Ten Crib Ideas For Your RV And Your Baby

Some families want to live in the RV for the best reasons but they have one problem: their babies. Not that their babies themselves are the problem, but it is because having babies or smaller children require extra spaces or measures to take so that their stay in the RV would be a meaningful, safe, and secure one. Thus, having a crib inside your RV is the best solution for this kind of problem.

This article gives you ten ideas on how to make or install cribs inside your RVs for your baby’s sleeping convenience. I will also show you the advantages of having a crib inside your RV for your newborn and toddlers. I will also share different alternatives for families on a budget to have for their babies. Lastly, I will be talking about the updated CDC guidelines for living outdoors in face of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Ten Crib Ideas You And Your Baby Will Enjoy In The RV

These ideas are vouched for by most campers and families living in RVs. These range from simple ones to ideas requiring you to have extra skills with power tools and other related abilities. You can choose whatever idea you like and you are also free to tweak some aspects of it to make it your own.

Pack-And-Play Cribs And Pens For Easy Storage

A lot of families have been using portable playpens, or much known as “pack-and-play” pens in their RV for their babies to stay and sleep whenever they are on the road. This is a good idea as you do not have to devote a place where to put your crib permanently, saving space in your RV. We all know how important spaces are in the RV, so this one has an advantage.

A lot of models are available in the market, from the most basic one all the way to the most elaborate one. They cater to a lot of people with different preferences. As their name implies, you can just fold them and store them away when you are not using them, therefore no space gets wasted because you just use it for short hours.

Lightweight Travel Cots For Convenience

Lightweight travel cots are also popular because not only are they lightweight, but they are also easy to use, maintain, and store.

One of the best models is the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light, with its excellent design securing the comfort and strength of your cot. It also has an insulated mattress, so there is no need to install heaters or electric mats under your cot in winter.

Weighing only 13 pounds, it is easily carried. No parts to lose and the crib is simple to put together and to take apart. The base is sturdy and also gives you additional reassurance, creating a more protective sleeping environment for your infant. Thanks to the see-through mesh, you can check on your child anytime, even during your road trips.

Overall, it is definitely one of the most comfortable travel cribs available, but gives your baby enough room to sprawl out and sleep. I cannot think of a better portable crib when it comes to the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib.

Adding Regular Cribs To Your Bunk Rooms

Converting an RV bunk room to a nursery is easy. You might try converting a rear bunkhouse fifth wheel to a kids’ room by adding a ladder and railing to the top bunk and replacing the furniture below with a crib that converts to a toddler bed.

Because of its low profile, this crib is unlikely to move around much while the RV is moving, but if it does, the owners can still anchor it to the wall or floor. You can customize the bunk room based on your needs and likes, so it is highly personalized for the people using it.

Bunk rooms are a good option especially if you have a lot of people using the RV. You allow them to use the room without having to give up much space for other people to use it as well.

Go Traditional With Wooden Cribs For Efficiency

If your concern is having a small space for your baby, you might consider having a crib that is made of wood.

Some wooden cribs are smaller than the standard sizes, and some of them are also foldable, meaning you can fold your crib when you are not using it. Wood is a very durable yet lightweight material for cribs so you can use it without affecting how your RV runs, since it is not that heavy.

You can secure your wooden crib by anchoring it to walls so that it will not move around, especially when you are on the road.

Multi-purpose Cribs For Saving Space And Stuff

You can also use cribs that have multiple functions so that you can also save on space, especially with your baby needs. Having such a crib allows you to attend to your baby’s needs while everything is within easy reach.

One of those is the Fisher Price Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play Yard. For traveling parents, the Fisher Price Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play Yard is a great multi-purpose device. It is one of the best travel cribs for newborn babies because it combines a cozy sleeping space, a safe play area, and a convenient changing station.

On the outside, there is also a handy storage pocket for holding wipes and diapers on hand. The inclined sleeper can be removed, and it comes with a three-point restraint, cushioned head support, and other features to keep your baby healthy and relaxed.

It is also easy to set up and take down, weighing just 15 pounds. The Fisher Price Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play Yard has everything you need for your baby to sleep, play, change diapers, and more.

Adjustable Cribs For Longer Usage Over Time

You can also choose to buy a crib that you can adjust so that you will only use one crib from being a newborn down to being a toddler.

Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages is a good crib model for it gives you the ability to adjust your crib based on your kid’s age. The fact that the Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages can be changed as your child develops is a big plus.

You can use it for your infant and then adjust the bassinet’s height as your child grows. This, in our opinion, makes it the best travel bassinet because it is built to last a long time. It is also a perfect place to keep your baby healthy while they’re awake because of the large play yard. It is very compact thanks to its space-saving architecture, lightweight nature (it weighs 20 lbs), and small wheels.

Do not be fooled by its size and weight because it is still still packed with features. The Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages has a soft padded mattress, a canopy, and a toy tray, ensuring a happy baby and happy parents.

Incorporate Your Baby’s Bed To Your Bed

This is a very practical way of adding a space for your baby to sleep inside the RV. Not only is this practical but also a safe way since you can always check your baby without going out of your bed since we do not have a lot of space in RVs.

Buying a bassinet designed to be attached next to a bed is also a good idea. Make sure that it fits your space and is long enough so that your baby will not have a problem when he grows up.

You can also add a baby nest beside you, which is like a small bed for your baby that is placed beside you in your own bed. You have to choose something that is not going to be a problem when your baby grows up.

Converting A Portion Of Your Master Bedroom

If you think your master bedroom is too big for you and your partner, you can always transform a corner of your master bedroom into a space where you can put your crib and all the things your baby uses.

Lightweight cribs would do best for this since they are durable without giving too much weight under them. You can attach your crib to the walls so that it will not fly all over your RV when you are driving it. It is also a good idea since you can attend to your baby without going out of your room, saving you space and time to check.

Add A Dresser And A Cart For Easy Access

This one works on cribs made of wood, but you can also try it by using cribs made of other materials. You can add a mini-dresser on your crib for your baby essentials, such as the diapers, extra clothes, milk, and other needs.

This is a cool idea because you do not have to go anywhere else just to get everything you need as they are all in one place. You can also put a tray on it so that your baby’s milking needs and essentials would be easier for you to reach.

Do-It-Yourself Baby Beds For Customization

If you are confident enough in your woodworking or metalworking skills, you can just create a crib or a baby bed for your young ones and put it inside your RV.

This one saves you a lot of money and it also allows you to customize whatever you want. You can put additional spaces for your baby essentials or make it longer for your baby when they grow up. You just have to make sure that your baby would be secure and safe enough for anything that might happen, especially when you are on the road.

You have to consider that RV is a running vehicle so adding features to prevent your baby from hurting or falling from the bed is very important.

Perks Of Having A Crib For Your RV Baby

Having a crib for your little ones in the RV can give you a lot of pros. Here are some of the advantages of having a crib in the RV for your baby.

It Allows The Baby To Sleep Comfortably On Its Own

Having a crib inside your RV is a good thing because we want the baby to sleep and grow up comfortably while on the road. It allows the parents to not wake the baby up whenever they are on the road or when they get up earlier than their baby.

It gives their baby uninterrupted sleep and resting cycles, helping him grow up well physically. It also lessens the probability of your baby having tantrums since he has not slept well.

You Can Do Other Tasks While They Are In The Crib

Having a crib inside your RV is like having a room for your baby. You can just put your baby there if you need to do something, like go to the bathroom or run some errands.

It allows you to not bring them every time you need to do something, especially when you just have to get something from another room. You just have to make sure that your baby is far enough from hazards such as electric wires, water, choking hazards, and more. Other than that, the crib is a safe place for your baby to stay while you are on the go.

A Safe And Secure Place For Your Baby While On The Road

Like what we mentioned earlier, having a crib is a safe choice for your baby while you are on the road. Babies need to sleep a lot so they need a comfortable space for them to sleep. It also helps them to be at ease with their surroundings.

Cribs are high enough for your babies to fall over, but you still have to take necessary precautions so that it would still be a safe place for them. Remember to anchor them on the walls so that they would not fly around while you are driving down the road.

Updated CDC Guidelines For Living Outdoors

Cleanliness is a must in every living space, and that need is given more emphasis thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. We should put more emphasis on cleaning since we have babies on board. Here are the updated guidelines for living outdoors as issued by the CDC.

Clean Your RV As Thorough As Possible

Always take things up a notch, especially when cleaning, since the pandemic is still here and not everyone is safe. Clean surfaces with soap and water before disinfecting.

Using a disinfectant that has been approved by the CDC is the best way to do it. For hard surfaces, use diluted bleach solutions or alcohol-based products containing at least 70% alcohol if none are available. It is recommended to put a wipeable cover on electronics when able and to obey the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and disinfecting.

If you do not have any given directions, use alcohol-based wipes or sprays that contain at least 70% alcohol, then thoroughly dry the surface.

Clean Your RV As Frequently As Possible

It is highly recommended to clean your RVs daily as it is very much exposed to the virus, especially the exteriors. Clean every surface, from inside to outside, not sparing an inch and disinfect as much as possible.

Do not leave out the driver’s area, and clean the steering wheel, the dashboard, door handles, and even the sides. Make sure to clean everything daily so that the probability of exposure to the virus gets smaller and smaller.

Always Clean Your Baby’s Crib And Items

Cleaning the items your baby is using as well as their cribs are also important since babies have weaker immune systems than grown humans. Bring your baby’s toys, feeding bottles, pacifiers, teething toys, and anything they put in their mouth to a quick boil to kill the germs on them.

Clean the surfaces as well but remember to use cleaning products that are not toxic or harmful for babies. Keep the cleaning products and items far from your baby’s reach to prevent dangerous situations.

Do not touch your baby’s face especially if you have used your hands to cover your mouth and nose while sneezing or coughing. Never touch them or kiss them since you can transmit viruses just by kissing them or pretending to swallow their hands whole as a joke.


Living the van life with your family is fun but living the van life with a small baby with you can be a challenge if you have no idea how to deal with the sleeping accommodations and places for them to stay safely while you are on the road with them. These options are perfect for van life enthusiasts of all ages and preferences. Choose the one you think that is the best for your baby and improve it as they grow up.

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