Pros and Cons of Solo RV Living: Should You Do It?

Living alone has a lot of perks, and so does living solo in an RV. It can be an exciting adventure for singles to live alone in an RV because, of course, living in a place where you can bring your house with you anywhere is something that opens a lot of possibilities to you. The world is your oyster since you do not have to worry about having a place to sleep. Still, if there are perks, surely there are disadvantages to living alone in an RV. Knowing these cons might discourage some people from pursuing living in an RV. Still, it is better to know and be prepared than not knowing and encountering them for the first time. Imagine the amount of stress you would have if you do not know what these cons are.

What are the pros and cons of solo RV living? Some of the pros include living your life the way it should be, no shortage of spaces, opportunities to travel and meet new people, and a chance to grow personally. Some of the cons include lack of security, lack of needed assistance, and sadness.

Let this article be your guide in knowing what the pros and cons of living solo in an RV are like. Knowing the pros would motivate you to pursue living in an RV alone. Knowing the cons would prepare you for these when it happens soon, thus equipping you with the proper tools and knowledge to make your RV living much more worthwhile.

Pros of Living in an RV Solo

There are many pros of living solo in an RV. These pros might motivate and inspire you to pursue your ambitions of living in an RV full-time, or these pros might be that much-needed push for you to get this started.

All the Spaces are Yours

RVs do not have a lot of space, to begin with, so sharing an already smaller space with the other members of your family or your friends can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you own a Class B or C RV, which are smaller compared to the biggest Class A RV. When I talk about RV space, I meant both storage and virtual spaces where we move.

Having all the storage spaces to yourself is a luxury on its own when living in an RV. Everyone knows that RVs are not the same as actual homes when it comes to having storage space. A standard apartment in the heart of New York City might have a little bit more space than an RV, so maximizing storage space is key. However, when you live alone in your RV, you do not have to worry about it. Though organizing skills can be quite handy, you do not have to crack your head open, thinking about putting your other items.

Next is the actual space. To live peacefully, you must have an ample amount of living space in your RV for you to move freely. It is really hard to move when you feel restricted in your actions. By living alone in an RV, all the spaces are yours. Without having to worry, you will knock something over with your hands or legs when you move to get something you need.

If you have pets, they can have a lot of room to move because they do not have to share the limited RV space with other humans aside from you. They can get their own pet bed, lounge around the RV without worrying about fur getting onto your roommate’s bed, and so on. They will never have to sleep on the floor because they have a lot of space, to begin with.

Saving Money in the Long Run

Living alone in an apartment can save you a lot of money, but living alone in an RV saves you more money in the long run. It might seem impossible because you have to maintain and take care of your RV while using it, which means shouldering all the repairs and replacement when those times come.

However, living in an RV also means that since you pay for the expenses whenever repairs and replacements are needed, you will take care of your RV, even more to prevent these from happening. You will have a sense of ownership of your RV, and this is important because this will make you feel more responsible than ever.

Also, if you choose to live in an RV for a long time solo, you will not have to pay for fees that you do not need, such as apartment fees, rental deposits, and so on. You might have to pay for parking fees if you are in a campground or an RV park, but here is a tip: sign up for a membership and save more from members’ exclusive discounts.

Living solo in an RV also means that you will only spend for yourself on expenses such as food, toiletries, supplies, and so on because you do not have to buy too much. Only you (and maybe your pets) will be the ones to use all your supplies, so you will have much more for yourself than back when you used to live in a rented apartment.

In short, living in an RV alone saves you money since the household gets smaller.

The World is Your Oyster

Back then, when people want to go to different places to explore the different wonders offered, they have to arrange the reservations for their lodging and accommodations, work on the itinerary, budget their money for food, and book flights if the destinations are available too far. This can lead to so many other problems and thus make your trip stressful instead of relieving.

Now that you have your accommodation with you, you can do anything. As in anything! Go to the Grand Canyon today, then visit the Sierra Nevada the next week, and go all the way to Los Angeles while living in your RV. Thanks to ships that can bring vehicles to other parts of the world, you can even go to other countries with your RV. With enough supplies to last you for the trip, and money for unexpected purchases, you can do anything you want without having to work around someone else’s time schedules.

If you are also working remotely, you can visit any place anytime because all you need is a stable Internet connection and a steady flow of electricity for your laptop. Living solo in an RV allows you to present in a meeting while enjoying the lush greenery of the forests nearby or the warm temperatures on the beach. Now that so many people are working in the comforts of their own homes doing the same in your RV is also fine.

Get to Choose Where to Go

Back then, it was impossible to go anywhere for a leisure trip without sticking to a fixed itinerary because you must enjoy everything while you are here. Of course, you will be doing this with your friends and family. Still, there are times when Nancy does not want to go hiking because she has asthma, or Mommy does not want to go to the beach because she would be sunburned. Now that you live in your RV alone, you can choose where to go without thinking of the others’ preferences.

You are your own boss. You can follow your itinerary at your own pace. Want to go to the beach tomorrow? Go ahead. Want to have barbecues outdoors tonight? You do you. No one would tell you otherwise because you can enjoy your precious time to yourself without any worries. The only thing you have to worry about is yourself.

Opportunities to Network and Socialize

This pro might work better with ambiverts and extroverts, though it might be the introverts’ chance to get out of their cocoons and try this one out. Living alone in an RV can be a bit lonely at times, or it can be monotonous, too, since you have to do the same routines over and over again. Others might feel sad because nothing beats socializing in person, even though they can talk to their friends online.

Living alone in an RV can help you get to know other people who might be helpful in the future. Who knows, someone from your dream company might also be an avid RV resident living next to you in the campground. Joining other solo RV residents in events, or even just in simple outdoor parties in the RV parks and campgrounds, can help you get rid of the sadness while living in the outdoors alone. No matter how introverted you are, you still need human interaction as part of living. Even ascetics communicate with other people at times.

Customize Your RV to Your Heart’s Content

Living in an RV with other people means you have to be sensitive to the people you share the space with. That means if you want to add some features or buy furniture, you must ask them for permission or at least tell them that you want to do this, or it would cause misunderstandings to your RV-mates. It can be very stressful, especially if you live with people who do not want a lot of change happening around them.

Now that you live on your own in your RV, you can customize it however you want. Want to get rid of the annoying cupboards to replace them with new ones? Go ahead. Want to buy that luxurious-looking bean bag for your living area? Be your guest. You can even repaint the whole RV to show the people who live in it. Customizing your RV is also your call since you are the one living there. This opens a wide door of opportunities for you to show your personal touch in your room and throughout the entire RV.

People Will Help You Out More

By helping, I do not mean begging for alms or food. I mean, people are offering you assistance in doing several things you cannot do by yourself while living in an RV.

For example, if you have any problems with the engine of your RV, people would immediately recognize your need and help you out the best way they can. However, you would be able to experience this kind of assistance in most RV parks and campgrounds. You cannot expect someone to help you out on a flat tire if you are miles away from the nearest settlements.

RV campers always feel the need to help someone who is in the same situation as theirs. The sense of brotherhood in RV parks is stronger since everyone had felt that or experienced that some time ago when they were starting out. Helping other people with things such as changing tires, maintaining the vehicle, or even running errands for you is a common thing for RV campers, and of course, you should help other people out to pay back.

Remember that no man is an island, and many people are happy to welcome you into their fold by living alone.

Experience Personal Growth

Nope, this is not the time to shift to affiliate content. Living in an RV alone means you will have more time for yourself, which can be used in learning more skills, acquiring new knowledge, reflect, and experience growth altogether. Having the peace and quiet of your RV to yourself is the best time to indulge yourself: read that book, watch that Netflix series, eat everything you want.

Work out using your home equipment, jog around the vicinity, walk your dog, even run errands for your neighbors. If you are not an outgoing person, you can use the time you have to sign up for online courses to upskill, learn more, and acquire more. You can even try doing new hobbies or trying new exercises such as yoga and Pilates if given a chance.

Lastly, this also allows you to reflect on yourself, remember the things you did, and reorganize your life. The quietness of the outdoors, especially at night, can be beneficial to solo campers because it gives them the mood to be in solitude. This is why many RVs go on long trips for weeks, especially when stressed with urban life. Get to recharge and refresh, and prepare yourself for the next adventures life has to offer.

The Cons of Living Solo in an RV

However, not all living conditions are perfect. Some have cons or disadvantages, which can make people think twice before jumping into RV life. I advise you not to see this in a negative light, though: you can see this as your point of improvement so that you can have more time to prepare. Thus, you do not get confused or stressed because you did not see this coming.

Safety and Security Issues

Many RV campers, especially women, are prone to security and safety issues, such as predatory men who cannot keep their hands on themselves. When going to gasoline stations or even to Walmart or Costco, solo women are always preyed upon by men who can pose a danger to them. As for solo men, the main issue can be the security of their belongings in the RV, since most RVs nowadays have many appliances in them. Robbers love solo travelers because they have no one to depend on in case they attack.

It would be the best way to park your RV in a place where many people can see you. If someone attacks you or tries to rob you, people immediately see what goes on inside your RV. Thankfully, many solo RV campers are eager to share their tips, hacks, and techniques to keep themselves and their belongings safe from any criminals.

Another tip is that make sure to never leave your RV behind unattended at all times. Even if you are just going to step outside, make sure that you can see your RV from where you are going. If leaving cannot be prevented, have someone to watch your RV if you need to go somewhere for an hour. Bring the keys with you at all times, and have someone you trust the most in keeping an eye on your RV.

Lastly, you can buy gadgets and gizmos you can use to heighten the security in your RV. You can install CCTVs on your RV to make sure you are totally protected. Invest in top-quality locks, chains, and other weapons you can use to protect yourself while living in the RV. I would like to clarify that I am not, in any way, endorsing the purchase and use of guns as a form of self-defense. I want to explain that you must have a weapon in your RV that you can use to protect yourself when the time comes.

Unexpected Mechanical Situations

Maintaining an RV is one thing, but the RV breaking down in the middle of the road is another. If this happens on one of your leisure trips, it can easily take the joy away from the trip. It can be very stressful, especially if you have no idea what to do. It can be especially harder if you have no idea when it comes to fixing these mechanical situations.

One thing you can do is to keep the numbers of your trusted RV mechanics, insurance agent, and your trusted towing service company if this happens. Always keep your phone charged and ready to call these people should you need help from them. Suppose you can fix the situation right away. In that case, it is also important to keep your trusted toolbox with you so that if you have to change tires or fix the engines yourself, you can do it easily.

Help Can Be Hard to Get

Speaking of unexpected situations, solo RV campers may find it hard to ask for help whenever they need it. If you stay in a campground or an RV park, it would be easy to ask for help since people are willing to help you, from fellow campers to campground staff.

It can be harder if you choose to live by yourself in a place far from anyone else. It can also be a hassle for you should you get sick or something ill happens to you. You have to fend for yourself, and unless someone notices, you might not be able to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

What you can do to solve this problem is that you must have a first aid kit if you need immediate medical attention. You should also have your emergency numbers with you at all times. Save the phone number of your doctor, insurance agent, and a close family member or a close friend who you can notify if emergency situations happen. Let people know that you are in good shape by always updating your contacts and telling them immediately in emergency situations.

No One to Share the Costs With You

RV campgrounds and parks can be a good place for you to stay in your RV, especially if you are alone. They have a wide range of amenities everyone would surely enjoy, making their lives much easier and more comfortable. However, all of these comforts come at a price, and they can be expensive for some people. Aside from the campgrounds, you also have to buy gas for your RV to move from one place to another, and gasoline does not have a fixed price. Add to that the other living expenses, and it can totally drive you insane.

For this situation, proper budgeting and financial management are key. One of the ways to do that is to look for the nearest and cheapest place to buy gas. Download the Gas Buddy app on Play Store or Apple Store, as it is the app that most RVers rely on when looking for the nearest and cheapest gas stations, wherever you are.

As for the campgrounds and RV park fees, think of it this way: paying for a lifetime membership costs much cheaper in the long run than having to pay for monthly fees. Even though monthly discounts exist, paying a one-time fee means you can save from having to pay monthly in the long run. It may be a bit more expensive when given all at once, but think of the savings you will have since you do not have to worry about that each month.

Things Can Get Boring

The early stages of living alone can be fun, thrilling, and exhilarating. You get to do anything and everything you want without anyone stopping you. However, once the honeymoon period ends, you find yourself getting bored with your seemingly monotonous routine every single day. The daily grind can be boring, and therefore, you find yourself yearning to find something fun to do.

Living alone in an RV means you have no one to talk to if you want to share your joys and sorrows with your daily happenings. It can get lazy and monotonous, and soon enough, you will be questioning if living alone is really a good choice.

What you can do to solve this problem is to reach out and socialize. Staying in campgrounds and RV parks can be a good place to start since you just have to go out of your RV and reach out to your neighbors. Establishing connections with your neighbors is one good way to chase the blues away because you can always visit them and talk about many things.

You can also try to join RV campers groups online, be it on Reddit or Facebook. Finding people with the same interests in RV living as yours can be a rewarding experience because this would make your RV living solo much more bearable.

Lastly, there is always the comfort of talking to your friends and family online. Thanks to today’s technological advances, you can easily send a message to your friends and family without having to worry about the time it reaches them.

You can also use the extra time you have right now living solo in an RV to explore your interests, start a hobby, or study something else. The possibilities are endless.

It Can Be Mentally Triggering

Lastly, since there are times when things get cold and sad, some people experience depression and anxiety while living alone in an RV. It can be concerning, especially to those who are starting to have suicidal thoughts. It is best to live alone in an RV parked somewhere many people can be seen for this one. Also, it helps that you have the phone number of your psychiatrist or mental healthcare expert with you in case you need to talk to them.

Mental health is very important, and thus we should always pay attention to it before it gets worse.


Living alone in an RV can offer you many things, such as opportunities to grow, enjoy, and explore. On the other hand, it might test your management skills regarding expenses, time, and mental health. The good news is: all of the cons have solutions, so that means it will only take your management skills to the test and see the silver linings in all of the cons.


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