other, it may cause the other lights not to light up.

Its Cost and Where to Find it

This LED light is manufactured by OxyLED and distributed by the OxyLED store available on many online shopping platforms. The product has a total weight of 7.2 ounces and a product dimension of 6.6″ x 3.9″ x 1.9″.

It is made of aluminum material that is why it has a silver color and is rectangular. This light bulb has a total voltage of 3.7 and a wattage of 1.00. It is a battery-powered light, but the battery is not included in the package purchase. However, the package consists of a 3m sticker and screws for easy installation. It cost $12.99, so you can have this easily in your budget.

Blazing Buddy: The Best Option For Quick Recharging

Another battery-powered light for your van or any recreational vehicle is the blazing buddy. A blazing buddy battery-powered light has a recharging battery which will make your life easier.

The Best Features of the Blazing Buddy

Blazing Buddy is a well-known manufacturer of lights and released the Blazing Rechargeable Tent Light or 2-in-1 Portable LED Camping Lantern with Flashlight. It is a portable battery-powered light that you can carry around or mount inside your van, conversion van, recreational vehicle, etc.

One of the Blazing buddy products is their upgraded model, the 2 in 1 flashlight and lantern, which can cover 360 degrees as a direct light that is pretty bright. .The lantern flashlight has a runtime of 20 hours and is three times brighter than the other brands. It is equipped with a sturdy clip for easy hanging anywhere on your van, whether inside or outside.

This Blazing buddy product comes with a USB power bank perfect for boondocking and dry camping. The USB power bank is 500mAh which you can also use for recharging cell phones and tablets.

Getting this light helps you save money because it is rechargeable which means you will no longer pack extra batteries for replacement. The lantern of the blazing buddy fits anywhere, for it is compactly built with dimensions of  seven oz, 2.3″ x 4.7″. The lantern has three modes: the high 370 lumens with a runtime of 2.5 hours, the low 100 lumens with a runtime of 9.5 hours, and the red strobe. You can shift from these modes according to your need. 

The flashlight has three modes: the high 100 lumens of 10-hour runtime, low 30 lumens of 20.5-hour runtime, and the white strobe. It is, therefore, a bright and long-lasting light for indoor and outdoor use. What is incredible about this product is you can stick this anywhere in your vans or recreational vehicle, or other metal surfaces because of its magnetic end.

This battery-powered light is water-resistant to conveniently use in the rainy season, especially if you place it outside your recreational vehicle. With or without electricity, especially during storms, this LED light is always on the go. Not only for camping with your van or recreational vehicle because it can be an emergency light.

Aside from the primary reasons for going with these battery-operated lights, they are an excellent ECO-friendly option since it utilizes rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries have a 28-fold lower environmental impact than disposable batteries. The more environmentally beneficial option is NiMH rechargeable batteries. The energy required to charge rechargeable batteries is substantially lower than that needed to make disposable batteries in the first place. Hence, not just economical but also environment-friendly.

Its Cost and Where To Find It

Manufactured by Blazing and is available at their online shopping website store. It has a product dimension of 3″ x 3″ x 2″ and a total weight of 2.72 ounces, a lightweight light to carry easily and transfer. It is one of the best sellers in terms of tools & home improvement and lantern flashlight products—blazing buddy tent light BB-R180 costs around $24.99, which is not bad for its features. You can also buy these lights at the nearest store, where you can try them out.

Avantek Bar Light: A Versatile Option

Avantek bar light is a rechargeable battery-powered light that is perfect for your van or any recreational vehicle so that you will no longer consume electricity from your van’s battery for lighting purposes. Though it is a closet light, the Avantek bar light is versatile, which you can put anywhere.  

The Best Features of the Avantek Bar Light

Using this battery-operated light of the Avantek bar light, you can have bright & light vans inside and outside. Of course, it is a battery-operated light you can use in your van, which equals energy-saving since electricity from the van’s battery is no longer consumed.

It is made of aluminum alloy, has a silver color, and a modern design perfect for the current interior style of your van, conversion van, recreational vehicles, or even in your homes. It is created in a stick-shaped. It has a pattern of an ELF-2 and uses plastic for its shade material with two lithium-ion batteries, a total of 3.7 voltage, and one wattage. Its bulb is a LED type, too, which connotes brighter lighting. 

It is “motion-activated & energy-saving” to provide light wherever it is mounted. Provide enough brightness to ensure the safety of older adults and young ones ideally. Can detect movement up to 3 meters and within a 120-degree arc to illuminate light and automatically turn off after 25 seconds without motion. This is applicable when the Avantek bar light is placed in dark spaces and set to “Auto.”.

The light has three mode settings; the “auto/on” button. The auto mode is for motion detection, while the on-mode is for constant light mode. To turn off this light device, operate the button four times. .It saves energy from LED light and helps preserve the environment. Also, it can be used anywhere, whether inside or outside of your van. 

It is easily installed everywhere, not just in recreational vehicles but also at homes- staircase, closer, garage, cupboards, storage bays, cellars, etc. It is fast and convenient to mount, which means no wires or drilling is required. It is supported by a magnetic base and a 3M adhesive metal pad to stick on your van’s wall easily. It can instantly be taken off when you want to move your bar light to another location. Since it uses a lithium battery, you can quickly recharge it using a USB micro cable. Of course, not to brag that it has 16 LEDs which give a powerful light both internally and externally in your van.

Its Cost and Where To Find It 

Manufactured by Avantek, which is why it is available at Avantek store in online shopping store websites. It has a product dimension of 7.48″ x 0.59″ x 1.38″ and a total weight of 3.9 ounces. You can also buy it in physical stores if you are lucky to get hold of stock still.

Its micro USB charger is included in the package once you purchase this ELF-2 model of the Avantek bar light. One of the best sellers in the tools & improvement, under-counter fixture mounting & under-counter light fixtures products.

Battery Powered Lights: Introduction For The New Users

There are many battery-powered lights available in the market today, but knowing what it is, what to buy, and its advantages will help you choose the one you’ll get.

Battery Powered Lights: What It Is

It is powered by a battery to provide lights for the van. Types of light that will no longer consume electricity coming from your van’s battery. It will run with the use of its battery rather than connecting it to the van’s outlet.

Battery-powered lights are beneficial for RVers who have a simple van build because they are considered stand-alone lights (not needing electricity from your van) and do not require wiring, which will also save you a few bucks. Aside from battery-powered lights, you can also choose to get solar-powered lights to get this functionality.

Also, suppose your primary concern is safety because of fear of leaving the lights on all night which might cause a fire. In that case, battery-powered lights are the best alternative. These are safe to use (you can leave them switched on all night), making them ideal for use as night lights. When it comes to sleeping in an RV, many would also prefer not to be in complete darkness, therefore using these lights fueled by batteries are the best. 

The Advantages Of Using Battery-Powered Lights In Your RV

Perfect for boondocking and dry camping, it gives light with or without your van’s battery or any recreational vehicles. Help you save your van’s electricity, especially if you are out camping that needs so much electricity.

You can put battery-powered lights everywhere in your vans, whether inside or outside. Cords, extension wires, etc., are no longer needed when carrying battery-powered lights outside your recreational vehicles.

You can get a battery-powered light in a different level of brightness according to their lumen power so that they will match your mood and use. If you want lights in your kitchen, especially during cooking food for dinner, it is recommended to get battery-powered lights that are bright enough. For your van’s living room, you can also choose a warm feel of battery-powered lights according to your mood and preferences.

Suppose you are a family living in vans or any recreational vehicle, which means you have kids who would not sleep with lights off. In that case, you can get dim types of light that are battery operated so that electricity in your van’s batteries is saved. It is safe and will not produce heat quickly, too, which is a great relief.

In battery-powered lights, you can have different light bulbs according to your mood, which will last for a couple of days, weeks depending upon the watts of your battery. With or without electricity in your vans or recreational vehicle, you have lights through this battery-powered light.


A battery-powered light helps you save energy, for you will no longer rely on and consume electricity from your van’s battery. This is perfect for camping like boondocking or dry camping, which requires a lot of energy from your vans or RV battery. But when you use a battery-operated light, you will have a bright and long-lasting light. All of these battery-powered lights are beneficial for your stay in a van, recreational vehicle, conversion van, or even in dark spaces or corners at your mobile home. It can be an excellent option for many purposes that will take all your worries away from dealing with battery draining due to lights in your RV. Indeed, you can easily say anytime (day or night), let there be light!


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