Best Toy Haulers Accessories that You Must Have

Best toy hauler accessories- hauler parked in the woods

Toy hauler accessories go a long way towards making your life on the road easier and more fun. If your new toy hauler is not fully equipped with the necessities as well as the ‘must-haves, then it is not as fun. However, there is a huge list of toy hauler accessories that you should consider in adding to your adventure on the road, and I have listed them in this article for you.

1. Surge Protectors: Protect the Devices in Your Toy Hauler

The EMS component of the surge protector will protect your rig from over and under voltage by automatically shutting off your power. This feature can save your toy hauler’s electrical system. This accessory should be on the top of your list and a must-have, so make sure that you don’t go without one of these if you plan to live on the road full-time.

Though it may seem expensive, it is a must to have. There are surge protectors where it can tell you the issues and actively turn off current in your rig at the same time taking care of your toy hauler when you are not there. Surge protectors are available for 30 Amp and 50 Amp.

It is important for you to know what AMP (amperage) you would need for your toy hauler, and it is pretty easy to determine which one you will need. All you need to do is look at your toy hauler’s power cord. Toy haulers usually have 50 amp, so that you would need a surge protector with four prongs.

If you want to know what’s the best surge protector to buy, I have written an articleOpens in a new tab. about the different choices that you have in the market.

2. Drinking Water Hose: Best for Fresh, Clean Water

Now, you can survive for a longer time in your toy hauler without food than you can survive without clean water. It is important that you have a drinking hose for you to enjoy clean and refreshing water every day. You will need to be able to hook into a water source with a drinking water hose, whether you are in a campground or just using city water.

When you are choosing a drinking water hose for your toy hauler, it is best to keep in mind that the water connection you are planning to hook up to may not always be close to the city water or portable water inlets on your rig. Make sure that you buy a long enough water hose so that you can have easy access to the water.

A 50-foot drinking water hose is the best length that you can buy, but there are other options on the market. You can even buy a heated water hose when you are planning to travel to cold places.

3. Water Filters: Another Way to Get Clean Water

There comes an unfortunate reality of hooking up to new sources of fresh water whenever you are traveling on the road is. The quality can fluctuate, and I mean drastically. The quality of water at an RV park depends on whether they are pulled from the city or a well on-site.

Now, even if it is always city water, there are different mandates for how they treat and filter their water. When it comes to the water filters, it provides the best and most effective way to improve the safety and taste of water that is coming into your toy hauler.

There are different types of water filter types that you can purchase for your toy hauler. First are the sediment filters, which filter large sediment from your water as it passes through the strainer. Second, you have the carbon filters where it reduces the undesirable chlorine taste that is present in some of the water.

Third, you have the ceramic filters where it uses ceramic elements with small holes to filter different bacteria, protozoa, giardia cysts, and sediments. Last is the reverse osmosis filter where it is the most advanced type of filter technology, and it is capable of producing nearly 100 percent pure water.

If you are looking to find the best water filter that you can use for your toy hauler, check out this articleOpens in a new tab. that I have written.

4. Leveling Blocks: Will Come in Handy When Parked

When it comes to your toy hauler appliances, there are certain critical things that would only work efficiently when you park your rig on a leveled surface. Let’s admit it, and it is hard to find a perfectly leveled parking space for your toy hauler, especially on campgrounds or RV parks.

Well, the good news is you can purchase leveling blocks to eliminate this problem. It will help you easily level your RV if you don’t have hydraulic jacks on hand. You can place the leveling blocks under any of your toy hauler’s tires so that they be as level as possible.

You can also set up a stair-style system so that you can get your front or back tires on three or four blocks when you are parked in a significantly sloped spot. I have written some tips and tricks on how you can properly level your rig in this articleOpens in a new tab..

5. Wheel Chocks: Just As Important as Leveling Blocks

When you have a right such as a toy hauler, you will eventually disconnect it when you get to the location that you plan on going to. A set of wheel chocks is needed to keep things securely in a place once they are disconnected. This accessory is one of the simpler must-haves on your list.

However, if you fail to get a quality pair, it can also have some of the highest consequences imaginable. You don’t want your toy hauler rolling away after you disconnect it from your vehicle. When you have the right wheel chocks, it can keep your toy hauler steady like a rock.

6. Wireless Towing Light Kit: Best to Keep on Hand

Whenever you are towing a vehicle behind a larger toy hauler, you might be required to wire the vehicle to your rig when something obscures the view of your toy hauler’s brake or taillights. It is not always the easiest thing to do unless you are highly skilled with electrical work and have a straightforward guide to follow.

An easy solution for this problem has a wireless towing light kit. You don’t have to worry about hardwiring them together to get a wireless towing light kit. There are kits on the market that can function optimally for setups up to 65 feet in length and are DOT compliant.

Make sure that you keep in mind that length functionality would require a combination of the length of your toy hauler, tow vehicle, and any standard or weight distribution hitch you have installed between them.

7. Tire Pressure Monitoring System: Keep Those Tires in Best Shape

Let’s all agree that your toy hauler is not a small investment, and you should do everything to protect that investment. One of the most dangerous scenarios that RVers can experience while on the road is a tire might blow out. It can cause you to lose control of your rig, which presents huge risks to your toy hauler and everyone in it.

A tire pressure monitoring system can monitor the pressure of your tires and make sure it is in their best shape. This system places a gauge on each of your rig’s tires and then automatically replays pressure information. It also offers key statistics to a digital monitor that you will place on the dashboard of your toy hauler.

Having this system on your toy hauler will allow you to pre-emptively notice the pressure or temperature issues before they result in bigger damages.

8. Weight Distribution Hitch: Important Accessory to Have

Weight distribution hitch is a must-have toy hauler accessory, and this is not just made for a toy hauler or travel trailer, or van. These hitches will prevent your towed vehicle or trailer from swaying during higher speeds and also redistribute the weight of your rig to allow for more level towing.

If you are in the process of choosing a weight-distribution hitch, the first thing that you need to make sure is the hitch can handle the weight of the vehicle you are towing. There are different hitches that can handle different weights with toy haulers up to 10,000 pounds.

9. Coffee Maker: To Start Your Day Right

The morning will not be complete without a fresh, hot cup of coffee, and in order for you to do that, you would need the right coffee maker for your toy hauler. Even though toy haulers are bigger than other motorhomes, space is still important, and you need to find the right coffee maker that will not take too much space in your kitchen.

You can purchase small coffee makers that will be perfect for your small kitchen. You can get the same features that you would in big coffee makers that you would see in regular homes with compact coffee makers. Some features are auto-pause, automatically shut off, and so many more.

You can choose from three different types of coffee makers on the market. The first one is the pour-over type or also known as French Press. With this type of machine, you would need a kettle or a pot to boil the water and pour it over the coffee grounds.

The second is the stovetop coffee maker which most RVers prefer because it doesn’t need electricity to brew the coffee. All you need to do is place the ground coffee in the basket, add water, and then the whole unit will be placed on top of your stove.

Lastly and the most known type of coffee maker is an electric one. These machines would need a socket to make the coffee, and they can make coffee for the entire family to a single cup within a few minutes.

When you are looking to buy a coffee maker, I have written an articleOpens in a new tab. with a list of coffee makers that are perfect for those who are always on the road.

10. Portable Propane Fire Pit: Keep Warm During Cold Days

There is nothing better than spending time with your family or friends sitting around a campfire outside your toy hauler. However, due to fire restrictions or the fact that some campsites do not allow them at all, you may not always have the option of building a wood fire whenever you are camping.

Having said that, a portable propane fire pit is the perfect accessory that you should have on your toy hauler. They can run off a five-gallon or 20-gallon propane tank and are compact enough to fit underneath the storage compartments of your toy hauler.

The best part of a portable propane fire pit is it will allow you to fulfill your childrens’ dreams of roasting marshmallows and making s’mores even if you can’t build a real fire with wood. I have listed the best portable propane fire pit that you can buy on the market in this articleOpens in a new tab. that I have written.

11. Outdoor Patio Mat: Clean Shoes Before Entering Your Toy Hauler

If you are the type of person that prefers to keep the interior of your toy hauler as clean as possible, you will need to have an outdoor patio mat where people can wipe their shoes before they enter. Stepping out of your rig right into soft, pillowy dirt is never a good thing for the inside of your toy hauler.

The outdoor patio mat can come in different sizes, but it is best to choose one that is large enough to at least cover the entire area under your awning or canopy tent. This way, you will also be able to have an indoor and outdoor living space that keeps your feet clean.

You don’t have to worry about taking off your shoes and putting them back on every time you go leave or enter your toy hauler.

12. GPS Navigation System: Don’t Get Lost Now

Having a GPS navigation system is important, especially when you are in urban areas or even rural highways that you are not familiar with can be more difficult than navigating a traditional vehicle. Toy haulers would require more advanced knowledge of when you are on the highway or you need to make a turn.

When you have a human co-pilot to handle all your navigation needs can sometimes lead to conflict. Rather than going through this, it is best to get a GPS navigation system and ensure it is installed right on the dashboard of your toy hauler.

GPS navigation systems will allow you to customize your routes to avoid any low bridges or overpasses that can be an obvious challenge for your toy hauler. There are some navigation systems that will allow you to save your favorite destinations so you can easily go back to them in the future when you want to visit them again.

13. Two-Way Dash Cam: Always Be Safe on the Road

There are always unexpected situations that can happen on the road, and it is best to be prepared with a two-way dashcam. Now, no matter how much planning you do or how much you are committed to defensive driving, accidents may happen, and the outcome can often be out of control.

Now, if you install a two-way dashcam on your toy hauler, you will be able to record the interior and exterior of your toy hauler. There are cameras on the market where you can get a 170-degree front camera to record vehicles in front of you. This will come in handy if you are ever involved in an accident.

There are also some dashcams where they have 140-degree cabin cameras if you need to prove that you were aware, alert, and awake while driving.

14. Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack: Perfect If You Love Biking

With a toy hauler, you already have a garage available for your big toys, but if you don’t have enough space, it is best to have a hitch-mounted bike rack. Biking is the best way to explore new towns that you are in and get some much-needed exercise after driving for hours and hours on end.

When you love to bring your bike on the road, you will need some sort of bike rack to transport them. A hitch-mounted bike rack is considered to be the best solution since it makes it easy to transport bikes with minimal effort.

If you want to save space inside your ‘garage’ in your toy hauler, it is best to get a mount bike rack to save some space. It will provide more space for your big boy toys and give you a chance to add all the toys that you want to bring during your adventure.

15. Collapsible Hanging Closet Organizer: Get Your Things Sorted

The best way to improve the storage inside your toy hauler is to get a collapsible hanging closet organizer. It will make organizing easier, from your shoes, undergarments, or anything else that you may have in your rig. You can place other belongings that you have that don’t have a neat and tidy home inside your rig.

There are organizers in the market that has shelves for you to work with, and it is less than 12 inches wide. It also comes with two hooks at the top instead of one, which is great for balancing your belongings. Collapsible Hanging closet organizers are underrated but critical design elements that can keep the organizer from swinging while you are driving.

16. Vacuum-Sealed Storage Bags: Great for Saving Space

Storage bins can take too much space, making it harder to maximize the storage space you have in your toy hauler. It can make your items bulkier, even if they do help you keep organized. Placing anything that should be labeled as crushable, such as clothes, into vacuum-sealed storage bags.

You just place your belongings in the bag and suck all the air out of the bags with a vacuum, and you will save a bunch of space in your rig.

17. Solar Power Bank: In Case You Lose Electricity

Solar harnesses the power of the sun helps you keep your essential small electronics charged, such as your phones or tablets. There are solar power banks on the market that only weighs 10 ounces and offers a capacity of about 10,000 milliamp-hours.

There are solar power banks that are compatible with most Apple and Android mobile devices, as well as fully recharges in about six hours whenever it is left in direct sunlight. You can also charge the power bank in a socket, and there are also some power banks that come with a solar lantern which comes in handy whenever you are in the dark.

18. Portable Generator: Space Saving for Your Power Needs

A power bank is not enough to run your bigger appliances since you will need more wattage. This is where portable generators come in. Not all toy haulers are equipped with generators right away, so having a portable generator would come in handy.

When you have a portable generator, you will be able to get power even if you are boondocking. You can have access to your microwave, air condition, and other appliances that you may have in your toy hauler. Now, this would not be ideal if you want to run multiple appliances on time.

If you do plan on doing this, you would have to get the standard generator. I have written an articleOpens in a new tab. about the best generator that you can buy on the market.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of toy hauler accessories that you can bring with you while you are on the road. Organizing and outfitting your rig can be a stressful process. However, it is not all bad. You can have fun with it since you are adding things to your toy hauler that can simplify your living situation as well as improve your ability to enjoy your adventures on the road. Happy RVing!

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