Best RV Recliners: Be Comfortable While on the Road

Best RV recliners: Recliner in view with TV and open window

When you have a recliner in your rig, it can be a great furniture addition in your confined space. It is the best way to relax and enjoy yourself inside your RV. Most RVers find it a bit hard to find the best RV recliner for their rig since the market is overloaded with different options. A large number of options available can make the process more challenging and more overwhelming than it needs to be for you. As long as you know what to look for, you will get the best RV recliners out there.

RecPro Double RV ZeroGreat colors
Double seating
Has a center console
Convenient and useful addition
Very comfortable
No need to worry about spills
Set up process is a bit complicated
Thomas Payne Right Hand ReclinerEasy to clean
Power reclining
Heated seat
Massage chair feature
LED lighting
Right-hand bias
Can only fit RV doors with a minimum of 26 inches wide
RecPro Charles 28” Euro ChairMinimal design
Two different recline positions
Hardware included
Minimum clearance
Seat size is a bit smaller than other recliners
Giantex Power LiftHelps get out of the chair gently
Less strain on your back
Remote control can lift and recline the chair
Highly adjustable
High quality fabric
Needs assembly due to electronic functionality
Will take up more space in your rig
Camper Comfort Theater SeatingAllow couples to cuddle
Easy to clean
Individual footrest
Cup holders on both side of the recliner
Light color and pet hairs or dirt can show
Has entry requirements so it may not fit all RV doors
Bonzy Home Power LiftPower lift feature
Dual armrests
Seat depth of 21 inches
Quiet operation
You may need to buy extra hardware to install the recliner

RecPro Double RV Zero Wall Recliner: Excellent Option to Start

The RecPro Double RV Zero Wall Recliner is an excellent option since it has top-tier features that you would love. It can offer everything that an RVer could want from a piece of furniture inside their rig. The best thing about this recliner is it has a double seat design. It makes sure that two people can sit on it without any hassle or any lack of comfort.

It also won’t feel too crowded, either, since a center console separates the two people sitting on the recliner. The center console can hold two cups and a flip-up, which will serve as a storage area. It is a convenient and useful addition to make sure both people will feel comfortable while relaxing on the recliner.

You don’t have to worry about any spills while sitting on this recliner, either. The RecPro Double RV Zero Wall Recliner is made from faux leather design material, which has a reputation for being easy to clean. It is a feature that RVers couldn’t stop raving about in the customer reviews.

Customers also have a choice of the color of the recliner. You will have a choice between schemes of toffee, mahogany, chestnut, and putty. All of the colors look exquisite, and you won’t have any issues blending them into most rig interiors.

Now, there are a couple of buyers who complained about the product’s assembly process. The difficulty seems to come from these RV recliners wall huggers arriving in three sections. So, putting them together can be a bit taxing and a sweaty workout.

On the other hand, most of these customers ended up saying it was worth the stress and sweat. You will probably end up feeling the same way since it offers comfort, convenience, and quality. Aside from the installation process, the RecPro Double RV Zero Wall Recliner is worth buying.

You can purchase the RecPro Double RV Zero Wall Recliner on AmazonOpens in a new tab. for $3,059.50.

Thomas Payne RV Modular Theater Seating: Great for Modern RVs

When you are looking for an excellent recliner that will fit your modern RVs and offers a wide range of comfort features, the Thomas Payne RV Modular Theater Seating is the best option for you. It has a polyester upholstery on this RV recliner that is super easy to clean and has a right-handed armrest with its own beverage holder.

The beverage holder has LED lighting around the rim so that you won’t have a hard time searching for it while you are trying to pay attention to a particularly exciting scene. You will also find LED lighting around the base of the recliner frame so that it is more visible during the night.

For those who have a habit of chunking out their shins from running into RV chairs in the dark, the LED lighting feature is something that you can definitely appreciate. However, this camper also offers power reclining mode and a host of other features that will make it hard for you to get up once you sit down and settle in the chair.

Another feature that the Thomas Payne RV Modular Theater Seating has is the heated seat function which is great for colder climates and also has a massage chair function to break up any sore muscle tissue after a long day of adventures such as hiking or mountain biking.

You need a minimum of four inches of wall clearance to install the Thomas Payne RV Modular Theater Seating effectively. Also, you should be careful to note that it can only fit through RV entry doors with a minimum width of 26 inches. Since this is a right-handed recliner, it may not be the best choice for those who are left-handed.

You can purchase the Thomas Payne RV Modular Theater Seating on AmazonOpens in a new tab. for $1,359.99.

RecPro Charles 28″ RV Euro Chair Recliner: Best Euro Chair

If you are a fan of the Euro chair recliner style, the RecPro Charles 28″ Euro Chair Recliner can be hard to beat. It is lightweight and has a minimal design that won’t take up too much space in your RV while also providing your entire floor plan a more open feel. They also only weigh about 50 pounds per piece, and you won’t find many lighter options on the market.

Since it is lightweight, it will be much easier to maneuver when you are getting them in place to install in your rig. There are four different color schemes that you can choose from, and all the hardware that you will need for a successful installation is included with the chair.

The RecPro Charles 28″ Euro Chair Recliner also requires a minimum clearance of at least 13 inches from the closest wall for it to recline fully. It measures 27 x 34 x 40 inches (width x depth x height) and has a maximum recline length of 57 inches. You can also place it in a half reclined position with a reclined length of 47 inches.

It comes with the hardware you need for installation and includes a tension rod that is needed for the reclining mechanism. Now, the RecPro Charles 28″ Euro Chair Recliner is a manual recliner that has a small lever on the side you will use to activate the reclining motion.

You can purchase the RecPro Charles 28″ Euro Chair Recliner on AmazonOpens in a new tab..

Giantex Power Lift RV Chair Recliner With Remote Control:

If you have a current recliner and would need to replace it but don’t have the budget to splurge, you can opt for the Giantex Power Lift RV Chair Recliner With Remote Control. It is affordable and still includes extra features that you would love and some that higher-priced recliners can’t offer.

The Giantex Power Lift RV Chair Recliner With Remote Control offers a power lift function which means that the chair lifts up to help you stand upright with minimal effort. Also, it will help you sit back down without any strain on your back and legs.

The entire Giantex Power Lift RV Chair Recliner With Remote Control is also operated with a two-button remote control. It has a reclining feature that can be stopped and locked into any position that you please, from vertical to nearly 180-degrees flat.

It will also provide you the ability to adjust it and find the perfect position of comfort, which is likely to change every day. It is also made with high-quality fabric and a high-density sponge material to make the chair extra soft and comfortable. The material used on the Giantex Power Lift RV Chair Recliner With Remote Control doesn’t hold unpleasant odors like other materials used in some recliners.

Now, it does require a rated voltage input of 55 watts so that you can operate it properly. You may need to perform more electrical installation rather than the other recliners on the market. Due to its size, it may take up more space in your rig than some of the other models.

You can purchase the Giantex Power Lift RV Chair Recliner With Remote Control on AmazonOpens in a new tab..

Camper Comfort RV Theater Seating Recliner: Get Comfy While Watching

When you have a partner on the road, and you want to cuddle with them on colder nights, the Camper Comfort RV Theater Seating Recliner is the perfect chair for you. If you don’t want to watch TV shows or movies in a separate chair, this would be the best option.

Even though single recliners are cool, when you want just to cuddle and sit next to your partner, as well as customize your own seating space when relaxing, a double seating recliner is the one for you. It is a wall hugger loveseat recliner that measures 58” x 35” x 37” (width x depth x height).

The maximum reclining length is 64 inches and will fit through RV doors easily with a minimum width of 24 inches and a height of 58 inches. The Camper Comfort RV Theater Seating Recliner features two cup holders on either armrest and has a manual reclining mechanism on each end of the recliner.

These said mechanisms will allow each person to adjust the footrest to their desired comfort level individually. You don’t need to worry about arguing about which is the best angle for the both of you since you can follow your own preferences.

You can purchase the Camper Comfort RV Theater Seating Recliner on AmazonOpens in a new tab..

Bonzy Home Power Lift Recliner Chair: Sophisticated Design

When you are set on the fact that you want a small camper recliner that comes with power lift features, the Bonzy Home Power Lift Recliner Chair is the best choice for you. This chair has dual armrests on both sides and includes a single-button remote so you can control the power lift feature.

The power lift makes it easier to get up and sit down without needing to put extra strain on your legs and back. It is a small recliner that you can use if you are, for example, recovering from surgery or have disabilities that make it difficult to stand or sit without any assistance.

The Bonzy Home Power Lift Recliner Chair is made out of natural cotton fabric that is breathable as well as durable to handle any wear and tear it might face. Since the material is breathable, you don’t have to worry about overheating during hot days. Also, natural cotton won’t harm your skin, so it is great for people who have allergies to some synthetic fabrics.

Now, this recliner doesn’t recline to a fully flat position. However, it does go back to an angle of 140 degrees so you can nap without any pressure placed on your spine. The power motor operates really quietly, so you don’t need to worry about waking up anyone when they are napping close to the chair.

The only downside to the Bonzy Home Power Lift Recliner Chair is you may need to buy extra hardware so that you can properly install the chair. Other than that, this is the perfect power lift recliner chair that you can purchase.

You can purchase the Bonzy Home Power Lift Recliner Chair on AmazonOpens in a new tab..

Different Types of Recliners that You Should Know

There are different types of recreational vehicles on the market, and they come in all shapes as well as sizes. However, it is possible to group market models into three types which are single, double, and triple. I will talk more about these three types in the following section.

The Standalone Or Single RV Recliners

These types of recliners can only seat one person at one time, so they are great for those who are traveling alone or those who already have other sitting areas inside their rig. Most standalone RV recliners are smaller than double recliners, so they are easier to place and reposition around in your RV.

The Double Recliners

These types of recliners are like loveseats where typically two or three people sit at a time, without taking too much space. They are popular for couples and people who are on the road with an entire family that need multiple seats around their RV. Though they may be bigger and more expensive than standalone recliners, they are still much more affordable and adaptable than getting a whole new couch inside your rig.

The Triple Recliners

Also known as reclining sofas since they offer RVers generous seating areas. Now, these types of models tend to excel in large-party RVing, where the interior contains plenty of people. You would also need plenty of space in your RV for you to fit these types of recliners. It can be seen in fifth-wheelers or toy haulers.

How It Works and What Is An RV Recliner?

RV recliners are not too different from the ones that you would usually place inside a residential home. They are recliners but made specifically for the RV setting and will have a couple of different features that will make them fit inside a rig. Most of the time, they are smaller, more lightweight, and easier to move.

Since RVs have limited space inside, RV recliners have to fit through the vehicle’s tight doors, and the best recliners should be lightweight so you can easily move them around when a situation needs you to do so. While other RVers with smaller rigs may opt for regular chairs or tools, for a family that owns a larger RV, a sizable and comfortable recliner will definitely make the vehicle feel more like a residential home.

RV recliners are simple to operate, and even children will have fun using them. All you have to do is pull a lever or similar mechanism, and the chair will lean back into a comfortable position. There is nothing complicated about these chairs, but as with anything mechanical, it is best to take the time to read the instructions beforehand.

Also, make sure that you consult the manual to take care of your RV recliner properly, and it will also include how to clean it.

Benefits of Adding An RV Recliner to Your Rig

There are plenty of benefits that you can get when adding an RV recliner to your rig. In the following section, I will list all of the benefits that you can get from owning a recliner in your RV.

It Will Provide A Better Blood Circulation

Aside from providing comfort, RV recliners deliver immense health benefits as well. It also helps balance your lower and upper body, thanks to its ergonomics. This enhances blood circulation throughout your entire body, preventing fatigue and getting strained in particular parts that receive inadequate blood flow.

There are RV recliners out there that even have features with zero gravity mode, which will allow the heart to perform at its peak level when you are resting. It will then pump blood more quickly and optimally to make sure your body’s cells are nourished.

Aesthetics and Entertainment

RV recliners today incorporate a diversity of colors, patterns, and so much more. It means the inclusion of recliners inside your RV that could liven up the entire interior. Also, for movie nights, there is no piece of furniture that can outperform the recliners. It can let you lean back at any time and give you a chance to orient yourself as you see fit based on the situation you are in.

Avoid Any Body Aches From Your Outdoor Adventures

Since RV recliners provide better blood circulation, which will also soothe your body and prevent aching from hiking as well as exploring the wild, also, manufacturers will build most of the chairs to suit an older person’s comfort needs. It can also alleviate back, neck, and shoulder pains that you may have. They are also comfy, which is great for all age groups, whether it’s your kid using it or yourself.

The best thing about RV recliners is that they don’t just help soothe body pain but also prevent it as well. Thanks to their tilted design, it will allow the best positioning for your body. So they will work wonders when you sit on them for long periods of time, like reading or watching a TV show and movie.

Factors to Look for When Purchasing an RV Recliner

You need to keep in mind different factors when it comes to choosing your RV recliner. Make sure that you consider these factors before you go out and buy your recliner for your rig.

Size and Weight of Your RV Recliner

The recliner that you choose would need to fit where you intend to place it. So it is good to measure the dimensions of your old recliner if you have one so that you have a decent place to start when deciding on the size of your new recliner. If it is your first time buying one, you would need to measure your rig’s entrance to make sure it can fit through the door.

The recliner’s weight should be considered as well since you will need to think about whether it can be easily moved inside your RV so that you can install it. Some double recliners and theater seats out there weigh nearly 200 pounds. With this weight, it will require two people to move and install it.

There are also more minimal designs that you can choose that weigh less than 50 pounds which can be easily moved when you need to install them by yourself.

The Ease of Assembly

One of the hardest things about purchasing an RV recliner is getting it inside your rig. There are some recliners that come fully assembled, and others may come in pieces that you will need to put together inside your RV. If you choose one that is fully assembled, you would need to make sure it will fit through your RV’s door.

It is best to get a recliner that can be assembled inside your RV so that you don’t have to worry about it not fitting through the door.

Check for Bonus Features

The last thing that you need to take into consideration is the extra features the RV recliner offers. A good example is it includes a power lift, heated seat, LED lighting, and so much more. The most basic RV recliners don’t include these bonus features since they offer a more minimal design.

However, a power lift feature is crucial for older RVers that might struggle to stand up or sit down without the need for extra help. Also, these features can contribute to a more comfortable experience sitting in your recliner. Bonus features will depend on your personal preferences as well as your budget.

Remember that with more features available in your RV recliner, the overall price will increase.

FAQs That You Should Know

Can You Place a Regular Recliner in an RV? When you have done the proper measurement to make sure the recliner will fit through your rig’s door, then yes, you can place a regular recliner in your RV. Be sure to keep in mind that moving one into the rig and repositioning it can be a bit harder since they tend to be bulkier than recliners that are made for RVs.

How to Make RV Recliners More Comfortable? Take one or two pillows and put them behind the arch of your back as well as your neck so that you can increase your comfort while sitting on your RV recliners. You can also put a blanket over it, which would add another comfort layer between the chair and yourself. Aside from these two tips, there is hardly anything else that you can do to add more comfort.

How to Clean Your RV Recliner? Different materials require different cleaning needs, which will vary significantly between recliners for RV. It is best to refer to the owner’s manual to make sure that you are properly cleaning your RV recliner. If you have any questions, it is best to contact the manufacturer.

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