Best Van Life Winter Destination: Best Places To Go


Summer isn’t the only time of year to go on a van life adventure. Winter adventure has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for warmer weather or want to experience the ski season. After the hectic holiday season, everyone deserves a decent vacation.

In winter, the best places to include state parks are Arizona, Florida, Texas, Southern California, and Colorado. These places offer van life living possible amidst winter since they are equipped with nice views despite the snow and fun winter activities like snowboarding and skiing.

So, fasten your seat belts; this article is for you if you are looking for a wonderful winter getaway. This article will discuss some of my favorite winter destinations that can be yours too, and some pointers on choosing the ideal spots for your winter trip.

Arizona and Its Winter Wonder Parks

Arizona is a fantastic spot to drive in the winter. You can go throughout the state and participate in winter activities. You may ski in Flagstaff and view the Grand Canyon coated in the snow before returning to the desert to thaw out.

During the winter, campers especially enjoy the Tucson area. The average daily temperature is a pleasant 66 degrees in January.

Tucson has a wonderful downtown to explore and a magnificent Saguaro National Park to travel through. Picacho Peak State Park, close by, has a desert atmosphere and magnificent sunsets. You may find beautiful treks in this park, about 30 minutes from Tucson.

Some of the campgrounds you may want to go to are Picacho / Tucson NW KOA and the Gila Bend KOA. Eleven other KOA campgrounds in Arizona make it a good option to hop from one campground to another throughout the winter.

Texas For the More Music and Fun On Winter Times

It is nice to hear good music as you drive, and if you are a music lover, Austin in Texas is the perfect place for you. Austin is a great place to visit if you enjoy good music and food.

Right now, this vibrant and varied metropolis is booming. The average daily temperature stays in the 60s throughout the winter, making it an excellent warm-weather destination. The communities in the area also come alive even more during winter with all the fun activities.

There’s also much more to do than eat, drink, and dance. Kayaking and canoeing are among the water activities on Lake Travis and Lady Bird Lake that you can enjoy while traveling.

McKinney Falls State Park, which is close by, includes excellent camping and hiking paths that should be a part of your RV trip destination.

Not to mention Big Bend National Park, which I think is most inviting in the winter when daytime temperatures remain in the 60s. This weather is ideal for hiking and biking on the park’s 200 kilometers of trails.

Big Bend has both mountain and desert scenery, and the Rio Grande River runs through the park so that you can participate in aquatic activities as well.

Generally, Texas has mild winters, which will not bother your trip.

Florida: Lands and Islands of Winter Goodness

This one is my top choice when it comes to winter getaways. The Florida Keys islands have traditionally been a popular winter getaway for snowbirds.

Suppose you like lounging on white-sand beaches and watching magnificent sunsets in winter than skiing or snowshoeing. There are numerous state parks with beachfront camping and numerous RV resorts with all the facilities you could want for a comfortable trip.

Cold fronts may bring frost to mainland Florida but not in Florida keys averaging only around 70 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature. It also does not rain in this area during winters, making it more comfortable to travel.

On top of these accessible amenities, each island also has distinct subcultures that you can also experience. You can take a day excursion to Miami, tour Everglades National Park, or travel further south to the other keys from this resort.

Long Key State Park, directly next door, offers ample hiking, snorkeling, and swimming opportunities that you will surely enjoy despite the cold.

While the Everglades National Park in Florida is a terrific national park to visit in the winter because of the mild weather, lower humidity, and fewer visitors and mosquitos, you’ll almost certainly encounter crocodiles, alligators, and white-tailed deer, who prefer winter because the water levels are lower.

Southern California For Possible Wildlife Encounters in Winter

There’s a reason California has the most people in the United States. Winters are moderate, and the beaches are magnificent and accessible throughout the year. In fact, because of this climate setting, there are many campsites that you can choose for winter trips, such as the following:

  • Rural California Camping in the Mojave Desert near Tecopa Hot Springs.
  • San Elijo Beach Camping
  • Rural Camping near Deep Creek Hot Spring
  • Death Valley National Park
  • Joshua Tree National Park

Almost every town between San Diego and Los Angeles is an excellent place to live in a van. Winter is also an exact time to go whale watching off the coast of Southern California, giving you an unforgettable winter experience.

Colorado: A Rare Wonderland in Winter

It’s rare to find a van living park near one of its most well-known ski slopes, and most RV campgrounds in Colorado close during winter. Breckenridge, however, is a fantastic winter van living location thanks to Tiger Run van life Resort.

Apart from skiing, Breckenridge is a famous mountain town in Colorado due to its attractive downtown, breathtaking scenery, and diverse range of outdoor activities. Breckenridge is also close to Vail, Keystone, and Copper, popular Colorado ski resorts.

You can also visit and try staying in these campgrounds around Colorado open during winter, namely Cheyenne Mountain State Park, State Forest State Park, Peacock Meadows Riverside RV Park, Campground, and Monument RV Resort, to name a few.

Few Tips for Choosing A Camping Destination in Cold Conditions

Few things will make or break your winter camping experience across all van life models. Although several manufacturers provide winter protection, not all of them are created equal hence it would be best to choose a camping destination with what you lack in your RV. Also, it is very important to stay safe in the cold.

Pick a campsite free of avalanche danger and sheltered from strong winds. It should also offer a good exposure to the solar heat to warm up the RV quicker, including its systems.

At the same time, double-check the weather in the area you are going, ensure that the roads are safe to traverse during winters, and how cold it can get. This way, you can prepare the essentials you need to pack ahead of time.

Also, do not forget to check the limitations of your RV to avoid the trouble of having it repaired because you do not know what conditions can it function well.

To ensure you get the most out of your next winter trip, I wrote a detailed article about more trips and tricks you should know in van life during winter seasons.

Get Ready and Hit The Winter Road!

Winter camping can be a great deal of fun and provides a lot of adventure without needing to apply mosquito repellent. With a little planning, you’ll be ready to hit the road and experience the winter wonderland outside, all without leaving the comfort of your own home.

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