Best RV Families to Follow: Get Your Inspiration for Them

Since I got hooked on watching people vlogging themselves while living full time in their RV, mostly young adults having their freedom on the road, I‘ve wondered how it is like to live in an RV full time, with a spouse, kids, or pets. We all know an RV does not offer that much space for everyone, unlike a traditional home, and it could be a bit challenging if you have kids with you. And I guess it is perfect timing. As I was browsing RV videos, I stumbled upon this family of seven living in their RV full time, sharing their experiences and tips on their social media platforms. 

1. Hawks Take Flight

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So let’s start with the family that I mentioned above. The Hawks Take Flight. They are a family of seven who started living in their RV full-time about a year ago. Like the other families who decided to give up their traditional homes, they also made major adjustments when living in an RV. Plus the fact that they have five children. 

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The first video that I’ve watched about them is their RV Tour that you can find on their Youtube channel. In that video, they gave us a glimpse of how their lives went as a big family who lives in an RV. Although an RV does not provide them that much space, Hawks Take Flights’ videos show that there are actually ways to maximize spaces to have a room for everyone.

The Hawks Take Flight channel has 1.32k subscribers on their Youtube, and you can also follow them on their Facebook, which is Hawks take Flight. Go and take a look at their RV adventures!

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When Jill Krause and her husband decided to sell their five-bedroom house and live in an RV full-time, they already knew that it would be an adventure for them. They have four adorable children together who are also enjoying life on the road. Jill said that since they live in an RV, they became much closer and stated that it is actually what the goal is. 

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I like this channel because it gives viewers raw footage and shows real-life situations that can help us picture how it’s really like to live in an RV. I can say that this family is one of the best RV families to follow if you are also thinking of giving van life a shot. 

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Aside from countless van life experiences, they also talk about parenting, tips on beginning a family, handling kids, and more. They interview other couples about their journey of turning a house into a home, which adds up to why I love this channel.

Their channel is now called Baby League that has 619k subs on Youtube and is now owned by a Family network called Family League. You can also follow them on InstagramOpens in a new tab. for more inspiring stories of the road! 

3. RV Love by Marc and Julie Bennet

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This lovely couple has been inspiring people since 2014. They are entertaining, fun to watch, and I love their informative and educational videos about RV life, which I think is perfect for those who are just starting with their van life journey. On their Youtube channel, you can find various videos about their experiences, a bunch of playlists about how-to’s, DIY RV makeovers, RV maintenance repairs, and services.

Marc and Julie’s journey started when they sold their home in Colorado so they can buy an RV to make their dreams come true. They now traveled a total of 50 states in the US. Since they started their channel, they have shown us all the RVs they owned and how they managed to maintain and set them up all by themselves.

Now, Marc and Juliet’s Youtube channel has over 52.7k subscribers. They also wrote a book called Living the RV Life – Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road! You can get it on Amazon, so be sure to check that out.

4. Finding Four Corners

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Known as the “Four Kids, Four Corners” team before, Jerri and Michael Harris had four kids when they started RVing. They explored all places in North America and made memories that they sure will treasure for a lifetime.

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Although they have not been that active on social media these days, their videos and trips are still one of my picks when showing us how a family of six can manage to live in an RV full time. You can still follow them on their Instagram account and update their usual routine as an RV family. 

5. Loftis Party of Six

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Another big family that I love on the list is this team of a traveling family who started RVing in 2018. Micheal and Laine have been uploading their adventures on Youtube for six years. Since then, their goal has been to bring happiness to everyone watching and inspire them. 

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The Loftis Party of Six created this channel to show the reality of every RV family, including all the ups and downs that might come on the way. In addition, they can also teach us how we could remodel, fix and repair an RV. Which I think is a good idea because we all know that it is not always rainbows and butterflies in life. 

Loftis Party of Six truly is living their life to the fullest, sharing the freedom, love, and spreading good vibes to all those who watch them. Now, they have over 102k subscribers on their Youtube channel following all their fresh and new videos. 

6. Getaway Couple

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Rae and Jason Miller, also known as The Millers, are fur parent who lives and travels all over the US in their Grand Design fifth wheel. They share quick and helpful tips and routines with everyone. Along with that, I love the fact that they help viewers by sharing tips on how one can still earn while on the road. 

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One of the many things that caught my attention while browsing through their channel is their Fireside Chats playlist. On Fireside Chats, they give their subscribers a chance to give them (Rae and Jason) topics and ask them anything the viewers are curious about.

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You will also love their channel because they take the time to make their videos easy to find for all viewers. Like they really wanted to connect to everyone using all their vlogs. They now have 65.2k subs on Youtube and continuing to spread the story of their adventure and the cuteness of their travel buddy slash fur baby, Carmen.

7. Changing Lanes

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Like the other RV Families, Chad, Tara, and their doggo, Daisy, are full-time RVers who also sold almost everything they had to buy themselves a new home so they could travel full time. They now own a Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler RV (2018 Grand Design Momentum 397TH) that has been brought over North America.

Changing Lanes has been vlogging and living nomadically since 2017. They have plenty of videos about their RV tips and tricks, RV DIY projects, and even their Motorcycle Rides with their 2018 Roadmaster. Their Youtube channel now has 207k subscribers, and I bet you will be one of those after binge-watching their videos. Enjoy! 

8. Drivin’ and Vibin’

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Drivin’ and Vibin’ is run by newlyweds Kyle and Olivia. They have been married for two years now, but they started vlogging and living an RV life in 2015. They now have over 120k subscribers on their Youtube channel who love their toddler and fur baby, who are also down for all the adventures.

The target audience of this channel are young couples who wanted to also live nomadically. They connect, inspire, and motivate not just those young couples but also everyone to really try the RV life and explore every state they are in.

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Every videos of Drivin’ And Vibin’ is very detailed and easy to follow. Especially the hacks and places they discovered that you can sense or feel their excitement and even disappointment in sharing them all with the world. 

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The thing that really caught my interest while watching them is how they encourage everyone to start living a minimalist life. For me, it would be very helpful for all the RVers because it can help them save not just a space in their RV but also money so they can spend it to more important things they might need. If you want to also start living a minimalist lifestyle today, follow them on their Youtube channel and see their minimilist RV for yourself.

9. Knorpp and South

Another large family that also has a large number of followers on their social media platforms is the Knorpp and South. They have a total of 272k subs on their Youtube channel alone and 39k followers on Instagram. Just be careful of browsing their IG because you might just not get enough of it!

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I first saw this family on my Instagram feed, and there I knew that I had to follow their adventures so I could also learn from them. Their channel focuses on giving parents some parenting tips, especially for large families like them, and what you should and should not do when you are traveling. 

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Knorpp and South’s Youtube channel and Instagram feed will not just give a casual and wholesome vibe in every content; they will also teach you some crafting ideas and grocery shopping tips with their adorable children.  

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The strong bond that you can see on Knorpp and South photos and videos is just a perfect sight for big families who are also planning to live in an RV. For the the time that are RVing, I love how they manage to keep everything maintained and organized in their RV Life. And although they are not living in a regular house, they make sure their 8 children will all have their personal space in the RV. Be sure to follow them on their social media, so you will know exactly why I love this family.

10. RV Odd Couple

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RV Odd Couple started just like the other RV families that live in an RV full time. To begin with their RV life journey, they also sold almost everything in their possession for the dream nomadic life. And when they finally got the RV they wanted, they hit the road with their cute five-year-old daughter and dog.

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If you take a look at their Youtube channel, you will love the idea that they had captured all the processes they have been through when they started transitioning from living in a normal house to living in an RV full-time. You will find lots of videos about tips and reminding viewers of the mistakes they should not make in an RV.

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They have over 154k subscribers on Youtube that love all their valuable trailer travel tips and beginner-friendly tricks. Soon, they will be vlogging their adventures all over the country too, and looking forward to making friends along the way. So for the RV family newbies out there, follow RV Odd Couple on all their social media and get updates on what and what not to do when living in an RV full time. 

11. Lost Vagabonds

Lost Vagabonds is an RV family of four who shares their lovely photos on Instagram. They have 1,914 followers, and they have been living in an RV for nine months now.

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What I love about this page is they have a calm approach to viewers that gives everyone serene vibes. They love to go to beaches and get lost in every place they are in. If you want to know more about the Lost Vagabonds, follow their Instagram account, and you for sure will get inspired too! 

12. Crazy Family Adventures

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Craig and Bryanna are high school sweethearts that have four wonderful kids, Carson, Melia and Cannon which are twins, and the youngest, Knox. They also have two fur babies (dogs), Indy and Odin. And true enough, this family will bring you a whole lot of fun.

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Before they transitioned to living in an RV, Bryanna was a typical stay-at-home mom with a husband who goes off to work every day. Even though they have almost everything they need in a house, like lots of rooms, still, they are looking for something new to try, and that is to live in an RV.

In their Youtube videos, you will notice that all their thumbnails are uniform to each other, which for me is another plus point because they put effort into making their channel a user-friendly one. They share tips and highlights of everything they did on their destination, including the RV camps that for sure many have been asking about. 

For them, the main reason why they decided to live in a motorhome is so they can spend as much time with the family. They have enjoyed everything since moving in in their humble RV and achieve what they really wanted. They would love to have you as one of their friends on the internet, so follow and subscribe to them for more.

13.Livin’ Lite.Net

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Erik and Kala, together with their furbaby Siberian kitty, Sake, live and work in their RV full-time. They cover topics that mostly are about RV Lifestyle, solar installations, boondocking, places to stay, campsites, staying connected on the road, and a lot more. 

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Livin’ Life.Net can be found on Youtube. They have 33k subs who give more technical and mechanical tips on installing cooktops, repairing their RV, etc. But aside from those, you will surely like their travel hacks and tips that will definitely help you along the way. Note that all those have been first discovered by them.

14. Soulful Family RV

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For all the foodie RVers out there, you will surely love this family! Soulful Family RV is an African-American family of 5 who loves to go to different places, eat and cook wherever they are and enjoy everything the place can offer to them. Yes, they are always up for an adventure, but no, they are not your typical RV Family. So without further ado, let me tell more about Soulful Family RV.

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Growing up, Keith and Tia Sims did not experience going to a camp, RVing, or even meeting someone who lives in an RV for the reason that she is not an outdoor person. She doesn’t like the idea of bugs surrounding her, that she even freaks out when her boys get dirty.

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Tia discusses to their readers that living in an RV with her whole gang was not really an option. As you can see, Keith is a 6-footer, and she is 5’9 which obviously, RV will not offer the space they need. However, they proved that trying out new things is actually not that bad.

As per Tia, the idea of giving an RV life a shot came one day when Keith was still working part-time in Florida and staying at a hotel. A light bulb popped up from there, and Tia’s idea was to purchase an RV instead of staying at a hotel or renting an apartment. Of course, an RV would be a brilliant idea because it is their investment, plus they can travel more together. 

Another thing to love about Soulful Family RV is they are physically active, academically focused, know how to socialize with people, which is essential in RVing, and most of all, the parents make sure that their kids will have the best time of their lives. 

Now that they own an RV, they surely enjoy everything about it and make memories they will treasure forever. They can travel non-stop without having to pay extra for the lodge. The Soulful Family RV has a Youtube account that is not that active but you can still get updates on them on their Instagram account. 

15. Parents Unleashed

Last but probably not least is the Parents Unleashed. Robin and William have been full-time RVers since 2017. Their children are all grown-ups, and as retirees, all they wanted was to enjoy every moment with each other. 

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Parents Unleashed are spreading positivity all over the country through their social media accounts like Instagram. These two are probably living the dream of every retired person, and they for sure will inspire parents who are also looking for something to do when they retire.

Live The Life You Love And Travel!

Wanting to try something like RVing requires a lot of time brainstorming, researching, etc. And one of the things that just helps a lot is learning those from people who actually did an RV life. I hope with my list of the best RV families to follow, you will be more enlightened and inspired to try RVing in the future. Of course, it will not be easy at first, but with a little courage and big plans, you will surely be one of those happy RV families.


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