Best Airstream Model for Full Time Living

Feeling at home while traveling is possible with a recreational vehicle. Airstream offers the perfect trailer from highly built structure to well equipped furniture. The exciting part is that there are plenty of unexpected amenities included! If you ever consider living on a trailer full time, then Airstream is your best choice!

If you want to live off the road but having a hard time deciding what airstream trailer you should purchase, then you are on the right page! This article will help you decide on which model to choose. I will cover the overall structure, special features, and prices of airstream trailers. You will also know the benefits of having these trailers and the reason why this could be your best choice for full time living.

Small But Terrible Bambi 22FB Trailer

If you plan to go solo or have one to three companions that don’t require much space, then this is the one for you! It is lightweight and space optimizing by bringing only essential things.

Get to know Bambi 22FB

Image Source: “Airstream Travel Trailer” by harry_nl is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 

A 22 feet in length trailer that offers enough space for a maximum of 4 persons. Small and lightweight that can easily be towed and parked using any SUV. It may be small but not short in storage. Price for this model starts at $60,700.

Cook and Eat at the Kitchen and Dinette

Image Source: “Kitchen” by AFresh1 is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

Kitchen features a two burner cooktop, double sink, microwave, grocery, dish storage, and a 12 volt compressor based refrigerator. Burner and sink could be covered and serve as space for cooking preparation. The 36” x 75” inches dinette can be a sleeping space by lowering the table.

Master Bedroom with a View

Master bed is 54″ x 80″ inches with a memory foam mattress that can be lifted for extra storage space. Enjoy a good book and watch movies clearly with the LED lights on top of the bed.

Luxurious Toilet and Bath

Image Source:

The highlight of this trailer is its big and incredible bathroom. Perfect for people who treat their bathroom as a comfort or stress out zone. Don’t judge! The bathroom occupies the entire back of the trailer. The spacious shower with a built in seat and large vanity has a window and a single door that closes off the whole space for privacy. 

Family Friendly Flying Cloud 30FB Bunk Trailer

Having a big family is fun but space consuming. Finding the right trailer can be very challenging but this model got your back! It offers a lot of space and great amenities, perfect for a big family.

Get to Know Flying Cloud 30FB Bunk

Image Source: “Airstream Camping” by Jeremy Zilar is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

A 33 feet in length trailer prepared for families of all sizes as it offers great space for a maximum of 8 persons. It features a window and door side awning and two air conditioners. What’s great is that it offers storage tremendously, with 10 drawers in the kitchen only! Price for this model starts at $106,500.

All in One Lounge, Dining and Kitchen Space

All in one place perfect to talk, bond, and eat. With a sofa beside the countertop and opposite the table that can be converted into a sleeping space. The stove has three burners which can be covered and be a cooking preparation space. A refrigerator and convection microwave is also available in the kitchen.

Master and Bunk Bedrooms

Image Source:

The trailer’s main highlight because it offers more sleeping space along with televisions making it perfect for big families.

Master bedroom is large wherein you can easily move, walk in and out. It has a queen size 60” x 76” inches bed and twin closet with cubbies and USB connections on both sides that follow the curves of an airstream. Making it the perfect spot for the things you want to reach when you’re in bed. It also has a rotatable aircon on top of the bed.

The two corner bunk beds are located in a room at the end of the trailer and are ideal for your children. The upper bunk bed measures 29” x 78” inches for one person while the lower bunk bed is full sized that measures 54” x 76” inches for two or three persons.

Freshen Up at the Bathroom

mage Source:

A bathroom with shower, toilet, sink, and vanity in one spacious area with a door that closes for complete privacy. Furnished with sleek countertops, stainless steel sink, cabinet storage, and mirror.

Sleek Flying Cloud 30FB with Office Trailer

Image Source: “Airstream – Yucca Valley, CA” by ChrisGoldNY is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 

Enjoy traveling with your family while working. If you are working home-based and wants to live full time on a trailer then this is the one for you. This airstream model made it to the list specifically for people who love outdoors but unfortunately are also married to their work.

Get to Know Flying Cloud 30FB Office

Image Source: “Inside the 1969 Airstream Tradewind 2” by Airstream Life is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

A 2021 release model that is 33 feet in length. An awesome option when it comes to working on the road. Equipped with dual air conditioners controlled by a thermostat to stay cool during summer time and with plenty of overhead and under storage cabinets. Price for this model starts at $107,500.

All in One Lounge, Dining and Kitchen Space

Image Source: “Connie Ferrell in her Airstream Caravanner” by Airstream Life is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

All in one place perfect to talk, bond and eat. The lounge sofa and the dinette table can serve as additional sleeping space. The stove that has three burners can be covered and serve as a cooking preparation space. A refrigerator and convection microwave is also available in the kitchen.

Freshen Up at the Bathroom and Ready to Bed

Image Source: “6 1964 Airstream Bambi II IMG_5051” by terrybone is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 

This area is just the same with the master bedroom of 30FB Bunk. From the queen size bed and television to the bathroom that is just across the bedroom beside the office. 

Work Efficiently and Effectively at the Corner Office

Image Source: “Airstream” by Shannon Archuleta is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0 

A corner office is the main feature of this model. This trailer is made for people who love to go out but are dedicated to their work, so this area is their haven. A space that is equipped with every detail a workaholic needs.

A corner office with windows to get some natural light at day. Perfect working space with a file organizer, office chair and main desk with pull up plugs, USB connectors and HDMI plugs for setting up a tv or monitor. Extend your workspace by pulling out the side desk. After working, convert this space into a sleeping or relaxing area for one by putting out the office chair and positioning the pull out sofa.

European and American Inspired Globetrotter’s 30FB Trailer

Like Flying Cloud in terms of size, what’s unique about this trailer is its modern interior, sophisticated accessories, and neutral colors, giving that minimalistic vibe. A trailer ideal for people who love lounging space.

Get to Know Globetrotter’s 30FB

Image Source: pexels

A new floor plan introduced last year that is 30 feet in length. It can accommodate a maximum of 6 persons, good for family and friends. This model has LED lights that can be dimmed at night and two fully ducted roof air conditioners. The exterior of the trailer is equipped with a solar, window, off door and back awning package. It also offers plenty of overhead and under storage cabinets.

Wrap Around Lounge and Dinette

Image Source: “1936 Airstream Clipper” by Steve Corey is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 

A part especially designed for people who love seating while talking over tea or coffee and enjoying the panoramic view and skylight. This wrap around lounge that extends to the dinette has a contemporary look, sleek european design and stain resistant spradling hitch fabric. This can be converted to a sleep space by pulling it out to create a 38″ x 84″ inches sofa bed. 

Fancy Modernized Kitchen

Image Source: “Inside a brand new airstream (only $89,900….)” by Warren Elsmore is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

Equipped with moen stainless steel sink, dupont corian sink cover, franke faucet, 3 burner LP cooktop, conventional microwave and 10 cubic foot refrigerator – considered the biggest refrigerator of all airstream models. The countertop became special and significant because of the  small bin at the center that can serve as a compost bin or drinks chiller.

Freshen Up at the Bathroom and Ready to Bed

Image Source: “Airstream Tradewind 1967 Tanner IMG_8810” by terrybone is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 

Master bedroom with panoramic windows alongside the queen size bed and television. The thermostat controller for the dual aircon is positioned in the bedroom. The bathroom is termed as “half-bathroom” because the toilet and shower are separated from each other. The toilet has a tankless water heater system, air conditioner and exhaust vent while the shower has a built in seat.

Idealistic Classic 33FB Trailer

Bring home with you, with this recreational vehicle. If you really want to live full time on the road then this is the “ideal” trailer to purchase. Consider this as the best possible trailer for full time living because of its home like amenities.

Get to Know Classic 33FB

Image Source: “Airstream” by TonyHall is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

Longest airstream made with a length of 33 feet. An ideal model for full time living that can accommodate a maximum of 5 persons. The exterior is equipped with power and window awning, solar system and back camera. Installed inside is a thermostat controlled dual air conditioner.

All in One Lounge, Dining and Kitchen Space

Image Source: unsplash

A place with a reclining ultraleather sofa perfect for relaxing. Cabinets are made of handcrafted hardwood. Corian countertops with a single deep bolt sink and kohler faucet. A model known for its residential kitchen style equipped with stainless steel three-burner gas stove, baraldi vent, refrigerator, convection microwave and oven.

Freshen Up at the Bathroom and Ready to Bed

Image Source: “Airstream interior” by dwstucke is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

What’s special about the bedroom is the panoramic windows and bed with adjustable headboard where you can sit or sleep with your head more elevated or lie flat. The bathroom is separated in two: the toilet and shower room. The toilet has a vanity, medicine cabinet and glycol based radiator system that heats the full exterior of the trailer consistently.

Enjoy Your Movie at the Entertainment Area

Image Source: “Scion Airstream Tour” by ashleyniblock is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 

This model wouldn’t be called a “classic” without a reason. Termed as the ideal trailer version of home because of this two in one special area, an entertainment and working area.

It is equipped with a 60” inches projection TV screen with bose sound system and apple carplay touch screen audio system. The projector is connected to both the omnidirectional antenna and Blu-ray player for viewing from either source. All of these features can be controlled by a single universal remote from the Harmony Remote App. This remote performs multiple tasks such as controlling the projector, projector screen, Blu-ray player and sound bar with just a touch of the button.

Multiplex panel is located on the wall next to the sofa which is special for this model only! If you want to have that cinematic feel while watching a movie, pressing cinema mode on the panel will automatically dim lights and lower power shades. It has a desk just below the projector screen opposite the sofa where you can catch up on some emails.


Airstream offers a variety of models to choose from. Living full time on a trailer has lots of pros and cons and one way to minimize problems is to choose the best trailer that suits your standards and needs. A brand that exceeds expectations and makes every trailer life amazing. Wherever you decide to live, always take in mind that home is where you build it. Stay safe and protected from COVID!

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