Best RV Kitchen Accessories: Here’s Your Top 10

Best RV Kitchen Accessories: Here’s Your Top 10 2

I always want to make my love felt, and that is through cooking. I spend most of the time in the kitchen. That’s why, even in our motorhome, I make sure that every trip and camp, I have all the kitchen accessories I need in preparing food. I know you are here because you need a list of kitchen accessories to fill your RV kitchen. Right on this blog, I have indexed the best kitchen wares to make your RV kitchen life easier as it made mine!

1. Must-have That Cooking Pot

Cooking pots should not be out of the kitchen. While cooking pots vary in shape, material, and inside surface, cooking with instant pots is recommended by campers and trailers. For RVers, this kind of pot is the number one pick because they are multi-functional. Instant Pots can be used for steaming, sauteing, air frying, rice making, pressure cooking, and even baking. With it, you can cook your favorite main dishes, soups, desserts, bread, pasta, rice, and more.

These instant pots are also very easy to use – put desired food into the pot, turn the stove or burner on and cook accordingly. That’s just how you do it! No wonder it is recommended by most RVers out there!

” If you’re not into eating in restaurants and like to prepare your dinners, then the solution is an instant pot to make delicious fast fusion meals which is also a slow cooker to make meals ready for when you’ve been out gallivanting all day,” a statement by C.S, Full-time RVer

On average, basic instant pot models range between $50-80 while upgraded models between $250-300

Another kind of cooking pot that RVers also recommend is a collapsible pot.  RVers love it because its body is made from silicone making it foldable. It saves space in your camper bag with an average cooking height of 15.8 cm but is foldable up to 7.6cm. It weighs an average of 690 grams, making it lightweight with its bottom plate made from stainless steel.

Another good thing about collapsible pots is that it comes in different sizes catering to a different number of people:

1.48 literJust you
2.8 liter
Two teenage boys or three people
4.0 literA crew of 4 to 6

2. An Alternative to a Traditional Oven: Get Yourself an Oven Toaster

I am a “toast and go” kind of person. That is why I prefer a toaster oven right in my motorhome.

Some motorhomes don’t have an oven pre-installed in them. If you think you need one and don’t want to compromise on space, the solution is getting a toaster oven. A toaster oven can make a lot of your regular cooking easy and hassle-free. You can cook almost anything a regular oven would cook, although in small portions. Toaster ovens are handy and space-saving baking, broiling, toasting, and food-warming kitchen accessories.

3. Collapsible Bowls: All in one Dinnerware

As RVers who want to save on space, we would want every possible thing to be collapsible. These collapsible bowls join my other collapsible favorites for their multi-functional feature. These kinds of bowls are made to be a holder for almost all kinds of meals! I love the fact that I can eat my cereals, oatmeals, and soup. Then, fold it a bit, and eat my pasta or other dry foods. 

Another interesting thing is some models of these bowls come with a lid, so they can also be a food storage container. To tell you, it is handy too! Some include carabiner clips that can attach to belt loop, backpack, leash, or other locations. Making it very convenient for walking, traveling, camping, and hiking, allowing you to enjoy your food anytime and anywhere

4. Hello, Messy, and Accident-Free Kitchen with a Magnetic Knife Rack!

We always want our motorhome kitchen organized and space-maximized while ensuring safety. It is all possible with the help of a magnetic knife rack that will be your organizer and storage tool which is multi-purpose. Because it is magnetic, you can store anything with a metal surface, such as stainless utensils and magnetic spice containers, not just knives. I am also loving it being space-saving. It is striped-shaped and doesn’t have to be placed on the countertop as it is wall-mounted. Having it in my RV kitchen makes it convenient for me every time I cook. My kitchen utensils are made near my hand.

To add, having my knives hanged keeps its blades stable. Lastly, it makes the kitchen visually appealing. The magnetic part is hidden inside the wood, making it look neat!

Though purchasing one magnetic knife rack is easy, make sure to look for more strong, durable neodymium magnets hidden inside. Note that some have standard magnets that lose their strength quickly, resulting in knives easily sliding off the surface. Be wise!

5.  Foldable Chopping Board: A Must-have Trifunctional Kitchen Accessory

It is your 3-in-1 kitchen essential! A chopping board, washbowl, and drainer in one.

First, have it as is. You can now use it as a durable chopping board for cutting, chopping, and slicing. 

Next, it also works as a dish tub for household needs such as washing dishes, fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, or dish rack for utensils. If you wonder how, here’s how to: Press the middle with one hand and hold the frame with another hand. Then, open the dish tub and start to wash

Lastly, it comes with an integrated plug and filter, making it a drainer. Press the plug, and you can now drain or strain water!

6. A Set of Kitchen Utensils for a Perfect Cooking Experience

Food preparation wouldn’t be possible without the kitchen utensils we use in every cooking style.

Kitchen utensils can be individually and separately purchased. But buying a set is what I strongly recommend. It is because you wouldn’t spend a fortune buying each utensil individually. One kitchen utensil set is inclusive of all the things you need in the kitchen. A Set may include a soup ladle, solid spoon, slotted spoon, solid turner, slotted turner, potato pusher, can opener, whisk, grater, spatula, tongs, ice cream scooper, wine opener, peeler, measuring cups, measuring spoons. These are all designed accordingly to help you with all your food preparations – whisking, peeling, cutting, stirring, mixing, basting, baking, grilling, frying, and serving up that perfect dish! 

Sets come in different inclusions, and therefore prices vary. Below, I’ll show you how much do each set costs on average

Set of 10pcs$15-20
Set of 15-24pcs$25-30
Set of 30-36pcs$30-40

7. Say No to Individual Spoons and Forks, Have a Spork

Spork is a widely used abbreviation for a tool that is 2-in-1. It is simply, spoon plus fork equals spork. The handy spoon/fork combo offers great versatility for just a fraction of an ounce! But for your information, you can also find some spork that is 3-in-1. Yes, you read it right. Some sporks even include a small knife on the edge of an outside tine, making it more multi-functional!

8. Keurig Coffee Maker: Recommended Coffee Brewer Brand of All-Time By RVers

It is almost essential to start the day with a good cup of coffee. I am a coffee lover, and I’m always with a coffee brewer. At first, I thought having it was unnecessary, but surprisingly, I’ve found my Co RVers must-have kitchen list and saw we have some things in common; one is a coffee maker! 

I have a statement coming from B.S, also an RVer, saying, “Would not leave home without a coffee maker.” Coffee is life, indeed! 

However, choosing a coffee maker brand is not that easy. But as I surveyed other RVers on the web, they say the coffee makers with the brand Keurig are their favorites and most recommended.

Keurig is not just designed to brew only a single cup of coffee. It is also designed to brew tea, hot chocolate, or other hot beverages! That is why many RVers would recommend having it. Grounds are in a single-serve coffee container, called a “K-Cup” pod, consisting of a plastic cup, aluminum lid, and filter. Also, a Keurig special characteristic that most RVer love is that it is very simple to use. Here’s how: Fill up the water tank, pop in a pod, press start, and you’ll have coffee or other hot beverage you prefer in less than a minute. 

Prices of coffee makers from Keurig vary according to models and sizes. The cheapest coffee maker is capped at $49.99, while the most expensive is capped at $259.99. You can check their site to see the different coffee makers that will exactly fit your need and budget

9. Stackable Silicone Food Storage Containers

Everything that is stackable is worth a penny. I just love the idea that even food containers are made collapsible too. 

These silicone food containers are important for every RVer. Having these containers would not let you have to think about where to put those left-overs and even dry goods that need to be stored for a while before using them to make your RV messy-free. One more thing, you can stock a bunch of those but still, take up very little space. Also, these food storage containers are made with lids and bodies of the same sizes. You will not be spending time searching for the right lid as all perfectly fit one another!

These food containers also come in different shapes and sizes. You can choose from square-shaped and round-shaped containers. If you doubt what to choose between the two shapes, I’ll help you out. Purchase the square ones if you want to maximize more space. While if you are on a tight budget, have the round ones as they are cheaper than the square ones!

10. Waste Bin for a Mess-free Kitchen

Every single time, we should be environment-friendly. That is why having a trash can is important. The kitchen is where the most trash accumulates, the very reason why space for your trash can in your RV kitchen is a must. Especially when you are cooking, you need a trash can to pull all your trash. Also, having a bin promotes space organization as you have a non-chaotic workstation. 

There are different types of trash cans that fit every part of your home, especially the kitchen. Over-the-cabinet trash cans, round trash cans, stainless steel trash bins, and pop-up trash cans that are collapsible are the different types of RV kitchen trash cans that most RVers tend to have.

But among the four types, over-the-cabinet trash cans are most recommended. This type of trash bin can be mounted over a cabinet. Mounted trash cans are out of the way, unlike those trash cans on the floor that compromises space.

Overall it may be said

The list above is what makes my RV life easier, and it can make yours too! However, you can freely add every possible thing you think would complete your RV kitchen. Completing your RV kitchen and upgrading it depends on you! Only make sure that you list your must-haves according to your needs. A friendly reminder, “If I have it at home, you must have it too in your motorhome!” Now, index all of that and happy RVeying!

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