Best Mattress for Vanlife: Get Comfy when Sleeping

Best Mattress for Vanlife Get Comfy when Sleeping

Sleeping is and will always be the first thing to relieve our tiredness from a day’s activity during our RV travel. Therefore, we need a comfortable place that will ease our body aches and support our body position during sleep. Not to mention the heat during summer camps that may also add up to the things you’ll need to look out for to find the best mattress for your rig. 

What is the best mattress for vanlife? Brooklyn Bedding Wanderlust made it to the top mattresses that cater to any type of sleeper. DreamCloud Luxury and Nectar Memory Foam mattresses are the best fit for pressure relief and body tensions. Sensitive people may go for the environmental-friendly Bear RV and PlushBeds 8’’ Deluxe mattress. 

Check this Out! Things about RV Mattresses You Should Know

You are not just looking for a bed to sleep in but a comfortable one that will ease your body aches and bring comfort after all the morning activities in your RV travel. Hence, knowing a thing or two about mattresses may save you from buying one that is not fit for your sleeping preference.

Sizes of RV Mattresses: Purchase One That Fits Your RV Size

RV mattresses have standard sizes that are not quite like the average mattress size we use at home. It is made to fit a specific type and size of RV. That is why making exact measurements of the sleeping space in your RV before purchasing one is a must. For reference, Class A and Class C motorhomes have more extensive area than a Class C does. Moreover, trailers’ and fifth wheels’ sleeping space varies according to their size. 

Here are some of the standard sizes of RV mattresses: RV bunk, RV twin, RV full, RV three-quarter, RV short queen, RV queen, RV Olympic queen, RV king, and RV California king.

Type of Mattress Matters for Your Comfort!

Yes, you’ve read it right. Although all mattresses have the same purpose, the material where it is made matters when it comes to comfort and durability. There are three common types of mattresses with their specific key material used, namely foam, innerspring, and hybrid. 

Foam mattresses are entirely made of foam which conforms to body shape to relieve pressure. It is often infused with gel, graphite, or copper, reducing or taking away unwanted body heat.

Innerspring mattresses are more on the traditional style, which features a coil support base that adds airflow to the mattress. They are widely available at an affordable price. 

Hybrid mattresses are a combination of an innerspring and a latex or foam material. The coils help minimize motion transfer. Indeed a suitable type of mattress for RVers who are always on the go.

Personal Preference Decides the Firmness of the Mattress You are Buying

Firmness level refers to the resistance a mattress gives your body when you lay down on it. This also refers to the comfort felt by the sleeper when using the mattress. The firmness level is always a personal preference. Firmness level can be measured as soft, medium, and firm. Soft to medium-soft mattresses are recommended for side sleepers, while medium-firm mattresses are preferred by back sleepers. For firm mattresses, stomach sleepers who have problems with their spine would highly benefit from this.

Top 10 RV Mattress: Size, Comfort, Durability, and Price

Here are our best pick RV mattresses considering the size that fits your rig and the key features for comfort that it offers. I also included the best durable mattresses that are great value for the price.

Brooklyn Bedding Wanderlust Memory Foam for Any Type Sleeper

The Brooklyn Bedding Wanderlust always comes on the top spot for the best RV mattress. Lay comfortably in its multiple foam layers, suitable for all types of sleepers. The top fabric is coated with an advanced nano-stain terminator finish, minimizing stains from spills of food and drinks. A layer of high-quality gel memory foam is also in to make your mattress even more extraordinary to sleep in.

An open-cell technology allows air to freely circulate through the mattress, resulting in a soft and cool sleeping space in your RV. The Brooklyn Bedding Wanderlust is available in different versions, each having a firmness level that is suitable for your preference. 

The 6’’ and 8’’ versions are dual-layered mattresses that offer firm and firm-medium sleep experience for stomach and back sleepers. This size is suitable for bunk bed-sized sleeping spaces. 

For medium-firm sleeping experience, the 10’’ model dual layer mattress provides a firm core suitable for a combination of side and back sleeper. The thicker 12’’ and 14’’ versions offer an excellent triple-layer mattress of premium Variflex transition foam layer. 

The medium to the soft-medium surface is what side sleepers need for cloud-like contouring. 

12’’ offers a medium sleep experience. 

Highlights:  For any type of sleeper with varied firmness levels to choose from, and is ideal for any RV size. It also uses open-cell technology to allow increased airflow for a more refreshing sleep.

Bear RV Mattress: Environmental-Friendly Choice for Your RV

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Woven with Celliant’s Sleep Technology, the Bear RV mattress harnesses the body’s natural energy and promotes recovery from tiredness and overall well-being. In addition, Bear RV mattresses use CertiPUR-US certified foams with water-based bonding solutions and little to no smell, therefore producing environment-friendly products. 

The 8’’ mattress features layers of foam contributing to its overall satisfactory performance. 

Responsible for higher airflow and cooler sleep is the 1’’ cooling Graphite gel and open cell response foam. Another 1’’ Memory foam removes unwanted body heat, providing pressure relief and support to the body. The thickest 6’’ high-density support foam contributes to the mattress’s durability. The Bear RV mattress is designed to have a solid core and soft top for comfort. It is rated as medium-firm and is a worthy choice for side sleepers. 

Highlights:  Great shared bed for an RV trip with family or friends. Environmental-friendly and odor-free to benefit people with allergies and sensitivities. 

Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Mattress: Luxury and Comfort in One

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Promoting luxury and comfort in one, Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Mattress is infused with TitanCool technology that maintains an ideal sleeping skin temperature of 88 degrees. Moreover, the cooling gel beads inside the mattress liquefy at higher temperatures to provide relief in hot weather camping sites. 

The most elite cooling mattress is designed with body contouring which targets pressure point relief. In addition, it showcases a 1.5’’ top layer of patented CopperFlex with its antimicrobial properties to minimize dirt build-up. 

The Brooklyn Aurora mattress offers three firmness levels of soft, medium, and firm versions. A  2’’ layer of soft hyper-elastic TitanFlex foam with cloud-like comfort that adjusts to body form when moving is what the soft version offers. An additional 1’’ layer of gel swirl memory foam adds pressure point relief to sleepers with achy muscles.

A medium version is a 2’’ layer of medium hyper-elastic TitanFlex foam and a 1’’ layer of gel swirl memory foam, which works the same as the soft version in pressure relief. 

The firm version highlights a 1.5’’ layer of firm TitanFlex foam which is excellent additional support for the mattress structure. It is suitable for the back, stomach, and combination sleeper and promotes a more neutral spine position. It also features a 1.5’’ layer VariFlex transition foam for a firm sleeping surface. 

Highlights: A mattress suitable for those who have back problems maintains the ideal sleeping temperature of 88 degrees for a night of undisturbed cool sleep.

ORB Performance Hybrid Mattress: Best for Couple RVers

ORB Performance Hybrid mattress lives up to its name of producing high-performance products with layers of quality materials that made up this 13’’ thick mattress—starting with the 1.5’’ Copper gel Energex and TitanCool. These two are paired together to draw excess heat from the body and help with its antibacterial property.

The second layer of 2’’ Hyper-elastic Titanflex provides cloud-like comfort and adjusts to the body in every movement while you sleep. A 1’’ Gel Swirl Memory Foam brings an added cooling effect to your sleep for enhanced contouring and deeper compression.

The thickest layer is an 8’’ Ascension Encased Coils consisting of 1,189 individually encased coils responsible for motion isolation and decreases sleep disturbance, especially when you are on the road. Last is the 1’’ High-density Base Foam which supports the coils and provides durability. 

ORB mattresses are available in three firmness levels, namely soft, medium, and firm. The soft mattress is highly recommended for side sleepers that need gentler support and pressure point relief to the body. A medium mattress is ideal for a combination of the back, stomach, and side sleepers, which creates a balance of contouring and edge support. This mattress is also for couples to balance their different sleeping preferences when it comes to mattress firmness. If you prefer a smoother and flatter surface without sinking into the sleeping space, a firm mattress may be a better choice. This mattress is also for stomach and back sleepers.

Highlights: The motion isolation feature of this mattress provides no sleep disturbance even when the RV is running. In addition, couples benefit from the 13’’ thick mattress that conforms to any body position.

Helix Midnight RV Mattress: Best for Side Sleepers

The best for side sleepers with no harmful chemicals used in its production is the Helix Midnight RV mattress which features medium firmness. This bed is not too firm but also not too soft for couples with different sleeping preferences.

If you are someone who habitually tosses and turns during sleep, this mattress is for you. Memory Plus Foam and Helix Dynamic Foam are layered to create optimal pressure relief and contouring to the body. Less pain, more comfort! It also includes a breathable cover with Soft Touch Design which is exceptionally soft to the touch and increases airflow.

Traditional mattress springs are utilized for best-class edge support on the outside of the mattress. 

Highlights: The common habit of toss and turn is embraced in its optimal pressure relief, making it an ideal choice for people having trouble going to sleep. 

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid: Best for Relieving Your Back Pains

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RVers who frequently experience back pains would genuinely benefit from the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress, which is best for relieving sore muscles and aches. The package also includes pillows, sheets set, and a mattress protector packed with extreme care. 

A combination of foam and innerspring is used to produce this mattress based on the innovative sleep science to ensure a comfortable sleeping experience. Multiple layers of gel foam memory are used to support any sleep position paired with a cashmere blend euro top and built-in pillow top that supports a night of sound sleep and contours to the body very well.

Innerspring coil systems that feature breathable coils cause an added bounce and edge support for this mattress. Thicker coils are also placed on the perimeters of the mattress to reinforce edge support and durability. 

Highlights: For people dealing with back pains, this mattress offering a lifetime warranty will surely ease your pains. Innovative sleep science is used to come up with this highly comfortable cloud-like mattress.

PlushBeds 8’’ Deluxe RV Mattress: GreenGuard Gold Certified

PlushBeds 8’’ Deluxe RV mattress is indeed for RVers, child and adult alike, who are very sensitive to smell and are allergic to any chemical exposures. This mattress is GreenGuard Gold Certified which means it has met the world’s most rigorous chemical emission standards making it a very safe mattress for people who have respiratory problems or highly sensitive to smell. 

The memory foam is composed of a Plush foam core and a stretch bamboo cover, allowing for superior pressure relief. The memory foam’s airflow also allows better body weight distribution and excellent support to shoulders, hips, back, and knees. In addition, this mattress will not sag and will always return to its original shape after being laid upon.

Being GreenGuard Gold Certified, this mattress is environmental-friendly, non-toxic, and does not use any fillers. The mattress emits no harmful gases, hypo-allergenic and odor-free. 

Sleep cooler because this plush bed draws unwanted body heat off the mattress and channels it away for a more enjoyable sleeping experience.

Highlights: This mattress is for hot sleepers, adults, and children. The GreenGuard Gold Certified mattress ensures an odor-free, hypo-allergenic, and non-toxic sleeping experience.

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress: Remove Pressure Off Your Muscles

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Awarded as the best memory foam mattress, the Nectar Memory Foam mattress introduces a quilted cool cover made of soft and breathable poly-blend cover that features a cooling technology. Plus, the gel-infused memory foam reduces motion transfer making it an ideal comfortable sleeping space. 

Remove pressure off your muscles. This mattress is highly recommended for back pain sufferers, encourages better spine alignment, and provides excellent pressure relief to your shoulders, hips, and legs. 

Dynasty Master CoolBreeze: Best For Hot Sleepers

Traveling during summer? Worry no more as the Dynasty Master CoolBreeze RV mattress got you during these sweat times. Sleep the coolest with its 2’’ high-density CoolBreeze 3lbs gel infused into premium memory foam that wards off the heat and increases contour to the body. Hot sleepers will indeed be big fans of this mattress.

Aside from a refreshing sleep, the 2’’ Sleep technology memory foam allows a softer plush feel to the mattress. Together with the 2’’ of high-density memory foam which is a flexible layer, the mattress feels cloud-like to sleep in and secured strong enough to hold heavy sleepers. 

This thick mattress is sure to last a long time as it introduces an 8.5’’ durable base construction that guarantees full mattress support. A quality machine washable cover with easy place zippers is also an eye-catcher for the mattress’s appearance. 

Highlights: This is a mattress for people traveling in hot campsites or just someone who is a hot sleeper. Memory foam lovers enjoy its soft but stronghold when sleeping.

Zinus Gel-Infused Green Tea Mattress Supports up to 500 Pounds Sleeper

The last but not the least pick when it comes to RV mattresses is the Zinus Gel-Infused Green Tea mattress. It sounds like a refreshing drink, but it indeed can hold a number of people as it supports up to 500 pounds of weight.

Zinus’ mattress is Certipur US certified with the highest quality foam for durability, performance, and content. So now you won’t be doubting how this bed can support a considerable amount of weight.

The gel and green tea-infused memory foam guarantees a cool sleep with its soft poly jacquard cover. Like other mattresses, it is vital to consider if it is a pressure-relieving mattress. And indeed it is. There are 2 inches of ultra cooling gel and green tea-infused memory foam, which pushes out odor-causing agents, so the mattress stays cleaner. Added to that is the 3 inches soft comfort foam and the 7 inches durable, high-density base support foam that makes up this fantastic RV mattress. 

Highlights: This mattress is for heavier or larger people or a bunch of skinny RVers who would enjoy a shared bed. The gel-infused green tea mattress promises a cool and pressure-relieving sleep.

Can I use a regular-sized mattress in my RV?

You can use a regular-sized mattress or a standard one you have at home if it is the same size as what you have in your RV. Remember that most RV mattresses are not the same as regular mattresses because they are made to fit different sizes of RVs. So to make sure, measure the sleeping space your RV provides before deciding to use your residential mattress.

How do I choose an RV mattress?

In choosing an RV mattress, consider the firmness level of the mattress and your sleeping preferences. RV mattresses range from soft, medium to firm levels. Back and stomach sleepers prefer a firm mattress, while side sleepers and those who have body pains prefer a soft to medium soft mattress.

Which is more expensive, foam or hybrid mattress?

While this does not apply to all RV mattresses, as a piece of common knowledge, hybrid mattresses are more expensive compared to foam mattresses because a hybrid is a combination of foam and an innerspring material. With these two materials combined, the mattress is produced with guaranteed durability, resulting in a higher price. 


Choosing the best mattress for your RV does not only measure up to its price. An expensive mattress doesn’t mean the best one, as it is always a personal preference when it comes to choosing your best fit mattress. As for a side sleeper like me, Helix Midnight RV Mattress would be my top pick as it has been awarded as the best one. Not only for side sleepers, but it also fits different sleeping preferences. Indeed a ‘less pain, more comfort’ haven for us RVers.

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