What is a Destination Trailer? The 101


Most travellers seek a comfortable place. They mainly chose the lakeside, mountain view, or a particular area they found from nowhere and suddenly felt connected to the site, giving them peace of mind and healing their heavy souls. If you consider yourself one of these travellers, then a destination trailer best fits you.

A destination trailer, also called a home-on-wheels trailer, is the best choice for travelling and finding the best place to stay for days, weeks, months, or even a season. It is ideal for travellers who want to take a break, enjoy a particular place’s scenery, and experience daily life.

Destination trailers are similar to other traditional travel trailers only. They are meant for long-stay; it is larger and heavier than the conventional RV or the other travel trailers; thus, it can be moved from one place to another if it is necessary. To know more about what a destination trailer is, don’t stop here.

Let’s Have A Quick Tour of What is Inside A Destination Trailer

The destination trailers are a residential type of trailer. Thus, it has a better and luxurious feature similar to a residential home. Since it’s called a home-on-wheels, whatever you see inside your built-in house, you’ll also find it inside. Although there will be some modifications on some specific things, they will always be worth using when travelling.


You don’t want to stink while travelling, so here we’re going to talk about the specific space requirements in a destination trailer. It might be big enough to be seen in a residential home, but it all fits in a destination trailer. We all know that taking a bath or maintaining good hygiene is vital in our daily lives, so we should not lose a bathroom.

A destination trailer is big enough to include some space requirements found in the bathroom of a built-in house. Although, it requires good space planning to fit everything inside. Proper space planning will give your destination a much spacious look and a convenient bathroom. Here is the list of areas, types of equipment, and other relevant things you must have in your destination trailer bathroom.

  • Shower
  • Toilet
  • Washer/dryer
  • Linen storage
  • Water Heater
  • Heating Duct System


Of course, the meal is the most crucial part of the trip. We all agree that eating is the best part and we can also admit that we all go to the cheapest but delicious foods. So, when you go on a vacation, you prepare the budget for your meals and plan what to buy for chow time. 

It will cost you a huge amount of money, especially when you stay for more than a month in the specific place you wanted to stay. So, to have a perfect stay, it’s best to have a destination trailer kitchen. There, you can provide your food and meal plans. You can place your grocery stocks and provide the best food of your taste. The following are furniture, fixtures, and equipment you can find in a destination trailer kitchen:

  • Built-In Cabinets
  • Countertop
  • Faucet
  • Microwave
  • Pantry
  • Water purification system
  • Refrigerator
  • Oven

Living Room

A living room is your place of relaxation in the day. A destination trailer living room is a place to rest when your selected area is snowing, raining, or soaked in the sun. Aside from having a place to relax, your living room can be your place to dine while watching your favourite series on tv or watch the raindrops fall outside your windows.

Wonder what a living room could in a destination trailer only lead you to an answer of the inside of a mini-house. All are appropriately arranged and planned to give efficiency to the users.

  • Table with chairs
  • Slide window
  • Sliding glass door
  • Furniture


We all need a place to sleep, and the perfect place to rest at night in the middle of your travel is in your destination trailer’s bedroom. What could be more exciting and fun when you know you’re secured in your destination trailer. Aside from bringing security, it also brings comfort in your travels. We sometimes get the same feeling of being uncomfortable staying in a lounge or a motel, but bringing your bed is your place of zen. It’s beyond compare sleeping and staying in your bedroom.

The bedroom will be much smaller than a built-in house, but it will be enough for a place to rest. There are 2 to 3 bedroom destination trailers, and you have to pick the right one for you. So, in your destination trailer bedroom, you will find the usual following:

  • Space Saving Bed
  • Overhead cabinets
  • Retractable Table/s

Top Three Destination Trailer That Could Fit Your Taste

There are many destination trailers produced by companies nowadays, and whether you admit it or not, it’s confusing which one is better and which one suits your taste. Since you already know what is inside a destination trailer, let’s get more ideas of what features are best and what distinctive attributes can conveniently help you achieve your travel goals.

Sandpiper 399 Loft Park Trailer

This type of trailer is suitable for travellers with a whole crew or inviting friends to travel because it has two bunk mats in the upper loft. This trailer includes a gel-coated matched exterior and enclosed and heated dump valves. It also has large tinted windows that keep your absolute privacy high.

It has a detachable hitch and Lippert auto-adjusts brakes. It has a 9″ riser, with no pinched fingers included, and 16″ radial tires-E rated. The lighting for the exterior is LED, and the trailer has underbelly armour. It also has porch lights that can be switched on and off on the inside of the trailer. Also, it has two speakers that are suited for jamming and chilling when you start having a campfire outside. The best of the trailer is having a 60″ dual-pane patio door that can make you feel welcome when getting in and out.

For its interior, it includes a premium mattress to sleep and feel your haven. It also has residential stain-resistant carpet, since usual campers mostly stay in a not-concrete pavement and usually get a little muddy from the outside. The interior height is 99″ with 6’4″ slide heights. The interior also features swivel gliders, stainless steel under-mounted kitchen sink, a washer and dryer in the bathroom, and handmade cabinets in the kitchen and sleeping areas.

The interior light is similar to the exterior since it uses LED lighting. There are walk-in showers in selected models and solid wood drawers. The kitchen has a 22 cu. ft. stainless refrigerator that can store all your goods, meats, and veggies.

Its system includes an interior thermostat that can heat up or cool down the atmosphere if needed. It also has a satellite and cable hookup with RG-6 cable for high-quality pictures. The kitchen includes a water filtration system for safe and clean water to drink.

For security, it has a smoke alarm, and it includes a fire extinguisher inside. It also has a fire escape and a liquid propane gas detector. Most importantly, it has a deadbolt lock on the entry door. 

The Sandpiper 399 Loft Park Trailer has a limited-time offer of a platinum package that includes a King Wifi Extender System. If this suits your taste, then go and have your own Sandpiper 399 Loft Park Trailer.

2021 Winnebago Minnie Plus 27RBDS

A 2021 Winnebago Minnie Plus 27RBDS is a type of trailer that has plus features. If you want to own a much spacious trailer, then this fits your taste. This trailer includes features in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and even your living room. It expands your comfort zone because of the full-features galley, substantial storage, exterior brilliance, and of course, the form that follows function.

Designing a home is like picking the right trailer for you. Similar to a built-in house, the functionality of your home is the most critical part. A 2021 Winnebago Minnie Plus 27RBDS features exterior patio speakers with a spare tire w/carrier. It has a Diamond plate rock guard and a lockable storage door that ultimately saves space. It also uses LED lighting and has a 12 V power awning.

The exterior length of this trailer is 30’7″ with a height of 11’4″ and a width of 8’0″. It has a roof ladder attached to the outside and includes noble classic high gloss fibreglass sidewalls. It also provides aluminium framing and has a fibreglass front cap. The facet of the door is a magnetic door catch with windows that are dual pane.

The interior includes a carbon monoxide detector, LP gas detector, and smoke alarm for fire security. The entertainment space consists of a cable TV hookup that can search up to a lot of channels. Also include a stereo on the inside and, of course, the LED lighting.

When looking forward to the types of equipment, you will be able to see an eight cu. Ft. double door gas/elec refrigerator, microwave, and burner with oven. You will also find full extension drawers for your kitchen stuff and all the relevant things that are needed to be kept.

So, if you’re into this type of trailer, go and get one. If you’re still waiting for a sign to get a 2021 Winnebago Minnie Plus 27RBDS, well, this is your sign.

2019 Gulf Stream – Conquest Lodge

With all the amenities of home and all the advantages of a hideaway in the exceptional adventures, having residential appliances, home-like floor plans, and maximum interior space, a 2019 Gulf Stream Conquest Lodge trailer truly is a dream come true. You can bring the whole family and friends for a month of travel – After all, this is your home off from home!

This type of trailer has key standard features like a sliding patio door. Note that this trailer has two sliding doors that can save an immense amount of space in your trailer. It also features a ten gal Gas DSI/110V Water Heater that is very useful when the winter season comes along.

If you check the kitchen, you’ll be able to find a residential gas range with an oven and a residential double-door refrigerator or freezer. It also has built-in cabinets that are good storage for your utensils and some important kitchen stuff. 

The height of the slide rooms is approximately 6’5″. It has a detachable hitch with a fibreglass front wall. The extensive storage doesn’t only end in the kitchen, but you can also see various spaces, closets, and cabinetry designed to be space-saving.

The 2019 Gulf Stream Conquest Lodge is the best choice you can have if you want a season-long vacation in your favourite place in the world. When camping is more about feeling the warmth of home and relaxing in the middle of the woods, and if you find it worthy of long-term living, then don’t waste your time and get your 2019 Gulf Stream Conquest Lodge.

Travel More: Make Your Destination Trailer Last Long

Similar to other trailers, trucks, and any vehicle, the destination trailer also needs to have a frequent inspection to prolong its machines and all of its automotive parts. Taking care of your destination trailer is similar to taking care of your own home, wherein you constantly clean, inspect, and change what needs to be changed.

The following are some of the necessities to ensure that your trailer will last longer and prolong its good quality both internally and externally:

Never Forget to Inspect Your Roof

Your roof is the foremost part to inspect as it covers your entire trailer from seasonal change. Checking its seal and seams is necessary since water damage or leaking on the roof usually starts at the RV corner. When you travel in the middle of the summer and end up in rainfall or winter, your trailer has a massive chance of getting unwanted leaks due to sealant breakdowns.

To avoid getting into a problem with your roof, you must inspect your roof at least twice a month. Inspecting it won’t cost you a lot of time, but it will only bring you assurance that your trailer is in good condition.

Never Get Into Trouble When Checking Batteries

Destination trailer is a battery-operated vehicle, which means most appliances, equipment, and starting the car depends on the battery. Thus, it is essential to check the battery frequently and change it after three (3) to five (5) years to ensure your automotive parts receive the current they need to work.

You will hate getting bothered when travelling, so always check your batteries to avoid electricity loss. You can also install solar power in your trailer to save your batteries. Use it efficiently and wisely, so you can travel more.

Never Be Ignorant of Your Trailer

When you buy a trailer, you must first study its essential components and keep it exceptional. Having a trailer is having your home, so you must keep the feeling of home in your trailer. Being insensible of how should be and should not be your trailer is taken care of is a one hundred per cent reason for not having a trailer.

Weigh Your Thoughts in Having A Destination Trailer

If you’re planning to purchase a trailer, you must consider your investment. Buying a trailer means investing in something. It could be supporting your physical and mental well-being or even making it a business opportunity. If you’re only into buying a destination trailer because most people have it, stop. Having a destination trailer means having an extraordinary life, bringing your comfort zone from one place to another.

If you still doubt whether to buy or not buy a destination trailer, weigh your thoughts and decide.

The advantage of owning a destination trailer is the best experience. You can explore and stay a little longer to places you feel at home. The best part is when you travel with a destination trailer; you’re bringing the comfort of your home with you. You won’t be worrying about kinds of stuff like where to take a shower and pee.

You will be sleeping in your bed, and you can also bring your pets with you. Travelling with a destination trailer will only cost you half of a typical vacation. Imagine preparing your meal and not worrying about the expenses you’ll be spending on food in the restaurants.

Once you are away on the open road, you also have the advantage of the RV support system. This policy is an extensive interconnected web of dealers, campgrounds, resorts, and on-call mechanics, all available to assist you when you need it. The great news is that most new RVs have excellent warranties, and lengthened warranties are becoming more and more prevalent.

The disadvantage of having a destination trailer is, it can be expensive, especially with the latest models that are much more convenient than the old ones. It is a big purchase that you might want to decide for months.

Also, owning a trailer, it’s similar to owning a car and a house; it has maintenance. You will indeed prepare and invest a considerable amount of money before living a luxurious life.

One disadvantage of a destination trailer is that you have to provide a huge truck to tow your trailer. The truck should be able to carry the least weight of a trailer. Although it is more spacious than travel trailers, it is more costly. It’s also challenging to find a storage area if your trailer is not in use.

Live Your Life The Way You Want To

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.”

 – Anita Desai

Owning a destination trailer is similar to owning a home; thus, treating it as how you want to treat your own home is necessary. It could be the home that could give you comfort, peace of mind, and convenience for every seasonal change. If you feel at home travelling, get yourself a destination trailer and go live the life you want to live.


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