Best Airstream Upgrades: Making Your Rig Better

Best Airstream Upgrades: Making Your Rig Better

Airstream is a lightweight aluminum travel trailer that provides long-term endurance, even after decades of use. It has been road-tested and adventurer-approved, which means it can travel on various roads easily. 

The speed can reach a maximum speed of 75 meters per hour. Airstream is designed with a meticulous strategy for mechanics and frame construction to ensure the trailer’s longevity. The majority of Airstreams seen on the road have the same structure as before, except for specific applications that bring immediate benefits.

Upgrading the tires, brakes, and battery box is the most crucial part of keeping your Airstream. The best upgrade you can give your Airstream is the installation of Wi-Fi. Also, installing solar power in it and some LED lights will make it a much better place to stay.

Safety Upgrade: A Must Add To Your Priority List

There are many upgrades in an airstream, but the most significant upgrade to consider when having an airstream is the safety upgrade. You can always give time to the aesthetic, but the safety of your travel should be prioritized, and securing yourself, and your loved ones are more important.

The safety upgrade will be all about changing your tires, brakes, and batteries to a reliable inIt can go up to a maximum speed of 75 meters per hour. Adding up airstream assistance and emergency buttons are also a perfect upgrade to consider when traveling to secure the safeness of your travel.

Did your Airstream trailer get a new paint job? Are you itching to sail across the country? Or maybe you’re looking for an excuse to buy a shiny new Airstream of your own. You probably appreciate the safety, convenience, and luxury of an air-powered vehicle.

Unfortunately, they also require regular maintenance and upgrades — which can often be quite costly! One way around this is by taking preventative measures at home.

Regular Maintenance Keeps Your Airstream Running Smoothly and Safely 

There are few things you might not know about your Airstream: it needs regular maintenance and regular checks. It’s essential to keep the inside safe and ensure that your air supply is functioning correctly for your safety. Regular maintenance and upkeep can help ensure that your Airstream stays in shape for years to come.

Regular maintenance not only keeps your Airstream well-maintained, but it also means you don’t have to face any serious repairs. Plus, performing preventative maintenance on an annual basis or at least once every six months (depending on how often you use the vehicle) lessens the chances that corrosion will affect the performance of your Airstream.


Many people know what an Airstream looks like, but many are unaware of the importance of upgrading their tires to ensure they can handle a journey effectively. Airstreams have initially been designed to haul heavy amounts of cargo, which means large tires with a lot of traction. 

As you see, your Airstream is on the road to a safer journey, more comfort, and less wear and tear for your drive train. Upgrading to new tires on all four corners is the easiest way to ensure that your investment goes from good to great.

Upgrading tires might sound like a lot of work, or it may seem like a needless expense, but with tire prices going up each year, this upgrade will save you money in the long term.

It was essential because the trip could be long and drawn out, with many stops in between. Nowadays, though, drivers are attempting much shorter journeys and are often moving at speeds that may be too fast for the tires they currently have on their cars.

Your Airstream to the road, you must ensure that they are in an excellent working condition. For a good reason, tire upgrades are at an all-time high. Even if you have the largest and most powerful engine and the highest-quality airstream performance parts, they won’t help you if you don’t have the right tires because your tires will be the only thing that connects you. 

Terrible tires might help you get a new and perfect automobile, but great tires can help you keep your Airstream with you for longer and will make your travel safe.

Kenda Trailer Tires and Wheels – AM10303

Kenda Trailer Tires and Wheels: AM10303 belongs to a particular trailer tire. It has sturdy sidewalls that can handle heavy loads. This type of tire is created only for trailers. Due to its highly qualified specs deal for airstream upgrade, it is not applicable for other vehicles, especially the small ones.

This tire features double steel belts and full nylon plies combined for superior function and extended tire life. The computer-generated tread design and premium rubber-compound materials can maximize traction in wet or even dry conditions. Kenda Trailer Tires and Wheels – AM10303 also has a higher capacity to stand a massive load better than other tires.

Kenda Trailer Tires and Wheels: AM10303 is a radial type of tire. Radial tires are great when you’re traveling on highways and towing to the campsite. This type is perfect, although it only lacks roadside assistance.

Besides, Kenda Trailer Tires and Wheels – AM10303 has a Fits of 15″ x 6″, 15″ x 6-1/2″, 15″ x 7″. The ply rating of this tire is ten and can load up to 2,830 lbs at 80 psi. Also, the maximum speed this tire can go up to is 81 meters per hour.

Contender ST225/75R15 Radial Trailer Tire – Load Range D

A Contender ST225/75R15 Radial Trailer Tire – Load Range D is a radial particular trailer tire. It has a ply rating of 8 and a 2,540-lb maximum load at 65 psi. It is excellent for highway use because it is constructed with double steel belts and double polyester cords. 

The ST225/75R15 radial trailer tire has an aggressive shoulder tread that provides excellent handling in wet conditions. The low profile of the wheel gives it a fast, smooth ride and helps to reduce road noise. 

Measuring 215/70-15 is equivalent to a standard car tire size of 225/70-15. It’s 35% taller than the original ST205/75R14, so it can fit on some trucks without lowering them, but not all trucks by any means. This tire was designed for tandem axles, which means that it will run at its best with two front axles and two rear axles connected in duals or triples configurations. 

The only thing I don’t like about this tire is the amount of dust that collects on it because of the size and shape of the tread blocks. The tread’s leading edge has a relatively sharp edge and stiff sidewall that prevents crumbling and cracking. Some people have found that it’s best to lube this tire before starting a long trip on the interstate and getting onto the highway.

The nylon is firmly trodden to achieve a belt overlay inIt can go up to a maximum speed of 75 meters per hour: more minor, the prevention of tread separation.

Since a radial-ply tire is appropriate for highway use, the tread bars can help you determine how worn your tires are. A unique trailer tire has strong sidewalls that allow it to carry heavy loads. Specifically designed for trailers and not for use on other vehicles. It also meets or exceeds DOT and FMVSS criteria.

The standard tread of these tires is composed of solid, continuous ribs with only a few sipes (or tiny grooves) etched into the rubber. It has two categories, the dual and single types of tires. The dual tire can load at a maximum of 2,200 lbs, while the single tire can load up to 2,540 kg, both at 65psi. The maximum speed this tire can go is 81 meters per hour. 

Westlake Trailer Tires and Wheels – LHWL304

Westlake Trailer Tires and Wheels: LHWL304 is a 10-ply radial unique trailer tire with a load capacity of 2,830-lb at 80 psi. It can reach a maximum speed of 75 meters per hour. Double more minor, steel belts, and double polyester plies with a nylon overlay make up this belt. 

It fits 15″ wheels and is intended for usage on the highway. Roadside help is provided free of charge. More minor, more minor, It can go up to a maximum speed of 75 meters per hour.

This type of tire also meets DOT and FMVSS specifications. This tire comes with two years of free roadside support. If you have a flat tire on your RV or trailer, phone the helpline, and a professional will come out and change it for you. You can call from anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico.

This radial-ply tire from Westlake is built with double steel belts and double polyester cords for further durability. A protective coating of nylon is placed around the steel belts to prevent tread separation. 

This tire’s typical tread has solid, continuous ribs and only a few sipes (or thin grooves) carved into the rubber. Because this tire is built for trailers, it does not require the same traction level as a braking or steering vehicle.


Replacing even the most essential parts of your trailer is often a complete pain in the ass. Vehicles of all kinds have engines, transmissions, and exhaust systems that need to be replaced or serviced, but vintage trailers like Airstreams don’t have any of those pieces. And as far as parts go, they’re usually just a bunch of nuts and bolts.

But there is more than just swapping out tires or changing the oil involved when preparing your Airstream for winter. We’d recommend that you spring for some brake work too. It’ll extend the life of your brake pads significantly and will help protect them from premature wear and tear.

Servicing brake is a necessary step for any vehicle, but it’s imperative because brakes are what ultimately keep you from crashing into something.

Brake pads can tear down over time, which will subsequently lead to premature grinding and braking. An inspection and brake pad replacement will go a long way in ensuring they’re in the best shape possible. Your brake fluid needs to be topped off periodically too. Brake fluid undergoes natural deterioration over time, so it’s essential to change it out every few years or so.

Electric Trailer Brake Kit – 10″ – Left and Right-Hand Assemblies – 3,500 lbs

Hydraulic brakes are more difficult to install than electric brakes, and they provide less user control. There is no need for an actuator or hydraulic lines; an electric brake controller (available separately) is required.

The electric trailer brake kit includes a left and right-hand assembly with a 3,500-lb capacity. This brake is intended to be used in recreational vehicles, such as motor homes, motor coaches, etc., or for tow trucks and boats. The brake has two circuits that are connected to the vehicle’s 12-volt electrical system. 

When the brakes are engaged, one circuit powers the motor, which slows down the trailer while at the same time engaging braking on either side of the vehicle (trailer/tow truck). Once brakes have been applied, their power will automatically be removed from this circuit to not interfere with the regular operation of the battery charger or alternator charging system, which would cause battery drain during the braking operation cycle.

The automotive-grade friction material is used to make brake shoes. Pads are entirely connected to shoes rather than riveted for longer life and greater braking torque. There is a lesser chance of cracking and breaking due to the tapered edge and circular grinding, leading to mechanical lockup.

Regularly, manual adjustments are required. Fine-toothed brake adjustment gears allow for more precise adjustments. E-coated backing plates are corrosion and wear-resistant. The left (driver’s side) brake assembly, the right (passenger’s side) brake assembly, and the mounting bolts are included. Nuts (BRK H10B) and lock washers (BRKH10B) are sold separately. There are also QAI and CSA certifications available.

The brake shoes may slip out of line with repeated usage of these brake assemblies, resulting in less efficient braking performance. You should undertake routine maintenance to maintain the brake shoes aligned and the brake systems working correctly.

After installation, these brake systems should be adjusted as needed for the rest of their lives. To change the brakes, crank the adjustment gear inside the assembly with a brake adjustment screw tool (available separately).

Continue turning the equipment until the brake drum catches on the brake pads to the point where the hub can no longer be easily rotated by hand. Then, by around ten clicks, reverse the gear. An adequately fitted brake should gently drag the brake drum.

These brake assemblies meet the Canadian Standards Association’s certification standards (CSA). The CSA develops standards that, when combined, result in a safe and high-quality product. 

Through rigorous testing to determine stopping distances when braking. QAI has also evaluated braking performance in a complete automotive setup and real-world settings to provide the most realistic scenario for the average driver.

Each shoe on these brake assemblies is coated with automotive-grade friction material for increased stopping performance and longevity. The friction substance has completely adhered to the brake shoe’s surface.

For a flawless fit, this lining is custom-molded. In ensuring long-term performance, the edges should be tapered. This taper, combined with the lining’s circular grinding, helps to minimize cracking and crumbling. This toughness helps avoid mechanical lockup, which can happen when brake shoes are very worn or broken.

The friction compound is also SAE-N approved, indicating an environmentally friendly product that meets California and Washington criteria for brake pad composition. As a result, this material not only provides high-performance braking that can last the test of time, but it’s also environmentally benign and safe to use across the United States and Canada.

Dexter Nev-R-Adjust Electric Trailer Brake Kit – 10″ – Left and Right-Hand Assemblies – 3.5K

Electric brakes include Dexter Nev-R-Adjust Electric Trailer Brake Kit – 10″ – Left and Right-Hand Assemblies – 3.5K. It requires an electric brake controller (available separately) and does not require an actuator or hydraulic connections. It just requires an electric brake controller (available separately) and does not require an actuator or hydraulic brakes.

This brake is a Nev-R-Adjust brake, which adjusts automatically to provide the best performance and braking power. Manual brake adjustments are not required. Better braking efficiency and minor wear on your tow vehicle’s brakes result from proper setup. Brake assembly on the left (driver’s side), brake assembly on the right (passenger’s side), mounting hardware, and plugs are included.

Battery Box

Airstream trailers are often seen in the most beautiful places in the United States. They make a striking feature on many outdoor adventures, but they can also be a convenient way to travel around. It is presumably that you may have an issue with your battery and want to find out how easy it is to fix it. It would be best to do some things before buying new batteries for your Airstream trailer without any problems later on down the line.

The batteries in your Airstream trailer will still be healthy and ready to be used even after a few years. You may want to replace them because you want a change or upgrade your battery because it is closer to the time you need to replace it.

Many different types of battery boxes are available for purchase. If you want to purchase an upgraded battery for your trailer, you have several options.

TorkLift PowerArmor Solar Single Locking Battery Box

Mounting options for the locking battery box include the frame of a trailer, an RV, a camper bumper, a truck, or nearly anywhere else. Application areas for this product include marine and boat trailer applications. The prevention of battery theft and the resulting wiring damage is made more accessible with this device.

A solar panel powers the stored batteries. Storms whose life expectancy has been cut to 50% are given a second chance. Maintains charge to increase battery life. The heavy-duty locking lid provides excellent protection while still allowing for quick and easy access to the contents of the container. The cover is secured in place by tabs that are integrated into the body.

Located on the side of the box and conveniently accessible, this integrated locking cylinder provides added security. An access hole is located on the rear of the box, which allows you to route wires through it. The flow of air is allowed to pass through the rear access hole and the bottom strap slots. Diamond plate aluminum with a heavy gauge and a dazzling tread is lightweight and rustproof while also light and rustproof. The outside frame is powder-coated in black to increase durability and give it a more robust appearance. The fact that it is manufactured in the United States is very significant.

TorkLift PowerArmor Locking Battery Box – 6V and 12V Lithium Batteries – Powder Coated Aluminum

TorkLift PowerArmor Locking Battery Box – 6V and 12V Lithium Batteries – Powder Coated Aluminum is the type of battery that helps to prevent battery theft and the resulting damage that follows from it. 

TorkLift PowerArmor Locking Battery Boxes allow you to easily lock and secure your batteries, protect them from theft, and add an extra layer of security to your vehicle or equipment. These battery boxes offer a secure mounting point for 6V, 12V, and 24V batteries with dual-sided vital locks for added ease of use.

The lockable battery box can be placed almost anywhere, including the frame of a trailer, RV, camper bumper, truck, or nearly any other type of vehicle. The heavy-duty locking top keeps the contents safe while still providing quick and easy access to the contents.

Tabs have been included in the design to keep the lid in place. The integrated locking cylinder is conveniently situated on the side of the box, making it easy to reach while opening the package. Wire routing is made simple by a hole in the back of the box that allows for easy access. Aluminized steel that has been coated with a high-impact powder coating is corrosion resistant and exceptionally robust.

Lithium-ion batteries are the type of batteries you use that are trusted to keep your home safe. There are two battery straps made of aluminum that can hold two batteries and mounting hardware. The product is designed and manufactured in the United States of America.

TorkLift PowerArmor Solar Locking Battery Box – 6 and 12V Lithium Batteries – Powder Coated Aluminum

It is possible to mount the lockable battery box practically anywhere, including the frame of a trailer or RV, the camper bumper, a vehicle, or almost any other location. Renewable energy sources such as solar panels create electricity that is used to recharge batteries. 

Battery recovery occurs when the battery achieves 50% of its original capacity. Charging, maintaining, and extending the life of the battery are all critical tasks.

The heavy-duty locking top keeps the contents safe while yet providing you quick and easy access to the items inside. Built-in tabs help to keep the lid closed. It is simple to access the built-in locking cylinder from the box’s side. Wire routing is straightforward due to an access hole located at the rear of the box.

They were developed expressly to protect lithium-ion battery storage systems and components. The package contains mounting hardware for two batteries as well as aluminum battery straps. America is where the product is designed and made.

TorkLift PowerArmor Solar Locking Battery Box – 6V and 12V Batteries – Diamond Plate Aluminum

The latching battery box may be mounted to the trailer frame, RV, camper bumper, truck, or almost any other flat surface. Solar panels generate electricity, which is stored in batteries. Recharges and maintains the charge of storms that have achieved 50% capacity to help them last longer.

The strong locking lid ensures maximum protection while giving quick and simple access to the contents. Built-in tabs keep the cover secure. A locking cylinder is built into the side of the box and is easily accessible.

Cables can be routed via the back access hole of the box. A one-of-a-kind design keeps the battery cool. A back access hole and bottom strap holes allow air to flow. Light and rustproof, diamond plate aluminum has a thick gauge and a beautiful tread.

The outer frame is black powder-coated for extra durability and a rugged look. 5 An adjustable divider, as well as mounting hardware and battery hold-down straps, are all included. Of course, it is American-made.

Other Upgrades That Can Make Your Airstream The Best Place

Solar Power

Nowadays, the average American drives a car for 8.6 hours every day and travels 12,000 miles per year. It means that your vehicle is on the road all day, and for a lot of people, it’s their only means of taking care of getting to work or school. One way to improve your carbon footprint is by swapping out your gas-powered engine for something more environmentally friendly, like solar power or hydrogen fuel cells.

While it can be cost-prohibitive to do a complete overhaul of your vehicle to become more sustainable, there are ways to make small changes. For example, you could replace your tailpipe emission system with a catalytic converter. In addition, many solar accessories will fit nicely into your Airstream. These can drastically improve the atmosphere that you and your family live in while also saving you money on your utility bill.

Some of the solar-powered accessories you could use with your Airstream are Solar-powered awning lights, refrigerator lights, and interior lighting. You can also add solar-powered Bluetooth stereo, a satellite dish for TV, and a stable Internet connection.

Another way to make your Airstream more energy efficient is by adding solar panels. It is a great way to save on electricity while also reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions you produce. The rooftop can be better utilized when it comes to energy generation, making your car look better.


Airstream trailers are known for their charm, but you can take your experience with your Airstream to a new level with LED light bulbs from Litetronics. These compact fixtures are designed for areas that have low ceilings or difficult access. The benefits of these bulbs include cutting-edge efficiency that saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. You’ll also enjoy the benefits of less heat and longer life.

By choosing LED light bulbs for your Airstream, you will save money by harvesting more energy and reducing maintenance costs. Plus, you’ll feel good knowing that you’re helping to protect the environment.


The process of installing WIFI in your airstream trailer may be fast and easy, or it might be a bit more complicated. Some many pros and cons that come with the installation of WIFI in an Airstream trailer. Some positives include searching for new places to visit, connecting with friends and family during your travels, and finding out about new attractions along the way.

On the other hand, Wi-Fi can be expensive to install and may be unavailable in certain areas. Other downsides include possible interference from cellular signals, thieves installing a device without your knowledge. Hackers gain passage to your personal information and slow internet speeds if there is too much disruption near you by trees or metal objects such as a bridge/tunnel.

Prioritizing Your Airstream Trailer Can Give You A Better Home

If you’re set on improving your trailer, you’ll need to determine what needs to be done, what it will cost, and if those improvements will have any effect on the overall value of your trailer.

There are more lists to upgrade an airstream, and the cost would run from $25 000 to $100 000 or more depending on the materials used. Upgrading an Airstream would be costly, but the satisfaction of owning an upgraded one is priceless as it could give you comfort and peace of mind during your travels.

The true intention of innovating an Airstream is to preserve its luxury, comfort, convenience, and construction that fits a different type of travel and season. However, as time keeps on ticking, technologies are introduced to give conducive, home-like, and less cost in the long run. 

Having an upgraded airstream would be more convenient when traveling, and upgrading an airstream depends on the owner’s preferences whether they want to upgrade their trailer in terms of safety, aesthetically pleasing or both.


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