A Complete Guide on Your Conversion Van Floor Plans

If you’re thinking about looking for conversion van floor plans, you are in the right place. 

COVID-19 has changed our lives, and we may never know when everything will come back to normal. A solution to keep yourself safe while traveling is the van life. You have to think about it a thousand times before you commit to it. You have to consider a lot of factors such as the number of people going to live in the van, your budget, your kid’s age/s, camping out, and a lot more. 

What are the different conversion van floor plans you can do? To start, think about the size of the van you prefer. Consider the number of people that will occupy this space. If you have already chosen between a small or a large vehicle, decide where to place your bed, storage room, and galley. 

The great side of living in a van is you are going to see a lot of places and enjoy traveling with your loved one. In this article, you will find out about the different floor plans you can try out. If you want a fresh new look, this is for you! These plans are excellent for large and small vans, so stick around because I have interesting floor plans ahead. Now that you have decided to commit to the van life, I will help you build that van you always dreamed of.

Large and Small Conversion Van Floor Plans Anybody Can Do

Choosing a floor plan that will fit you and your family’s needs can be quite confusing. If you search online, there are a lot of DIY conversion van floor plans you can find. Some floor plans are even specific to a van model, particularly Mercedes-Benz, Boho Camper, or Winnebago Solis. It’s all good, but if you have a van model that’s not that known, it will be harder to look for floor plans. In searching for what’s right for you, look for a layout that has been proven and tested.

There are companies out there that sell floor plans to campers. In addition, you can pay for businesses that are willing to convert your van for you, and the advantage of this is that they already have a list of floor plans you can choose from. Hiring professionals can result in a hefty price! If you are willing to pay, you can sit back and watch its transformation. But if you are tightening up your finances, here are DIY floor plans you can check out.

Three Floor Plans for Your Small Vehicle

Here are some floor plans you can do for your small vehicles! These are easy and doable for anyone who wants to try them out! Get ideas and build your van from scratch!

Conversion Plan for the Lone Wolf

Image Source: “File:VW Transporter Campervan built by The Wee Camper Co..jpg” by Danny6060 is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 

Planning your first conversion van can be very challenging. You have a lot of factors to consider, but if you are a lone wolf, this floor plan is for you! First things first, decide where you want to place your bed. You can place this at the back or a bed that will sit along the sidewall. Consider your height because you might have a hard time sleeping. If you are more than six feet, it is highly suggested that you take the sidewall bed position. You will have enough room for a good stretch! 

Since some vans curve inside because of how the van was built, you should think about elevating your bed from the floor. Of course, no one wants an uneven bed to sleep on. Measure your ideal height by getting the distance from the bottom to the frame of the bed. After that, measure the width from the sidewall to the edge of your bed frame again. The next thing to figure out is the other essentials.

If you want a quick and simple floor plan, this is for you. You can place your storage section across the bed. It actually allows more space since this is a small van. Place the galley by the window; this is where you will place your cooking and other appliances for better airflow. The bed you install can either be permanent or retractable. 

If you want more storage space, you can put small cabinets above the bed. A simple floor plan like this is ideal for 3,000sq.in.

Conversion Plan for One Friendly Visitor

Image Source: “Unser ‘Jucy Cruiza’ mit Couch und Tisch” by frischifresh is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 

Our next design is a little bit similar to the lone wolf floor plan. If you plan to have a friend or two to visit you on your van from time to time, take a jab at this. Like the first design, the bed is still by the sidewall. You can still use a permanent or a retractable bed for more space. Installing storage spaces above the bed is still recommended.

A kitchen counter can be installed in front of the bed. A great choice is to establish a foldable table on the sidewall that will serve as a table to eat on. The unique thing about this is if you can retract the lower part of the bed into a couch, you can sit across this mounted table. After eating, push it back against the wall. 

Now let’s pull the table flat again. You can put a storage space across from your couch. If you are able to buy a great storage space that has other functions, you can use a retractable seat and have a friend eat with you inside the van. Next, put full height storage across your bed. In front of that is the galley.

The galley’s design in this floor plan is very strategic because you can use it while you are inside or outside the van. If you want to have that morning sun shining on you while you cook, this plan is a great choice. Always remember to have the galley installed near a window for better airflow. The ideal space for this design is 2,500sq.in.

Conversion Plan for The Morning Person

Image Source: “Ford Transit Campervan x33” by FastOlly is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

If the first two designs listed above have the bed positioned at the back or the sidewall, this plan is slightly different. The bed is placed in the middle in the sense that it sits across the van. Now you are probably wondering what you are going to do with space on either side, so the back end of the van is your storage space. If you imagine, your bed is positioned beside the storage space. You can install storage up to the roof to maximize the interior, and the best part is you can also access the storage from the outside.

What you can look forward to this setup is that since most of your storage space is beside your bed and your bed takes up the whole space as well, this gives more room in the front. You can attach foldable tables stored on the side doors. Now for the galley, this will be attached to the sidewall. If you have a lot of windows on your van, it will illuminate natural light inside. It will give you a good morning greeting from Mr. Sun. The ideal floor space for this design is 2,000sq.in.

Three Floor Plans for Your Large Vehicle

Image Source: “Apollo Euro Star” by apollorv is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0 

Larger vans are great for people who want more space and storage. If you have more than four people onboard, this size is an excellent choice. These layouts are designed for better comfort and bigger equipment on board.

Conversion Plan for the Sports Enthusiast

Image Source: unsplash

For people who love sports, this is the best design to go with. If you like to ride your bike around or you have a skateboard with you, place this at the back portion of your vehicle. After the storage space, place the foldable bed in front. Still, you can put storage spaces above, and remember, this is an elevated bed. Along the sidewall on the left side is the small kitchen or galley. 

Windows should be near this spot for better airflow. Next to the kitchen is the refrigerator. Use this for food you want to store longer, such as meat, eggs, and cold beverage consumptions. Across the kitchen is the comfort room. Inside this simple feature are a toilet and shower. The great thing about having your comfort room is that you can go anytime; you don’t have to look for public restrooms to bathe or take the number 2. Lastly, beside the toilet and bath is a simple computer desk.

Conversion Plan for Siblings

If you’re traveling with a buddy, a best friend, or your arch enemy– I mean your sibling, then this plan is excellent for your van! This floor plan can fit two beds and what’s convenient is that you can fold this up into a couch whenever you want! Turn these into a full-sized bed at night for greater comfort. You wouldn’t have to share beds since there’s space for everyone. You’ll feel right at home.

Since the beds are placed at the back, space is maximized. Of course, you can still design storage boards above each bed to have your storage and private spaces. In front of the bed on the left side is a closet; you can have an individual or a shared closet. Next to the cabinet is your toilet and bath. Across from these spaces is the galley for your kitchen appliances.

Conversion Plan for the Lovely Couple

This last floor plan is excellent for couples. If you want a plan that will maximize your space with very comfortable bed space, this is it. Since the other floor plans have their toilet and bath attached on the sidewall, this plan has it on the back corner. It provides the couple with more privacy and convenience as well. The closet will sit beside and in front of the toilet and bath space for easier access to clothes, shirts, and other essentials.

A retractable bed is placed on the sidewall that’s along with the bathroom. Turn it into a bed at night and a comfortable couch you can sit on in the morning. Beside the bed is a cabinet; you can put essential items here that you’d want to reach by hand. On the other sidewall, beside the closet, is a refrigerator. Following the cold storage are the galley and a pantry.

Considerations to Think About in Conversion Van Floor Planning

There are a lot of things to consider in choosing your floor plan. One of which is the number of people that are going to live in the van. Maximize your space but cater to comfort as well. If you have kids, think about their age bracket. You might need to think about safety and precautions on this matter, and another factor is their privacy. Privacy is very crucial in their development.

Next is the size of the beds. If you have small children, consider getting them their infant-size beds. For teens, twin-sized beds are excellent, and full-size bunk beds to share for adults. Before anything else, communicate with your family or a friend you’re going to talk about van life. It’s not an easy transition. Always remember to ask them their wants and needs so that everybody is well taken care of.


All these floor plans serve as a guide for you to choose your level of comfort. Whether you’re traveling alone, with your sibling, or as a couple, you’ve got what you need right here. Setting up your conversion van can be your home for a long time or a van you can use to travel in. You can see the world and have your home with you! Now that you have decided to live the van life enjoy it to the fullest.

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