Best RV for Winter Camping: Great Adventure Ahead!

It is very important to have the best RV for living outside in the winter season, as it is when the harshest of the weather elements can put your possessions’ longevity and strength to the test. You must buy the best RVs you can find for your winter living experience. Purchase a rig with the capability to endure the weather conditions of the great outdoors, especially when the icy breaths of winter caress you each night.

Windjammer 3008W Travel TrailerExterior can keep you warm and comfortable
Perfect for autumn and warmer months
Not ideal for the beginner RVer due to its length
Keystone RV Montana High Country 340BHWide floorplan
Provides a regular home feel
Best heating and insulation
Forest River Arctic WolfOffers comfort and convenience
Comfortable to live in during cold seasons
Beginner RVers may have a hard time driving it
Northwood Snow River Travel TrailerTwo different floor plans
Doesn’t compromise storage
Great for tailgating
Versatile RV
Northern Lite Boreal 23FBAll-season trailer
Lighter than other rigs made out of heavier metals
Comes with solar panels
Lance 4-Seasons Travel TrailerSoundproof
Great insulation
Equal distribution of heat
Jayco Redhawk 26XD MotorhomeFive different floorplans
Plenty of space
Ample amount of storage
Comes with furnace and fuel tanks
Jayco 327CKTS Eagle Fifth WheelQueen-sized bed
Safety glass window
Big awning for outdoor activities
Comes with a tankless water heater Provides comfort and relaxation
Should be willing to pay for additional features
Keystone Raptor Fifth WheelPlenty of floorplans to choose from
Spacious interior
Has arctic weather packages

Windjammer 3008W Travel Trailer: Ideal for All Travelers

The Windjammer 3008W Travel Trailer is so spacious it can fit at least five people in it comfortably, making this a good choice for groups. It weighs up to 7,482 pounds in ship weight and about 897 pounds in hitch weight. The extra weight has a special reason, though, as they keep you warm and toasty throughout your stay.

It is very well-known to a lot of campers and it has a steady amount of followers who swear by its amazing capabilities.

The Windjammer 3008W Travel Trailer boasts a lot of features perfect for the winter months. The trailer has insulation all throughout, with heated holding tanks that are powered by electronics. It also has thermo-pane window upgrades, a floor-ducted furnace, and a fireplace upgrade, perfect if you want to have to gaze blankly by the fire inside your vehicle.

Even though it assures you that you will be kept warm inside especially on the winter days, with its massive weight and other wonderful upgrades, you do not need to worry about the inside being too hot as it has a vent cover and a Maxxaire ventilation fan. The water tanks, it has a 45-gallon fresh water tank, a 75-gallon grey tank, and a 45-gallon black tank.

Other features include having a master bedroom with a built-in wardrobe in it, two slide outs, a bed and bath linen closet installed inside, an oven with microwave hookups available for your convenience, a 44-inch dinette space, a gas grill connector, a master bedroom with a 60×10 bed installed for your comfort, and outdoor awning.

The exterior might not be something you have come to expect when thinking of an RV, but its features are more than enough to keep you warm and comfortable. This camper is perfect for winter and autumn and for the warmer months.

However, it is a heavy trailer just like most four-season RVs. Since it is also quite long, less experienced drivers might find it hard to maneuver on the road.

Keystone RV Montana High Country 340BH: Provides Comfort and Class

The Keystone RV Montana High Country 340BH is a luxurious camper, so if you have a lot of budget to spare, do not hesitate to buy this one for your camping needs.

It is one of the most popular and dynamic trailers available on the market today, with 15 huge floor plans available, and as many as seven berths. Keystone makes one of the best RVs in the industry and its aim to provide a luxurious living and camping experience to its customers are continuing to gain more and more new followers as well as maintaining its old fanbase.

This model is one of the best models for winter camping if you are willing to spend a lot of money on your camper.

The floor plan of this model offers a heavy-duty furnace, rated at 35,000 BTU, which is very ideal to keep you and your friends or family warm and cozy, especially when the harsh weather conditions outside continue to make things chilly and icy.

If you want to maximize the heating experience, you can add an additional 4770 BTU electric fireplace as a supplement. This model also has theater seating in the living area as well as a king-sized bed in the bedroom. Talk about treating you like a king inside your camper.

Its residential-style kitchen makes it easy for you to cook meals for yourself and your companions the way you would cook for them at home.

The Keystone RV Montana High Country 340BH model boasts a wide floor plan, perfect for a more comfortable, spacious, and a much more satisfying experience for you and your group. Its generous provisions for the interiors are enough testament to its commitment to making its customers feel like they are at home.

This model is also equipped with the best heating and insulation possible, which is very important in winter months.

On the other hand, this can be very expensive given its amazing floor plans and features. If you are on a budget, you have to opt out of buying this one in the meantime.

Forest River Arctic Wolf: Comprehensive Extreme Weather Package

Forest River Arctic Wolf boasts of its very comprehensive extreme weather package, making this a very practical good choice for winter living. It has a very effective 35,000 BTU furnace to keep the inside of your RV warm and toasty during the harshest days of the winter season.

It also has a very powerful ceiling fan, allowing the warm air to circulate all around the RV effortlessly, spreading the comfortable warmth all over. It also has a state-of-the-art arctic weather insulation scheme which makes sure the heat is kept inside without letting some of those cold drafts inside your RV.

Aside from its comprehensive extreme weather package, it is also a stylish trailer, making you feel like a million bucks with its posh interiors.

Its strong and reliable heating system allows you to feel safe against colder temperatures, specifically why we have to shop for RVs in the first place. The largest model available has a weight of up to 10,000 pounds, and a hitch weight of about 1,452 pounds. It is 35 feet in width and 11 feet in height, making this very spacious and comfortable to move to and fro inside the RV.

It also has a solar energy system, a full home entertainment system, entry doors completely equipped with friction hinges, and upper bunk windows.

Other features include having upper bunk windows, solar wiring and prep, dinette drawers, provisions for an outside TV bracket and outside shower, a pullout kitchen faucet, and an enclosed and heated underbelly.

Without a doubt, the extreme weather package makes this a very obvious choice for comfort and convenience inside your trailers in harsh winter climates.

It keeps the inside of your RV warm and toasty, making your entire winter living experience a pleasurable one with your family and friends.

Since it is a luxury trailer, expect to spend a lot of money buying this model but all of those will be very much worth it. Novice RV navigators might find it difficult to park this trailer and maneuver it along narrow or winding roads, thanks to its proportions.

Northwood Snow River Travel Trailer: Optimum Comfort and Warmth

Northwood is famously good at making insulated travel trailers, and this one is no exception. In fact, it is a great example of how good they are in their craft.

They offer spacious floor plans across their models, so whatever you choose, you will be assured of having a lot of space within the vehicle. It has the same level of insulation as the Arctic Fox, meaning you will be getting the same amount of comfort without spending too much. You can say this is a good dupe of the Arctic Fox.

It is a great all-around travel trailer if you can see yourself towing a unit weighing over 6,000 pounds GVWR.

Northwood Snow River Travel Trailer boasts a lot of features aimed at comfort during the colder seasons, and more. It has two different floor plans available, with 266RDS being more spacious than the other one. It also has high-density block foam insulation, an interior command center, SLAM door latches on pass-thru storage doors, and a diamond plate bumper wrap.

Other notable features include having a residential wear floor covering.

You can consider this a good choice if you are more into the specifics of keeping yourself warm during winter.

Its two different floor plans allow you to choose between having more space and more accessibility to your things, without compromising the storage or anything else in between. You will probably not be tailgating with this unit, but if for any reason, you are going to use it in an area with more pleasant weather, it has a lot of available features that make it totally acceptable for tailgating.

This is a versatile enough model perfect for most campers.

Northern Lite Boreal 23FB: Sleek and Sophisticated

You will love the sleek, streamlined look and clean lines of this model are made of fiberglass as well as a four-season travel trailer. It has a body length of 23 feet, an interior part of 6’8 feet, and is perfect for all seasons, not only the winter seasons.

It is also spacious inside, allowing you to freely stretch your feet inside without bumping into cabinets, doors, or any other fixtures. It has a six-year warranty, which makes it totally functional and reliable to use.

The Northern Lite Boreal 23FB has everything you need in four-season camping, and even more, exceeding your expectations.

It has a 30,000 BTU furnace and an air conditioner with a heat pump, perfect to keep you cool and comfortable on summer days, and warm and cozy in the colder seasons. It also has the first one-piece “no seams” leak-proof fiberglass four seasons construction, which makes this a good choice for an all-weather camper.

In terms of insulation, it is highly rated, having an R5 rating. Its tanks are also heated and enclosed. Lastly, it also has two 100-watt solar panels in the camper, allowing you to use sustainable and cleaner energy for short periods of time.

This model is perfect not only for the winter season but also for all seasons, which makes it a practical choice as you can fully maximize its features regardless of the season.

It is also made of fiberglass, which makes it much lighter than others made of heavier metals, but with excellent insulation that does not compromise on the comfort inside the trailer. The inclusion of solar panels is perfect for those who want to rely more on much cleaner sources of energy, and it allows them to save more money as well.

Lastly, it is leak-proof, which allows you to be protected from the harsh elements, be it the rainstorms, snowstorms, dust storms, or any other weather disturbances you might encounter.

Lance 4-Seasons Travel Trailer: All-Weather Camper for Everyone

The Lance 4-Seasons Travel Trailer is also perfect for all seasons, making this a practical choice for most campers out there.

It is fully equipped with all the things you might need inside the trailer for the wintertime travels. It has a great insulation system, which makes this a good option, especially for the colder seasons. You do not have to worry about being too cold with this trailer.

This model uses Azdel insulation, replacing wood as its insulation material in the trailer. It uses thermoplastic composite insulation, which stops the mildew, mold, and rot that can ruin the wood whenever it is exposed to wet and cold conditions for long periods of time. The insulation also has another hidden perk: it makes your trailer totally soundproof!

It also has insulated hatch covers and can be snapped on or off depending on the temperatures outside. They help prevent cold air from entering the RV, keeping the cold away and the heat inside for you and your friends and family to enjoy.

It also has a ducted heating system made by its own manufacturers which allows the whole vehicle to distribute heat evenly, making all rooms warm and perfect. Lastly, it has a water heater bypass, which is already winterized, and suitable for cold-weather uses.

Again, there is absolutely no reason for you to worry about the insulation inside this trailer, as their insulation made sure that this will never be an issue for their buyers. The equal distribution of heat inside the trailer, across all rooms, will make your stay there much more comfortable and satisfying, even at home.

It is also soundproof, ensuring a good night’s sleep for everyone inside, and secure in case you are gossipping about your fellow campers (oh, I know we all do that every now and then). There are no cons to this RV model, as this is also perfect for toy trailers and truck campers. It just goes to show how versatile this model can be.

Jayco Redhawk 26XD Motorhome: Style and Sophistication

The Jayco Redhawk 26XD Motorhome is a newer model but it is also one of the most beautiful ones on the market today. You have at least five different floor plans to choose from, depending on your preferences and needs in your camper. Regardless of whatever plan you choose, each model has a Ford chassis, an eight cubic-foot refrigerator, a walk-around queen-sized bed, and a 13-foot awning.

All of the models are also spacious, fitted with a lot of amazing features for you and your guests.

This camper offers a full bathroom, including a shower, a toilet, and your own sink. This one is perfect to keep your hygiene in check, now that the coronavirus pandemic is still far from over and we still need to always clean ourselves every now and then.

It also has a roomy linen closet for your clothes and house linens. No need to think of where to put your clean linens when you have a spacious closet in the trailer. It also has a galley, complete with a microwave, a kitchen countertop with lots of space for you to move, enough shelving for your food and pantry essentials, and a large sink, perfect for your food preparation needs.

There is no need to go to and fro just because you have placed all your cooking utensils everywhere when your kitchen has the most abundant space ever. As for the entertainment, you can also put a two-seater sofa and a large television for your maximum home entertainment experience.

Feel at home with these amazing amenities and provisions and you will never feel like you are living away from your home. It also has a 55-gallon fuel tank, a six-gallon water heater, and a 30 BTU auto-ignition furnace.

There is no need to worry about you getting cold and uncomfortable inside as these features aim to make your stay inside as warm and toasty as it can be. You can fit in at least eight people in this gorgeous camper, so go invite your friends and family with you to create lasting memories with this amazing camper.

The Redhawk has a lot of space in it, perfect for bigger groups or for those who want to have more space to move inside their campers. There would be no problems in storage as the Redhawk has provisions for everything, from storage spaces down to the mere essentials such as beds and even a living and entertainment area.

You will never get cold or uncomfortable in the chilly and cooler seasons as it is fully equipped with its furnace and fuel tanks with a lot of room for fuel to keep your camper running for a long time.

However, Jayco Redhawks are known to be expensive, costing from $100,000 upwards. If you do not have that much money to buy a brand new one, you will have to opt for an older model, which might not have the same luxurious features as this one. In short, this is not for those who are on a tight budget.

Jayco 327CKTS Eagle Fifth Wheel: Top Quality Vehicle

The Jayco 327CKTS Eagle Fifth Wheel is another famous model that is being sworn upon by many campers of different experience ranges. Jayco is known to create amazing models so everyone knows of its reputation as a luxury trailer.

This is also one of the newer models, having been made in 2018, which includes a lot of luxury features just like its predecessors. This model comes in different floor plans, with the prime objective of making you feel like you did not leave your house for a camping trip.

Just like its predecessors, it is quite spacious, which makes it a very comfortable camping vehicle for everyone with the budget for it.

Regardless of the floor plan you choose, all models have these basic features, which all boast roomy space for everyone to feel comfortable inside.

These include a 21-cubic foot refrigerator, walk-in closets with shelving, a TV chest, a washer and dryer, and a 60”x 80” queen-sized bed. Your bedroom will not be a cramped space tucked in the corner of your RV but you can sprawl your body in peace with the huge bed you are provided with this model.

In addition, you will also have a full bathroom, complete with the essentials such as the shower, the toilet, a sink, and your own linen closet. You will also have a 19-foot outdoor awning, perfect for your outdoor activities.

Other features include a kitchen hutch with a second sink and some closet space, some steps, an L-shaped sofa for your living room or another bed for you to sleep in, and extra recliners.

Optional features include a dual-pane frameless tinted safety glass windows so that your security and safety will not be compromised, the Sani-con Turbo Waste Management System, the Dry Camping Package, adding extra LP storage and capacity, a second power awning, and the Girard Gen3 Tankless Water Heater, which includes a digital thermostat in it.

Truly, this model can pose as its own separate house on the road, aimed at giving you comfort and relaxation for your winter travels.

Jayco is very much known for being a great four-season travel camper. You can take this baby wherever you go without worrying if it would get too hot or too cold while you are on your way to your destination, or just plain staying outdoors.

The different luxury features of this newer model just upped the ante for this one. This model will make your outdoor living experience so comfortable you might want to continue staying on the road for a longer period of time than you actually intended to.

Some of the features that made this luxurious model even better are optional, meaning you must be willing to pay for those. Otherwise, it will not be available for you. That being said, having this model is still a great choice. It is still a worthy splurge for your traveling needs.

Keystone Raptor Fifth Wheel: Plenty of Floor Plans to Choose

Just like Jayco Redhawks, anything made by the Keystone brand is guaranteed to be a total success, and this one is no exception.

You will be getting all the same features that you expect from them, including their well-known arctic package, with more. There are eight amazing floor plans to choose from, all of which are expected to give you the best living and camping experience from their travel campers.

Every model will get the bare essentials, such as the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, along with a lot of storage space, but each is arranged differently from the other. Whatever floor plan you choose, you will still not regret it as it is still one of the best purchases you will ever make.

Keystone Raptor Fifth Wheel is known to have spacious interiors so there is no issue of cramped occupants or limited storage spaces as they provide a lot of space for their customers. It also has the same arctic weather package that its predecessors have, so you will stay warm and comfortable inside your trailer for days.

It also has the MaxFlo zone-controlled air conditioner which runs at 15,000 BTUs, making it one of the standout cold-weather features. Keystone never ceases to amaze its loyal fans with its amazing features.

Keystone is one reputable brand with a lot of awards and commendations under its belt from generations of families still trusting them over the years. You cannot question the brand reputation of this one.

Its amazing arctic weather package makes this one of the best buys for campers for colder weather. It also has a lot of different floor plans, aimed at making your stays one for the books. Simply put, everyone loves this RV so there are no known cons for this one.


Buying an RV for winter camping is a different task as you have to consider the fact that you will be warm and toasty inside your RV, without sacrificing or compromising any feature or part of your winter camping experience. These RVs all have a single denominator which is they can withstand the cold winters, so it is entirely up to you to choose which one to buy based on your budget, needs, and preferences. If you want to know more about RV winterizing, here is an article that I have written for you.

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