Best RV Covers: Time to Protect Your Rig!

Best RV Covers: Time to Protect Your Rig!

Hot summer sun, rainfall, or heavy winds cannot stop us from traveling to our favorite places with our favorite companion, our RV. However, extreme exposure to these elements may be harmful and damaging to our RVs; that is why RV covers are the best option for this. Size matters when choosing your cover, so this is the right place to know about it. 

What are the best RV covers? The best covers for Class A RVs are ACDO Designer Series and Eevelle’s S2 Expedition. For the smallest Class B RV, Car Covers and Classic Accessories feature awesome covers. Finally, the medium-sized Class C RVs are catered by Budge Standard and OOFIT, which offer outstanding features to their covers.

What to Look For in an RV Cover: Types, Sizes, and Features of a Great RV Cover

If you are a new RVer, probably having a newly-bought RV, you wouldn’t want any scratch or dirt to touch your RV. This is when RV covers come to the rescue. But before purchasing one, let us look at the things you need to know about RV covers to help you understand what type of cover you are looking for. 

Different Types of Material for your RV Cover

There are three common materials used in producing RV covers, namely polyester, polypropylene, and polyethylene. Polyester covers are made from layers of yarn and fiber. This material helps fight against UV rays that may damage the RV. 

Polypropylene covers work best during the winter and are highly resistant to acid damage, cracking, and water. Lastly, polyethylene is a material commonly used for plastic bottles and grocery bags. It is a strong fabric that is also water-resistant, making it a perfect choice for rainy campgrounds.

Qualities to Look for When Choosing the Perfect Cover for Your RV

Not all RV covers offer the same features, and that is why you should look out for the following qualities that will perfectly suit your rig. The first is breathability. Breathable material does not retain moisture in it, thus preventing mold and rust build-up. In addition, your RV can be left guarded under the rain with the cover’s protection. 

Next is the cover’s fit to the RV. It should fit the RV’s exact size. All sides should have securing straps to prevent the cover from flapping through harsh winds and rainfall. The cover should also have panel zippers to have access to doors and openings in the RV.

A quality of a good cover is it being water-resistant and UV protectant. In addition, the material should stand exposure to all types of climate such as snow in cold regions, hot weather, and the rainy seasons.

There should also be a part of the RV cover where air can freely flow outside the cover. These air vents are mostly placed at parts of the RV where there is aircon and air vents.

Custom Fit vs. Generic Sized RV Cover: What to Choose Between the Two

Custom-fit RV covers are sized explicitly to your RV type, classified as Class A, B, C, and trailers and fifth wheels.

Class A is the biggest RV class size which measures 21 to 45 feet long and is excellent for full-time RVing. Class B is the smallest RV class size which is also known as camper vans or conversion vans. They measure 17 to 19 feet long. The smaller version of the Class A motorhome is the Class C RV with a sleeping capacity of up to 8 people. It measures 20 to 31 feet long. Finally, trailers and fifth wheels are towable RV classes requiring a vehicle to tow them, such as SUVs, pickup trucks, or van. This RV class ranges from 10 to 40 feet long, depending on its size. 

Generic-size RV covers which can fit any type of RV are not very popular. RVers want the cover to fit perfectly in their rig to avoid flapping through strong winds. Moreover, the generic-size covers are more challenging to secure than that of the custom fit. 

Best Custom Fit RV Covers

Here are the best and high-quality RV covers for each RV size and type, their price, and the key features that each cover offers. 

Class A RV Covers for Your Big Guys

Check these covers for your big guys to know what fits well into your RV.

ADCO Designer Series AquaShed Trailer Cover: Protection from Moderate Climate

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ADCO Designer Series AquaShed trailer cover is ideal for moderate climates with high moisture. It features a triple-layer SFS aqua shed top panel and triple-layer designer polypropylene sides, which are meant to stand moisture for a period of time. It also repels water and allows air to penetrate inside. 

The designer series provides a cooler environment for your rig as it reduces exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays which causes cracking and fading of RV skin. It is also an added protection from dust, resulting in a decreased need for cleaning, waxing, and roof treatments. 

A bunch of other essential accessories comes with the ADCO RV cover, like rain gutter spouts protectors to prevent cover puncture, a storage bag, a ladder cap, and extra adhesive. It also features a weighted buckle toss-under for easy cover installation in your RV. 

Highlights: Includes buckles, flaps, and straps that prevent cover rip out. It also has built-in vents that help air escape the cover during moderate winds.

Eevelle’s S2 Expedition: The Sure-fit RV Cover

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The sure-fit RV cover of Eevelle features high-quality materials that ensure durability. The top panel is made of Marinex marine-grade waterproof fabric with endurance roof straps. Side covers are formed out of heavy gauge polypropylene, which is lightweight but highly durable. Another layer of durapel blend UV and water-resistant coating makes the cover highly unsusceptible to heat and moisture. 

The endurance roof strap system partnered with the heavy-duty reinforced sidewalls works well to secure a sure-fit RV cover. Additional adjustable front tension pulls and elasticized hems guarantee a wrap-around fit on your rig with full-length zipper panels to access doors and windows easily. 

Highlights: Eevelle’s lightweight RV cover is made to withstand strong winds and prevent cover flapping which may cause ripping.

Camco 45731 30’ UltraGuard Class A Cover for Your Winter Trip

Protect your RV while you’re on a winter trip with Camco UltraGuard RV cover, which is ideal for cold and snowy camping places. The triple layer SFS top panel provides maximum resistance to rain and snow together with the heavy-duty fabric sides. 

A self-adjusting hold-down strap system is incorporated to avoid flapping of cover when exposed to strong winds. It also displays heavy-duty zippers to access doors and openings when RV is covered and tough interlocking seams for durability. 

Highlights: The durable fabric is perfect for snow and rainfall. Plus, the self-adjusting hold-down strap ensures the covers hold to the RV.

Class B RV Covers for the Small Guys on the Road

Smaller RVs need as much protection as the bigger ones, so these covers are waiting to meet your Class B RV.

Car Covers Deluxe Shield Travel Trailer RV Cover for All Types of Weather

Luxury and protection in one as the Car Covers Deluxe Shield safeguards your RV from all types of weather conditions. Lightweight with three layers of fabric on top and one layer on the sides, its water-resistant trait is excellent for high moisture camping sites. There are also built-in vents to prevent moisture from being trapped in the cover.

Secure a snug fit to your RV with the adjustable tension panels and elastic hem corners integrated with a weighted toss bag to help set up the cover without crawling under the RV. 

Customers can specify their RV’s size and get a semi-custom cover that fits perfectly in your RV. 

Highlights: Made for all types of weather, this cover features a 3-layer roof fabric that ensures a snug fit. You can also customize your cover by giving them the exact measurement of your RV.

Classic Accessories OverDrive PermaPRO: Quick-drying RV Cover

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Classic Accessories features a PermaPRO ripstop fabric that protects the RV from water, dirt, and the sun. Also, the quick-drying cover reduces wind stress and moisture inside to prevent mildew buildup.

This cover comes with adjustable tension panels, elasticized hems, and integrated steps and toss bag system for an easy installation for a custom fit. Because of this, the cover can stand heavy rain and wind without flapping. 

Zippered panels on all four sides provide easy access to doors and storage spaces while RV is covered. It also has long zipper pulls to minimize the need for a ladder when accessing these zippers. The RV cover also comes with a zippered storage bag which can be expanded for easy packaging after use.

Highlights: The quick-drying fabric prevents mildew build-up on the cover. The long zipper pulls are for ease of access to doors and storage areas.

Eevelle Goldline Heavy Duty RV Cover: Gold Standard in RV Covers

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Eevelle Goldline Heavy Duty RV cover is the gold standard in RV covers. It is made from 300D polyester materials with maximized durability which are sure to last long. Furthermore, the RV cover is treated with Durapel UV sun inhibitor to protect against the damaging UV rays.

Another vital material used is a microporous film which is highly breathable, anti-mildew, and is highly waterproof. Endurance roof straps are also available to support the cover weight and secure it tightly to the RV.

Highlights: Eevelle’s endurance roof strap system and anti-mildew property will surely make your RV cover last a long time. It also provides an extended warranty period.

Class C RV Covers for Your Medium-Sized RVs

Let us head over to the medium guys on the road, the Class C RVs. Here are some fantastic covers to give your rig an item of clothing against the sun and rain.

ADCO Designer Series DuPont Tyvek Features Slip Seam Strapping System

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The Slip seam strapping system of the ADCO Designer Series is a particular advantage for security. Seams are secured with an adjustable strap to seal a perfect fit onto your RV. Also, the strapping system avoids cover flapping through heavy winds, which may result in ripping. 

ADCO cover’s top panel is made from Tyvek, a breathable material that reflects sunlight and keeps the RV cooler. It is also water-resistant and works with a durable gray polypropylene side cover to ensure RV’s sealed protection. There is also a weighted buckle toss under the RV for easy installation and four travel tire guards for your wheels. 

Highlights: ADCO has a well-thought tightening strap system that lets the cover fit perfectly to your RV. It also comes with four tire guards for your wheel protection.

Budge Standard RV Cover with Rope Securing System

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Budge Standard RV cover is a durable and lightweight cover that fits all weather conditions. The top panel is made from a 3-layer spunbond polypropylene, water-resistant, and a single-layer side panel. 

The full height zippers give easy access to doors and storage while RV is covered. A rope securing system is its key feature that ensures cover to cling onto RV during strong winds and rainfall. Plus, air vents at the top of the cover prevent air from staying inside the surface, making it swell. Finally, this breathable cover is UV treated to protect the RV from too much exposure to the sunlight. 

Highlights: The rope secures the cover firmly on the RV. This is a durable and lightweight material that is water and UV-resistant.

OOFIT Extra-Thick 4-Ply RV Cover with Fluorescent Indicator

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What caught my attention about this RV cover is its fluorescent indicators along the zipper lines. It is a huge help in navigating through your RV cover during night time. 

The OOFIT RV cover is made from a thick and durable 4-ply marine-grade fabric at the top and single-ply fabric on the sides. An addition of a polyurethane coating is incorporated for the durability of a long-lasting fabric. These materials are breathable and help protect the RV against UV rays, snow, and rain. 

In securing the RV cover’s fit, OOFIT incorporates double-stitched seams, adjustable front, and rear tension panels, and elasticized hem for a good fit and anti-flap cover. The openings on the door can be rolled up and secured with a strap when you want parts of your RV to be opened for easy access. Another plus is they provide instructions on the installation and use and include an adhesive repair patch when the cover is damaged. 

Highlights: The fluorescent indicator along the zipper lines is a plus point for RVers who love to camp at night. Add to that the durable 4-ply marine-grade fabric that is sure to do its job to protect your rig.

Trailers and Fifth Wheels Cover: Additional Shield from any Climate

Preserve your rig’s smooth and scratch-free skin with these RV covers specifically made for trailers and fifth wheels.

RVMasking 5th Wheel Cover with Rich Accessories

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RVMasking becomes the first pick with its rich accessories when it comes to trailers and fifth wheel covers. The durable and waterproof cover is made from 150D high-density polyester with a silver coating for added class and design. Waterproof straps and buckles are also available to strengthen the cover’s custom fit and protect the RV from heavy winds.

A good RV cover features are elasticized hems, double-stitched seams, and rollable zippered doors and panels. There are also four air vents in each corner of the RV’s roof to release moisture from the RV and ensure cover breathability. 

The lightweight trait of RVMasking’s cover conforms to an easy installation with no tools needed. The long zipper pulls are ideal for no-ladder usage, and the weighted buckle toss-under makes it easy to attach the cover under the RV. They also offer 30 days money back and three years warranty for this product.

Highlights: RVMasking includes numerous accessories and four side air vents. Installation is also made easy with no tools needed. 

Amazon Basics Trailer RV Cover: Integrated Buckle Attachment System

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The Amazon Basics Trailer RV cover uses a thick 3-ply roof material and 1-ply breathable sides to protect from dust, dirt, rain, and snow. There is also an integrated air vent system that minimizes moisture and wind retention on the cover.

Adjustable front and rear tension panels, elasticized hem corners, and integrated buckle attachment secure every part of the cover to the RV for a custom-fit installation. In addition, there are also under straps to connect two sides of the RV cover and prevent it from flapping. 

Additional accessories like storage bags and patch kits are included for storing and repairing damage to your RV cover.

Highlights: The under straps are stable anchors through high winds. Adjustable front and rear tension panels and elasticized hems also provide a custom fit to your RV.

Best Generic-sized RV Covers

If you are not so sure of the RV cover’s size that you need to purchase, you can resort to a generic-sized cover that caters to any size of a motorized home, be it Class A, B, or C. However, I have listed down only one because an RV cover is meant to fit your specific RV size. Therefore, using a bigger or smaller one for your RV may not give the proper protection it intends to offer.

North East Harbor PLRV7: Your Versatile RV Cover

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The versatile North East Harbor RV cover is suitable for Class A, B, C, Trailers, and Fifth Wheels, protecting the RV in all weather conditions. It features a 300D polyester waterproof material which is both great for rainfall and snow. It also serves as additional protection from the sun, dirt, and other natural pollutants.

Zippered access allows access to doors and engine while covered, and reinforced strap kits wrap the cover around RV’s entire body for additional protection from flapping. This cover will also protect your RV paint from scratches prolonging its brand new appearance. 

Highlights: This cover can be used for Class A, B, C, trailers, and fifth wheels of any size. It has reinforced straps to fit whatever size of rig you have.

Frequently Asked Questions About RV Covers

These are answers to some questions that you may have in mind but are not yet processed. I have them all ready for you.

Do RV covers cause damage to RVs?

RV covers do not damage your rig. On the contrary,  it protects all parts of it from any weather condition that may cause damage to your RV. These covers use specialized fabric and coatings to fight against the harmful UV rays and moisture that may lead to mildew buildup.

Are RV covers worth it?

It is worth covering your rig to avoid any issues such as scratches, molds, and fading of paint due to over-exposure to moisture and the sun. In addition, you’ll get the value for the price since each RV cover is guaranteed durable and made from quality materials.

Is it advisable to cover your RV?

It is advisable to cover your RV, especially when you are headed on a trip to a cold campsite, parked under the sun, or experiencing heavy rains and strong winds. But, apart from those, if your RV is in a shaded parking space without any contact with dirt and moisture, you may opt not to cover it.


RV covers and their wonders! They really do wonders in protecting our RV wherever we go, and whatever weather there is on our chosen campsites. Rain or shine, hot or cold, RV covers are the trusted clothing for our rig. For convenience during night time, I would suggest you get your version of OOFIT Extra-Thick 4-Ply RV Cover with Fluorescent Indicator to make your RVing not only fun but also safe.

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