How To Earn Money While Permanently Living In A Van

Being one with the nomads means having a home and a workplace right where your campervan is. All your travels aren’t just about adventures and having fun, but more so, about unusual yet much-needed ways of survival. Vandwelling full-time is no different from the ordinary living back in your rented apartment. Bills and fees still exist even when you’re on the road. Without a doubt, you need to earn money to sustain a nomadic lifestyle.

Online jobs such as virtual assistant, graphic designer, and social media marketer will surely help you pay bills. On-site tasks like running errands, babysitting, and campground hosting can also be your side hustles to earn a living. There are plenty of possibilities when you are living on the road full-time when it comes to your work needs.

Before deciding which task to take, it is important that you also consider your skills and willingness to learn new ones. Knowing what you really want and preparing for your business or for your job applications are both essential. In this article, I will talk about the different ways to earn from your campervan, some digital jobs that you can take advantage of, and side hustles that you can choose. Lastly, I will also talk about some tips for you to succeed in a remote job application.

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Self-Check First: Know Your Skills and What You Can Do

There is a myriad of options on how to earn money while permanently living in a van. It’s helpful to go soul-searching first before deciding which ones to take so you’ll end up happy and satisfied. I have noted three essential concerns worth contemplating.

Keep In Mind: You Have a Job and You Got To Love It

Doing what you love never goes out of style, even if you’re living in a campervan full-time. If you are in a current job that you really love, you need not go for a trade-off. Van life is possible with a job that you want! Remember that a career shift won’t always be easy.

You can approach your employer for a chance to work remotely and this is a trend today anyway. Do it by inquiring about the possibility of a follow-up proposal based on your full-time van life setup. Express your love for what you do and your desire to take the job a country mile. As long as a work-from-home setup is possible, you’re likely to hear a yes.

Next, you need to get ready for a remote work arrangement. Just make sure you have a stable Internet connection and a gadget for your daily routine. A permanent working space within the van has to be determined too, so you’re sure to meet your boss’ expectations.

Owning Your Own Business: What To Know

Not everyone has an eye for business, but if you’re in for a penny, this one’s right for you. The thought of creating your own income source is exciting and you can be an entrepreneur by taking your business on the road.

Owning a business is feasible in two ways. If you’ve got the skills of crafting your signature products, you can sell them online or via product displays and flea markets at your stopovers. The second option is to sell other people’s crafts and services. You just take care of the leads, close deals, and deliver anywhere in the world.

If you have a hobby or a knack for making candles, here is an article that I have written that may help you.

Willingness to Learn New Skill: Are You Up For It?

Easy money is too good to be true, especially when you’re traveling. Multiple income streams may be needed because you won’t always hit the big time with a single job. The same goes for skills. Skills growth is a must to stand out from the crowd.

You ought to learn new skills to stay at par. Online platforms for freelancing are available, and they provide work opportunities that usually require specific sets of skills. More skills could mean more income opportunities then.  Fiverr and People per hour are two of the marketable names in this industry.

Jobs, including seasonal work, may be available within your location. You just don’t know what types might be available, so better tune-up by learning new skills. There are ways to do this even with a mobile home setup. You can watch video tutorials, read blog posts, download e-books, or consult more experienced people to get you started.

Earning From the Comfort of Your Campervan

Now we’re ready to get the best pick for you! Whether you’ll work through a gadget or through a location-specific job makes no difference as both really pay for hard and honest work. Scour the list below to come up with your prospects.

Digital Jobs: Options that You can Choose

If you’re tech-savvy like me, you hold tons of opportunities right at your fingertips. Digital nomads sustain their lifestyle by working from a desktop and getting paid for their diligence. Here are several ways to earn a living online.

Start a blog: Share Your Adventures

Writing blog posts can be profitable if you know how to do it. Bloggers earn commissions as readers click posted affiliate links via Amazon and proceed to purchase listed items. Amazon product reviews and features are likewise useful to facilitate purchases. Advertising via Google AdSense can also be done via blogs.

Earning through a blog requires time though. From website design to producing needed content and traffic generation, this is no instant cash. Blogs however are potential income sources should you decide to monetize yours. Free blog courses online can be accessed for tutorials and guidance.

Selling Services: Different Work to Choose

Guru, Fiverr, Freelancer, and People per hour are examples of platforms where you can sell your services. Services such as graphics design, video editing, animation, VA, and digital marketing can be offered at a cheaper rate, should you desire to land a job immediately.

You set rates and get your own clients under this option. Higher-paying clients are possible as you add tasks to your portfolio. Listed below are twelve common jobs found on online platforms.

Paid Writer: Great for People Who Love Writing

Businesses demand written content for various niches, whether it be for websites, social media, advertising, and emails. More businesses are going online, hence the opportunity to engage as a writer. Bloggers also hire writers for required content.

Writing is a valuable add-on to your mobile life. You can write your travel experiences and tips for van life sites and get paid for it. Product reviews, news articles, research, and academic papers can also be included in your list.

Work as a Virtual Assistant

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Known as the Swiss knife of the Internet, VAs have a variety of workloads, such as scheduling appointments, managing online stores and social media accounts, data entry, writing emails, doing graphics, and bookkeeping. Free webinars and courses are available online to hone your skills for VA jobs.

Do proofreading and copywriting jobs

If you are a grammar enthusiast, this is just right for you! With an eye for details, you can also level up to this task if you’ve had a rich portfolio of written articles. There are actually a good number of companies looking for proofreaders or copywriters.

Be a transcriptionist

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Being a transcriptionist requires listening and typing skills and accuracy is a major issue here. TranscribeMe, Tigerfish, Rev, and Quicktate provide options for transcription jobs, so you might as well begin a career there.

Become an ESL teacher

Teaching English online is popular among van lifers because of the flexibility it offers. ESL companies may allow you to choose your own work hours so you’re sure to have fun while teaching. Good command of the language, teaching ability, and bachelor’s degree are basic requirements here. VIPKid, Palfish App, and Lingoda are a few ESL companies you can try.

Graphic Design and Video Editing: Great for the Creative Van Lifers

Visuals and videos are in demand for businesses so I’m pretty confident you can pursue a long-term career in this field. Logos, Pinterest pins, T-shirt and necklace pendant designs, image editing, posters, marketing materials, and pamphlets are just samples of what you can do given this role.

Experience and portfolio are normally asked by designs and editing bosses. It is imperative therefore that skills in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Canva, CorelDraw, and other related software are added to your expertise.

Online Marketer: Plenty of Option

A variety of jobs await a digital marketer such as SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, leads, and traffic generation. Most sales and marketing campaigns now integrate the use of the Internet for better results. Experience with different tasks is often required, so expose yourself to opportunities you can find. Facebook, Instagram, and Google are typical platforms for company ads.

Website Designer: Great for People Who Likes to Create Websites from Scratch

If you’re fond of creating website mock-ups, you’re on the way to becoming a website designer. There is a high demand for web designers because online businesses are in a boom. 

Skills and experience are required in this field.  Designing comes in a combination of CSS, HTML, and other themes. You may design your own website to expand your current portfolio and apply what you’ve studied. 

Bookkeeping Jobs: Great for People Who Love Numbers

Virtual bookkeepers are in demand nowadays as online businesses grow popular. Bookkeeping is not for anyone though; it requires relevant study and training plus a love for numbers and analytical procedures. 

If you are interested in becoming a bookkeeper, you may access online courses for quick training. Certifications are also available from webinars and bookkeeping courses.

Programmer: Best for People Who Are Great at Programming Software

The typical work of a programmer is to come up with new computer applications or improve existing software. Most employers require a bachelor’s degree, but you can be self-taught!

Java, Visual Basic, Python, and C++ are common languages programmers use. You can obtain certifications from software firms, product vendors, and professional societies. The key here is to stay updated as technology tends to advance rapidly. 

Get paid as a web developer 

Though sometimes confused with a programmer’s tasks, building and maintaining websites are a web developer’s main focus. Web development is considered a subset of programming because of the similarity in skills both jobs require. A web developer works in between a web designer and programmer and uses tools like PHP, Javascript, Ruby, and HTML.

Work as a system administrator

If you want to ensure that IT infrastructures are secured and efficient, you need a system administrator to take care of the details. Networks, software, and hardware comprise a system administrator’s world. Setting up workstations, monitoring performance, maintaining systems, and troubleshooting are also part of the routines.

Handmade Crafts: Selling Through Different Online Platforms

Products such as artwork, jewelry, accessories, and print-on-demand tees are trendy these days. There are full-timers doing this and they sell them via Amazon Handmade or Etsy. For instance, Callie Ackland sells self-care products that are eco-friendly. Frugal RVers also sell soap and lotions they personally made. 

Create and sell printables

A good business idea if you’re into graphics and designs is selling printables. Platforms like Etsy exist to showcase your for-sale printables and as a result, augment your personal income.

Become an online tutor

Tutor jobs can be found in Course Hero, Chegg,, and Indeed.If you’re a subject matter expert such as in accounting, science, finance, economics, math, and history, tutoring online is perfect for you! Bachelor’s degree is a must in this post as proofs such as transcripts are mandatory.

Start an Amazon business

An Amazon business takes time to build but is profitable given the right product and system support.There is a need to be familiar with the platform and its features  hence, your willingness to study and learn are indispensable.

Develop your own online course

Youtube, Udemy, Skype and Zoom are common platforms in running online seminars and courses. Among the many subjects suited for an online course are speech training, blogging, bookkeeping, cooking and graphic designing. If you have skills that are in demand and can be learned via online resources, then this one’s a superb choice for you. Advertising through social media often helps generate leads for online courses.

Sell images online

Photography can be lucrative online and offline and the good news about it,platforms are readily accessible to meet your target sales. Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Foap and Alamy are the top names for image sales. You do not only enjoy your hobby but also earn money to sustain your van life.

Answer online surveys

Paid surveys can supplement your daily income but beware of scams! Examples are sites asking you for fees in exchange for membership or survey links and the use of third-party sites to access survey-paying sites.Swagbucks, PrizeRebel and MintVine are sample sites that really pay for your survey answers!

Side Hustles For Van Lifers

Onsite jobs can also add substantial amounts to your wallet, especially if you’re bound to feel the pinch. While there are many that can be found as you change locations, let me highlight these items for you to consider as opportunities might come anytime, anywhere.

Find workamping jobs

Back in 1987, the term workamping was created by Workamper News. Workamper is someone who does any part-time or full-time work while RVing, but this word now connotes knocking oneself out at a campground for an RV site trade. Jobs in campgrounds, theme parks, resorts, marinas, national parks, forests, guest ranches and wildlife preserves can be great options.

Being souvenir vendors, utility inspectors, carnival crew members, van repair and service workers, delivery persons, and other you-name-it jobs probably will give relief to your financial issues. Workamper News, Working Couples, and CoolWorks are great sites to find jobs like these.

Use Craigslist

Odd jobs to make money can be found on Craigslist. If you’re flexible as a worker, you can earn by packing boxes, helping someone relocate, organizing the house and paperwork, and taking part in a video shoot. Search through the gig section of your city’s Craigslist site for random jobs so you get cracking on!

Renting Out Your Vehicle

Rental platforms such as Outdoorsy and RVshare exist, so you can list your campervan any time for rental. The main issue here is trust, especially that renters may be total strangers, but you can always say no once you disapprove of a prospect renter’s proposal. This is beneficial since it helps compensate maintenance and storage fees of your van.

Child Or Pet Caring: When Babysitting is Your Calling

Pet-sitting or dog walking gigs can give you quick bucks. If you love to play with kids, child care is also a good alternative. and Sittercity can help find clients in the area you’re in so browse them now to add more options to your list!

Seasonal Jobs: Can Also Be A Great Hustle

This is a good choice if you’re staying in one location for a while or if you’re in the habit of visiting places for a few months. Retail establishments and amusement parks employ seasonal workers at various times within a year. This will keep you really busy if you just give it a try.

Be an Airbnb Manager

Busy homeowners prefer hiring managers than to be tied up to their properties. You can earn as an Airbnb Manager by helping those busy bees in managing their stuff. Among the tasks of a manager is to coordinate with the right people so rentals continue to run smoothly.

Work in a Ranch

“Running Wild, Across the Meadow” by Trey Ratcliff is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 

Dude ranches across the US offer plenty of jobs and you can begin by looking at Dude Ranchers Association’s own website. Various jobs are listed such as waitstaff, line cook, maintenance worker, wrangler, and many others. You get to be rewarded with a ranch experience too!

Make Deliveries

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You can sign up with Postmates and be an instant delivery guy if you’re in for a pound. Through its app, anyone can order almost anything and have it delivered to his doorstep. People across the US can access this app so you’re off to a possible bunch of delivery orders.

Do Campground Hosting

Not really high-paid but campground hosting can bring extra income to your pocket. Plus you get free parking for your rig every time you work. This activity fits someone who loves people and managing things, so if you’re up for the game, try having one now!

Woking In the Farm

Harvest gigs are also practical for a full time van lifer. Sugar Beet Harvest is a top choice! Short-term positions are offered with good compensation in both US and Canada. An advantage with this job is the chance to enjoy outdoor attractions while making money. 

You can also be a marijuana trimmer in Northern California if you wish. Picking Jobs lists harvesting works across the US, so it’s good to take a glimpse once in a while.

Offer Your Service as a Mobile Mechanic

Image Source: “Mobile Mechanic Chicago” by thevibranteye is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Opportunities come as you encounter people who need assistance with their rigs. Simple oil changes and other advanced work could start a little business for you. You gotta learn to be a mechanic or acquire new skills to make this viable. As a strategy, you can connect with vandwellers and set up a website to get advertised.

Offer Your Trade to Co-travelers

Wood works, metal works and electrical skills are examples of what your co-travelers might need. Networking, social media and a website can help market your trade to other travelers. 

Help in Van Conversions

Van life is now trending and more are joining the bandwagon! You can offer help to those who are just starting their van conversion journey. This may work with others as your teammates.

Do Restaurant Work

When you’re staying for a while, resto work can be really rewarding. Among others that you can do are hosting, dishwashing, becoming a server, and bussing tables .

Tips To Succeed In Remote Job Applications

Get Your Portfolio Ready

Many remote positions ask for past work in the field. However, experience is not a dealbreaker. The right personality and being proactive are fundamentals you can take advantage of. Start doing mock projects to show your capability, even before sending applications. For example, have your own blog, run a personal website, or make use of courses online to get started.

Prepare your Personal Pitch

Opportunities sometimes come when you’re not looking. Your personal pitch must be prepared when and if the golden chance comes! I encourage you to write a script to get you familiar with what you’re supposed to say in any possible invitation. Who you are, why you’re the solution, and what sets you apart from the rest are just three of the questions normally asked by prospective employers. Draft your best responses to questions like these and you’re sure to nail it!

Have a Cover Letter Template and CV Ready

Like other jobs, you need a quality application letter and CV when applying for online posts. Have a template which you can easily customize for your cover letter. In writing your cover letter, express your interest and knowledge in the company and in the slot you’ll fill in. You can also include observations regarding the company’s projects or problem areas and personal experiences with the company, if any.

For your CV, use nouns, not verbs. For instance, applications you used and products you’ve developed are more likely to appeal to employers than plain work details. Use of buzzwords is also advisable as applicant-tracking systems rank applicants by the number of keywords found in submitted documents.

A description of your attitude and personality is likewise enticing. Make sure that your lead-in statement highlights your  technical skills and the solution you can offer to address the company’s problem.

Practice Remote Presentations

Apps like Zoom, Skype and Google Meet are used for co-workers and clients in an online workplace. Hiring interviews are likewise conducted via these apps. Online interactions differ from personal convos so you gotta make sure you’re comfortable in remote conversations. Practice remote presentations to be truly ready!

You can spend time video chatting with family and friends to be adept on this platform. Familiarize the ins and outs of the chat or video platforms because they are vital towards your success. A typical case is how to screen share specific browser windows during a meeting. Being knowledgeable beforehand will come handy and will elicit favorable impressions from your prospective employers.


Now that you’re through reading this, I bet you’re off to pick the job that you want! Whatever that is, I am confident that you won’t go wrong in doing what you love. Your campervan is an on-the-road version of a home and a workplace rolled into one. It’s not all about earning money then, but a life of fulfilment and bliss whatever job you do and whatever destination you’re heading to. Pursue it. It’s definitely worth it. 

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