Van Life Community: Here’s How To Connect With Other Vanlifers

Van Life Community: Group of van in the field

Starting your Van Life is actually not as easy you think it is, or at least that is how it should be. You would have to put into consideration a lot of things given that you’re a beginner to this new world of adventure. Hence, you would need to do your research, from choosing the ideal type of van to choosing the ideal campsites. The information can be obtained from people who have experienced Van Life before. So to meet them, why not join an online community, download van life apps, engage in forums, and immerse yourself in the world you’re about to join.

What are some of the Van Life Community apps and forums that I can join? You can download smartphone apps like “thevanlifeapp” and “Stayfree”. It will provide the best information you would need to start your planned Vanlife. You can also join the community though the “”.

In this article, we will go through the online apps you can download in order to assist you in preparing for the Van Life. Preparation is the first step in whatever endeavor you seek, including the Van Life Community. You cannot just strut to the nearest Van Life campsite without knowing the basics, such as the ideal set up for short-term and long-term van life experiences. The information can also be obtained from other more experienced van lifers. Thus, the need to also engage in online forums and discuss campsites, road trips, events, and van life tips to maximize the experience.

The Van Life App, Download It On Google Play

The Van Life App is a smartphone app that you can readily download on your smartphones. The app is available for both IOS and Android users. Through the app, you can easily get in touch with other Van Life campers and join the movement. When you are a beginner in the world of Van Life, you tend to lack information about the necessary resources that you direly need throughout your experience in the Van Life community.

The app provides you an opportunity to connect with other people within the Van Life community. No need to desperately look for a fellow van life camper, as the app serves as a medium for communication between members of the van life community. The Van Life app also has scheduled events such as tours and gatherings that truly lift up the Van Life experience.

Stories From The Road Section

One of the amazing sections in the Van Life App is “The Stories From The Road Section.” This section of the app features some amazing articles that every Van Life Camper would love to read. The stories range from top experiences in the van life community to best tips a beginner Van Life camper should know. Most of the people in the Van Life community started the experience just out of curiosity, and while such is a good motivating factor, one should really do his research really well before diving into it.

By reading into the stories and experiences of their campers, any beginner in the Van Life community would be able to have a glimpse of what he/she would be facing, good or bad. The experiences prepare you to savor the good memories and to anticipate challenges. For instance, a beginner who happens to read up on a list of amazing restaurants near campsites would definitely thank the app.

List of the Common Places Where Van Life Communities Travel To

The Van Life App provides the user with a list of places where Van Life Communities frequent to. Knowing where most Van Life communities stay allows the user, mostly the beginners, to meet up and join with the community. The experience also allows the user to meet face-to-face with other community members, where they can gain valuable insights.

Social Media Style Platform

The app has features that are similar to Facebook and other social media apps. It allows the user to create an account where other users can detect through the app. Like Facebook, you can message other nearby users through the Van Life App and freely communicate with them. You may even write down your favorite locations or campsites to allow others who share your same preferences to find you.

FAQ and Campers Blog Section

The app also has a Frequently Asked Question or FAQ section wherein users, especially beginners, can read answers to their frequent questions. It may sound trivial, but reading FAQs is helpful because it gives you an idea of what other campers have had as problems too. The app also has a scheduled meet up during Mondays that sadly had to be stopped during the break of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The App is Free to Download

The app is free to download, and so users will not have to worry about spending money just to have it. The app does not have in-app purchases, nor does it have a navigable map that shows campsites and spots, which is probably why some users have given it a low rating when compared to the next app “Stay Free App.”

The Stay Free App Is A Better Rated App For The Van Life 

The Stayfree App is another app popular for the van life community. The app provides a virtual map of all the existing campsites in the world, especially in the US and Europe. There is also an indication of the nearest ATMs, dump stations, showers, toilets, playground, etc. It even provides a guide for Van Life campers who have pets because some campsites and spots allow pets, while some do not.

Like The Van Life App It Also Has A Social Media Style Platform

The app is also like Facebook, wherein users can have accounts that may communicate with one another. Therefore, as you go on with your Van Life, you gain more and more friends on your friends’ list. Similar to Instagram, you can post pictures in the “moments” section to show your experiences and memories built.

The Stayfree App also gives a detailed layout of Natural Spots

Whether you seek a lakeside experience, a seaside one or a mountainous one, the app filters the map so you can easily find the best and nearest nature spot for you. The app can accurately guide you to your destination because it even gives you a heads-up on the type of road you are about to traverse. With one click for instance, you can easily prepare for a forest road, or perhaps a paved road.

The Community in the StayFree App are also advocates of cleanliness

Part of the advocacy of Stayfree is to promote a green community. The goal is to have and maintain a community of Van Life campers that value waste management and cleanliness. So by choosing to participate and join in the Stayfree app, you are guaranteed to meet campers who leave spots cleaner than where they found it.

The StayFree App is Also a Free App

The Stayfree app is also free to download. You can avail of all its features by just downloading it. Creating an account in the app is also relatively easy as it would only require basic information such as name and email address.

The “forum.projectvanlife” Is The Best Place To Meet Other Van Campers Online

Aside from smartphone apps, another way to connect with other Van lIfe campers is by joining online forums. The most popular among the online forums is “forum.projectvanlife.” This forum is beneficial to all members of the Van Life community, not just the beginners. It provides a safe avenue for healthy discussions on any topic related to the Van Life Community. 

Forum Topics Divided Into Categories

The forum has all sorts of topics related to the Van Life community. The topics are often divided into categories such as, beginners corner, administration desk, choosing the right vehicle, the life on the road, etc. The wide range of topics in each category allows Van Life campers to discuss online topics that are sometimes overlooked, such as financing the nomadic lifestyle. 

Aside from topics, there are also threads of discussion where campers greet each other at special events such as Independence Day, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, and even Eid’l Fitr. The forum already has members from all over the world from Alaska to Asian Countries. A healthy discussion online strengthens the bond between members of the community.

Other Ways Van Campers Meet

Aside from smartphone apps and online forums, members of the Van Life community can meet others through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. In fact, if you browse through Facebook right now, you can search for Facebook groups that are exclusively for Van Life community members.  You may also check up on Reddit for threads of discussion because sometimes members of the Van Life community often announce gatherings and road trips there for anybody to join.


Whether you like it or not, you cannot enjoy the Van Life without mingling with others. At some point, you would need the assistance, guidance, and companionship of others who also enjoy the Van Life. To slowly build your circle of friends among the community, you can download and create an account on smartphone apps that bridge together community members online. While you are at it, try having some healthy conversation too on online forums. There is no one single way to meet others. Try them all. Meet others and build memories in the Van Life.

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