The Value of an Airstream Trailer Hold: Is It Worth It?

It is undeniable that airstreams are one of the most popular recreational vehicles. As it gets older or vintage, it goes even higher in price. These airstream trailers have been a classic American icon since the 1930s. It had made history in the travel trailer industry despite the great depression before. Up until now, these trailers are still running beautifully on the road.  Airstream travel trailers are one of the recreational vehicles that people would love to have. Despite its high price, airstreams are still being purchased by individuals and making higher sales even in today’s pandemic. 

Is airstream worth the money? Airstreams require a lot of cash, but it’s worth it! It has high-quality material that ensures you get what you paid for. It is pretty classy, solid, and durable. It is also lightweight and will surely last a long time. 

There is no doubt that airstream trailers are more expensive than other recreational vehicles. An airstream’s lowest price ranges from $39,100 to $45,900. Despite the high cost, people love to buy and airstream trailers. Some invest in a used airstream to get airstream on a lower budget compared to the brand new ones. Others apply for a loan just to get that kind of travel trailer. In this COVID-19 pandemic, getting one will be a great use to save yourself from the hassle of crowds anywhere you go. This article will share why airstreams are expensive and if they genuinely hold value for your cashful purchase. 

A Big Check For Durability and Timelessness

Image Source: “1973 Airstream Argosy” by dwstucke is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 

In buying any kind of recreational vehicle, the first thing to consider or maybe second to aesthetic appearance is its durability. In airstream, this is indeed a big check.

Timeless Materials: What Its Made Of

Image Source: “my airstream” by Mr TGT is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0 

No matter how much money it would cost, people will buy when it comes to the best and standard quality. One of the recreational vehicles which possessed unquestionable durability is an airstream. The American Airstream caravans are made to last for decades that can become an heirloom to some families.

Today, 65 percent of all the original airstream models from 1931 are still on the road due to their product quality. The wheels, appliances, and furniture may fail in time, but its body & frame of the airstreams are timeless, exceptionally if it is correctly cared for. Every Airstream is made from treated aluminum alloy resulting in the shiny and silver bullet look trailer.

The aluminum used in its body is unlike the flimsy aluminum can, which can be easily dented.  It is a top-grade type of aluminum that will change the way you see durability. The aluminum alloy material is one of the significant factors why airstreams can last almost forever. 

As a result of metal treatment to the aluminum, airstreams become resistant to UV rays, discoloration, flaking, mold, pulverization, and cracking. Aside from the timeless aluminum effect on the airstream, it is a lightweight material that promotes effortless towing, which is why these trailers are worth it. 

Fine-Comb Tooth Construction: How It’s Assembled

Today’s airstreams are similarly designed like the first airstreams built by the inventor/ founder Wally Byam way back in the 1930s. On top of that, the same time-tested and effective construction process practiced in each built airstream since 1952 of the Jackson Center, Ohio, is still applied and reinforced today.

You can say that each airstream trailer went over with a fine-tooth comb construction process. Every finished trailer contained 3000 to 4000 rivets and screws. These rivets attach the aluminum to its body and are crafted hand by hand with two workers’ teams. Every single rivet assembled on the airstream was tested to ensure product durability.

There is a special room for trailers in the manufacturing company where they are sprayed with water for 40 minutes. This is to make sure that trailers will not leak, particularly in rainy seasons. 

A single not-so-tight rivet is fixed by hand so that water could not break-in. This is just one of the other things involved in creating a durable recreational vehicle that made the airstream travel trailers worthy of the price.

Classy Style With The Perfect Modern Accent

Image Source: “Airstream-Flying-Cloud-Travel-Trailer-14-800×532” by Susanne Freeborn is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 

The visual aesthetics of a product creates value for consumers. This is one of the marketing strategies that attract several customers. In airstreams, you can never go wrong because it both has a classy and modern design.

Looks Of A Silver Bullet: Airstream Vintage Style

Image Source: “Airstream IMG_6247” by terrybone is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 

The airstream is known for the silver bullet to look attributed to the silver aluminum material in its exterior part. The silver bullet looks from the aluminum was designed in each airstream from the 1930s until now. Concludingly, the shiny and stunning aluminum feature is one of the airstream’s trademarks. 

Also, the exterior features offer a retro-style than any other recreational vehicles, and who would not love vintage that provides a  nostalgic feeling like watching old movies and going back to the past. Vintage is vintage, yet they are still popular, like the airstream travel trailers, making higher sales with their classic exterior design. 

Aside from the aesthetic value offered by the silver aluminum in an airstream, there is more to find out. Having an aluminum shell in an RV gives back your investment worth because that material is made from a high-quality aircraft grade that is undoubtedly sturdy and durable. 

A Modern Touch In Its Interior Designs

Image Source: “Inside a brand new airstream (only $89,900….)” by Warren Elsmore is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

Airstreams offer not only the classic look but also the modern style for an RV. Entering an airstream trailer can let you experience a contemporary style and features similar to modern homes’ designs. Some of the airstreams models have European-inspired plans, while others have beautiful yet straightforward decors. 

All the new airstream models contain the modern styles and compromise the smart living suited for a new generation RVer. Its designs are much more modern than any RVs. Its new styles include essential features in your RVing. The kitchen, bedroom, and restroom are the basics. It also has cabinets and furniture crafted by the airstream’s workers, with all its components made from high-quality material. 

The modern styles provide both aesthetics and comforts to the RVers, campers, and those who like to carry their entire “home” with them. A modern style is incomplete without modern appliances. These appliances came from trusted brands picked up by the airstreams because of their quality value.

Creating an airstream’s modern interior features requires installing each hand by hands like appliances, sofa, table, and cabinetry. Today, airstreams produce newer versions of their existing trailer models, which are more updated and modern. When you get on the vintage trailer, the modern interior designs make your RV investment so worth it.

A Name That Lives Up Through Time

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Airstreams are legendary travel trailers born in the 1930s, and until now, they are maintaining their reputation. The legendary reputation is one of the causes why there are higher prices put up on airstreams.

The Road to Fame: How Airstream started

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Since airstreams were introduced, it has always made a name on the market. It was displayed primarily on the road, iconic films, and even historical events, thereby becoming a legendary recreational vehicle brand. 

Some of these memorable airstreams highlight that it was the only trailer used by the Apollo 11 astronauts as a quarantine facility after returning from the moon. It was also used as cargo planes to transport officials in the Airforce.

Airstream is the only trailer company to withstand the great depression from World War II in 1929 to 1933. The legendary brand of the airstream trailers makes them so valuable to put up high prices because of its long track record in creating high-quality products. 

Not Just For The Roads: Airstream In Films

Airstreams had started to appear on television in the late 1950s. It was used in the film Armageddon in 1988. Some movies that featured airstreams are Charlie’s Angels in the year 2000, Jurassic World movie in 2008, Raising Arizona, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Independence Day, and “Mars Attacks!, among others.  

It also captured the taste of the majority of actors and actresses in the Hollywood industry. Some of them are Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp, Sandra Bullock, Tim Burton, Billie Joe Armstrong, John Mellencamp, Eddie Vedder, and many more. It was also featured when Matthew McConaughey promoted his 2005 film “Sahara,” He also lived in airstreams for years.

It also appeared in the “Celebrity Apprentice” when Donald Trump challenged contestants to make a mobile business venture by using Airstream. Airstream was displayed at MTV’s headquarters in Santa Monica, California. These are just proof that airstreams are not just for the road but also for other purposes they may serve.

Hauling  with Ease Anywhere You Go

Image Source: “Van and Airstream” by foqus is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

Airstream travel trailers are also known for towing with ease because of their lightweight structure. An easy towing for RVs plays a significant factor in attracting the customers to get one because it is worth the investment.

Aerodynamically Designed For Easy Towing

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You probably know that airstream travel trailers would not move on their own and used vehicles to be dragged from behind. Towing trailers are also used to run with the other recreational vehicles to move to different places. The difference is the hauling process if it is a piece of cake or requires specific cars to transfer.

The airstream shells’ aluminum provides a lightweight structure to be easily towed by cars or suitable vehicles. It has an aerodynamic, low-profile shape that delivers low and wind resistance, making airstreams easier to pull. It has a rounded end-shell that makes the air slip even with the heavy winds, thereby towed with ease.

Airstreams are the most towable RV available on the market today since these are built with a low center gravity so that the RVer will have smoother and more stable towing. It is not just for easy towing but a friendly fuel budget such that an owner may save between 20 and 30 percent. Airstreams are placed behind the car like an SUV (designed for towing) or any vehicle.

Retaining the Value Of Airstreams Through Time

Image Source: “A line of Airstreams” by Airstream Life is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

Airstreams are more expensive than other travel trailers or recreational vehicles. Do not fret because you can have one even in a used condition with its value. The good news is, if you already have one, you can also resell yours at the right price. 

Reselling a Brand New Airstream: What You Should Know 

Image Source: “The Dream Machine Airstream Trailer Art Basel 2014” by Phillip Pessar is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

If you have a brand new airstream and sell it for upgrading or might be for emergency purposes, it will hold its value most, especially if it is adequately taken care of and looking as new from day one. Selling your brand new airstream from the authorized dealer may lose you a small amount from the original price. Yet, having the experience to live happily, camp, travel with your airstream for years was already considered the profit of your RV investment.

Brand new airstream values may depreciate to 15 to 30 percent of their value than the other RVs. So, it is ideal to sell them (if you are planning to) within three years of use so that you can still get back a portion of your investment. In this time frame, its value will not depreciate that much, making them worthy of your price tags.

Getting A Used Airstreams: What To Look For

Image Source: “Airstream Bambi” by dwstucke is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

If you are a second-hand airstream owner, you can still sell your model reasonably with less value depreciation. Getting pre-owned or used airstreams are tough to beat because it will last for years on the road.  Also, buyers can acquire used airstreams in excellent condition and look new, like the day it was out from the Jackson Center, Ohio, the United States, as the Airstream based for creating trailers.

Used airstreams are found in the airstream marketplace or any other used airstream company.

You can also find a used airstream from an individual and negotiate with the best deal. Buying used airstreams is worthy with their value similar to the brand new ones.

The Edge of An Airstream Over Other RVs

Image Source: “Airstream” by terrybone is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 

Airstreams are indeed expensive, so they should be worthy of their price tags. An airstream has something other RVs cannot offer. 

Airstreams VS other RVs: Physical and Mechanical Parts

Airstreams are the only travel trailer that placed their tanks within the frame. They are easily towed than any other RVs. Airstreams hold their value more than the other RVs because of their meticulous construction and materials.

Compared to the other RVs, creating a single airstream takes long, painstaking labor that usually takes an average of 350 hours. Airstreams are towed from behind while the other brands are placed and carry on its vehicle’s pick up. 

Airstreams are made to last for 40 years or more, while other trailers may last for 15 years, depending on use and maintenance. Airstreams running for years, decades may look new as always than the other RVs, which will get old in time. Airstreams are far more expensive than the rest of the RVs, but they are worthy investments.

Airstream Specials: The Best In Its Area

Image Source: “Airstream Safari 2007 Mars IMG_7991” by terrybone is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 

Airstreams are the safest, most aerodynamic, and most towable travel trailers available on the market today. Its all-aluminum built is resistant to UV rays, pulverization, and primary decay and corrosion. 

They are the only RVs with the best of both the classic and modern look packed in one. Airstreams underwent several detailed tests before leaving the manufacturing area to the authorized dealer, ensuring its high-quality before it runs on the road. 

Its company is known for producing high-quality airstreams for 91 years, and many of these built airstreams are still running in excellent condition. Airstreams will make you feel at home when you will have your get-away vacation, adventures, camping, and the likes. A single airstream has a travel trailer crafted hand by hand by expert craftsmen and craftswomen to ensure its durability.

The Final Verdict: Worth It Or Not?

You reached this far because you want to know if it’s worth the cash. Airstreams are expensive, and I can tell you it is undoubtedly worth it. The next thing you should figure out is the perfect time to get one and if it’s worth buying this amidst the pandemic. Here is another article for the best time to buy an airstream.


If you are someone who wants to invest your hard-earned fortune in a durable RV, then an airstream is definitely for you.  With their design, external and internal features, and historical values, they are worthy of the high price tags. However, it may be true that airstreams are indeed worthy of the high cost but remember, there is no such thing as a perfect trailer. It will have a fair share of maintenance and cons, but you can always do something about it. Just make it the ideal trailer for you, and it will surely not fail you in lasting a lifetime.


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