RVs With Slide Outs: The Ins and Outs of Expandable Motor Homes

RVs With Slide Outs: The Ins and Outs of Expandable Motor Homes feature

Slideouts, also called slide rooms, became so popular and made a wide number of people wanting to have them including me. I know you are, too that’s why you are here! But before getting it installed on your RV, you want to weigh things first as you want to be sure that it is a great deal. Right on this blog, I will be showing you the advantages and disadvantages of having a slide-out installed in your RV

These are the pros of RV slideouts: Slideouts make RV more spacious, commodious, look more luxurious, more designable, and provide a way for more light and ventilation

On the other hand, the drawback of having slide-outs is incurring great expenses such as high maintenance costs and paying premium fees for campgrounds that do not allow RVs with slide-outs. Second, slide-outs will make the RV heavier

RV Slideouts Beneficial Impacts: The Pro’s

Bye Cramped Feeling, Hello More Spacious Camping!

Comfortability is a priority. Whether we deny it or not, being comfortable affects one individual a lot. Now, take a look at the reasons below of how adding slideouts in your RV change that cramped feeling of yours into a much comfortable state

Typical RVs, normally without a slide-out, usually have an average width of 8-9 ft. However, if you wish to, adding a slide-out is the answer. With slide-outs, the main body is extended so expansion takes place. Slideouts get an extra 2 to 3 ft. of living space inside and it results in a space you much-needed. Maximizing your RV interior is possible by adding a slide-out

Commodious RVeying

Every trail traveler purchases an RV for the reason of bringing their family on a long trip and bringing their home on wheels. So if you’re curious how commodious your RV will be with a slide-out, take a look at the things I’ve taken into account below!

Additional Sleeping berths with Slide outs installed

For many, one of the most attractive parts of installing your RV with a slide-out is the fact that you can have more places to sleep

RVs come in different sizes and so accommodate a different number of persons to sleep. Small RV’s can sleep 4-5 adults. Mid-sized RV’s can sleep, 7 adults. Large RV’s, especially Class A’s, can sleep 10-12 adults. However, regardless of the RV size, an additional 2-3 people who can sleep is possible when adding your RV with a slide-out would take place. Think of how advantageous it is on your part as if you add more slides out, you’ll have more RV sleeping capacity!

Adequate sitting capacity and luggage room

RVs are designed to cater to the capacity of a family. Motorhomes are classified into different classes with regards to their size and capacity to cater to a family of different quantities. Class As which are 30-50ft can house up to 12. Class Cs on the other hand can comfortably house up to 7 guests. Class B’s which are the smallest ranging with the size of 10-20ft can accommodate just your small family of four. With the installation of slide out, you can get 1-3 ft. of extra width, making your RV also more capable of loading baggage and stuff. Say goodbye to being sandwiched!

Also, slide-outs are reversible. So, if you wish to double the extra space, add another slide out on the other side of your RV making that 1-3 ft. of extra width to 2-6 ft.

RV’s More Designable: Making the Eye Full

We always have the power to change the condition of our RVs, and that is with the help of designs. An RV’s interior and exterior are the features that most owners look up to

Traditional RV’s do not come with a slide-out. Adding a slide-out is a way to add more character and beauty to your motorhome. Also, because of the bigger space that slide-outs offer, you can freely add up a luxurious reflection to your RV’s exterior. But, if you think that it’s only on the outside that is attractive to see, slide-out also makes space for display rooms inside your RV which will serve you a luxurious look also on the inside! You can fill up equipment and furniture in wide spaces according to your style or design. Slide room also gives you the right to more layout options. Shown in the table below are the layout options you can choose from

The BunkhouseFamily4-10+3Plenty of sleeping rooms & storage for pieces of stuff and gears
The Couple’s Camper Floor PlanPartners/Couple4-6+3Separate bedroom and spacious living area
Floor Plan for Rear EntertainmentEntertainment Purposes4-6+2-3Entertainment center and splendid ambiance because of opposing slides that open
The Cook’s Camper Couples and small families41Large pantry and plenty countertops

Darkness and Hotness Out by Adding a Slide Out!

If you are aiming for better ventilation, adding a slide-out is a great solution. Typical RVs are built with just a few windows and if the air conditioner is turned off, occupants inside seem to be in an airtight pot, cooked quickly under steam pressure. The number of windows brings a big difference as more windows results in more airways which means better ventilation and more natural air to enter your RV. It can also help expel a build-up of pollutants, bacteria, moisture, and unpleasant odors, such as body odor

Also, hello to Mr. Sun as with slide-outs, you can get more exposure to natural light! As more windows and doors can be opened, there are more ways for solar energy to pass and reach you. This results in motorhome owners using less heat, less air conditioning and reduces the need to use artificial light especially at daytime

RV Slide Out Drawbacks: How Disadvantageous It Is

Expensive As You Want Your RV Expanded

Extra space comes at a cost. RV slide rooms are often considered as high-priced items which cost an average of $15,000. For bigger RV’s, slide rooms installation would be a little more pricey as bigger slide rooms cost higher

Other than the installation costs, here comes high maintenance costs. Frequent usage of the slide-out can cause retraction, gaps, difficulty in closing, and malfunction. That is why slide-outs require regular maintenance. It would cost you to pay for the repair expenses whenever it fails just to keep it working properly. Also, slide-outs have a separate warranty from the main RV, so be ready for incurring extra cost

Also, you’ll be having issues with access to campgrounds. Well in campgrounds, the size of the vehicle matters. Thus, adding a slide out to your RV will limit you to freely access those campgrounds as you need wider spaces to park your vehicle. The problem is that it would incur more expense as new campgrounds will let you pay a premium. Older campgrounds were not designed to accommodate motorhomes with slides although there are a few new campgrounds designed for a bigger RV parking, again, you’ll be paying a higher fee

RV Plus Slide Out Equals Heavier RV

A recreational vehicle usually weighs 10,000 pounds on average – unloaded, no gear, water, and gas. The Slide outweighs 600 labs. So, whenever you add a slide-out, an extra 600 labs will be added and so your RV becomes a heavier vehicle making it open another con – RV is harder to drive

Getting to Know Slide Outs: Different Types

Various types of slides are available that would suit your needs and taste. Feel free to take a view of what I’ve listed below!

Electric Motor Driven Slides

First on our list are slides in which gears are powered by an electric motor. These electric motor-driven slides are used in mini and lighter slides that get power directly from house batteries. Since the power used to operate the slides comes from the battery, slides can be used even unplugged from shore power. There are different mechanisms under electric motor-driven slides. These are Cable slides, Power gear slides, Schwintek slides, and Rack and Pinion Slides which will be discussed one by one below!

Rack and Pinion Slides

These slides are most commonly seen installed in most RV’s nowadays. Just because these slides don’t require a lot of space and force, and maintenance of few moving parts only when broken or requires maintenance, no doubt that most owners come to install their motorhomes with these slides. Besides being the most common, these are also considered ancient among all. You would be also happy to know that it is the most inexpensive type of slide and is also floor flush capable. When it comes to weight, rock and pinion slides are heavier than cable slides. That is why this type of slide requires more lubrication

Cable Slides

When you are looking for the most reliable among the slide-out systems, this one’s for you! One won’t need to regularly check the slides of the RV. Cable slides need no maintenance that with just a yearly visual inspection seeing to it that cables are all in good shape is all good. This slide-out system is also floor flush capable. Though considered the most reliable, you need to prepare yourself a big budget because this is the most expensive type of slide out. To enjoy and benefit from it, you must be ready to disburse an amount from your fund and savings

Power Gear Slides

Among all, this one’s the fastest moving. Though very uncommon, power gear slides are preferred when compared to schwintek slides. It is because this mechanism can support heavy slides that schwintek slides can’t. Despite the fact that it can support heavy slides, this type is light in weight.

Schwintek Slides

When you are on a tight budget, schwintek slides are perfect for you. However, though it’s very inexpensive, it is not floor flush capable. These slides also have a disgrace in the RV Industry. Schwintek slides were issued about the failure of the system when utilized with heavy slides. The reason behind the collapse is that these slides are just designed for lightweight and shallow slides. No wonder, it cannot carry massive slides.

Hydraulic Slides

This slide system is used in large and weighty slides. Most RV owners install these hydraulic slides which hold the living rooms and kitchen. Its rams are driven by hydraulic fluid coming from the hydraulic pumps which cause the slides to be pushed out and in

RV Slide Rooms Life Expectancy

When installing something either for upgrade or beautification, one question we always come to think of is, “How long will I benefit by having this” or “How long will this thing serve me”. I know that your curiosity strikes on how long the RV slides will benefit you until it will cause you trouble or it will fail. I have an answer below!

“Generally, by the time they are 10 years old, they have started to become a maintenance issue” Source

However, the failure rate depends on how often they are used and or retracted. Also, how you care and maintain your RV slide-outs matter for you to reach the maximum life it is intended to survive without giving you a severe headache

Things to Consider in Adding Slideouts

There are certain things to ponder before deciding on something – whether it’s installing or purchasing. Just like in adding slide-outs, there are things worth questioning yourself first before grasping the idea of installing a slide-out for your beloved RV. Come and take a look at those below!

Determining Your Needs

We have our needs that demand to be satisfied and determining those whenever we travel is essential to find meaning, satisfaction, and joy. You must be first sure of what you want to accommodate. Ask yourself the size of the RV that you want and the number of occupants to determine enough sitting capacity and sleeping berths. See to it if storage will be enough for your pieces of stuff to be placed when extended

Usage of RV: Full time or Few Times a year

If you and your RV are quite inseparable as you travel the road and camp most of the time, adding a slide-out is a thumbs up. RVs with slide-outs are ideal for full-time campers. It will give them the comfort and convenience they want and need. Slideouts let the occupants save a lot as they’ll say “no” for extra accommodation by booking in hotels nearby. An expanded RV would save a lot

On the other hand, RV slide-outs aren’t an ideal luxury when one loves the idea of only road-tripping. Using RV on road more frequently equals the use of slide-out less frequently. It can’t be out, expanded, and used when an RV is on the road. Slideouts cost a penny, so to install one should be a wise buy.

Your Desire and Love for Travel

Before upgrading your RV, you should first question yourself about how frequently you travel and bring your own home with you on wheels. It is necessary to first know your burning desire and love for travel because it is the basis of how important you need a motorhome for your comfort and convenience. If you travel most of the time, that would be the best time to finally make up your mind and improve your RV condition. I bet you would always want everything you planned to turn out smoothly and all your stuff is reached at arm’s length!

Size of Campsites

Whenever you upgrade your motorhome, it is important to consider your RV port. Campsites come in different dimensions and cater to RVs of different sizes but are limited. Just, for example, old campgrounds aren’t designed to cater to expandable RVs. On the other hand, additional fees can’t be avoided, so be ready for premium fees for new campsites because of the size of your RV as a result of slide-outs added

Taking Care of Slideout: The Maintenance it Needs

For long-lasting and optimum performance, good maintenance counts. Just like humans, the older your RV tends to be, the more care and maintenance it needs. Maintenance is an investment. Below is the maintenance your slide-out needs!

Maintenance of the Slide Out Seal

Slide-out seals are the round rubber surrounding the edges of the slide. These serve as a “suction seal” when slides are pulled in. Like any other seals, these need to be maintained properly. Regular inspection and keeping away the dirt by cleaning is a must to keep this seal the way they are. You must also execute a most recommended twice a year periodic lubrication using a dry lube. If you are wondering why dry lubes are most preferred, the answer is that this is easy to apply. Only spray it on the seal and you’re done

Upkeeping the Slide Out Rooftop

Rooftop or roof covers are responsible for keeping away unnecessary junk and trash to enter the RV. These also need to be preserved. To do so, a regular inspection must take place. The weather seems to be unpredictable and so owners must check for tears or damages to prevent dust and water from entering the RV. Being ready is important!

Taking Good Care of Its Mechanical Components

Having a well-cared slide-out installed in your RV can make you feel good about your life while on your motorhome. I have tips for you in taking good care of it! One is to check over if there are abnormalities that occur. See if it doesn’t function the way it should. For example, check its slides retraction. Second, inspect the noise the slide produces. Whining and squeaking are common but if it’s excessive, seek professional help. Lastly, go into the hydraulic fluid level and check it. It should be consistent or maintained at a level to ensure optimum performance. A low level would cause trouble, so avoid it. Be mindful or else you’ll be in trouble!

The essence of Being Well-informed What Slide Outs Are All About

It is important to provide people with this knowledge so they can be out of curiosity and innocence. Though you will not be an RV slide-out expert as you knew these things, you could now say no to absorption of falsified information. This leads an RV owner to make reasoned choices and economic decisions. Just with the basics, you are now knowledgeable and you can make the best decision possible!

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