Gift Ideas for RVers: Know What to Get Your Loved Ones

Gifts for Van Lifers

When looking at RVers, you might think they won’t need anything as they already have everything inside their van. However, a traveler may need tons of things, and you can help them save money by gifting them these things they can use as nomads. Gifts are more appreciated when it’s something that one can use in their daily routines or something that they really need for their work. 

1. Bungee Cords: For Keeping Things in Place

Your experience as an RVer on the road would teach you that everything inside the van needs to be secured one way or the other. You do not want your things shaking and falling with every curve and rough path of your way, so you need something to set them in place throughout the trip.

Bungee cords are an essential accessory each traveler should have. They come in different lengths and colors, which allows us to properly organize our things, leaving them undisturbed and safe while on the road. These cords would also secure that no fragile things would be damaged in the van while running.

They are made of superelastic materials, strong and durable, to help you store things and fasten items securely. With its low price, bungee cords would be a great gift for your RVer friend, and they would surely love receiving one. 

2. Camp Supplies Kit: For Off-Grid Trips

If you know someone who loves outdoor activities and is always on the go for adventurous trips, this camping supplies kit is the perfect gift you can give him. This kit is complete with the gears you’ll need for hiking and camping activities without worrying about leaving an item behind. 

It comes with over 70 pieces of stackable gears, all built to be waterproof, and comes from indestructible military-grade aluminum. Essential supplies like bamboo cloth, candles, whistles, can openers, and many more are included in this kit.

The kit also features survival gears like flashlights, compass, sire starters, and marine-grade ropes. Of course, first aid materials are also part of this kit. You’ll find bandages, antiseptic wipes, safety pins, and first-aid tapes to use in case of emergency and injuries. 

A camping supplies kit would be most appreciated by your RVer, as their safety is a priority when you gift them this kit. 

3. Bee’s Wraps: Get Rid of Plastics!

Living in a van would require you to use the most minimal space possible, which also applies to food preparation and storage. Since we have limited space, we want to save space on our refrigerator by using plastic wraps in storing food rather than putting them in separate containers. However, plastics are not a good company, especially in van life, where you also need to avoid having trash inside the van. 

Bee’s wraps are a very smart and economic take on food storage. These are great for packing food during a hike, camp, or storing it inside the van for later consumption. These reusable food storage items eliminate single-use plastics and keep food fresh and clean.

They are also washable and reusable, so there is no concern that they may be added as trash in the van. Plus, they are made of cotton and covered in beeswax, making your food smell fresh. Grab one of these for your RVer loved one, and they will thank you big time. 

4. Charcoal Air Purifier: For Full-time RVers

Living in a van full time would have you realize that the small space would start smelling a little less than fresh over the years. That is because of the humidity from the outside elements, odors from cooking, and the water system trapped inside the van. 

These non-electric charcoal air purifiers are what your full-time RVer friend needs to eliminate these stinky odors. Charcoal air purifiers would naturally absorb bad odors and remove pollutants, allergens, and moisture that causes mold growth.

The non-electric purifier is significantly cheaper than electric, 100% non-toxic, scentless, and highly eco-friendly. You could leave it lying on the van without worries while you go for a camp, and it would automatically do its job freshening up your van. 

5. ‘50 States, 5000 Ideas’: Where and When To Go

Your new RVer friend or loved one would enjoy the company of this book entitled “50 States, 5000 Ideas”, which spells out where to go, when to go, what to see, and what to do in the United States’ most spectacular places and greatest hidden treasures. 

Travel experts of National Geographic beautifully illustrated, compiled, and showcased the best travel experience in every state, from the popular to the most surprising, never-before-seen places. 

Your RVer would truly enjoy a book tour through national parks, hotels, beaches, Civil War battlefields, museums, and more. You’ll never run out of places to visit reading this awesome book, complete with fascinating facts about each state that fuels your wanderlust and brings you the best vacation ever. 

6. Camping Chair: Comfort and Style

An RV trip is not complete without some camping activities and a date night with friends and family beside a bonfire. To make it more aesthetic and comfortable, we recommend you some comfy camping chairs with a built-in four can cooler.

This camping chair is complete with side pockets, a mesh cup holder, and adjustable arm height for all your camping needs. This foldable chair is also easy to bring anywhere and available in many colors, which your RVer would really love. 

An insulated cooler pouch built into the armrest can keep up to four cans chilled, so you can easily have a cold drink any time of the day. Grab one of these now for your RVer camping buddy. 

7. Portable Dog Paw Cleaner by Mudbuster

Solo travelers love to have company in the form of their dogs. They are their protector who is always with them through camps, hikes, and all outdoor activities. Hence, their paws would accumulate dirt, which you don’t want inside your van.

A simple yet practical gift you can get for your RVer friend and his dog is Mudbuster’s dog paw cleaner. It has gentle silicone bristles that remove dirt and mud from your dog’s paw, keeping all the mess in the mud buster and not your van. 

This handy tool is also available in many colors and comes at a low price. Get one now on the link above and make your travel with your dog worry-free.

8. HitchSafe Key Vault: Keep All Valuables Safe

Living on the road teaches us to be always vigilant and practice safety at all costs, especially since every piece of our valuables is inside the van. Keys, cards, and other important things should be kept hidden and safe if you have to leave them inside the van for outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, or camping.

The HitchSafe Key Vault could be what you are looking for to gift your RVer loved ones. It is an awesome RV accessory designed to hold small valuables. It features metal construction and slides easily inside the receiver.

The easy install and uninstall feature is perfect for RVers who are always on the go, requiring no tools upon installation. Surprisingly, the lock combination can be changed to 10,000 possible codes, ensuring that no uninvited guest could peek inside your key vault. Give your RVer a gift of safety now by purchasing this HitchSafe Key Vault. 

9. Tandem Tire Changing Ramp: Easy Tire Change

This tandem tire changing ramp is an all-out awesome tool RVers could use. The ramp is high enough and helps you change tires more easily and quickly, without needing a jack or emptying your cargo for lighter weight. 

This works by driving the good tire on the ramp to lift the flat tire to 5.5 inches off the ground. The 15,000-pound limit could easily handle most travel trailers and vans without breaking a sweat.

Trailer-Aid Plus Tandem Tire Changing Ramp is an ideal gift for female RVers, the older ones, or everyone who doesn’t want hassle in changing tires. And mind you, it is not that expensive for its quality. 

10. Advanced RV GPS Navigator: Promote Safety on the Road

An incredible gift for people who do a lot of roaming travel through different destinations is the Garmin RV Portable GPS Navigator. It is voice-activated and features a seven-inch high-resolution touch screen display for all your RV-specific services. If you like to take local and scenic routes instead of staying on highways, this may be a good thing to have.

Custom your routing considering the size and weight of your van. The navigator also provides road warnings to inform you of steep grades, sharp curves, weight limits, and more. If you’re deciding on the RV park to visit, think no more. The GPS navigator includes a directory of RV parks and services, plus contents from Ultimate Public Campgrounds, KOA, and more. 

You could also pair it with your compatible smartphone to access hands-free calling and smart notifications. Garmin portable GPS navigator is all you could ask for in smart equipment to accompany you safely throughout your trip.

11. Airfryer: Your All-Purpose Cooking Equipment

Considering the small space of almost every corner of your van, a multi-purpose cooker that roasts, crisps, reheats, bakes, and cooks is what every RVer needs. Gift an RVer with this Ninja Max Air Fryer and give them the best cooking experience.

This air fryer could answer all your cooking needs and give hotter and crispier food. It is family-sized and can cater up to three pounds of food like fries and chicken wings for your big family or a group of travelers.

Air fryers are a thing nowadays because of the absence of cooking oils, cutting off up to 75% less fat than traditional frying. This gift will surely satisfy all your cravings for guilt-free snacks and dinners. Plus, its ceramic basket is both nonstick and dishwasher safe, easy to clean and store in the van. 

12. Collapse-it: Silicone Food Containers

Freeze, store, bake, and microwave right in the same container with these cute nesting bowls in four fun colors. These bowls would come in handy when you have no room for more containers on your countertop. From the freezer and oven to the dishwasher, cooking and storing food has never been this easy.

These containers can collapse to less than half of their original size, so you can save your precious space, which we know, is a rarity in RVs. You’ll love the versatility and durability of these collapsible containers made from medical-grade silicone, resisting stains and odors, so it is easier to clean.

The collapsible containers by Collapse-It feature their airtight seal, which makes food last longer. Have a visit at the link above and find out all of the amazing qualities of these containers at a reasonable price for all your food storage and cooking needs. 

13. Mini Coffee Maker: Your Morning Coffee Partner

Nothing beats stepping out of the van in the morning sun with a cup of hot coffee. Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker would just be the one you are searching for to gift a coffee addict RVer. Aside from its already considered a necessity more than a kitchen accessory, its design fits the idea of van living.

The coffee maker won’t take up much space in the RV counter with only five inches wide build, giving more room for other important cooking appliances. Heavy coffee drinkers won’t have problems as Keurig lets you choose your cup size, ranging from six ounces to twelve ounces. 

Its removable drip tray helps accommodate travel mugs of up to seven inches tall. It also holds a full accidental brew for easy cleanup. 

If coffee is a morning routine for you, you should definitely get this energy-efficient coffee maker and wake up with freshly brewed coffee every day. 

14. RV Organization eBook: Organize RV Like a Pro

There is no better way to start your life in a van than studying organization tips and hacks for your small space; after all, we need to load the van with all the essential things to keep us alive on the road. One of the best gifts for new RV owners is this organization eBook, loaded with tried and tested tips from full-time RVers.

This ebook teaches you to organize almost everything inside the van without worrying about too much clutter. The book will also help you secure all your belongings, avoiding the risk of them shaking or falling out when the van is on the road. Have access to hundreds of RV organization hacks from 13 experienced full-time RVers with years of experience in van living.

The 73-page eBook features over a hundred photos of organization hack you could apply to your van. Plus, it has a bonus chapter for tips on living in a tiny space, so you can make the most out of your van without sacrificing your comfort. Discover simple solutions to all your storage problems by giving it a try. 

15. Berkey Water Filter: Save Yourself for Plastic Bottles

Drinking water is one of the major expenses of an RVer if they don’t have a water filter system. You would be forced to buy water for your weekly supply, and plastic bottles would inevitably accumulate in your van. 

This water filter system from Berkey lets you store water from any source and filter out any forms of bacteria, heavy metals, and viruses, providing safe drinking water. The Berkey purification system is one of Berkey’s most trusted RV kitchen accessories, and the price could make up for all its good qualities.

Berkey systems are equipped with Black Berkey purification elements that remove viruses and pathogenic bacteria in unfiltered water. With its capacity of 1.5 gallons, you’ll never run out of water on the road. It can fee one to three persons a day with its 18 inches height and 7.5 inches diameter build. Get one for your RV and worry no more about your drinking water. 

16. Toolset for All RV Repair Needs

An RVer’s best friend for repairs on the road is a quality and complete toolset. And when I say it will come in handy, it will surely do, especially during unexpected emergencies on the road and help is far from your area.

The lightweight toolset is composed of 148 pieces of necessary tools, overall weighing around 5.8 pounds. These tools are heat treated and chrome plate, resisting corrosion and early damages. 

You do not need to think twice about getting this toolset for your RVer loved ones because this will surely save them many times on the road. Check out the link above and get one of these number best seller toolsets on Amazon for a low price. 


Your RVer friend or loved ones would greatly appreciate receiving any of these gifts. When you gift them these essential things in the RV, you help them save money and help them live more comfortably in the van. The thought that you think of something they can use in their everyday life on the road would truly delight them and make them appreciate your gift more. 

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