Best Travel Trailer Brands: When It’s Time to Buy

For those who are interested in buying their travel trailers, either for an upgrade or a start in the RV life, it is important that they know which brands to buy to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. These travel trailer brands are known as the best brands among RV campers and owners, and they continue to impress customers with their ever-changing dynamics and newer models with better features and innovations compared to the others. Here are some of the best travel trailer brands available on the market.

Grand Design RVSpacious floor plans
Many floor plan types to choose from
Comes with queen beds
Perfect for families
Fully-furnished units
Expensive price tags
Water heating issues
Rain gutters only keeping up with light rain
Some units are defective after several months of usage
AirstreamBrand reputation
Has been in the industry for a long time
Luxurious interiors and exteriors
Blending of vintage exteriors and modern amenities
Brand new, high-end appliances
Usually expensive
No external storage options
Fragile exteriors
Expensive repairs and maintenance
Happier CamperLightweight
Perfect for towing in small vehicles
Allows customization through Adaptiv technology
Not perfect for bigger families
OliverFiberglass shell and makeup perfect for durability
Ideal choice for harsher temperatures
Genius makeup and construction
Wheels allow smoother towing experience
Storage can be smaller for some people
Might not be the best choice for people with bigger builds
Lance CampersWell-made models
Amazing customer service
Consistent owner satisfaction awards
Eco-friendly composite panels
Space efficient
Roomy interiors
A lot of storage space
No known complaints or downsides so far
ShastaHas been in the industry for a long time
Sleek design profile with well-designed interiors
Priority placed on modern amenities
Dry bathroom
More storage space
Poor craftsmanship
Cabinet doors falling apart
Appliances stop working
Manufacturing issues
Forest RiverBrand reputation
One of the most famous brands in the community
Has a wide range of options for every traveler
Modern amenities
More bedroom storage space
Short 1 year warranty
Poor craftsmanship and manufacturing on some models
StarcraftLongevity in the industry
Spacious interiors
Modern amenities inside
Residential-style kitchen areas
Some models come with bunk beds
Double-axle for more towing stability
Poor craftsmanship
Poor customer service
Many factory defects
JaycoAmazing customer service
Brand reputation
Longevity in the industry
Great floor plans with emphasis on space
Excellent sleeping provisions
Modern amenities
Some customer service agents can be awful to some users
Poor manufacturing and craftsmanship

For those interested in buying their travel trailers, either for an upgrade or a start in the RV life, it is important that they know which brands to buy to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. These travel trailer brands are known as the best brands among RV campers and owners. They continue to impress customers with their ever-changing dynamics and newer models with better features and innovations than the others. Here are some of the best travel trailer brands available on the market.

Grand Design RV: Grand in Scale and Performance

Any list of the best travel trailer brands will never be complete without Grand Design RV anywhere on their list. Since many people are loyal users and avid fans of the brand, it is no secret that their models are known for their high quality and overall customer satisfaction.

Grand Design has been in the RV industry for over 20 years, having started in 2001 as an independent company. It has grown into a company that many people have loved and treated with utmost respect and reverence from humble beginnings. It is safe to say that they belong to the upper echelons of the RV brands and can be seen as one of the biggest names in the industry.

Their collaboration, which soon became an alliance, with Winnebago has also earned some kind of respect towards RV enthusiasts. Winnebago is also a famous and top travel trailer brand. Grand RV’s alliance with them has solidified its foundation in the RV industry.

Grand Design RV has diverse travel trailers, from its toy haulers known for their luxurious quality to lightweight composite models.

Out of their many travel trailers produced through the years, their Imagine travel trailer remains one of their best models. This particular model has a whopping 11 types of floor plans, and they all have a queen-sized bed allotted in every floor plan. With its gel-coated fiberglass exterior and state-of-the-art one-piece roof membrane with a 12-year warranty, this model is meant to stay in use for much longer.

Some of the standard features that the Imagine model offers in all eleven-floor plans include the following:

  • Large panoramic style windows
  • Upgraded residential furniture
  • Solid hardwood drawer fronts
  • Top residential quality countertops
  • A stainless steel microwave
  • A double-door fridge spacious enough for your food storage needs
  • A 3-burner range with an oven attached to it

These are known to be generous amenities already, and families, couples, and solo travelers would love to have these in their travel trailers.

Another known model from Grand Design RV is the Reflection travel trailer. This particular model has been tagged as one of the best RV models for families. With its spacious interiors and many amenities perfect for every families’ needs and preferences, the Reflection travel trailer has a steady stream of admirers and fans.

Aside from being stylish and comfortably cozy on the inside, it is also known to be a beast on the outside. It can also be compared to a mini apartment rather than a bed and sink pull-along trailer, which means they prioritize customer satisfaction and quality production, among many others.

It has a lot of amazing amenities inside, including an LED TV, a Bluetooth sound system, and even motion sensor lighting. It has more than adequate space for storage. It also allows you the freedom to move comfortably without hitting anything as you do so.

However, other people were disappointed by Grand Design RVs due to some small reasons. For instance, in the Imagine RV, the rain gutters can only keep up with light rain. Other owners reported issues with their water heaters. It does not heat up properly even though they tried to repair it several times. These people are also disappointed that some units have several small defects despite their expensive price tag.

Fortunately, these dissatisfied customers are only a small portion. Many people are still in love with their Grand Design RVs. These two models are enough testament to Grand Design RV’s commitment to providing the best quality of service to their customers without sacrificing anything.

Airstream: A Known Travel Trailer Classic

This travel trailer brand has been around since 1934, and they are still operating today. This brand is known as one of the classic brands for travel trailers. They still impress people with their amazing collaborations of updated interiors and stunning amenities inside their trademark vintage aerodynamic appearance.

Generations of RV campers and enthusiasts have known and used an Airstream once in their lives. They have never regretted using it ever since. The brand is also known for its commitment to customer satisfaction and production quality, which they have maintained through the years.

Out of their many amazing models, their Flying Cloud model has established its foundation as one of the best luxury travel trailers in the industry. It has 19 different floor plans, has a length ranging from 19 feet to 30 feet, and the floor plans can sleep four to eight people without any hassles.

Aside from these prime features, this model also has regular features that show how much they prioritize quality and luxury, among many others. Some of these qualities might be optional, but they still offer it to buyers regardless.

The main beds have memory foam mattresses, and it also has brand new high-end kitchen appliances. Some of these features include ultra leather seating which can also be converted into sleeping areas for visitors. It is also equipped with a retractable awning and a rear-view monitoring system. Lastly, its windows are equipped with blackout curtains and roller blinds for a sleeping experience without any hassle.

There is no travel trailer brand without any cons, and some people have things to say about Airstream models in general. First of all, Airstream models are known to be on the higher ends of the price range for travel trailers. Most Airstream models start around $50,000, excluding many people from contention in owning one for their families.

The exterior of most Airstream models is notoriously known to be very delicate, prone to damage, and can be very expensive to repair. You cannot expect any exterior Airstream storage space as they are basically non-existent. Lastly, most models have minor quality issues, though all RVs and travel trailers do have to.

Happier Camper: Compact Luxury and Performance

Suppose you are looking for luxury and high-quality performance travel trailers in smaller sizes. In that case, Happier Camper might be the perfect one for you. This travel trailer brand is known for its small and lightweight trailers that many people love the most. Like Airstream, they also appeal to the retro-loving RV enthusiasts with their retro-style camper made with all-fiberglass and a versatile modular interior.

This travel trailer brand is perfect for those traveling solo or with their partners. Due to its smaller space compared to the other travel trailer brands on the list, Happier Camper is not the best choice for families as it can get too cramped when more than two people stay inside.

One of the features of Happier Camper travel trailers is the Adaptiv interior. This feature allows you to arrange the interior of your travel trailer in any way you like. It has honeycomb fiberglass flooring, which allows you to readjust, redecorate, and redesign your travel trailer interiors in whatever aesthetic you like.

This is known as one of the most lightweight travel trailer brands, but it is still spacious and sturdy for all its worth. Some of its other features include two dedicated living spaces, complete with a shared bathroom and kitchenette. It also has a honeycomb floor grid, some custom hardware, and fiberglass shells that ensure the durability of this travel trailer for solo travelers and couples.

It is known as one of the best choices for smaller towing vehicles.

Oliver: The Best in Luxury and Fiberglass

In 2008, the Oliver brand built a reputation for making the best high-quality luxury travel trailers made from fiberglass. Most Oliver models are built using four fiberglass shells, with two inner and outer shells each. This allows you to feel secure over the craftsmanship poured into making each of these travel trailers.

The Oliver brand is also known for creating travel trailers that are not built the usual way using the traditional manufacturing methods. For one, the wheels used in all travel trailers are E-rated, 10 ply, light truck tires. This makes a lot of difference as it makes driving much smoother compared to other travel trailer brands.

Yes, the one that is typically used to build airplanes and other aircraft. Unlike most traditional travel trailers that usually incorporate wood or carpet in the designs and floor plans, the Oliver travel trailers have a frame made from aircraft-grade aluminum. This material ensures tons of longevity and durability compared to other travel trailers.

The fiberglass makeup of this travel trailer makes it ideal for those who want to camp in places with extreme temperatures, such as areas near mountains. Fiberglass is a very durable material for making custom travel trailers, making this trailer brand one of the best trailer brands. If you want to go to different places to explore different adventures, this travel trailer brand might be the one for you.

Most models can be towed using a good truck or even a full-size SUV. It is also easy to tow due to its genius aerodynamic styling and light aluminum frame. It also has great floor plans perfect for every traveler’s needs and preferences, such as a full custom molded interior and exterior insulated shells. It also has its pipes enclosed in between shells to prevent them from freezing when you camp in harsh temperatures.

Other features involve a molded vanity, a three-way refrigerator, a 15” Dometic awning, a 22” flat-screen LCD TV, and four custom mounted speakers.

Lance Campers: The Darling of the RV Community

This travel trailer brand has earned a great reputation for accommodating and responsive in terms of customer service, aside from producing well-built models that can withstand the test of time. It is known as one of the favorites by the RV community, and it never disappoints.

Their strongest suit would be the interiors because everyone is raving about it. The interior designs are very practical and well done, using the best in top-grade materials to satisfy their already happy clientele. They have truck camper models and pull-behind travel trailer models, which are all loved by many members of the RV community.

What makes Lance Campers stand out from the rest is the eco-friendly materials in most of their models. They use Azdel composite panels, which are known for being toxin-free and eco-friendly composite panels. It even outperforms wood in terms of stability, resilience, and durability.

Aside from being the darling of the RV community, Lance Campers’ dedication to create and manufacture top-notch travel trailers has allowed them to win the illustrious Dealer Satisfaction Index for quality. This award is given to the brand rated the best in owner satisfaction, and they have been receiving the award almost every year. Now talk about consistency.

Some of their travel trailer models are known to be the lightest ones on the market. They prioritize space efficiency among many others, so most of their models have space-efficient floor plans. The interiors are also roomy and spacious, with a lot of storage space available for your food, supplies, clothing, and other items to be stored without any hassles.

Shasta: One of the Pioneers for Travel Trailers

Shasta has been in business since the early 1940s as a division of Forest River. They are known for having toaster-shaped travel trailers that evoke nostalgia for everyone who can see it. Shasta has innovated with the times, but they will forever be remembered for their “toaster-on-wheels” look.

Nowadays, most Shasta models have a sleek and sophisticated design profile, showing how they were able to jump into modern times with their designs and appearance. Shasta will not become the longest producer of recreational vehicles in history if they are not known for being high-quality.

The Shasta travel trailer has 17 different floor plans available, which means there is a floor plan perfect for everyone. The amenities are laid out properly while giving attention to moving space. There is also a dry bath, a separate shower from the toilet, and the bathroom has a linen closet and a medicine cabinet.

It is filled with modern amenities that people will surely love, such as blackout shades in the bedroom. They also have a high-rise kitchen faucet, an oversized and deep residential sink, a range hood complete with an exhaust fan, and more.

However, some RV owners complained of poor craftsmanship and manufacturing issues, such as the cabinet doors falling apart after a year of use and appliances that stopped working after a year of use.

Forest River: The One With A Great Brand Rep

When we talk of Shasta, we cannot forget its mother company: Forest River. This travel trailer brand is known as one of the longest-producing manufacturers of RVs in the country. They are also known as one of the brands that come to mind when people think of travel trailers.

With this incredible brand recognition, it is no surprise that many people prefer buying Forest River among other travel trailers and RV brands available on the market. Now owned by Berkshire Hathaway, they also manufacture motor coaches, camping trailers, 5th wheels, toy haulers, pontoons, and park models.

Aside from Shasta, they also have other brands such as Prime Time, Coachmen, and Dynamax. This fact alone proves that the Forest River has been an integral part of American RV history for a long time.

Some of the standard features that can be enjoyed across all travel trailers in Forest River include the deluxe bedding package, individual reading lights on your bedroom for the best relaxing experience, full under-bed storage with strut life assist, and a super sleep plush Evergreen mattress, and an LED interior lighting package.

Overall, Forest River’s brand reputation as one of the best in the business is with a valid reason.

Starcraft: Prioritizes Space Over Price

Starcraft has been in the industry for quite some time. Still, the company first earned a reputation as a great metal farm equipment manufacturer. Their models all come with a three-year warranty and a Magnum Roof System. They also have a vacuum-bonded laminate that is consistently used in all of their walls.

Some of their travel trailer models are great in towing stability, as they use a double-axle model. Single-axle models are also available, but the double-axle ones are their best sellers because of their ability to be stable when towed.

Their travel trailers are spacious and available in many floor plans. Some even have a bunk bed, which works the best if you have a big family or more people expecting to live with you in the travel trailer.

Some of its stunning amenities include LED lighting, a foot flush toilet, durable residential-style flooring, a range hood, a well-designed kitchen, and storage area, and an overall polished-looking interior.

Many people have preferred Starcraft because of their longevity in the business, and they have produced great models over time.

Jayco: Saving the Best for Last

Jayco is known for many things, such as a loyal fanbase, over 50 years in the RV industry, and stellar customer service, and these are only the tip of the iceberg. Simply put, Jayco is known as one of the best in the whole RV industry, and no list of best travel trailer brands will be complete without this brand.

They are known to manufacture other types of RVs such as Class A and C motorhomes, camping trailers, fifth-wheels, pull-behinds, and toy haulers. Most models coming out of Jayco are always welcomed with praise and positivity from the users in the RV community.

They are also known for making light campers, such as the Flight SLX 7, which is also perfect for towing purposes. Some models offer different sleeping provisions such as bunk beds, hide-a-bed setups, and more. It also offers a dry bath, which is perfect for those not comfortable sharing bathrooms with someone taking a bath inside the shower stall.

Other amenities and features include a microwave, a three cubic-foot fridge, solid-surface countertops, and two-range burners. They also have a large 50/50 acrylic kitchen sink, brushed nickel faucets, and a wall-mounted 8,000 BTU air conditioning unit perfect for keeping the interiors cool and cozy.

Best Travel Trailer Brands for Your Satisfaction

These brands have flaws, as nothing is perfect. Tastes can be discerning, and a positive review on your end might be negative on other people. At the end of the day, these brands continue to impress their clients and users, with innovations changing every now and then.

Some brands have amazing customer service, which plays a role in overall customer satisfaction. In contrast, others focus on maximizing convenience space. In conclusion, all of these brands have strong points, and these should always be the top priority when choosing the best travel trailer brand for your needs.

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