Best RV Security Systems: Keep Your Belongings Safe

Best RV Security Systems: Keep Your Belongings Safe

As we all know, buying an RV is never cheap, which means you need some type of protection to make sure nothing happens to it. Now, it isn’t too likely that someone or something will try to break into your RV. However, it is better to be safe than sorry, and with the right RV security system, you can have peace of mind.

The best RV security systems that you can use are SimpliSafe, Reolink, Wsdcam, Guardian System, Pyle Car Rear View Camera, Tattletale, and Guardzilla. All of these security systems can protect your RV during the off-season and while you are away from your rig.

SimpliSafe Security System: Economical Professional Monitoring

If you are looking for the most advanced RV security systems, SimpliSafe is the best option for you. This security system comes with everything that you could want in these devices. Though it is built for home use, it works just as well for RVs. It comes with motion and entry sensors as well as alarms.

Everything that you think you need when it comes to your RV security system, SimpliSafe is the best way to go. The 12 piece system comes with a SimpliCam to keep watch over your RV. With this security system, you can pair it with other smart devices like Google Home and Alexa. It can be pretty convenient with this feature when you know how to use them all to their full advantage.

It also comes with a base unit that requires it to be plugged in, but there is a battery backup life of 24 hours. Now, the battery life may not be so great, and the SimpliSafe does come with great features such as cellular and Wi-Fi monitoring, smartphone access through an app which are available for particular plan users, and video surveillance.

The base also has a built-in 95dB siren, keypad, four entry sensors for your doors as well as windows, one motion sensor, and a panic button. When the security system is activated, you can press the panic button to trigger the system alarm and dispatch police instantly.

Now, dispatching police comes with a paid professional monitoring service. This service offers optional 24/7 professional monitoring for a flat fee rate of $0.50 per day. Here, the monitoring provides coverage and protection that no other model can match. The first month would be free, and you can cancel the subscription.

You can also use the silent panic option to get help without the security system making any sound. The SimpliSafe system is powered by signal burst technology that can accommodate any type of RV and can range up to 1,000 feet.

All of the sensors come with self-adhesive backing for simple installation. It has a button to pair the sensors with the base station easily. You can also name each sensor using the keypad that’s included in the package. You can use standard names or add a unique identifier for each sensor.

When everything is properly connected, the SimpliSafe security system will provide you with entry sensors, motion sensors, water sensors, and the panic button I’ve mentioned above. When it comes to the off-season, the temperature and water sensors will be helpful since they will help prevent your RV from freezing and exploding pipes or leaks.

The SimpliCam can keep an eye on your RV and alerts you when motions are detected. You can see and hear what’s happening in your RV with an ultra-wide field of view, flawless streaming, and night vision. You can view the video on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Be ready to protect right out of the box with the SimpliSafe Security System. You can purchase this wonderful security system on AmazonOpens in a new tab. for $393.55.

Reolink Argus 2 With Solar Panel: Great for Night Vision and Two-Way Audio

When it comes to night vision and two-way audio, Reolink is the best security system that you can use. You can see a live feed from the camera at a 1080p full HD with advanced CMOS image sensor quality. It covers a 100-degree wide field of vision so that you can ensure you will get crystal videos and can cover a wider field, providing you a stunning clear vision up to 33 feet.

The Reolink also comes with an eco-friendly solar panel and a rechargeable battery camera that can run all year round. It has a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection and solar power that offer wireless freedom. However, it doesn’t support 5GHz Wi-Fi. This security system also has smart PIR motion detection and instant alerts features.

The digital PIR motion sensors are more sensitive, and almost no false alarm would be sent to you. When the Reolink security system senses motion detection, you will receive instant app push notifications, email alerts, and sound alarms. The flexibly set up motion sensitivity and working time feature are included in the system to avoid any false alarms caused by fluttering moths or other animals.

When it comes to storage, there is free-rolling seven-day cloud storage. The videos are securely uploaded to an SD card, which you need to purchase separately, or the Reolink cloud. The cloud comes for free, providing you with 1GB of cloud storage to record the motions triggered for the past seven days.

You can also playback multiple cameras and view live videos via the Reolink app for IOS and Android users, and client, for Windows and Mac users. Up to ten people can view the live surveillance camera so you can make sure that your RV is safe no matter what.

The Reolink Argus 2 also has a two-way audio feature so that you can listen to anything or anyone outside your RV with the built-in microphone or warn any intruder even when you are not in the RV. Aside from your smartphone and computer, it is also compatible with Alexa, Echo, and Google Assistant.

With this feature, you can pull up the surveillance feed without needing to click a single button. This security system also comes with a two-year warranty so you can have peace of mind.

The Reolink 2 With Solar Panel is available on AmazonOpens in a new tab. for $84.99.

Wisdom: Great for Doors and Windows Alarm

If you are looking to buy a simple window and door RV alarm system, the Wsdcam is the best choice for you. It has a long list of features that will meet all of your security needs for your rig. To start with, the Wsdcam security system has an incredibly reliable design to ensure that it will last for years.

There is no reason that a person should expect the Wsdcam to stop anytime soon with the said design. This security system comes with a remote control that allows the user to switch between modes without needing to do it on the device itself. This feature is perfect for those who love being lazy and is the perfect feature for convenience.

You can switch between armed mode, special panic model, disarmed mode, and general mode with a single push of a button on the remote control. Rest assured that you will never have issues getting what you need from this device since it is considered to do its job efficiently.

The Wsdcam has a magnetically triggered alarm that is great for your doors and windows. It also has a loud alarm of 105dB that can warn any unwanted guest in your RV. Installation is super easy since all you need to do is peel and stick the device on your doors and windows.

You would need two AAA alkaline batteries for the device to work, which is not included in the package. The remote control also needs a 12V or 27A alkaline battery, but it’s already included with the device. With low consumption, the Wsdcam can work for at least a year.

The package comes with one door alarm, one magnet sensor, one remote control, three adhesive tapes, and one user manual. The alarm measures 3.35 x 1.57 x 0.59 inches, the remote control measures 2.48 by 1.18 inches, and the magnet box measures 1.77 by 0.47 inches. The measurements are perfect for placing on your doors and on your windows.

If you want a budget-friendly security system for your rig, this is the best device that you can buy in the market. The Wisdom is available on AmazonOpens in a new tab. for $11.99.

Guardian System: Great for Remote Locations

When it comes to the Guardian System, it can put up a virtual fence around your RV. It uses wireless sensors and a roof-mounted satellite antenna for the security system to work. The Guardian System is perfect for those RVers who like to go to remote locations or tend to be on the road constantly.

With the satellite antenna, it can be sued to communicate alarms and information to the Guardian System servers so the message can be passed onto you through text messages. It will allow you to receive notifications of any incident that may occur in or around your RV.

The wireless sensors can detect unauthorized entries such as smoke, heat, water levels, loss of power, and low battery voltage. Now, these detections can be useful, especially during the off-season or whenever you might spend some time away from your RV.

Aside from its highly sophisticated security system design, it is also very user-friendly. With the Guardian System package, it starts with a touch screen panel that has a built-in loss power system. If in case your RV’s power is cut, the system will still work. It also provides 24-hour monitoring for your rigs.

The Guardian system also includes two door or window sensors and one pet immune motion sensor. You can add up to 48 additional sensors to the package for the optimum security of your RV. Now, you can upgrade or cancel your plan with Guardian System anytime since there’s no bounding contract. When it comes to this security system, RV Guardian is an extremely versatile protection system.

Once your Guardian System is installed, it will immediately begin monitoring your rig. You will have an online account that will store all your monitoring data. You can add up to 31 different users so that they can access your system, which you can change the users anytime you want.

When the alarm is triggered, you will receive a message saying, ‘The is your Guardian system. You have received an intrusion alarm. Enter your code to disarm the system.’ This will be sent to you if someone tries to open the door, and each user is given a unique code that allows you to know who is accessing your RV and when.

Now, this security system uses cellular technology, resulting in your control of the Guardian System at your fingertips. There are two ways to access the system, and the first one is from your online account on your computer. The other is through the Guardian System application that you can download on your smartphone.

Both access points are driven through the secure server of Guardian, which is specially designed to keep your data available as well as safe. All the Guardian System work within their server, and each Guardian System owner has a secure online account.

The event logs will be available if there is any incident that needs investigation. Owners can change contacts, security codes, or arm and disarm the system wherever or whenever they like. When you need change, you can update your Guardian System anytime. Wireless sensors make the removal and re-installation of the system simple, and you do not need a technician to install your system.

There are optional sensors that you can add to the system. These include CO2, flood/freeze/heat, glass break, image, infrared HD video, motion PIR, outdoor motion PIR, panic bracelet or pendents, remote siren, or smoke/freeze/heat sensors.

The Guardian System price is $695.99, while the extra sensors range from $39.95 to $199.95. You can also add a remote touch screen for $199.95 and a keypad button remote control for $59.95. Lastly, you can also have a key fob for only $39.95.

Pyle Car Rear View: Waterproof Commercial Grade RV Camera

Choosing the best for your RV security system is waterproof and designed for use with an RV, van, or any other moving vehicle. The Pyle Car Rear View camera will fit your needs since it is specifically designed for use with vehicles with 12-volt or 24-volt systems.

The Pyle Car Rear View camera comes with four cameras that will provide more access to the road than ever before. With this security system, there’s no need for a solar electrical setup to power it up. It can serve as an extra set of eyes while you are on the road.

The system will help you stay alert and more informed while you are driving or parking. It can provide an added safety as the camera works to make your experience on the road as safe as possible. The Pyle Car Rear View camera features include a reverse scale line display, IP68 weatherproof marine-grade construction, and an angle-adjustable camera with a 170-degrees lens.

The package has four LED lighted IR night vision illumination cameras, a seven-inch color LCD monitor, connector cables, and remote control. This security system is perfect when you have a big trailer to help you drive as safely as possible.

The Pyle Rear View camera comes with a backup camera system with an antiglare monitor sunshade, widescreen video display, and so much more. Thanks to the advancements in technology, you can take this camera anywhere you like as it is a waterproof camera. You also don’t have to invest in a separate night vision camera as it also has this feature already.

You can get the Pyle Car Rear View camera on AmazonOpens in a new tab. for $119.99.

Tattletale: Great Portable Alarm Security System

When looking for a security system that has monitor access for your RV with simple features of cameras and monitor screens, the Tattletale security system is perfect for you. It is portable, wireless, and the setup is easy since all you need is about a minute of your time.

The Tattletale Portable Alarm System is best for full emergency monitoring for any break-ins that might happen in your RV. You can integrate up to 50 sensors, including door entry, glass breaking, and smoke, with a 300-foot radius range.

Just like the Guardian System, you also have an option to add a key fob remote so that you can arm, disarm, and set off a panic alarm with the Tattletale Portable Alarm System. The design of this security system has a patented rattlesnake technology to make sure it is tamper-proof after it is activated.

Another great feature that this portable alarm system offers is contacting you or the police as soon as the system is triggered. It also has a built-in motion sensor and motion detector, siren as well as strobe deterrents, and a 30-foot, 90-degree passive infrared motion sensor.

The infrared motion sensor is perfect for nighttime monitoring so that you can have peace of mind. Aside from that, you don’t have to worry about pets triggering any false alarms with this portable alarm system. It has a one-touch pet button feature so that your pet can roam around in your RV while you are away.

You can also place perimeter sensors outside your rig that will communicate with the system as far as 300 feet away. The Tattletale Portable Alarm System is battery-powered with a 20-hour battery backup system. However, the main power source of this security system is electricity, so you need to be connected to the grid or a solar power source to run the system continuously.

You can purchase the Tattletale Portable Alarm System on AmazonOpens in a new tab. for $100.

Guardzilla: The Best Basic Security System

Guardzilla is considered to be the most basic security system on this list. However, it comes with a motion detector and a built-in video camera. The best thing about a built-in video camera is that you can stream the live footage and capture pictures straight to your smartphone.

You can view the live stream on the app on your phone, which will allow you to keep a close eye on your rig when you are having your outdoor adventures. The Guardzilla has a loud siren (100dB siren) to keep away any intruders that may come near your RV.

There’s also an auto arm that will automatically arm the camera and alarm whenever you leave. You can also disarm this whenever you arrive in your RV. Whenever the motion sensor captures movement, it will send you an email and/or push notifications on your phone.

The Guardzilla security system also has a 360 degree HD video view in color from your phone. You can hear and speak into the room through the security system’s advanced speaker and microphone. It also has an auto-engaging 360-degree night vision and auto arming and disarming feature.

There are three dedicated call buttons on the camera where it instantly sends messages to individual smartphones. With this feature, you can ensure that someone will get a notification when someone is trying to get into your RV.

In the app, there’s an even history so that you can check all the motion events captures in eight-second video clips that are retained for two days for free. A cloud storage option is available if you want to provide longer video retention options.

The settings in the app will let you choose your phone notification preferences, whether email or push notifications, when motion is detected. The camera list will let you add more Guardzilla security cameras when you want to add more security to your RV.

The installation is an easy five-minute setup with a free application on your phone. All you need to do is plug in the Guardzilla security camera, and you don’t need a hub to do so. Download the app on your smartphone and connect the Guardzilla to your Wi-Fi.

Guardzilla GZ360 is available on AmazonOpens in a new tab. for $103.99.

Different Types of RV Security Systems

When it comes to your RV security system, you need to think about choosing the right system for your rig. Now, you don’t necessarily need a fully integrated security system in your RV. There are also different costs and other features that you need to consider when choosing the right security system for you.

There are plenty of security systems out there, but there are a few different types that you need to take note of when buying your security system.

Perimeter Security System

These security systems are essentially virtual fences that you can place around your campsite to protect your RV while you are not there. Once this perimeter system is activated, it will sound an alarm or notify you when someone, or something, crosses the perimeter. Now, the only drawback to this system is the false alarms.

There are plenty of birds and squirrels that enter the campsite so that it can trigger the alarm within the perimeter.

Window and Door Alarm Security System

These are inexpensive, and a baseline security tool for your rig and it is very simple. All you need to do is install them on all your doors and windows that can fit a person. Once it is activated, the alarm will go off when someone tries to open your window or door. Some opening alarms may even send you notifications to alert you.

Keyless Entry Security System

Another inexpensive system is the keyless entry security system. You can easily add it to your RV to make it more secure and safe. The factory lock that came installed in your RV door may not be enough, and it is easy to break, which can mean your RV is more prone to burglars. These security systems will let you program unique codes so that no one can get into your rig without authorization.

Most of the systems are easy to install and come with a backup key, multiple remote fobs, and a programmable keypad.

Security Camera System

This is the best way to monitor any activity that may happen outside your RV door or around your motorhome without stepping outside. Oftentimes, these systems are included with integrated systems, but you can also have a standalone camera or two that feeds to your smartphone or tablet. You can even access your videos through your computer if the security camera system is compatible with your computer system.

Integrated Security System

When you are camping in cities or insecure places, you will want to have an integrated system since it has everything you need to protect your rig. The integrated security system is a full package that includes alarms, security cameras, motion detectors, and more. It also has features where it can detect fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Most systems have a recording video feed that you can share with law enforcement if someone tries to break into your rig.

Final Takeaway

Since RVers are always on the road, it is important to put safety first. If you are having a grand time at your outdoor adventure, you need to have peace of mind knowing that your RV is safe by installing the best security system possible. You need to make sure that the security system will fit your needs when it comes to safety. Make sure that you have a safe journey while enjoying what the road has to offer to you!

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