RV Refrigerator Fans – Buyers Guide For having Cool And Crisp Veggies on the Road

Best RV Refrigerator Fans

Keeping your food fresh and cold inside the refrigerator is essential in an RV trip. As you stock a variety of food from fruits, vegetables, and meat to different beverages, your refrigerator would have difficulty distributing its cold to all its parts. An RV refrigerator fan would come in handy to solve this problem. With its durable design and size that could fit your small fridge, there is no denying that you should get one for your RV refrigerator.

Strong Quiet 12025 Fan

The Strong Quiet 12025 Fan by Pano-Mounts is a high-speed 1600RPM refrigerator fan with many surprising qualities. It is powered by a 12 volts supply and can also be used as a PC fan, electronic equipment heatsink, and amplifier cooling fan. 

What’s good about this fan is its low noise feature and durable composition, which is made to last for years. It is made from polybutylene, terephthalate, and plastic, all known to be tough materials perfect for the refrigerator. These materials have good insulation and heat resistance as well.

The easy two-pin connector of this fan comes with connection protection, which is easy to install and replace. When connected to the socket incorrectly, the fan would not burn and would not work to indicate a wrong connection.

Each fan is equipped with two pieces of protective grills, protecting the fan blades and fingers of the person operating it. It’s easy to connect plug-and-play helps each component in your fridge cool down and prolong its working life. 

Pano-Mount offers a 90-day money-back for purchases with defects or if you are not satisfied with the service you get. Note that the fan’s electrical plug is designed for US use only. You may use an adapter or converter if you are ordering outside the US area.

Camco Fridge Airator

The Camco Fridge Airator is a small fan with a surprisingly strong core that produces substantial air in your fridge. The compact size of this fan, fitting in the palm of your hands, accommodates two D-cell batteries, with a power that could last months of use. This fan is perfect if you are traveling to distant places with an indefinite time of stay.

We love the fridge aerator’s activated charcoal filter, which removes all the unpleasant smells while keeping an equal cool air distribution in all parts of your fridge. This is perfect for nomads who love to engage in fishing activities. You would not be worried about the smell of your catch, as you can store them in the freezer while the fridge airator takes care of the smell.

Convenience and ease of use are also a charm of this fridge fan. Its power switch button is located on the side, for easy turning on and off of the appliances, without pulling it out of the fridge. This comes in handy, especially if you have a fridge full of supplies. 

Titan- 12V DC Double Rack Mount Cooling Fan

Titan’s 12V DC Double Rack Mount Cooling Fan is your perfect refrigerator and grille ventilation partner for your motorhome, camper van, or caravan. It has a flexible and clever speed control mode that features an auto temperature control with six levels of a manual controller for your fridge’s particular needs.

This cooling fan is perfect for outdoor use. It has IP 55 waterproof and dustproof properties, which ensures durability and lasting working life regardless of the weather it is exposed to. Installation on the refrigerator vent is also easy with its rack hook design.

Titan offers various sizes of fridge fans, each having its own set of specifications and prices. They also provide detailed installation photos to guide campers to place them in their fridge properly. 

Titan gives a free replacement guarantee for items that have been damaged during shipping or any uncontrolled product flaws. Just contact them through their website and hotline numbers, and they would be willing to assist you any time. 

UTUO Radial Blower Centrifugal Fan

UTUO Radial Blower Centrifugal Fan is made for your cooling and ventilating problems and boasts a longer working life. This fan features a dual ball bearings design and a PBT+GF housing and blade, all working together to produce a wide range of temperatures, ranging from -10 degrees Celsius to +70 degrees Celsius. 

The centrifugal fan is small and lightweight but can produce a decent airflow output for your fridge. It also comes in different input voltages, both for AC and DC supply for all your fridge needs.

The device can operate at 42.45 CFM at standard capacity. When installed externally, the evaporator coil will always perform at its peak operating temperature. It is also noteworthy that the fan comes with reverse polarity protection for the user’s safety.

A silent operation is possible through its brushless motor and ball bearings. You can attach this fan to your refrigerator’s outdoor vent to draw out hot air and help the fridge’s evaporator coil cool faster. This also makes your fridge work more efficiently and saves you money on electrical bills. 

The only downside to this fan is it is just a plain blower without any accessories or wires in the package. Hence, you’ll need to buy additional wires and a control board or a switch. There would be a lot of installation steps to do before finally using the product, which customers are not fond of. 

Wathai Big Airflow 120mm Fan

The Wathai Big Airflow Fan is a versatile cooler that works for refrigerators, computers, chassis, and even window exhaust. It is powered by an AC supply of 120 volts with a speed control function. By just turning a knob, you can adjust the fan speed or turn it off completely. 

Wathai fans are secured with double metal protective nets to ensure that no foreign materials would interrupt or damage the fan blades, and a smooth operation will occur. They feature dual ball bearings, allowing the fans to be laid flat or standing upright. These fans have an expected lifespan of 50,000 hours if used properly.

Furthermore, Wathai’s 120 mm fan can spin at a rate of 3000 rpm at a full-tilt, moving the maximum amount of air inside your fridge and reaching all its corners. This multi-use fan would surely provide impressive airflow and energy efficiency to your refrigerators. 

Valterra Fridgecool Exhaust Fan

The Valterra Fridgecool Exhaust Fan can improve your fridge efficiency by up to 40%. This comes from a personal experience after installing it in my fridge while I travel through the summer. 

Be it on the side vent or roof vent, Valterra’s exhaust fan has you covered. You would not tire yourself with this fan as it is universal and can be mounted any way you want on your equipment. If you decide to place it at the roof vents, the rainy season is not a worry since it is waterproof and protected. 

The fan features flexible mounting brackets to point the fan in any direction you like when installing. The installation also comes easy. You just have to install the thermostat switch on the burner tube and attach the color-coded wires to the 12 volts circuit. If you are unsure how to do it, you can consult our friend Youtube for a tutorial.

The Valterra Fridgecool Exhaust Fan is a smart RV fan. It comes with a thermostat switch that can be strapped on the burner tube. It would automatically turn on the fan once the tube reaches a certain temperature to draw out the hot air behind the fridge.

Pano Mounts 12V Moisture-Proof Fan 

Rainy seasons and moisture are not a worry with the Pano Mounts 12V Moisture-Proof Fan designed for humid areas like your refrigerator. The versatile fan can also be used as DIY cooling equipment in greenhouses or as a device fan replacement. 

The 120mm high-speed fan spins at 300 rpm, producing an ample amount of air for circulation inside the fridge. It also has a stunning high-speed pressure enhancement design that makes it a low noise fan (47 dB) despite having a fan that revolves super fast. 

Ensuring minimal noise but maximum cooling, Pano-Mounts use special hydraulic bearings. It features a black and red wire and a 3-pin connector for easy operation of the fan. If you are not satisfied with their service by chance, they offer a 90-day money-back to get a full refund on the item you purchased. 

Beech Lane High Power Fridge Fan

The Beech Lane High Power Fridge Fan boasts 3000 revolutions per minute, producing more power to your fridge fan and providing optimum air circulation for your refrigerator. This lightweight fan is made from durable components that can last for a long time. 

The company re-engineered its design for the 2021 summer version to have a spider webtop, letting the most air possible circulate in your fridge. A simple click on the fan, and you can easily turn it on and off with its switch to save battery life.

If you plan on a long trip, you should get one of these. These fans ensure that no food is spoiled inside your fridge because of the lack of cold air circulating in its parts. Furthermore, the fans would also prevent unpleasant smells from settling in your fridge.

A lifetime manufacturer warranty is waiting for you upon purchase of this product. That is, if the fan ever fails, which rarely happens. 

Coolerguys High Airflow Waterproof Refrigerator Fan

The perfect cooling solution for extreme conditions is here. Coolerguys High Airflow Waterproof Refrigerator Fan is your best mate, perfect for systems exposed to different elements like the sun or moisture.

It features padded corners with rubber guards to keep the fan stable and upright. These rubber guards further protect the device from scratches when mounting and reduce vibration noise to give you a sound sleep. 

Coolerguys Refrigerator Fan flaunts its IP67 design technology, allowing for a completely waterproof and dustproof cooling device. You would expect higher airflow yet lower noise as the upgraded blades, and motor designs allow for a 105 cubic feet per minute airflow and 42 dB noise level.

The fan is designed with dual ball bearings, projecting a life span of up to 67,000 hours or over seven years. A three-year manufacturer warranty is also included upon purchase of this product.

The product uses a three-pin native connector for connection purposes, which allows for easy adaptability to many systems. Remember to be careful in your installation. If you are unsure, you can contact the manufacturer to know the positive, negative, and speed sensor wires, as they are all painted black. 

DutchAire RV Refrigerator Fan

One good thing about the DutchAire RV Refrigerator Fan is its easy and quick installation. Give yourself a little over twenty minutes, and you can have your RV fridge fans working. It may seem like you’ll need an expert to help you make it work when in fact, all you need is a walkthrough tutorial on Youtube and a pair of pliers, and you’re ready to go. 

As expected of fridge fans, these small appliances are responsible for maintaining an even cool air distribution inside the refrigerator, increasing the appliance’s efficiency and could lower your electric bills. When installed, DutchAire makes my fridge cool two times faster than when there is no fan.

However, there is a bit of a flaw in the fan blades. Although made up of two blades, they are noticeably not strong in producing air and would have been better if the motors were more powerful. 


RV refrigerator fans are one essential accessory you need to buy for your fridge as they are beneficial for many reasons. Since they are small and handy, these fans can be paired with any refrigerator size to ensure that your food never goes to waste as you travel and your fridge works more efficiently. I recommend the Camco Fridge Airator if you want maximum air circulation inside your fridge. 

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