Renting An RV: Is It Worth Your Money?

This coronavirus pandemic has given people RVing a new look, since it opens a lot of opportunities for them while keeping safe from the inside. However, there might be some people who do not have enough money to buy an RV of their own, so they opt to rent RVs when traveling outdoors to experience the camping life in utmost convenience. Some are thinking if renting an RV makes it worth it, while some are still unsure about owning their own vehicle.

Is renting an RV worth the money? Yes, it is worth your money since it allows you flexibility and peace of mind. You do not have to worry about your accommodations when traveling. Also, renting an RV is good for those who are not yet completely sure if they want to buy their own RV.

This article discusses the pros and cons of renting an RV. I will also discuss the things you need to consider before renting an RV, as well as some tips you can do and things you need to remember in renting an RV. Lastly, I will be discussing the rates of RV rentals based on the available data from last year and this year.

Things You Need To Consider In Renting An RV

Consider The Rental Costs For Your RV

Of course, it goes without saying that you need to consider how much the rental costs are. A lot of options are available when renting an RV. You can look online, ask friends for referrals, look at the listings, and ask for recommendations.

Before renting an RV, it’s necessary to think about how much the rental companies charge. This helps you to decide if you should push through with renting an RV for your use or just save up even more to buy your own RV.

Check If You Can Fit In Nicely With Your Baggage Inside

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RVs come in various sizes and models, so you must do your research to find the ideal RV you need for your trip, based on your needs.

Although you do not usually need a special driver’s license to get behind the wheel, you might feel more at ease driving one that is connected to your car through a trailer hitch, or one that resembles a truck, rather than one of the big motorhomes. It also depends on where you are going. Are you going to a campsite, or are you going somewhere rugged and rural?

If you have a big family, you may want more space, but if you will be traveling through cities or areas where parking may be a problem, it is worth considering something a little much easier to maneuver.

Check If You Can Cancel Conveniently When Needed

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There are some instances when you need to cancel your trip outdoors because something unexpected happens. Thus, you have to cancel your rental since you will not be able to use it, anyway. Then, choose which rentals would allow you to cancel in such situations without giving you much headaches to deal with.

If you think you may need to alter or cancel your RV travel, CruiseAmerica and EL Monte RV might be a good place to start because their cancellation policies are better than others. There is no fixed cancellation policy at RVShare or Outdoorsy. It is decided by the respective RV owners, who are not known for their flexibility. The best cancellation policy is offered by CruiseAmerica. Many termination fees are waived if you cancel one week prior to the RV pick-up.

On the other hand, certain RVShare and Outdoorsy RV owners have strict cancellation policies if you cancel less than 30 days before your RV pickup date. Choose a rental which allows you to be flexible without giving you problems.

Consider How Long You Will Rent The RV

Check your schedules and itinerary to determine how long you will need to rent the RV. Some rentals offer discounts if you are going to rent their units for longer periods of time. Ask your rental if they provide discounts for longer rent periods, and if they do, avail of the discounts as it will save you money. Some rentals would be glad to offer such discounts to you since that means you will be paying them more.

Ask Them If They Are Okay With Your Pets

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For those who have pets, you have to ask your rental if they would allow your pets to be with you while renting their RVs. Lucky for you, most RV rentals are pet-friendly. They would not have any issues as long as you disinfect and clean the RV before returning it.

One tip: if you have pet allergies, you should rent from RVShare or Outdoorsy the RVs that do not allow pets inside. You can also double-check with the owner if they have allowed someone with pets to use your chosen RV recently so that necessary steps must be taken.

Ask Them About Your Towing Concerns

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For towing charges, most RV rental companies allow this for an additional cost. CruiseAmerica allows cars up to $2,500 to be towed for $25 per night of rental. If you are searching from RV rental sites online, check from the filters if they allow towing and if yes, how much they charge for each night. Otherwise, you have to discuss this with the RV owner so that proper arrangements can be settled.

Check If The RV You Want Is Insured And Up To How Much

Accidents and emergency situations happen, even if we do our best to be careful and avoid such things.

For this one, having the RV insured comes in handy, since you do not need to pay a lot if ever the RV you rented gets damaged due to an accident. There are two facets of insurance: expense and customer support. Depending on the age and value of the RV, insurance at Outdoorsy and RVShare will cost anywhere from $30 to $50.

Basic insurance is included with RV rentals from El Monte RV and CruiseAmerica, with the option to purchase additional supplemental insurance. Insurance is usually issued by a third-party provider separate from the RV rental company. These are, for the most part, specialist firms who are likely to provide you with acceptable service should an accident occur during your RV rental trip.

Checking if the RV is insured is a good thing because it will not harm your wallet that much. Make sure, and double check with your RV owners about this.

Tips And Things To Remember When Renting An RV

Know What The Different Types Available Are

RVs, like cars, come in a variety of sizes. Each one has its own set of features, so you’ll need to know what you’re looking for to figure out which one is right for you.

There are RVs with an attached motorhome, while there are others that require a fifth wheel hitch mounted in the bed of your truck. You can also find an RV you can tow behind your truck. Do your research on what you want, based on your needs, the number of people camping with you, and your itinerary and preferences as well.

Knowing what you already want in an RV would help you whittle down the options available, saving you more time.

There Is No Fixed Rental Cost And Rate In RVs

RV rental costs and rates change throughout the year. There are times when the RVs are in demand, meaning there are peak seasons in RV rentals.

You will have to pay a daily rate when you rent an RV, which can change according to the season. If it is a peak season, expect the daily rates to be higher than the usual. Remember that the bigger your RV, the more expensive it will get. However, you can ask the rental if they have existing specials or deals that you can avail to get lower prices and discounts for your rental.

Like what I mentioned, rentals would usually offer discounts for those who rent their RVs for weeks or months. You may be charged for each mile you drive in your rented RV in addition to your regular rate. Try to schedule your journey ahead of time so you will know what to expect when the rental company quotes you a price per mile.

Be Prepared To Get Down And Dirty

Since you are not at home, most of the comforts it offers are not possible to have in RVs.

Emptying the toilets is a less-than-pleasant aspect of renting an RV. Since there is no way to avoid it (unless you want to deal with the horrors of backed-up and overflowing toilets, as well as the probable cost of rental RV damage), go into the dumping of your excrement prepared.

The most critical aspect is to always wear surgical gloves. The dumping station has been contaminated by feces, and you do not want those germs to be with you throughout your vacation. Have a strong heart and a willingness to do mundane tasks such as these and this will make your trip even more memorable.

Save More Money Than You Have Budgeted

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Always remember to have extra money for unforeseen expenses and charges you might have when renting an RV.

There are times when you need to pay for extra when it comes to towing, or if you have encountered an accident while using the RV and you need money to cover the expenses. Although most RVs have insurance and they will cover most of the damages, it is still the best to have some extra cash with you.

Also, there are RV rental owners who put hidden charges at the end of the trip, so you should have some in handy to settle the amount.

RVs Are Not The Same As SUVs In Parking

You have to remember that not all places can have parking spaces large enough for your RV.

RVs would require more parking space than cars, and you have to find a parking space before you can stop by and buy something from a supermarket or a restaurant. If you are able to find a space fit enough for your truck, be sure that it is on level ground. If your RV is at a tilt, some processes and things inside the RV might not run properly, such as the fridge.

The Actual Cost Of Renting An RV

It Ranges Differently Based On The Types

We cannot get a fixed cost on how much RV rentals are because there are different RV types and each costs different than the other.

The most popular rented model is a 25-foot class C motorhome, which costs between $1500-$2000 per week. Kitchen utensils, bowls, bottles, cups, cooking pots, towels, and bedding are usually included.

Camper rentals (Class B motorhomes) are usually less expensive, ranging from $1000 to $1500 per week, and are best suited for two people or solo travelers. Vehicle maintenance is free, but insurance can be optional or included in the price. Additional fees can apply for amenities, travel to the far north, extra mileage, or a winterizing fee for RVing in the winter.

Travel trailers typically cost $75-150 a night or $500-800 a week. Prices can vary depending on features and season, and you may need to rent a pickup truck. Your RV dealer will help you choose the right vehicle for towing. In other words, it will all depend on the season and the availability of the cars in the RV rentals. The types available and preferred will also come into play.

A More Detailed Explanation For The Rates

To be more detailed, a Class A RV costs around $150 to $250 a night if it is older, then $350 to $450 a night if they are of a newer model. Class B RVs cost around $100 to $200 a night if they are older and $20 to $350 if newer. Class C RVs cost around the same as older Class B trailers but they cost up to $400 a night if they are newer.

Travel trailers cost from as low as $50 a night to $200 a night, depending on how old or new the model is. Lastly, fifth wheels cost from as low as $60 a night and it can go higher, up to $300 a night if they are newer.

Pros Of Renting An RV For Your Trip

Gives You A Feel On What Owning An RV Feels Like

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If you are still undecided if you really want to own an RV, renting one can give you a good idea on what it feels like to have your own vehicle. It gives you hands-on experience on so many things, including parking, maneuvering, maintenance, and cleaning and disinfecting your vehicle.

This allows you to understand why you really need an RV, and if you are considering living in an RV, renting one gives you the experience you need. Some RV campers rented an RV to confirm if they really want to have one and after experiencing it, it gave them the final nail to buy an RV for themselves.

Helps You Experience Camping Without Worrying About Parking

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Some people want to have RVs but the problem is, their garages or spaces will not allow them to do so, as these can be too small for these bulky vehicles. Others do not have the money to pay for storage facilities where they can leave their RVs.

Renting an RV helps them experience camping outside without worrying about parking it in their neighborhoods. All they have to do is to take care of it, and clean it up after use and they can just rent another one if they want to go on trips again.

Allows Them To Travel Without Much Hassle

Given that the coronavirus pandemic has made traveling harder to most people, traveling in RVs have given people a much more practical and easier approach towards travel.

They will not have to worry about their hotel reservations as they are travelling with their beds, appliances, and other things with them. They do not have to worry about transferring from one accommodation to another since they have their own house with them, which saves them money and time.

Lastly, renting an RV provides people an escape from all the stress and hard times this pandemic has given to everyone, and they can just travel in peace without having to worry about their places to sleep.


This pandemic has proven to be a challenge to travelers and campers all around the world, and it is the reason most people have in mind why they want to buy their own RVs now. However, we all know how expensive RVs can be so renting one might be a good option for you. Depending on your needs and preferences, RV rentals are available to cater to your needs. Just remember to choose wisely and do your research before paying any rental fees. Always clean and disinfect the RV before returning it to their owners so that they will not be exposed to any diseases.

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