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Van life is a great and exciting experience for many people. You get to see the world and travel to different places that you have dreamt about. Listening to podcasts is the best way to relax the mind and open opportunities for new learning experiences. Podcasts are not just for entertainment but also great for learning different tips and tricks on living in a van. This article will talk about the different podcasts that are available for van living, from conversions to living with kids in a van to living with pets.

1. Vansformation: The Podcast All About Self-Build Van

The Vansformation: The Podcast All About Self-Build Van is excellent for a person who is starting their journey on the road. This podcast is all about self-build van conversion. It focuses more on builds and conversions rather than van living. The podcast is great because you can listen to second opinions on how people build their vans, and also great to learn from their mistakes.

This podcast is hosted by Feta Brown, who talks about the different types of van builds available. It offers unique tips on your van design and has various interviews of different people, and their van builds. The Vansformation: The Podcast All About Self-Build Van is a fantastic resource for learning how to build your van.

The average duration of each episode is about 50 minutes.

2. My Solo Road: Great for the Female Travelers

The My Solo Road podcast is great for the solo female traveler. It is hosted by Sydney, who travels alone with her dog. She provides tips and tricks on how a solo female handles the van life. Sydney covers the struggles she has, such as safety, finances, and loneliness. 

In this podcast, she shares her stories about her life on the road and everyday experiences. There’s also an episode where she shares how she got to her current situation. Each episode has an average of 30 minutes duration.

3. Hi, How Are You? Self-Help Van Life Podcast for Digital: Great for the Procrastinator

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The Hi, How Are You? Self-Help Van Life Podcast for Digital is a self-help podcast. It is great for those who are uninitiated, lazy, and perpetually nomadic. If you have caught yourself procrastinating recently, this is the podcast that you should listen to.

With this podcast, you can focus on the positive real rather than being stuck watching TV shows. This will help you be determined to get up and start doing the things that you need to get done. It also has an episode of depressive disorder, which can really help an individual who is living their life on the road.

When you are going through difficult times, this is a great podcast to listen to. It has an average duration of two to 13 minutes per episode.

4. Finding the Home: Personal Experience in the Nomad World

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Finding the Home is pretty new in the podcast world. It is hosted by Max and Kendal, who is a newly married couple who loves to explore North America. So far, there are only five episodes available where they talk about the different experiences while living on the road in their converted 2016 Sprinter.

It is available on Apple Podcast and has a rating of 4.7. One of my favorite episodes is episode 1, where they talked about how they met and how they decided to start living their lives on the road. The average duration of episodes is about 25 minutes.

5. The Unravelling Travelling Podcast: Great for Couples on the Road

The Unravelling Travelling Podcast is hosted by Ben and Li, who is a couple who lives full time in their self-built van. Each of the episodes is full of different topics from the world of travel. They also have occasional guests that talk about their experiences traveling.

The guests that they have are bloggers, vloggers, and photographers. They also invite hostel owners and tour guides to their podcasts. The Unravelling Travelling Podcast is all about sharing stories and tips on traveling in different states. The best part about this podcast as they discuss their adventures in a fun and humorous way.

The average duration of each episode is about an hour.

6. All Things Overlanding Podcast: All About Van Life

All Things Overlanding Podcast is more than just about van life. Its primary focus is on offroading and covers different vehicle ranges that you can use for overlanding or van life. This podcast has valuable content for those who are looking to hit the road and consider the different alternatives that they have.

Aside from the vehicles, this podcast also covers trips, gear reviews, and photography. All Things Overlanding Podcast is hosted by Jason Fletcher, who also has a YouTube channel for his vlogs. It is available on Apple Podcasts, and the average duration of each episode is 20 minutes.

7. Nomadic Ninja Podcast: Different Topics About Van Living

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Nomadic Ninja Podcast is hosted by Jesse and is all about enjoying the van life. It talks about different topics, such as the different situations of living in a van. Aside from that, he also talks about martial arts, philosophy, and so much more. Each episode consists of a mix of solo and interviews.

It also has episodes that include information on why Jesse started his life on the road and his good as well as bad experiences. Also, he talks about the different lessons that he learned along the way. 

The Nomadic Ninja Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and has an average duration of an hour per episode.

8. Restoration RV: When You Are Just Beginning

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Restoration RV is another great podcast to listen to when you are thinking of starting your life on the road. It talks about living sustainability in a van, RV, bus, or other mobile or tiny homes. It covers different aspects of tiny and mobile living. This podcast also provides boondocking apps that you can use and other basics of boondocking.

Aside from that, Restoration RV also talks about how you can travel safely during this pandemic. It is a relatively new podcast and only has seven episodes, but each episode is jam-packed with information. The average duration of each episode is about 25 minutes.

9. Champers and Campers: Different Tips for Van Life

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Champers and Campers are all about motorhome living, thus van life. The podcast’s name is based on the host’s dogs, who are Pete, Brydee, Molly, and Marvin. This podcast was launched in 2019 and talked about different tips on how to live in a van. Aside from that, it also talks about van conversions and how it is like living in a van with pets.

Just like the Restoration RV podcast, it also covers their experience living life on the road during this pandemic and why they chose to live in the type of van they have. There is a whole episode that talks about taking care of pets which is great for those who are planning to bring their furry friends along.

One of my favorite episodes is where the host talks about the different insurance that you should get when living in a van which is very helpful. The average duration of each episode is about 40 minutes.

10. Minimalism on Wheels: Living on a Van as A Minimalist

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Minimalism on Wheels has been around for three years, and it talks about living in a van as a minimalist. It is hosted by Gurgin, who decided to quit his 9-to-5 job, sold all his belongings, and decided to live on the road. He lives in his van with his dog named Ronja and shares tips on van life with a dog. 

He has an episode where he covers different ways to live in a cheap van and shares personal development strategies on minimalism, simplifying, organizing, personal finance, and veganism. Each episode has an average duration of about 25 minutes.

11. Wheel Travel Far: Hosts Share Different Adventures

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Wheel Travel Far is a podcast that is dedicated to exploring the world on wheels. It provides different tips and tricks on living in a van. The Wheel Travel Far also talks about the adventures the host has experienced along the way. This podcast is a mix of solo and interviews, which is hosted by Melanie Cowpland.

This podcast is also great for moms with children who have autism. Episode 7: A Moto Mom Knows Best talks about her experience living in a van with a child who has autism. The average duration of each episode is about an hour.

12. Jetsetting Family Podcast: Tips on Living on the Road With Kids

Jetsetting Family Podcast is all about family and how they live their life on the road. It also includes how they started and provides insightful information on living life on the road with kids. Aside from that, they also talk about their inspiring journey while living in a van.

One of my favorite episodes is Episode 1 from Season 2. It is great because they talk about their fantastic experience traveling in Australia. They shared fun stories about road tripping and how they went to the beaches with missing kangaroos.

When listening to this podcast, will definitely inspire you to travel as a family. The Jetsetting Family Podcast is a must when you are living on the road with your kids.

13. Family Travel Radio: Great for LGBTQ Families on the Road

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The Family Travel Radio was founded in 2014 by Rainer Jenss, who realized that families do not take advantage of the amazing travel opportunities. The host had the time to create a single and collective family and multigenerational travel. The Family Travel Association organized this podcast.

Each episode is filled with great tips, especially when you want to start living on the road with your family. The best thing about this podcast is they also have episodes solely on LGBTQ families that live on the road. Host Aaron Schlein covers different family topics as well as destinations and interviews.

14. Vacation Mavens: Family Travel Tips

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Vacation Mavens has been around for four years, and it focuses on family travel tips as well as the destination. The episodes provide inspiration and practical information on van life. It is great for families who enjoy planning trips while living their life on the road. 

The host talks about the different destinations they have been to and interviews other parents on particular destinations or family travel topics. The Vacation Mavens is a great podcast to get expert advice and insights on van life.

15. Epic Education Radio: Great Hacks for Families on the Road

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Epic Education Radio is hosted by Jason, who interviews other families on their experience with van life. This podcast provides different kinds of tips on how to travel with kids with travel hacks and their own experiences. It is available on iOS devices, Mac, and Windows, as well as Android and Amazon Fire.

It is also available on other newsreaders, and all you need to do is copy the address on the address bar, paste it on your favorite podcast application, and you are ready to go. It covers different topics such as the best hotels, best travel gear, and travel guides in different places, even other countries.

16. Disney Deciphered: All About Disney Getaways

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Disney Deciphered is available on the Apple Podcasts app, and it is all about Disney. This podcast is hosted by Leslie from Trips with Tykes and Joe from As the Joe Flies. They break down everything you need to know about Disney trips which is great if you are planning to bring your kids to any Disney theme park.

Now, there are plenty of Disney-specific podcasts, but this is one of my favorites. It is detailed and provides great tips on Disney trips. The best thing about this podcast is they break down information into 101, 201, and specialty topics. Once you listen to this podcast, you will feel like a Disney pro.

17. Sage Family Podcast: Handling Three Kids on the Road

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Sage Family Podcast is hosted by Rachel Rainbolt, who has three kids, and her goal is to shine a light on an alternate path. This is where parents and families are free to love life together while on the road. Rachel has a master’s degree in Marital and Family Therapy, so she knows her way around family van life.

She has decades of experience working with thousands of families, has endless self-study, and has a personal journey as a mother. Aside from family podcasts, it also provides different tips on homeschooling, parenting advice, and simple living. 


When listening to podcasts, you can explore and discover how interesting everyday people’s opinions are. Not only is it entertaining, but you can also learn from people’s mistakes and experiences. It can be challenging to find something to do, especially when you can go out as much as before because of the pandemic. Choose to learn something new and listen to different podcasts that I’ve mentioned above. If you have kids and want to know more about schooling on the road, here is an article I have written for you.


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